BadComedian - Serious Film Critic or Leisure for Schoolchildren?

BadComedian - Serious Film Critic or Leisure for Schoolchildren?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

1.the format of the bad comedy show (negative reviews) ... the "nostalgic critic" and its host D. Volker were correctly cleaned up from the American YouTube show "nostalgic critic" (finding Russian voice acting and really laughing is not a problem)

2.BK is not a film critic, but a specialist in viral marketing (that is, it often uses elements of propaganda and brainwashing tricks). So arguments with the return of its supporters are also n. About what: all ages are submissive to zombie), the only problem is that he does little reviews of high-quality, good Russian films, which we also have

Answer 2
July, 2021

Not a stupid young man with his own opinion. It's interesting to listen, sometimes you can laugh. Rather such leisure, but not necessary for shkoloty. Anything is better than Khovanshchina, etc.

Answer 3
July, 2021

BadComedian has raped the film review genre. He is the most harmful critic on YouTube

There are three inexplicable things in Russian YouTube: how Khovansky drinks every day and is still alive, who are these people, what are Larin's stand-ups, and why BadComedian is respected absolutely, damn it , all? You can still get used to the first two, but the last one ... Sorry, but why?

Why do you have to scroll through hundreds of comments to stumble upon one negative one? Why do “call the badcom!” Comments regularly in the tops under each YouTube show?

Why, even on Versus, suddenly everyone considered him the coolest judge? No, Zhenya is probably a wonderful and pleasant guy to talk to. But since when does it give bonuses to its format? This is not Sobolev's chatter or Dzharakhov's vlogs. And some kind of criticism. Film critics are appreciated for their biting language, huge experience of what they watched and their ability to understand the intricacies of cinema. Badcom has none of this.

Yes, he has repeatedly stated that he is not a film critic and simply reviews films. But in them he contradicts himself, stepping into the territory of the discourse of film criticism. He begins to disassemble any, even the most shitty film, using the methods of Hollywood newspapermen of the middle of the twentieth century. Blah blah blah, plot, blah blah blah, characters, blah blah blah, logic. Mmm, what a fresh approach! Yes, half of the users of kinopoisk compared to him are simply Roman Volobuevs.

But only half or even less. Do you know why? Because the other half are followers of the "BadComedian school". Now I’ll explain what I’m talking about.

Eugene is long overdue to be executed not because he slipped and began to release videos less often. No, the point is different - he had an extremely negative impact on the perception of people trying to talk about cinema. BadComedian treats cinema like literature - the script is always the most important to him. If the phrase "character development" in his commercials is sounded, then you will get a new album of Face.

Literary-centric Russian culture already has big problems with the analysis of cinema. Cinema is much more than a script. Let him present Bergman to "Persona" for logic, and Kubrick for the development of characters in "A Space Odyssey". BadComedian understands storytelling in a script, but forgets that visual storytelling is just as important.

Each piece has its own laws, and quantities like Röfn, Lynch and von Trier have long spit on the canon structure of the narrative, and sometimes and the storytelling at all. A good director with the right lighting in a single scene will tell more than a dozen lines.

Badcom once read a couple of classic works on cinema and accepted their theses as laws. From a three-act structure now do not deviate, and the main character should always evoke empathy in the viewer. Just listen to your friends or read the comments on specialized sites. The overwhelming majority speaks the same language. Make them at least a billion long plans, construct the scenery in an original way and playlike a god - if the character, in their opinion, has not developed and there is no interesting morality, then the film is terrible.

Talking about cinema in such a primitive language began just with the filing of Bad. Do you remember until 2010 that someone with the face of an expert told you about the shortcomings of the plot? And now, no matter what review you include - everyone devotes 90% of their time to the script part. On the other hand, the channels that talk about the cinema language somehow gain a maximum of 20-30 thousand subscribers.

BadComedian raped the film review genre. And, like any maniac, he had imitators ... One of the typical examples is Ilya Bunin from the channel under the modest name "KINOKRITIKA". By whom and how he was inspired before becoming a FILM CRITIC, it is obvious even from the periodic mentions of Eugene in reviews. And by the number of those tags, Bunin is ahead of everyone else.

Only he takes it higher: if Bad scolds a frankly weak product for illogicality, then Ilya prepares the main premieres of the week using the same methods. You can guess what he said about the film without including the review. Almost any superhero is a priori shit (this word and its variations are favorite in Bunin's lexicon). And even frankly weak films with the slightest claim to intelligence in an advertising campaign are immediately a masterpiece. Moreover, Bunin, of course, does not watch a truly art-house movie.

Stealing other people's videos and making views at the expense of popular films and high-profile titles, he himself does not strain over the script, keeping the same structure for everyone release. If you play character development / plot / twist / other cliche-shotgame under the playlist from his videos, then in a couple of days you will die of cirrhosis of the liver.

And such offspring relate directly to Bad. His influence on film bloggers as one of the pioneers of the genre is enormous. Eugene's words can be heard in the mouths of Sokol, Optimister, Cultas and other popular representatives of the genre. Of the bloggers with a large number of subscribers, the only difference is Chuck and Cut The Crap, who quickly found their style and always try to dive into the topic.

Such a superficial position is the main reason why you should unsubscribe from BadComedian channel and advise your friends to do it. Well, or you can continue to live without your own opinion and attempts at independent analysis. In the meantime, there are fewer and fewer people to talk to about movies rather than plot holes.

This is the main, but not the only reason to execute Bad. By some miracle, he retained an excellent reputation, in fact, having been greased many times. Some of the more obvious examples:

  1. Leviathan Review . This is the milestone after which everything became clear. I do not insist on the position that this is an amazing movie, the point is different. Tackling a complex work of authorship, Badcomb showed that he knew absolutely nothing about the language of cinema. And at the same time he frightened off the thinking viewer with a caricatured parody of a snob with wine by the fireplace.
    Only "Leviathan" is not some "Last Year in Marienbad", but rather a mainstream drama accessible to the viewer. Such a movie is watched not by arrogant aesthetes (by the way, have you seen at least one of these live?), But absolutely ordinary viewers. Someone sees vodka and a bunch of scum, and someone - thinking about the nature of power. Badcomb did not try to look a little deeper. He rarely does it.

2. Taste . And what does Bazhenov himself look at? In the first years, we mostly guessed by references and rubrics. After the streams, the picture became clearer. Yes, there is no dispute about tastes, but very much about bad taste.

When the list of your favorite films repeats the top of Kinopoisk, it's time to think about whether you are so good at criticism. Zhenya watches a sterile poppin 'movie for which Khan Zamai would growl at him for hours. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and Forrest Gump are all masterpieces. And until recently, Zach Snyder was his favorite director. Do I need to continue?

3. A sharp transition from frenzy over trash to didactics . Remember when Bud started? He just laughed with us at the frankly ridiculous Russian films with Dzhigurda and Nevsky. No adequate person can perceive a bad movie otherwise than to laugh at its stupidity and absurdity. And in an era when Alexander Pavlov's Telegram channel is one of the most popular in the topic of "films and series", it is simply absurd to seriously scold bad cinema.

In the past three years, Bazhenov has abruptly changed his concept, starting a holy war against Ministry of Culture. Now he dissects even openly idiotic trash work in the same spirit as "Leviathan". And he does not forget to mention a dozen times what the Ministry of Culture is terrible. There are indeed a lot of troubles from Medinsky and Co., but everything cannot be explained by the work of the ministry, which basically only censors and sponsors. We have obvious problems with film schools, personnel, equipment, money and much more. Badcom is comfortable with kicking the authorities because the audience loves it.

4. Focus on quality while losing content . Here's a paradox - BadComedian is now doing exactly what it criticizes cinema for. He makes a cool picture, comes up with a concept, but the analysis itself is completely self-replicating and hypertrophied seriousness.

5. Long timing . I watched the last video on the BadComedian channel from the eighth call. I'm not exaggerating - seriously, I fell asleep all the time. All recent videos are long and insanely boring. They do not say anything new - only films change. Evgen began to dig more to the smallest detail (again, why do this in a shitty movie?) And saturate the script with unnecessary moments.

Scroll down the "video" section on his channel and be surprised - in the first couple of years, videos rarely exceeded ten-minute timing. They were really funny and meaningful. Today Badcom is threatening to upload a video that will last three hours. Mikhalkov approves.

6. Death of the EvgenComedian channel . Previously, there was a balance in Bazhenov's work - on Monday he laughed at bad Russian cinema, and on Thursday he advised good. Oneof the best ideas - the About section, where he talked about little-known Western and Russian films.

And the repertoire was really cool - I discovered two of my favorite directors today thanks to Bud. It's hard to believe now. As well as the fact that the stories about the films were as laconic as possible and encouraging to get acquainted. But they didn't collect views. As a result, Evgen chose the dark side, and on the “light” channel EvgenComedian began to throw everything extraneous, like streams and backstages.

7. Project "About Stand Up" . Bazhenov tried to open up outside the cinema, talking about his second hobby. It turned out stylishly, but extremely trite - Wikipedia with a couple of inserts. Stand-up fans already knew all the heroes, and the rest were not interested in the project. Predictably collapsed after eight episodes, and Badcomb proved to be weak in other formats.

8. BadTrip . He himself considers the project one of the biggest mistakes. It took a lot of money, effort, time and nerves, but no exhaust. The project was not appreciated. And not because it's late and an unpopular topic - it's just not done very well. Again, filmed superbly, but the concept is lame - the feeling that two KVN players have come to fool around in America. The films were also chosen based on dubious personal taste. Not being able to properly implement such a project, and even with a really talented Anuar in the team - a sheer failure.

9. Toxic fanbase . A friend of mine has already ventured to criticize BadComedian on a not-so-popular site. But even there, a wave of frenzied hate hit him. Badcom's subscribers are fanatics who catch his every word and are ready to tear up for every carelessly written phrase addressed to him - just read the comments under any videos and texts where Bazhenov appears. I have no idea how this happened, and why other bloggers don't have such a crazy army, but I already bought plane tickets just in case.

10. Lack of growth . All these examples fit into one final thesis. Increasing the timing, changing formats and arranging experiments, Bazhenov himself did not change. Only if for the worse, being stuck in the swamp of an unreasonable hate to a bad movie. Watch the interview with Dudyu and compare with the interview five years ago - where is the character development? Badcomb says the same thing about those films and the same characters. Even with similar or identical metaphors. During this time, Russian YouTube has changed beyond recognition, only Evgen does not change. Maybe that's why they love him?

I myself was a BadComedian fan at the very beginning of his career. Ever since the moment when he struggled with diction on "Thank you, Eve." For the first three or four years it was really the funniest and most interesting video content.

Bazhenov played the role of a friend, with whom you can neigh over Indian special effects, enjoy Wernick's smile and shout "Domogarov!" Videos of an ordinary no-name have become generators of memes - "Normal!", "Absolutely!" and “This is a turnt! " originated in his section on Caramba TV.

Only later did we learn that the format was neatly borrowed from The Nostalgic Critic, but we still thought that our Bad was funnier. He became a YouTube star before Russian YouTube even started producing stars.

Moreover, popularity did not affect his character in any way - all interviews show how modest and unassuming Evgen is. But creativity has been sliding into the abyss for several years. Now you are not waiting for the release of a new video, but when this film based on the film, released every couple of months, finally ends. BadComedian's classic goodbye has become his motto.

Today he tries to do as much “bad as possible”.

Answer 4
July, 2021

I've been watching videos on YouTube on the topic of cinema for seven years already, and at different times I considered different people to be an authority. And Bada also counted for a while. But now I understand, repeating the answers above, that he focuses more on making fun of the film, rather than making it out. At the same time, he knows the materiel and can tell interesting things about the creation of a movie. Although in this regard, Eugene Anuar's friend can tell much more useful information on the topic, while not forgetting to entertain his viewer. There is, of course, also the Red Cynic, but he often, for my taste, goes too far with meticulousness: after all, cinema is cinema and it works according to its own laws and conventions, and sometimes it seems that his cinema as a phenomenon with its own characteristics is not he is particularly attracted and criticized by him in the same way as he would criticize a book and a video game.

But for me personally, everything, absolutely everything, pales against the background of RedLetterMedia . This channel is not very well known in our country, but in America even people from the world of cinema know about it and reckon with it. Basically, this is an independent film company from a provincial town in Wisconsin, made up of people who really know about cinema. Forget about Nostalgia Critic or who do you consider the main film expert (unless of course Siskel / Ebert, which clearly inspired the RLM). They became famous on the Internet, thanks to a 70-minute (!) Review of the 1st episode of "Star Wars" (by the way, about people from the world of cinema, Simon Pegg promoted this video at one time on his twitter). And this is in 2009. Even before the standard reviews "by the wall" or simply with "witty" voice-overs began to appear en masse, RLM created something unique. And they still create it. At the same time, the educational and entertainment parts interact perfectly, if, of course, you are able to transfer their peculiar humor. So, if you can comfortably watch a video in English, I recommend that you familiarize yourself. If anything, there is a VK group with translations of some videos -

P. S .: digress from the topic of the question, of course. No, Bad is not a critic. Razvlekalovo interspersed with useful and not very information about cinema. Some jokes (lurk, memes fresh at the time of the review) are sometimes very embarrassing, but I would not say that this directly rolls the level of humor to shkolota. It's just that Evgen understands his audience, targets and most often gets to the point in the question of what they find funny.

Answer 5
July, 2021

What other bet comedian, what the hell is this? I heard this phrase several times, but, thank God, I never saw it. And, judging by the comments, you shouldn't even start ...

Answer 6
July, 2021

~ BadComedian is far from a serious film critic, for it's just leisure.

Fortunately, he himself denies being a film critic (in a professional sense), and all his content is always based on personal impressions, from which I do not always understand the excitement around his video. Although I would explain him by the fact that he really makes high-quality jokes, he makes a high-quality banter, but he does not present the situation well. In many of his videos, he chooses unbridled aggression, sometimes reaching complete hysteria (from really stupid moments, he starts laughing at the minicab, at the wording of phrases).

I like his content, most of the time it is really funny, but I don't think it's worth turning off your head and falling in aviation before his every word, because he often dulls over the plot of the film, he often sucks the shoals out of his finger, but okay, because he does not give full-fledged criticism of the film at all, but rather simply expresses personally his position about him when watching (he revises films, just to compose jokes, and not in order to understand the cinematic factors for evaluation).

From a close friend:

  • Alien Testament - BadComedian did not bother to read the history of the universe, watch real critics, but will continue to build an attack on the behavior of characters, stipulating that colonization is serious, while, like all other youtube critics, not realizing that this is not the first colonization for the future , for them this is already the level of a modest startup, and you should not demand high skills from a team of adventurers ... As you should not say that people behave stupidly on an unfamiliar planet, when 2/3 of the spectators in the forest would not survive lost their way.
    No offense to fans, he is just (roughly speaking) a jester, but not for shkolota, because his audience is very wide.
Answer 7
July, 2021

Evgen is a rather cunning guy gathered around him a community consisting of a hamster that will listen unquestioningly to any of his words (and there are also normal people there) and still has from them what no gesheft oh wei, and the community itself, for the most part, has forgotten how to think it is critical because "we see a Russian film - it is gee and everyone was poking (and there it is so far-fetched that I just goofed)" or "we see a Tarantino film - we put a class (although for me the disgusting 8th worst Tarantino film)". As for the reviews, let's just say they slipped, because remembering his review of the "night guards" it was not at ease that the hand climbed to the forehead because yes the film is filled with clichés (but in itself it is not bad and in general I left the cinema with the thought "not well not bad so "), only Evgen issued all these cliches for theft (although those films that he called themselves these ideas and solutions whistled from somewhere, so this can already be called a kind of cliche, and not theft), secondly, he called" Night Watch "domestic version of "Underworld" motivating this by saying that "Well, they say there and there vampires well," Although the vampires were only a grain of the big world on patrol, and in general the films are different in all respects and the meaning and idea are different. Patrols are about the fact that there is no good and evil and that the supposedly evil can be good and the supposedly good can turn out to be evil, and the Other World is about the struggle of slaves (werewolves) with their usurpers (vampires) and the fact that everyone is muddled with class castes and others can lead to big problems. But Evgen preferred to score on it and stupidly compared horseradish with a finger. But back to the film being analyzed, well, of course, he dug into the actor who at the beginning of the film screamed about horror ... so for me this character is quite a good kind of ordinary guy who, by the will of fate, had to deal with serious problems and, in general, he behaved smartly (in unlike some other characters) for example, when all the guards dumped on the raid, only one GG realized that it was a trap and decided to escape with the main character, but it was already too late there. So there was still something, and he compared GZ with Victor from "Underworld", they say, the first is a grimacing freak, and Victor says he's a cool pretentious and charismatic (oh loooool, it seems Evgen did not look further than the first part) at this moment I did a review and turned it off because laughing and simultaneously covering your face with your palm prevents you from watching the review, but no !!! Victor was hu * * and pi * who killed his daughter just because she slept with a werewolf with whom she had love, and he himself was still that rag there, even in the fifth part he was officially obsessed ***, against his background, though flared, but strong enough and charismatic GZ from "Nightguards" looks like Emperor Augustus (GZ nightguards) against the background of a plebeian (Victor). So, using this review as an example, I want to show you how Evgen does reviews not for the sake of a creative impulse there, but for the sake of pleasing his community, and why bother trying to figure it out anyway. All reviews on Russian comedy are the same if you've seen oneyou've seen everything, although it's okay what films are like that and reviews in general are at least a little bit here, but Evgen still tries and I still sympathize with him that he has to watch it. For me, he has really good reviews, these are the very first ones that were partly memetic and partly interesting, reviews on Indian cinema, serious reviews (for example, the game CoN or a review on those tired of the sun or there on Stalingrad). And no, I’m not a hater (except that I don’t like his community at all, because there they’ve already slipped into plebeianness to Evgen ... disgusting) Evgen himself is not a bad guy and knows how to think with his head and how to make creative videos, but alas, right now he is more works for the sake of the community rather than for the sake of creativity or analysis of the direct kinets. And answering the question whether Evgen is a critic, well, now I can say that definitely not, right now he found his niche and milked it in every way. I reject for this, thanks for your attention.

Answer 8
July, 2021

Neither one nor the other. He is not a film critic, which he himself constantly emphasizes, he is a columnist with his own point of view and personal opinion. Only 10% of its audience is under 18, more than 50% are over 23 (judging by the VK public). Draw your own conclusions.

Answer 9
July, 2021

This question is answered here every 10 days. No, not a film critic. To understand this, it is enough to read a film critic. Do not believe ours, read the foreign one. Do not believe the modern one, read some Ebert.

BK is a web browser, this is a separate normal occupation, and he is not alone in reviewing.

It is completely unclear to whom and why these reviews should be called film criticism. To assure yourself that you are not having fun here, but listening and watching a Real Serious Critic? Without this there is no way, perhaps, self-esteem falls?

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