Are there former quilted jackets among you, tell us when and how you changed your views?

Are there former quilted jackets among you, tell us when and how you changed your views?


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Answer 1
July, 2021

I have never given answers, but now I will write for sure, a question from the people! I apologize, still young, there are memics in my head ...

Now, in essence, I became a patriot gradually, not with the filing of relatives yearning for stability and order, not with the news saying that everything would be fine, but with geography ... Yes, one of the most useless subject from the point of view of schoolchildren, it always grabbed me and did not let go. Since the 8th grade, I spent some of my free time with a textbook / atlas / maps, studying the physical and political map. It was from that time that I fell in love with my country, for its diverse natural zones, vast territories, minerals and the unrealized potential of all this in aggregate. After that, I smoothly moved on to history. Domestic policy did not interest me, since under any tsar we were just copy-pasting the achievements of Europe, especially with a century-long delay. But foreign policy ... Yes, I felt a surge of pride when the Russian Empire gave a shit to any state with which there was a reason for confrontation. At the same time, he closed his eyes to the hundreds of thousands of killed soldiers, to the zero effect of wars, the main thing is the greatness and confirmation of the fact “we can.”

In the 10th grade, the situation was aggravated by the appearance of a “quilted jacket” teacher who (suddenly! ) led history and social studies. I got interested in economics, opened pages on Wikipedia and read about GDP by PPP, HDI, Central Bank, CIS, EAEU and other wonderful things. He created the Russian state in games so beloved by many as the "Total Var" and "Civilization" series, where he achieved such domination over other factions that Christian Gray would envy.

End of grade 11, the annexation of Crimea to Russia, stormy discussion of this action with everyone in a row. A friend appeared, an ardent communist, with whom we discussed the prospects of our country. Despite the fact that I was for capitalism, I liked to communicate and argue with her, for sure it was all the fault of two small roundness, with the help of push-up, acquiring seductive bulges under the white blouse, forcing the heart of the young patriot to beat with great frequency. I watched the news, rooted for our people in Donbass, everything is like people.

The first year of the university - "hop, hey, lalalay, dollar 55 rubles." They talked about politics and economics more readily (well, how else in the Faculty of Economics). I tried to earn extra money on currency jumps, while my heart ached unpleasantly because of the understanding that the economy was falling to such depths, from where it took decades to rise. The understanding came that the game in foreign policy is expensive, and who will pay for this banquet? That's right - we are with you.

Second year - stopped watching the news, because Ukraine got it (two years have passed, nothing has changed at all). Became an atheist, another pillar of patriotism collapsed. What is the greatness of the country? A lot of enterprises have closed, the rest are in a consumptive state, it is enough to look with one eye at the balance sheet. I admit, not everything is so bad, there is in some places strong science and industry.ness, there are strengths in biology and economics. The only pity is that there is a trend towards a gradual reduction of what is left.

Summing up the text, I can say that I have not turned from a "quilted jacket" into an "anti-jacket". Rather, I began to soberly assess the capabilities of our state and people and their place in the world. Many countries have had periods of ups and downs; a couple of ups and downs of Russia at different time intervals do not guarantee a superpower. It remains to be hoped that we will become a state that is not aimed at melitarism, but at the creative and economic development of every person living in it, and then there will be much more reasons for pride.

Answer 2
July, 2021

About 3 years ago I was a quilted jacket, I considered Putin a deity (not lying), but Obamka-Monkey. I was not interested in Politics and History, I just knew that the United States is shit, and Russia is cool.

The changes began after we had a conversation with a friend, in which he saw my VK wall and asked, am I really a quilted jacket? And there were many memes from the series - Putin asks Obama: Do you know what 3 white things a Negro has?

Obama- Eyes, teeth, but 3 is not given

Putin- And also a white master.

In general, then I thought if my friend called me a fool from- for the fact that I am a quilted jacket, it's time to change. In general, then I became interested in politics, and because of politics, history. And now after I understand what kind of vegetable I was. I will say that there is a public quilted jacket in VK - Vladimir Putin, there are a lot of quilted jackets and dabils.

And so, if you want your friend to stop being a quilted jacket, then tell him to start studying politics and history. Well, personally, I was so cured.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Until the age of twelve he was a fierce patriot and a believer. The next two years were "turning points". I was interested in everything I could. Including politics and history. And for some reason I often noticed bad news about Russia. At first, the thoughts were in the style of "you are all lying !! 11 !! 1". Then he began to think, look around him, and not only in his fantasies. And so it happened.

Answer 4
July, 2021

I will betray my antiquity, but I have to admit: I have never been a quilted jacket. I think they are born and proudly carry the banner of thoughtless and herd life. There was such an uncle of carbon monoxide - Brezhnev, who hung himself with orders and medals almost to his feet, I think, were on his back. Who loved to talk for 6 hours, especially in the last years of his reign, he was propped up on both sides so that he would not collapse and he turned his tongue as if after a local anesthetic. But still, it collapsed along with the USSR. So then there were quilted jackets, although they finally got drunk and were called the Soviet people. And there was not such a spark in the eyes as it is now, only idiots could just believe in the coming communism. Then there was a series of probes, reformers, martyrs for the idea, where the quilted jackets finally wilted, hired workers were drawn to free cooperatives, factories and collective farms fell apart and were instantly plundered. And the quilted jackets themselves naturally could not open a business due to fear and slow thinking. But on the other hand, they invested smartly in the MMM pyramids, went bankrupt, losing their apartments. They began to be called scornfully scoops. And so on until the golden age of the Galley Slave. Finally, they found their most accurate name - quilted jackets. True, in their midst they are embarrassed to call themselves that, and they say I am a patriot.

Answer 5
July, 2021

Not 100% quilted jacket, because I always voted for the liberal parties for economic reasons and never believed that "there are enemies and the fifth column around." But until 2009-2010 I completely liked Putin, I considered him a strong leader, a strong orator, charismatic, charming, that he was sincerely worried about Russia. I remember that I even went to Seliger in 2009 and the waving huge poster of Putin and Medvedev did not bother me at all. The guys on the "March of Dissent" seemed to me then some kind of freaks who do not understand what they want. And somehow I even got to a meeting of the Nashists in early 2010, there were Yakimenko and Surkov. Surkov said that we need stability in politics, now there is a danger of orange revolutions, which you guys should help prevent, and it’s good if Russia will always have United Russia. And I remember what I thought - that's what the right and reasonable things Surkov says. And I remember how I was outraged by Navalny's 2010 interview, where he criticized Putin - I then thought, here's a fucking blogger, you would try to rule the country as well, also work hard for so many years.

I don't remember when I began to doubt in the beauty of Putin, United Russia and stability. Probably, I gradually became interested in news, records and discussions in the livejournal, began to stumble upon Navalny's investigations, and independent reviews began to penetrate me. I remember the turning point - this is Shavenkova, who shot down two sisters to death, after which she began to inspect her car without even calling an ambulance, and in the end did not incur any punishment, since she and her mother worked for United Russia. It was at that moment that the puzzle of individual misunderstandings and egregious facts completely came together for me! It was autumn 2011

On December 5, 2011, for the first time in my life, I was at an opposition rally on Chistye Prudy.

Answer 6
July, 2021

The prerequisites were still in the 5-6 grade of the school, when the loss of the "soviet way of life" in aestheticism and efficiency seemed obvious even then.

But, since was a patriot (he, in principle, remained with him, only went even more into Westernism), then, after reading the pro-Stalinist-pro-Soviet articles (then it was largely mainstream in patriotic circles) and after listening to several teachers at school, as well as many of those who unsubscribed here, began to listen to speeches about "the effective manager of Stalin-Dzhugashvili", "repression and lynching of the Chekists were often justified, human rights are all nonsense and whim from decaying Europe" and that's all.

Plus to this - the foolishness of many systemic (and not so) "liberals" (just in quotes) also played a role, which for the average layman is such a good scarecrow, crap , causing persistent aversion to that very classical liberalism, the concept of the rule of law, democracy, human rights, etc. , for an idea is largely judged by its "evangelists". Remember, for example, by what quotations the late Novodvorskaya was best known "among the people". Philanthropy and respect for Russia "just right". ) And what is the same "quilted jacket", for example? ) Heightspeach, dehumanization . All this, by the way, is perfectly used by the propaganda apparatus - "just look at them, do you want the Russophobes who have gone at the helm?" The emergence of a humane Navalny who speaks the same language with young people against this background (who was also not afraid to talk about the visa regime / controlled border with famous countries) is a real evolution.

"Enlightenment" came relatively abruptly - wandering around the Internet, I began to stumble upon various national-democratic sites and publics - people wrote there who, without Russophobic foam at the mouth, explained in popular language that liberalism, freedom of speech and developed civil institutions are your bro, that they are not even patriotic interfere, on the contrary. That one can live in a healthy society and state without gulags and "effective managers" with revolvers. And then the clash with the harsh reality of the Russian Federation affected - the attitude in the same, for example, the military registration and enlistment office towards future conscripts and this whole system, still living with "soviet" rules, together with the above described somehow finally disappointed the internal "statesman".

The cherry on the cake was a fruitful discass with one liberal in the next Internet scam - in short, people explained that one cannot judge liberal democracy and its accompanying institutions by those discreditors who call themselves liberals, whom propagandists and ferocious patriots adore to intimidate the "common people" so much, and that some of them may even be paid provocateurs, directly or indirectly working for whom it is clear. Then for my young and maximalist mind it became a whole revelation.

Answer 7
July, 2021

I was a wadded patriot until the middle classes, despite the fact that Belarus is my homeland. He laughed at the jokes about "stupid Americans", sincerely believed in them, adored Zadornov's appearances on TV, he was a favorite comedian. Despite the then already in full swing expressions about the "party of crooks and thieves", I respected Putin, because I witnessed the presidential elections in Russia, observing how the alternative to United Russia is either clowns like Zyuganov and Zhirik, or non-names completely unknown to me. Due to circumstances that I could not control, I often moved from one city of Russia to another, and subsequently visited some CIS countries. These visits led to disappointing conclusions: Russia is in terrible devastation, and everyone will praise their garden, regardless of whether the world around him is flourishing, or resembles the scenery for the Fallout film adaptation. At the same time, I watched less TV and more and more got bogged down in the Internet, where I could filter the information I received, and not absorb the chewed propaganda from the TV.

Answer 8
July, 2021

First, there will not be an answer to the question, but an important remark: what is this terrible wording - "former quilted jacket"? Does the questioner really have no respect for the views of others? Why is it impossible to say "are there those on TheQuestion who previously supported Putin?" Is it really necessary to use the derogatory, disgusting word "quilted jacket"? It seems to me that as long as the conventional "liberals" and "traditionalists" do not treat each other with respect, our country will be in a deep ass. And now the answer to the question.

In class at 10, when the demonstrations began on the Maidan, I supported the current government and treated the opposition with great hostility. I can't say that the latter has changed over time, but my attitude towards the authorities gradually deteriorated, and after I learned about "Children 404" and read the stories of teenagers who cannot open up to their families and friends because they hate homosexuals etc., I realized that we would never go forward with such power. The last nail in the coffin of my respect for the authorities was the decree of the authorities on the destruction of sanctioned delicacies that they tried to smuggle through customs - there were either several hundred kilograms or even tons of this food. After that, I was finally convinced that the authorities absolutely do not give a damn about all citizens and realized that it is impossible to live like this.

Answer 9
July, 2021

They lived blindly, if they built an idea about their own country based on films and books. It is even impossible to believe in such discord in the heads of young people, even if they live in big cities, where life was different from the life of the hinterland.

Answer 10
July, 2021

I will try to speak as a representative of the generation that has lived all its life under Putin.

Well, let's start with the fact that I began to get interested in politics quite early, at the age of 11, when the same rallies took place in the swamp, and I knew Navalny's name even then, while my peers mostly learned about him only now from memes. I saw with my own eyes the case of Kirovles, and other, so to speak, repressions against the opposition with my own eyes. I even tried to join the opposition party "Will" headed by Svetlana Peunova, which I learned about from VK, but the age limit, to my surprise and sincere disappointment, was 18+, so I abandoned my further attempts to actively manifest my civic position.

Well, for the next year or two I did the same thing that everyone was doing then at my age: laughing with rage comics and trololo, smearing teenagers with yagas on demotivators, although I never saw them live, well, etc. Everything changed when I got to the hospital (lol) and found in VK the public "USA - sponsor of world terror". Since my oppositional beliefs did not come into conflict with my dislike of the United States, this public quickly rose to the first place in subscriptions and did not descend from it for quite a long time. Very quickly I subscribed to a galaxy of such patriotic publics, and quickly realized that the rule of the GDP is the best thing that Russia has seen in the last 50 years (and it really seemed so until the beginning of 2014), since almost all spheres of the country's life have significantly risen for these 13 years. However, the deep shock was first the news of the beginning of the European integration of Ukraine (the EU is a puppet of the worst enemy - the United States, uhh Pindos), and then the beginning of the Maidan (I had already heard a lot about all the color revolutions and did not expect anything good from this). My worst expectations came true, the coup took place, and in the end I also had to take part in these endless khokhlosrachs, in which I was only more convinced of my position on the fact that Russia has its own third way, enemies are around, and Russia is a superpower. In general, I have not moved away from some of the beliefs, and I do not see it necessary to move away from them. I deeply despised all liberals, I sincerely did not understand how it is possible not to support communism, because everything is so simple there, you just need a little political will, and now you will build a state where everyone will be good, mmm ... From time to time I rushed to communism, then to monarchism, heytil either one or the other past of his country. Either Nicholas II, Father Emperor, now the bloody tsar is a rag, and stuff like that (this was mainly due to the fact that I was always open to other points of view and tried to listen even to liberals in the hope of finding an objective truth), but the general rhetoric remained I have the same: the liberals are traitors, the US is enemies, and the West is rotting. Well, this went on for a very long time.

But in 2016 I visited the public PLUM, which I generally knew about during the events in Ukraine, but I considered them damned liberals and wouldI just ditched the srachi. But in the summer of 2016, I decided to read their posts more closely, and saw that all their articles and argumentation were an order of magnitude higher than those that I have ever met in public with commies and quilted jackets. I willingly began to read them, and discovered such new movements that I had not heard of before, such as libertarianism, learned that economic freedom is more important than any government intervention, read the books of the Austrian School of Economics, and realized that everything I knew before was complete bullshit. I began to hate the communists for all their actions and crimes, for how they ruined people's lives, and finally became a liberal (I don’t want to be categorical, because I don’t know how my fate will develop in the future, because I also once thought that I became a quilted jacket forever, but in the end I became the one whom I hated with all my heart).

As a result, I have myself who once visited the entire periphery of the political spectrum, possessing a great store of knowledge about history, the state structure of various countries, which helps me write Olympiads. Now I adhere to liberal views (rather, even libertarianism), but my point of view on many issues has not changed since the time of my quilted jacket. For example, I still consider Navalny to be a cheap populist, and Putin's rule, although I treat him with much more criticism now, is still a good period of Russian history. I believe that a lot of things need to be changed in the country, and first of all in the mentality of people, and this should be changed by someone like the Republican Party in the United States, but something more or less similar in Russia is not expected for a very long time, and worthy politicians in Russia does not exist in principle (except, for example, some Titov, who advocates the development of market relations, but no one knows about him anyway.)

Answer 11
July, 2021

I was a quilted jacket until 2011.
When the first protests began to be brutally suppressed, the thought came that the popularly beloved president does not act like that with his people.
Then I saw Moscow on election day, choked with military equipment.> I saw brutal reprisals against observers in election commissions.
Horrible stuffing and impudent ballots.
I saw the cleaned up streets of Moscow when the newly elected one was on his way to his inauguration.
And I realized that this should not be.
Well, and then I read the exposing articles of Marina Salie, who suddenly passed away.
I got acquainted with the investigations of the European police.
And a clear understanding of WHO is ruling the country.

Answer 12
July, 2021

I was not a full quilted jacket. But in Soviet times, she was proud of her "strong" homeland, she was a little afraid of the United States. After 2 or 3 years very supportive of our despises. Although doubts have visited more than once. In 2010 she went to work in Moscow. So local

Answer 13
July, 2021

I firmly believed in Soviet television, until at the age of 10 I heard an actor in some program read the novel by P. Merimee "Venus Illskaya". I got hysterical, how to live when statues kill people? Mom calmed me down, saying that I shouldn't believe the TV. Seeing clearly, I saw that we live in a barrack, and in order to buy something we have to stand in endless lines. For some reason, standing in them, I am an atheist, passionately praying that the country with the terrible USSR name would collapse. And when this happened in the 90s, my delight knew no bounds, as well as my faith in God. With the attitude towards gays, everything was simple - I fell in love with a boy, and he with another boy. Instead of hating gays, I hated those who, through whose fault, gay people are forced to hide their orientation, breaking women's hearts. My technical education and love of progress are over with God. I became a zealous oppositionist by accident. They sent me 15 years ago on a business trip to China, saw off with horror that I was going to a dirty, backward country with holes instead of toilets and cockroaches in my food. The first shock happened at the Beijing airport, and Shanghai finished me off. Since at the same time our glorious leader flew to China on a business visit, I asked terrifying questions - "Is he blind? He doesn't see what normal countries look like? How is he not ashamed to be president of a poor country? How does he not feel superiority and contempt? Chinese authorities to him? I decided for myself that I should understand politics and began to study.

Answer 14
July, 2021

I'll write my own story

I began to be a little interested in politics at the age of 13, then I just had my first computer, but I didn't use it to search for information especially and a source of some then the information on the Internet for me was Yandex news. I preferred to watch TV more and sometimes hear the news that my grandmother watches. Everything escalated at the time of the conflict with Ukraine, my patriotism increased by 150% and I began to respect Putin and what he was doing as never before. As everyone else wrote, I wanted to show these stinking pendos where crayfish hibernate, I believed that with their tolerance and fagots they go straight to collapse, and then to hell. I argued on the Internet that gays are not people at all, they are sick, they are either treated for this terrible disease, or killed right away.

Then, I began to read free media, began to look at Lentach from time to time, they wrote about all sorts of corruption, lawlessness and all that, I refused to believe, but continued to read. Over time, somehow smoothly, I began to realize that something was wrong here and the "liberals" had more sensible arguments. I began to observe how relatives with higher education work for meager salaries, I began to look at how people live in the regions, I began to look at the state of the clinics, schools and other state places (Moreover, my district military registration and enlistment office looks like a fucking palace in comparison with them) that my grandmother receives a disgustingly low pension after working and having fought for a scoop all her life, saw everything that was really going on, and did not show it on TV. I visited several different countries, talked with people, looked at how they live and made the appropriate conclusions, later on the Internet I myself read about other countries and how to live there and what is happening, I realized that this patriotism did not give up to me, I don’t want to live in a barn , but to know that we have a lot of tanks and nuclear missiles, I don't need this superpower and proof that we are the coolest and coolest, I realized that I just want to live well, I want not to be afraid next to the police, I want to know that the state is in the first place the queue wants to make the lives of citizens better, and not show everyone in the world what a big "member" he has. Well, I started watching a science pop, where the guys dispelled all obscurantism about gays, GMOs, holy places and incredible miracles that scientists cannot solve. That's how it ceased to be cotton wool.

PS I read all the answers, it's interesting that almost everyone was influenced by the Internet, and if it weren't for it, no one would have known that we have some problems in our country ... No matter how it gets banned by 2024, please screen it.

Answer 15
July, 2021

I saw here in one of the answers a mention of the war with Georgia in 2008, I thought about it and decided to write even. I supported the EP and Putin and Medvedev for quite a long time.

All my parents are convinced kamunists, some went to May Day demonstrations with the red banners and were proud of it, some plowed all their lives on the Scoop and received him, perhaps, a medal, someone was just like everyone else. But here I am alone, here I was such and such, I did everything differently, even some views were formed outside the home "pressure". What was this "pressure"? Well, for example, representatives of the democratic parties were called "crap", the grandfather often poured stories about sugar, which cost a penny, about the unity of 15 republics ... I don't remember anything about the collapse, but the communists were presented everywhere in every possible way. Putin was not very well liked here either, as were the Orthodox programs on the weekends on federal channels. To some extent, I may have had the same views, but did not understand this.

Then ... then there were parliamentary elections. I remember as if it was yesterday: late in the evening we come home with our older brother, turn on the box and see the results. "United Russia" then, of course, won the majority. What year was it? Damn, I don't remember, probably 2003 or 2007. And we, in particular, I, were glad that United Russia got the majority and, in fact, won this election. Then the events happened in August 2008, when there was an armed conflict between Georgia and Russia. And then I was on the side of Russia, they say, that's right for them, these Georgians, and I didn't even understand the essence, I just believed what they said on TV. Plus, there were already talks about Ukraine - they say, President Yushchenko supplied weapons to Georgia, and as soon as the hostilities began, he immediately flew out of the country in a hurry. Tymoshenko seems to have been credited here. On TV every now and then they showed Mikhail Saakashvili chewing on his tie (by the way, why ?!) . Well, when there were all kinds of sports competitions, I always rooted for ours, uhhh, what a patriot I am! Fun, huh?

Then there were the presidential elections, which Medvedev won. And I was glad of that too. I even watched a concert from Red Square, where Putin and Medvedev appeared. Guys from our yard, all Mui Ne. Then there was an interview with Medvedev, in which he spoke in detail about the Russian-Georgian conflict, how he acted, what was reported to him, whom he entrusted, and so on. I liked his phrase from there, I will not convey it exactly, but the essence is: "If I had not stopped our troops, there would already be a new president in Georgia." I remember: school, lesson. We sit with a friend and count down the minutes until the start of Medvedev's inauguration. When the clock ticked (LIKE) noon, we shook hands and congratulated on the new president. What were the views of the friend? He didn't care at all, but somehow this moment happened to us.

After graduating from school in 2011, EP did not really sympathize with me. When that turning point came - I don't know, but at that time I was seriously interested inpolitics, followed the activities of various layers of the opposition, in particular, drowned for the Liberal Democratic Party, read news from nationalists, Varlamov, just met Navalny on the Internet (before that I heard about him somewhere) , read him some kind of investigation, did not understand anything and closed it, there was still something. You know, the turning point probably happened in December 2010, when a lot of people came to Manezhka. This was shown then on TV (!! and will not show now) , they told (well, sort of like) , how it all began and what it led to, but without any particular details, later there seemed to be news that someone would be tried for participating in this action. During the 11th year, there were messages about a new action, which will take place in the month of December. And I made an independent decision to go. I live, as you can see from my profile, not in Moscow, but it's just a stone's throw from it. Hmm. It was appointed either on the 10th or on the 11th. In the same year, I was actively hanging out on Twitter, all the movement was there, I followed everything. It was in December that I saw that there had been some unrest in Moscow for several days. From the experience of Greece and other countries, I thought that it was serious, that I should take part in this. Just a selfie of Navalny from a paddy wagon with a signature like "we are sitting here with the guys in a paddy wagon" was. But when I was getting ready to go, all the excitement ended.) 00 Yes, I understood when I planned that this could turn into a delivery to the police department. Yes, I was a little ... scared, I always bypass the police, but they don't, but I was still firmly convinced that it was NECESSARY. And also at school I listened to Lyapis Trubetskoy and it rolled to me. THE COURANTS PUNCHED FIVE. THE Proud FLAG OVER THE KREMLIN. Well, you understand.

And then the peaceful rallies on Bolotnaya, Sakharov in December 2011. Procession along Yakimanka in February 2012 (walked in the ranks of nationalists, some of those who walked with me then were already imprisoned) . All. Slowly but surely, from an ardent Putinist, I became ... and what have I become? It's hard to say, I supported both the Liberal Democratic Party and the nationalists of the right (when they had not yet been banned or imprisoned) , DPNI are all sorts, but not so vehemently as to campaign for them somewhere. You can say that I did not understand anything then, but it seems to me that then, at the age of 16, I understood everything. But I did not understand where this would lead. After just a few months, I will face the lawlessness of the authorities, the lawlessness of the police at rallies and at ordinary meetings of a group of citizens. And this will be enough for me to understand that I was not mistaken.

Well, what about my parents. They are all confident rockers. Weirn kamunism111 Lenin is our president and all that. But already without such fanaticism. By the way, I also wrote above that some of the relatives went to the May Day demonstrations. So, he has now fallen into religion and drowns for the Orthodox. I exchanged May Day demonstrations for "religious processions".

Answer 16
July, 2021

I will tell the sad pages from my life:

I would not say that my parents were staunch jingoistic patriots, at least until Crimeanash in 2014, but both were always interested in politics, which they instilled in me, it all started, of course, with watching the news, and periodically talking with parents about politics, with initiation on my part.

He was always biased towards our government, he did not consider Putin cool, especially with the popular in 2011-2012 Years Medveputami, even the conflict in South Ossetia seemed very strange, the protests on Bolotnaya Square seemed to have passed me by, due to my age and media coverage, I only got familiar with them not so long ago.

The harbinger was held Euromaidan in / in Ukraine, and how everyone remembers it well.

And now, 2014 comes, little green men without identification marks, but it is clear that these are ours, invading Crimea on the sly and in a couple of days Crimea suddenly becomes Russian.

Vatniches epidemic Twa amazed me too: "America suck, Putin is god, Crimea has always been Russian, Ukrainians suck, if not for us, then NATO soldiers, and of course Bandera." Then the unfortunate conflict in Donbass.

It was aggravated by the fact that I was signed and read RT. God, for this I more repent of all, the garbage dump is worse than Channel 1 and Russia-1 combined. Of course, at school, just finishing it, there was a stream of patriotism. Participation in the Internet and the like.

Then the disease began to go away by itself, when I was banned on RT, I read neutral media, switched to independent media, began to wonder, but what about the Decaying West. I was actively interested in history, not only in Russia, and I am still interested. The veil was asleep. Well, the final rehabilitation - a subscription to FBK with A. Navalny and Alexander Sotnik and supporting their activities.

Answer 17
July, 2021

About 10 years ago (I was 8 then) I hated the USA fiercely, was perplexed by the news about the war in Georgia, they say, how so? Why is everyone against the Russian Federation, we are right! On atlases he drew plans for Russia to conquer the world, he adored Zadornov. Then I got the internet and it was all gone. Now I am guided by Escobar's theorem

Answer 18
July, 2021

Such a time was, yes, at 14-16 years old. Not that she was a quilted jacket, but rather simply believed the media that America is evil, the West is evil, gays are evil, that everyone wants to kill us, and Putin is such a fine fellow and the Russians are the best. But again, I repeat - this is the result of the suggestion of the Russian media, especially I was not ready to defend such an opinion.

Then I entered the university, and somehow my views began to change. I just started to think about it - how is it that Russia and Putin are always good, and everyone around is ugly? Agree, it looks like a child's excuse. I just started watching news on the Internet more often, incl. and news versions of foreign sites (oh yes, the Internet and computers are evil: D), has become more critical of everything that has been said, to consider the problem from all sides (if possible), and VOIL, you already understand that not everyone is ugly, the President of the Russian Federation and Russia is not so ideal that both the government (well, certainly not the foreign one) and ourselves are to blame for our troubles, for we endure such power; yes, and many of us are stupid with laziness and indifference , what can we hide here, we are still waiting for someone to solve matters for us - hence, in many ways, problems.

Yes and in general, as soon as you start looking at the problem from all sides, you understand that ordinary people do not want to fight each other: all these are just political games. It was said somewhere - war is beneficial to all countries (read "politicians of all countries", not ordinary people) , because the more quilted patriotism in the country, the easier it is to manage people and deceive them, referring to "Russia-aggressor", "stupid evil and corrupt Americans" or North Korea with a "crazy nuclear maniac".

So, be kinder and develop critical thinking, comrades)))

Answer 19
July, 2021

I grew up during the Thaw, space exploration, my childhood was happy. It was a little "awkward" for the USSR before Czechoslovakia, my childhood philosophy was based on the imperative of Kant and belief in the equality of people, countries and everything else. Loved English, The Beatles, like everyone else. Afghanistan made me disillusioned with the Soviet leadership, I was worried about my peers, who were sent to a senseless war, but to oppose, as V.I. Novodvorskaya did. I didn't have the courage. And I watched TV with his vile programs about a great woman and believed everything, since there was not a word about her protest against the war in the programs. The Union collapsed. The quality of the media has plummeted. I began to think independently. Look for solutions how to live on. In the queue, I heard: You lived well because you worked for the defense industry - from an elderly woman. (Didn't everyone in the country live like us?). Then the American Christians came. They turned out to be smart, educated and well-mannered people, no worse than us. (Zadornov is a fool!). More and more irritation was aroused by programs praising arrogance, cunning, contempt for reason and logic. And the result had an effect: In 2011, the line of decency of the government elections was crossed, and in 2014 this government also became an international criminal. And it's a pity that the communists, represented by Udaltsov, Zyuganov and others, did not protest. Now the criticism of the regime comes mainly from the liberals, but I am not one of them.

Answer 20
July, 2021

When I worked at the Research Institute as a laboratory assistant for 7000 rubles, I was a big and ardent patriot. I seriously believed that the damned West wants to bomb and conquer us, and the venal opposition helps him in this. He was very concerned about gays who dreamed of plunging us into gay slavery and idolized the Soviet Union, dreamed of Geopolitical Interests and hated "liberals" and "damned nineties."

Tellingly, he did not like the current government even then.

And then I began to do a completely different job for completely different money and began to understand that my personal welfare and the welfare of people close to me excite me much more than the number of nuclear submarines. That the damned Pindos gave me a computer, internet and software that bring me benefits, joy and income - unlike the aforementioned nuclear submarines. That "USSR" and "the nineties" are like two chairs from a primitive thieves' riddle, and that choosing one of the abominations is completely optional. That in order for thieving officials to sit in prison, "Stalin" is not needed, but rather time-tested mechanisms, such as competitive elections, free press, independent courts and civil society.

That in the USSR I never had something what is now, and that the positive aspects of Soviet life (such as medicine, education, infrastructure, etc.) could be achieved without a shortage of political instructors. What I do not like when someone decides for me what meetings I go to, what I read, what to write about and how to think. I understood how important politics and the participation of citizens in it are. I realized that the USSR collapsed on its own, out of its own stupidity and poverty, and that the current "patriots" clearly want a repetition of its fate. That it is more important for the West to have a rich and calm neighbor with whom it can trade, and not a poor country. That our fecal stalagmites and hawthorn vending machines the Pindos don't fucking need.

In general, recovery is quite possible. And with my own eyes I watched people who literally a year from the position "Let's rally closer, let's suck America, our Crimea!" moved on to the position “They’re fucking altogether, how long can you ?!”

An empty refrigerator in alliance with the Internet is quite successfully conducting a counter-offensive on TV. What can not but ra.

Answer 21
July, 2021

He became a rabid supporter of the authorities during the war with Georgia in August 2008, treated D. Medvedev with great respect, considered him the best president. The first blow to my pro-government views was perhaps the Internet, which I connected to since the fall of 2010. Then I was shocked by how many disaffected people on the Internet, because before that I believed that almost all Russians love Dmitry Anatolyevich the same way. Then there were falsifications in the elections to the Duma and the protest movement in Bolotnaya. This was the next blow, although even then I was still more for power than for protesters.

May 2012. Now I understand that returning to the Kremlin was the bald man's main mistake. Immediately, some kind of `` dastardly deeds '', as I called them then, began. Here the man was imprisoned, the media was closed there, the law of scoundrels, the arrest of Navalny, etc. (I will note by the way that this was not the case under Medvedev). At the same time, the growth rates of the economy began to fall.

Spring 2014. The annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of war in Donbas, which I followed with horror. Perhaps not even behind these events themselves, but behind the way it was presented in our media.

Well, the last step in opposition for me was the beginning of the collapse of the economy in the summer of 2014, especially the fall of the ruble. From now on, only against.

Answer 22
July, 2021

Everyone writes such long answers ..

The Olympics in Sochi, the whole situation with Ukraine, and most importantly, I usually stopped watching TV.

To be more precise, I stopped watching the news and political programs.

Voila, - cotton wool, + analysis of information.

Answer 23
July, 2021

Hmm ... and if I'm not a quilted jacket?) but just from a patriot became nothing?))) will it work?)
Ie. I never thought we were good or bad. didn't even use these concepts in my head. I just wanted to have a single state and since it so happened that I live here - so let us take over the world)

Honestly, perhaps, over many speakers I had a huge advantage in childhood, when all propaganda shit the brains ...
I've always loved history.

And people who adore history can see perfectly well that nothing has changed in a thousand years.

People are still the same, wars all the same.

that's why I somehow never believed in justice, good-evil and other interesting concepts.

there is a country and a foreign one.

and naturally, I am interested in my country living better than someone else's.

but there are no right or wrong here.
Of course, my attitude to power has always been exactly the same. she is not good, evil, good or bad.

she is effective and interested in her fellow citizens or not.

and the concept of morality is not applicable there.

Answer 24
July, 2021

Yes, it was. Now it's somehow ashamed for this. In general, it was in childhood, when I was 6-12 years old. Actually, I grew up surrounded by quilted jackets, so it's not surprising. My father adheres to communist views, and this is probably why he did not like the States and Europe. Mom did not understand politics, but due to the influence of my batey, she shared this hatred of other countries. This is how I grew up. All the time he spoke negatively about the countries above, without realizing that they did this. Since my parents said that the United States wants to take over the world, their president is the devil and that all Americans are stupid, then I think the same way as my parents. But everything changed after that age. I had almost unlimited Internet, and by the age of 14 I had formed my point of view. I began to admire other countries. I began to see big problems in Russia. I became interested in how to fix these problems and what should be learned from abroad. I learned about how people live in other states, and who these "stupid Americans" really are. But the parents were still vatans. They know my point of view superficially, but I do not argue with them, because it is pointless.

Answer 25
July, 2021

Insight on Ukrainian TV: Russia has held out, and we have “profiled” everything
Russia has withstood the confrontation with the West and was able to respond with import substitution to the sanctions. At this time, Ukraine was only losing markets and economic potential.

This was stated by the Minister of Transport of Ukraine, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yevgeny Chervonenko on the NewsOne TV channel.
“Russia held out. This is a fact, this is not propaganda - it survived economically and a lot, even from Ukraine what went, for example, engines from the Nikolaev plant "Zarya" were on all military, tourist, passenger, cargo ships of the Russian Federation , - replaced. They did not let Motor Sich work - they replaced it, built their own factories. They did not give "Electron" Lvov, which did not make televisions, but the best guidance systems in the world - Putin had to build several institutes, and they achieved that accuracy. And we have lost markets, we have lost everything, "Chervonenko laments.

Answer 26
July, 2021

I became a quilted jacket at the age of 15 because of my very patriotic parents. He sincerely believed in the greatness of Russia and did not like America. Everything began to change rapidly in 2014, when I could not understand why we were quarreling with Ukraine, and could not think of a single reason why we climbed into Crimea. And it came to pass that all Russian propaganda is a lie for a lie.

Answer 27
July, 2021

I was, so to speak, a quilted jacket for about a year and a half. It began at the age of 13-14, approximately when he began to follow politics, to be interested in what was happening, especially in the international arena. It was at that time that the famous events took place in Ukraine (Yanukovych's refusal to join the EU, unrest, Maidan). There is also a triumphant Olympics for the Russian national team in Sochi (which, by the way, I watched in full, as I fell ill at the time the competition was going on), then Crimea and so on. I learned the news from the programs on TV, on which propaganda at that time began to work at full power. This is how throughout 2014 I was a convinced quilted jacket, every day I was looking forward to the news release, where they would again discuss bad Ukrainians and damned America.
Everything turned upside down somehow quickly. End of 2014, I subscribe to the now well-known public Lentach (then it had 200-300 thousand). On Lentach I learn about the Yves Rocher case with Navalny that was going on at that time and about the rally on Manezhnaya Square. The quilted jacket in me was destroyed in about 2 days.

Answer 28
July, 2021

Everything is very commonplace, like many now I believed TV, hated Americans, was proud of the audacity and courage (as it seemed to me then) of Putin and others, in front of foreigners and in general. When I turned 18 I went to vote for Medvedev (for which I am still ashamed). In August 08, after the war with Georgia, I began to notice on the Internet that everything there was completely different from what was shown on TV, I did not pay attention, because we have enemies everywhere who compose conspiracy theories.

Then, in 10-11, I came across an investigation of a corruption scheme in a tax office in some Ust-Zhopensk, and I was struck by the scale of corruption. You can easily guess who was the author of this investigation, after which my world of a superpower began to break down and I continued to follow these investigations, the Internet began to speak more often the truth, which sometimes went across what was said on TV.

Periodically I threw off links to similar posts to my mother, who did not pay much attention to this, and considered part of it a lie, but the war in Ukraine and the seizure of the Crimea also broke her world, but not immediately. She has a friend from Lugansk, who has been living in Moscow for 20 years, of course, both her mother and this acquaintance literally believed what was on TV, and not that "ichtamnets" were making noise in Ukraine, but everything changed after this friend's trip to Lugansk , and when all the conspiracy theories from the Internet were confirmed vata and rose-colored glasses disappeared.

Answer 29
July, 2021

At the age of 16-18, I was just a terrible quilted jacket because of the intoxication of Pan-Slavism and National Bolshevism. But for me it passed pretty quickly, because it turned out that the Russian brothers, firstly, hate the rest of the Slavs, and secondly, they strive for a cozy maneuver with autarchy and tsarism, and not for world domination. Well, the breaking of stereotypes and everything else began. Therefore, I, working as a kremlebot, lol, described the events of Bolotnaya with a malicious smile, realizing that another prison of nations would soon collapse.

Answer 30
July, 2021

About 6 years ago, I was a terrible quilted jacket, like many children. Seriously, but how else can children get information? Read Meduza and other opposition media? Do not rush. And then (now also) propaganda rattled from every iron about spiritless America, where every second is gay, about the stupidity of Americans (thanks to Zadoronov), Krymnash, Putinbokh, and so on. Of course, a child is most often a sponge that looks on parents and absorbs all their views. I, unlike my father, have never been against gays, but I thought that they did not need to show off (and this is also homophobia). I did not like America for the vulgarity of films, and "masterpieces" about I did not approve of US interference in the affairs of other countries and the forcible implantation of democracy (I still doubt this) I was very religious and considered intimate life a sin before marriage, and religion, even a radical bulwark of the world, added oil a near-psychological religious book. But then I began to read independent news sources and meet different people in the scientific camp and my views changed gradually

Answer 31
July, 2021

I was a quilted jacket until it was mainstream). at school and in the first years of the institute. He loved Stalin, fiercely defended Orthodoxy and dreamed of a military conflict with the United States)

The first blow to the cotton ideology was military service. There I saw the "brilliance and poverty" of the Russian army, and most importantly, if something happens to you, no one cares, everything will be hushed up, and everyone will shit. And also - that not even Putin, and not Serdyukov (then Defense Minister) will send you to death, but a simple drunk colonel with a belly.

After that, doubts arose. Well, then the wadded looks began to sharpen more, and I stopped watching TV. More different interesting opinions have appeared on the Internet. And off we go.

Answer 32
July, 2021

I was a rabid quilted jacket, I am very ashamed of that. Being a quilted jacket was somehow ... convenient, no semantic loads, these are good - these are bad, Alaska is ours, Ukrainian is a spoiled Russian and Ukraine itself did not exist, the partition of Poland is a tactical move and not a desire to conquer Europe, such fucking liberal channels, like RBC Radio Liberty - American propaganda. As soon as I bought a PC I "immediately" realized that Pynya is a criminal, Crimea is yours, gay is normal, and fagot Milonov, Prigozhin is Wagnerian mince, etc.

Answer 33
July, 2021

It's funny, but it was the annexation of Crimea that brought out of me what no love, but love for Putin, although it was short ... I was 13 years old.

I remember sitting in cotton-wool pubs before. Well, I also grew up watching Soviet films at a time when my peers were obsessed with Spider-Man. And as a result, I imagined the little scoop as a wonderful state, where everything is fun and everyone is good. I don't even remember how I got sick of the Soviet system. It seems, after a fascination with history.

Well, my grandfather, with whom they often had kitchen conversations about politics, even more of all influenced in getting rid of vaping and other delusions. But he, too, was a quilted jacket with all this Crimeanash in those days. Apparently, I got him so terribly fed up with questions about politics that he also began to think and, as a result, is now in opposition, having successfully passed all stages: from “good tsar, bad boyars” to hatred not only for Putin, but also for the system as such. He influenced me and I influenced him.

Like this.

Answer 34
July, 2021

It was simple for me. It all started with some kind of congress of the United Russia, where, after the performance of the Solntselik, I saw and heard "long, prolonged applause" with surprise, bewilderment and disgust. And I already remember a mammoth and Brezhnev from the Communist Party of the Soviet Union)) And then I realized that something was wrong in the Danish kingdom. And then a lump of lies, hurray-patriotism, theft came to me, and now I'm no longer a quilted jacket. But I cannot call myself an oppositionist either. I won't go to the "barricades", although I went to rallies around Isaac.

They say it's better late than never. This is my only consolation.

Answer 35
July, 2021

Sinful. In general, my vatness was formed rather not out of a crazy love for Russia, but out of a crazy hatred for the United States - of course, right? It all started at the age of 11 with watching the movie "Brother 2", where, as you remember, America is represented as a country of complete lawlessness, criminality, the cult of money and hostility: at least, that's how it seemed to me. Since then, I have had a sharply negative attitude towards the United States and I have always wondered why people immigrate there - I thought they were crazy. The 2014 hysteria related to Crimea added fuel to the fire. As I remember now, with what delight my parents and I watched on NTV the broadcast of the signing of an agreement on the entry of Crimea into Russia (despite the fact that we do not even live in Russia, but we all have Russian roots). Well, it started ... "Shut up, shameful Europe, and do not download your rights!" ... Although I did not get to the subscriptions to all sorts of super-Slavic Russians, our great power groups. It all ended by itself as I grew older. Somehow I felt that all this "hurray-patriotism" is bad form. Doubts appeared, there was a desire to understand, the ability to think critically and, as a result, the opportunity to see the colossal gap between reality and what all sorts of quilted jackets said about Russia appeared.

Answer 36
July, 2021

I won't say that I was ever a quilted jacket, but there was a time when I blindly followed the principles imposed by the TV and some "sources".
Previously, I actively participated in political fights (sorry, but this cannot be called a discussion) ... Participation in this took place in 2013-2015, when I, who did not yet have my own opinion on this issue, with might and main drowned for the current government and in every possible way supported the Krymnash and Dedyvoyevals in the VK publics. He hated Ukrainians, gays, the United States, and so on, according to a clichéd list. In my history of being in VK, I highlight the period when I rethought my worldview in many issues, including the political one. I don't watch news channels at all, which is what I wish for today's quilted jackets.

Answer 37
July, 2021

Caution! Mnogobukaff!

Hmm, I don't even know. Earlier it seemed that I would immediately rush to answer this question, but now, after some reflection, you start to look a little differently. In short, the disease itself, probably, did not last long, and then there was only simulation and self-hypnosis.

Chapter I. Truly a subject was, perhaps, only in the late school years. He admired Uncle Joe (Stalin, if someone does not understand), hated America and Europe, and believed that in life in the world, Mother Russia was unjustly offended and infringed by insidious enemies, and they continue to do so. The climax was the period of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. I watched TV every day, hoping to hear that another plane was shot down. In batches I drew wretched, unfunny caricatures of NATO soldiers. And then an unforgettable scene at school: in the English classroom, they drew an American flag on the blackboard, from which stars spilled out, and a swastika fell out of the place, and the whole class (only an Azerbaijani woman did not do this - the only girl among us) spat into it. Well, they also wrote "NATO suck", I think. The English teacher wiped everything. The fact that we still cut out a piece of paper, drew a swastika on it, and pasted it on a map of America hanging on the wall - where the corner is a flag, instead of the same stars, he noticed two months later. And for a long time on the desks he wrote what America needs to do, and what oral action NATO needs to take. All the others have long forgotten about Yugoslavia. And I continued. And he fiercely argued with the MHK teacher when he used the word "Stalinism" in a context that was negative in relation to culture. I failed to infect my classmates with my ideas, and many considered me a jerk for them.

How did you come to this life? Child and adolescent spirit of contradiction (and violent denial of its existence ;-); an attempt to escape from a not very pleasant reality by creating an ideal image of the past. I liked Stalin, probably, at 3-4 years old. Yes Yes! During the Perestroika era, exposing documentaries and feature films were constantly shown about him. And I was impressed by the negative characters, and also the fact that he had a mustache) In a strange way, sympathy for him, and for his regime, lasted quite a long time, and still remained in place when every other scoop was already completely knocked out of the head. At the age of 11, I painted his portrait in gouache and hung it on the wall (it still hangs there now, but as a tribute to the past). Aesthetics of the 1930s-1950s Overwhelming delight was caused by the 1957 book "Housekeeping", where there were pictures with fashionable dresses and suits. Films of this era, where everything is so pulled up, everything is right, and, basically, with a happy fair ending. The atmosphere of confident righteousness in his actions and positive, which were in Soviet films, and the countries of the social bloc (he loved "30 cases of Major Zeman" very much, tried not to miss a single episode - he was just returning from school). What was the reality of the 1990s? No, I will not recall here the fear of horror and hunger that many people love. He lived in Moscow, and decently enough.But the atmosphere itself was caustically penetrating from all sides, from all the media. No confidence in the future, nothing eternal, nothing permanent. News anchors in an Americanized manner once again report that everything is not glory to God here. American documentaries and feature films, where Russians / communists are defeated, and in general in life they turn out to be complete ... (add yourself; "cranberry", unfortunately, has not gone anywhere now). On the other hand, there are Soviet films and TV series, where everything is majestic and prosperous. For example, "State Border". Defeat in Chechnya; soldiers looking like homeless people, and news about hazing. That is why, when Solntseliky first appeared, he believed at first. I hoped that he would immediately jail (or, better, shoot) all these evil, bad oligarchs and bandits, show the enemies "Kuzka's mother", provide everyone with jobs and wages, and there will be only good news in the news. I was even pleased with the change of the NTV leadership, honestly ... Of course, the victory in the second Chechen war added points.

For the sake of spite, there was always a note of doubt in my soul, and in its very depths there was an understanding of what was wrong. He was not closed from information. During this time, many documentaries were shown exposing Stalinism and the scoop. And even then, in my senior school years, I read Solzhenitsyn - "The Gulag Archipelago" (did not completely overcome) and "One day of Ivan Denisovich."

Yes, a separate huge THANK YOU, of course, to my family! None of them were nostalgic, but on the contrary tried to rid me of my sweet illusions. They said that life in the scoop was, in general, one continuous UG. And that even normal pants I could hardly get at that time (with my height). The grandfather, about whom he has already written several times, informed how young people of the 1950s really could spend their leisure time; did not forget to dilute with the details of everyday life, and personally seen pictures of repression. I liked the photos of that time very much. Everything is decorous, noble. In suits and neatly combed. One of them is a great-grandmother, at a May Day demonstration in the early 1960s. I admired: "I can't tell you directly from some Western Mrs!" They explained to me that she had borrowed a fur coat for this from a neighbor. A certain touch of religiosity (in fact, one of the manifestations of a powerful neurosis) was systematically mocked by my father. And he tried to get me to read The Origin of Species. (It makes no sense, because Darwin's theory of evolution has always been recognized, and never doubted it.)

Chapter II. He graduated from high school (to the greatest relief) and went to college. The first terms of Solntseliky's reign were not impressive, and life did not immediately become "raspberries". Therefore, he became disillusioned with the current government, but remained, it seems, a communist and a Stalinist. At the university I got in touch with a friend - then (but not now) an orthodox communist, and this gave me strong support (this person is registered on TQ, and if he answers here and tells his story, then in general it will be a HIT, like all of his answers ).

CThe students of the history faculties of the "noughties" were very patriotic and sympathetic, sometimes to the scoop, sometimes even to fascism. Then I found interlocutors. At various times he tried to either become a skinhead (the former skinhead dissuaded him), or to join some of the Communist parties. But in fact, I saw very well WHAT modern communists are. Oldies living in the past and not having the slightest idea about the life and interests of young people.

"Pale youth, with a burning gaze" - I tried to come up with and create my own party. Even Maoism seemed attractive. I figured out that everyone would wear a uniform, but with a badge on which the first and last name are written (because he was embarrassed to meet girls).

A teacher at the university gave a second wind to my hobby, I will call him P.P. ... (abbreviated by his full name). A former officer, well-versed in his subject, and always responsible for all his material (unlike, unfortunately, many Democratic teachers), he, in "Political Science", essentially taught dialectical materialism, and glorified the old days with might and main. With him I have already become acquainted with scientific Marxism. This did not prevent me, however, from drawing cartoons on him and showing him to fellow students. And much of what he said directly to himself seemed rather strange, and could not accept it. Well, for example, that his son voluntarily gave his wife an apartment after the divorce, and he himself stayed in a communal apartment, or that the professor's mother in the 1930s. traded in honey and thundered for 7 years for this in the camps, and then returned - he was proud of it. What was the advantage of the terry communist teachers? They tried never to be wrong. But with the Democrat teacher I found many inconsistencies and small errors. He talked about the famine of the 1930s, but could not clearly explain how the famine was helped; he spoke about the artist Filonov, and he died before the war; he said that Stalin had material on the national question - nothing at all, but that was not the case, and I wrote a term paper on this topic. I gladly took on faith when P.P.P. spoke about the "scientific works" of the works of the Swedish "scientist" Mario Sous, which justified massive repression. (And even later - the statistics of the historian Zemskov). Here, the highest point, probably, can serve as the purchase of the reprinted "A Brief History of the CPSU (b)", and tore from it the preface of Roy Medvedev, without even reading it.

But at the same time the world became to change. Very close. First in Georgia, then in Ukraine, and then in Kyrgyzstan, the people went to the barricades, and overthrew the mossy rulers thieving, deciding their own fate. This could not fail to evoke sympathy from the "young rebel"; it was clear that the truth was on the side of these people, and did not believe in conspiracy theories blaming sworn America for everything.

Already in the second half of my studies, I began to listen to Rock music. Western and ours. It was the classic Rock of the 1960s that attracted me the most. Became interested and imbued with culture. The first time between old beliefs and a new topic I found a compromise in the forme rebels of the 1960s. I was very fascinated by the French events of 1968.

By the end of the training I met a hippie crowd. And since then I have been deeply imbued with this topic. Began to go to concerts and music festivals. And after all, he was still trying to cling somehow to the Father of Nations, and tie him to the current one. Now I began to tell myself that if he had stayed a little longer, then everything would have been in the openwork, and then democratization would have gone abruptly - well, like in Spain. In reality, politics then played an almost zero role in life.

Chapter III. I remember with nostalgia the times of Dmitry Medvedev's presidency. Fair. It was a time of wonderful, incomparable indifference. The situation in the country was quite relaxed, and the whole world around him did not even think to attack. People went about their business, and they didn't give a shit about politics and elections. (Unfortunately, this is how EdRo quietly established itself in parliament.)

Yes, there was, for example, a "little victorious" war with Georgia. But I watched it more like an entertainment show. Moreover, with an equal attitude to any of the results. And as a curtain, even a little pride took over the victorious Fatherland. Then.

And I also remember how 11-10 years ago I thoughtfully filled the map of the world with "filling", so as to make the southern regions of Ukraine a part of Russia and unite with Transnistria. Well, there I also made Greece, including Constantinople; and Kurdistan; and Uyguristan. It happened once. Then I decided that it was a pointless waste of time, and I will not make more "alternative" cards.

I remember how wonderful the festivals were then. "Empty Hills", "Thicket of Everything". The last PH had 60-70 thousand people. It was, in fact, a separate independent city, spread over the vastness of the Kaluga region. Inhabited by free, uncomplexed people.

But I also began to read comments to the photographs posted on the Internet afterwards; some of them were not at all happy. This signature pathos-hysterical style used by moralphages, and, accordingly, "patriots", most of whom also belong to adherents of "morality" ... The fact that we swam without textiles caused them to foam up poisonous saliva. In general, a typical example: the media tells how a kitten was rescued in the USA. Immediately there are comments: "Oh, morons snickering! The fucking cat was saved. And the fact that millions of people are starving - they don't give a shit! Remember what it was like for people during the Second World War. But the grandfathers fought !!!" These are the ones who are ready to run into a girl who is drawing with crayons on the asphalt.

One "gifted" comrade began to spread numerous moralizing "demotivators". The most notable of which is where teenage girls take pictures with "Yaga". And the signature: "Shoot, no time to explain!" That is, what - SHOOT CHILDREN ?!

Here is immediately a general difference from the "true" subject, about which the question is raised: never was a moral phage or religious. He always despised and hated neither one nor the other.

Chapter IV. Healing.


In addition, during these years I also traveled abroad. In different pagesany. And I saw how white people live. If anything, in the countries of Western Europe, anxious homosexuals do not chase someone's "rotten vein" with smoking members on the streets. And in Serbia, where, according to our patriotic ideas, every Russian should be hugged and kissed with shouts of "brother-ah !!!", and Americans are automatically impaled: no one knows Russian, but much more often English; there are many more American and Western tourists than ours (for ours, basically, this is just a transit point on the way to the resorts of Montenegro).

By the time a fan of the 1960s, he watched quite a few films ... The Frenchmen on the barricades were mostly fucked with truncheons. But the Czechs were crushed to death with tanks. Feel the difference.

Elections broke out. First in the State Duma. Then the race began for the seat of the first sitting. The parliamentary elections shocked that the "pro-government party" gained 146%; and with what violations it all happened. On the other hand, all these entertaining shows are about finding ancient Hellenic amphorae from the depths of the sea. Here, with an animal instinct, I felt what would happen next - ASS! Everything that I love, they will try to cover up all my leisure. And I won't even be able to say a word freely soon. Then I went to the first demonstration on Bolotnaya. Before leaving, I posted on the page Yesenin-Volpin's poem "I never took a plow" - it is still there, if that.

I looked at the picture of A. Vaida "Man of Iron". This general upsurge of the people, breaking through all obstacles. But I still saw the liberation of Russia with the communists!

I went to the demo with them. Specifically, with a group formed next to the wife of S. Udaltsov (a nice woman, "yabvdul", as they say). And I wanted to call my neighbors "comrade".

EVERYTHING! Since then, the communists have shown themselves to be sixes in the service of the regime, not just outstanding, but even epic. The fastest they picked up the song about the "Western conspiracy". That dotted the i's well.

Next. I have watched many films from Eastern Europe, those about the struggle, or the liberation from communism. They convey the essence of the Soviet system well.

Looking through the stories from the "official" media, I saw that we are "1.5 diggers". And those that are "FOR" - a lot of people. Even though barriers were breaking down on Sakharov, and people were suffocating from the total number.

Yes, at my demonstrations I saw an unreal number of adequate reasonable persons. I was even filled with some optimism. But then he contemplated "pro-government demonstrations", where grandparents and some apocalyptic collective farmers were nearby, ready for anything for the cherished 400 rubles. Unfortunately, the latter turned out to be more, and since then I can not get rid of some misanthropy.

What films influenced?

Well, for example, "Brazil", 1984. More powerful than anything. I thought that it would look relaxed, but SUDDENLY I met with my own eyes what I myself once had in wet dreams of "correct" totalitarianism. It was strongLess than later read and seen "1984". Then I suddenly saw all that aesthetics of the 1930-50s, which overcame time and space, and were overgrown with "innovative technologies". It was pure HORROR, I don’t know otherwise how to put it better.

Comics by Euphrosyne Kersnovskaya. In her drawings, this woman embodied, in fact, the content of "The Gulag Archipelago" and "Kolyma Tales" by V. Shalamov. When you see them, you understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE to come up with such a thing. Probably purely "visual", since the pictures made the most tangible impression. But it is so. I don’t even know what I’ll answer to those who dare to declare that this is “fiction”.

You can also remember "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". I watched it later, and it resonated more with the events in Ukraine. However, I will write it here. An absolutely amazing film about Czechoslovakia abroad, and without the participation of any significant number of Czechoslovak actors. BUT HOW LIKELY AND LIFE! You are completely immersed in the era and imbued with the spirit of the times. And you sincerely hate respectable uncles who say "... Don't you understand that we love you?".


In the summer of 2012 I traveled to Ukraine and Crimea. There were many impressions. Ukraine has made the impression of quite a state of the XXI century. But Crimea ... It was some kind of frozen place. Absolute postsock. But not the 21st century, but the same one that, say, in 1993, when I first visited there. Fierce trash, and a complete mess of infrastructure. It defies description. Therefore, there was an idea that the evil Ukrainians completely gave a shit on the peninsula, and treated it like temporary workers. And even then, if helicopters buzzed over the beach, I would fully approve of the action ...

After the trip, one of my acquaintances, by the way, a former member of the Nashi movement, for some reason threw me on page a propaganda video telling that Ukraine is a failed state, and its whole history is fiction. In 2014, they surfaced tueva hucha. But he sent me a little earlier. I sent him to fuck, and told me not to send more such shit.

In the Russian Federation after 2011-12, I more and more felt the advancing insanity. The girls danced in the church, and then young mothers were sent to the zone. Fine? But aggressive pro-government ("STOPHAM"), or religious youth activists are doing lawlessness and violence, and they get away with everything. OK?

I realized that now the hardened burghers are in trend. And soon they will fight everything that I loved and lived with. Well, now there is no more and no more PX. "Most of all" has turned into an absolutely commercial fest, intimidated by law enforcement agencies. On TV (although this started back in the "2000s"), erotic fragments are cut out in films. And now EVEN PICTURING THE BOOBS OF ANTIQUE STATUES PUT PIXELS. What will children watching SUCH TV grow up to? In the finished Freudians?

In 2013-2014, he was almost not interested in the political life of the country. But then Biryulevo happened. It became clear that not everything was all right with us, andabout something that needs to be changed somewhere. So what?

Then the events in Ukraine went further. From the very beginning, I saw "impartiality" and categoricalness on the part of our media. But with an animal feeling, I realized that the people had really gathered there and stood up to solve some problems.

In early 2014, I went to Ukraine. I didn't know how this trip would end, and God bless him. One way or another, I visited Kiev and walked the entire length of the Maidan from start to finish. I did not try to speak Ukrainian, because one wise old hippie from this prejudiced. He spoke in his native language, with the appropriate pronunciation. Vuiko I was not crucified on a post of announcements, and my head was not cut off. I didn’t see the CIA members, but only a rising people who decided to change their fate. And NEVER after that I will not believe the "native" fucking media.

And then all the hype with migrants immediately receded. They, like the newcomers from S.Kavkaz, became best friends. In the fight against ... UKROV or UKROPOV. New interesting words.

In 2014, I fully saw what "Kremlin bots" are and what stubborn patriots are. I understood their tactics, and quilted a lot of people in social networks.

And then more. The onset of complete obscurantism and double standards.

Those who know life beyond the cordon are screaming about "lack of spirituality" and "Geyrope". On television, obscurant stories about alternative occurrences of Mother Earth are circulating, and biblical ideas border on Hindu and those about UFOs.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. But one thing I can say: the contemplation of the so-called "patriots" leaves an indelible impression. And you understand that you are not on your way with them. I do not want the revival of the scoop. “I shout:“ I don’t want shit! ”" - as Yesenin-Volpin said in the aforementioned poem.

Farewell to the great power; goodbye to the USSR; goodbye illusions!

Answer 38
July, 2021

I was not old enough, I just got the Internet. Before that my source of knowledge about the world was TV and the opinion that I could collect in reality - all sorts of cliches like "Crimea is ours" (this was long before the well-known events), gays are disgusting, etc. Gradually, my opinion changed under the influence of disputes with other people, meeting them, reading articles and reasoning.
In general, on my own I can conclude that in fact neither Crimea nor gays resisted anywhere, and I just repeated that that he himself heard, that he believed to be true and correct without any constructive basis. He defended what he never thought about. And, of course, I was banal lucky that I ended up not on the "USA - sponsor of the terror of the world", but on, say, the old, and that somehow I always treated without much trepidation howling about my homeland. p>

Answer 39
July, 2021

Hi !

I don't know if I can call myself a former quilted jacket, but my views were close to this before. This was apparently due to the fact that earlier I had little interest in politics and easily succumbed to the delusions of society. Plus, at some point, I got carried away with the Old Russian language, my love for everything Slavic (Khokhloma, samovars, sarafans, Pavlovo-Posad shawls, etc.) reached out for it. Wadded looks somehow logically fit into this picture. I used to sympathize with Putin, because he is the president, how can you treat him badly? She treated LGBT people with contempt, because this is unnatural! I hated America, because everyone there is stupid (thanks to Zadornov), vulgar, and in general it will soon end.

The change of views took place gradually. In general, I am an addicted person, and at some point I became interested in physics, the scientific picture of the world as a whole reached out to physics. Speaking of personalities, the change in my views was primarily facilitated by the American physicist Brian Green and blogger Valentin Konon (aka TrashSmash). The first, in addition to captivating me with physics, also changed my opinion about America (an American physicist, which means that it is not that bad and decaying, since such people live there!), And the second explained why gay - this is normal and strengthened the scientific picture of the world in my head.

Last year, on March 3, I watched the investigation "He's not Dimon for you." It became interesting who Navalny was ...

That's all, actually) Now I am one of the most active volunteers of Navalny's headquarters.

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