Forgot WiFi password how to find out?

Forgot WiFi password how to find out?

Find Your WiFi Password when You Forgot It!! - Howtosolveit

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Answer 1
July, 2021

If you forgot your WiFi password, you can find it out in several ways:

  1. Via Control Panel and Network Control Center.

  2. Using the command line

  3. Via router settings.

  4. Using third-party applications.

Details here

Answer 2
July, 2021

If you have at least some device left connected to the wireless network, then this is quite possible. Here I describe in detail how to find out the password on different versions of Windows, Android in several ways.

Select the item according to your device:

  • How to find out the Wi-Fi password on a Windows 7 computer or laptop
  • We are looking for a password in the standard "eight"
  • Easy way to see Wi-Fi password on Windows 10 and 8.1
  • Using the command line
  • Additional programs for accessing Wi Fi
  • Find out the Wi-Fi password in the router settings
  • Method to view Wi-Fi password for Android gadgets
  • Where can I see the WaiFay password on Mac OS?
  • Connecting the router directly to the PC

As for me, for Windows, the most universal way to find out the password is through the command line. To do this:

  1. Go to the start menu;
  2. Search for "Command Prompt" and run the application as administrator by right-clicking on it;
  3. Type netsh wlan show profiles and press Enter;
  4. In a couple of seconds, you will see a list with the names of all networks to which the PC was connected;
  5. Copy the name of your wireless connection (save it in a text document or just remember it);
  6. Now enter the command: netsh wlan show profile name = NETWORK_NAME key = clear and click Enter;
  7. In the command line response, opposite the Key Contents tab, you can see the information you are interested in.

If there are no devices connected to Wi-Fi, then the key can be viewed in the router settings at or, the login and password are usually admin. If it does not fit, it will be easier for you to find a contract for the provision of Internet services (it usually contains settings) and use the services of knowledgeable friends to reset the router and reconfigure the Internet. In the process, you can come up with a new password for Wi-Fi, which I recommend writing down with a marker directly on the router along with the password for entering the interface.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Hi !

Step 1 Connect to the desired network

In the Wi-Fi settings on your device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) select the network you need. Usually her name coincides with the name of the router manufacturer. Connect to the desired Wi-Fi network.

STEP 2 or

Open a browser on your device ... In the browser line, enter the ip-address: or (if the first did not give a result) You should go to the router settings.

STEP 3 Login to the router

You have entered the settings of the router. By default, on routers, the login is admin, the password is admin or 1234. Or the login and password for access are usually pasted on the bottom of the device. Further, the interface may differ for each manufacturer. In the next steps, select the router you need.

Attention! If the proposed login and passwords did not fit, then take the router in your hands, find a small button on it (the size of a needle diameter) about it is usually written RESET. Press this button and hold for 30 seconds (approximately). This is how you reset the router settings to their original settings.

STEP 4 D-Link

On the left, select the Network - WAN item. Find PPP. Next, in the "Password" and "Password confirmation" fields, enter the password you need.


Select the item (left) "Wireless" (or "Wireless", or "WAN ", or" Internet "). Select the "General" tab (or "Internet Connection") In the "Pre-Shared WPA Key" item, enter the password for your Wi-Fi. Click "Apply" (or "Apply").

STEP 6 TP-Link

Select "Wireless Security ".

Check the" WPA / WPA2 - Personal (Recommended) "box.

In the" PSK Password "box, enter the password you want.


Select the icon with the network image below (usually located exactly in the middle).

In the " Network key "enter the password you need.

Click the Apply button.

STEP 8 Zyxel Keenetic

In the Wi-Fi Security Setup window, find the Network Key (ASCII) field and enter the password you want.

Click Apply.


Go to the "Settings" tab.

On the left, select the "WLAN" and "Basic Settings" items.

In the WPA Key field, enter the new password.

Click the Apply button.

Answer 4
July, 2021
  • Go to the menu item "Network Connections"
  • Go to adapter settings
  • Selecting the "State" item
  • Go to "Wireless Properties" and on the "Security" tab and look at the password.

More details with screenshots here.

Answer 5
July, 2021

Home Wi-Fi password will help you remember a few simple ways. So:

  • method one. If your gadget has already been connected to this network before, then the password can be viewed in the settings. On Windows 7 and 8, you need to go to the "Sharing Network Control Center", then - "Wireless Network Management". Click on the desired network with the right mouse button, and in the window that opens, select "Properties". On the "Security" tab, check the box next to "Show entered characters", and in the "Network Security Key" field, the password for the selected network must be specified

On Windows 10:

  1. "Network and Sharing Center" - "Wireless network (name of your network)" - "Wireless network properties" - "Security", a checkbox opposite "Show entered characters", and in the "Network security key" field »The password for the selected network must be specified.

  2. Using WirelessKeyView

On Windows XP: exactly the same / Using WirelessKeyView.

  • method two. In the router settings.

  • third way. In the router settings.

In Tp-Link: we connect to the router via a cable, then in the browser we tear off the address, after which we indicate the username and password (for example, admin and admin). On the "Wireless" tab, open "Wireless Security", and the password must be specified in the "Wireless Password" field.

On Asus routers: everything is the same, the password is specified in the paragraph "System status" (in the "WPA-PSK key" field).

On D-Link routers: Settings - Wi-Fi Security settings, your password is written in the "PSK encryption key" field.

On ZyXEL and Tenda, search in the settings in the same way.

  • third method. Reset and re-configure the router.

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