Help me come up with names for a team of five, should the name be related to astronomy?

Help me come up with names for a team of five, should the name be related to astronomy?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

Although it may be better suited for a rock band ... Call yourself ASTRALOPITEKI.

Well, I'll think about options to fill the space

Storm on Mercury

Dancing in Zero Gravity

Meteorite Blues

Rings of Saturn

Answer 2
August, 2021
  • Pulsar

  • Houston, bro, poser!

  • Blaze, Copernicus, our light, shine on us!

  • Rings of Saturn (and their Lord)

  • 1 light year ago

  • blue dwarfs are people too

Answer 3
August, 2021

The name depends on the activity that this group will be engaged in.
For example, for games, if the development of territories, then:

Empire of Stars

Galactic Empire

If the activity relates to the military:

Space Marines

Star Patrol

We need to determine the goals.

If it is for the Olympiad in Astronomy - then:

Coated optics

Theory of space

Answer 4
August, 2021
  1. Center of the Universe.
  2. Wormhole.
  3. Solaris. ( Solaris )
  4. Star dwarfs. : D
  5. The emptiness of the universe.
  6. Quasar.
  7. Nebula.
  8. Milky Way (from English - "Milky Way")
  9. Constellation
  10. Antimatter.
  11. Aster Nomos (So, astronomy is the scientific study of the stars, planets, heavenly bodies, and physical universe beyond the earth. It comes from the Greek words for “star” (aster) and “law” (nomos). )
  12. etc.
Answer 5
August, 2021

Our team - "German Titov!"

Our motto - "Not the first, but alive and well!"

(I remembered from my school-camp childhood :))

  • s * and * m * w * o * l * s *
  • s * and * m * w * o * l * s *
  • s * and * m * w * o * l * s *

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