How and how can you make money on the Internet if you don't know how to program?

How and how can you make money on the Internet if you don't know how to program?

Don’t Make Money On YouTube (sell online courses instead)

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Answer 1
July, 2021
  1. Creating custom mobile applications
  2. Installing and testing mobile applications
  3. Creating a photo on a given topic
  4. Photo editing and retouching
  5. Posting your photos on photo stocks and photo banks
  6. Creating presentations in various editors
  7. Custom video presentation
  8. Transcribe audio and video to text
  9. Creating a content plan for audio and video content
  10. Processing video and audio content
  11. Voice acting for video and audio lessons and presentations
  12. Creating and selling audio books
  13. Creating animation
  14. Lettering for illustrations
  15. Creating Drawings
  16. Creation of drawings in various techniques
  17. Rendering (vectoring) raster images to vector
  18. Naming - creating names and slogans
  19. Corporate identity development from scratch
  20. Outdoor advertising development
  21. Copywriting - writing texts and posts for websites and

social networks

  1. Proofreading and correction of texts
  2. Rewriting and verification of texts for uniqueness

I know more than a hundred ways, who are interested in the topic, write ...

Answer 2
July, 2021

There is a lot of work now, to develop social networks - smm specialist, be a blogger, copywriter, targetologist or write articles) there would be a lot of work!

Answer 3
July, 2021

It would be more correct to say - "make money through the Internet". You don't have to be able to program. The main thing is to do what exactly you can do yourself. For example, you can write books, become a hired worker (freelancer) - many companies are looking for smart professionals, you just have to offer yourself. Open an online store. It is enough to show a little wit and think about what is interesting.

Answer 4
July, 2021

In addition to "programming", there are many ways to make money through the Internet.

You can write articles, learn the basics of web design, draw custom layouts, fill sites with content. I want to note that the latter does not require you to be a programmer.

You can also keep your blog if you have ideas for its development.

You can open your own online store and sell goods online.

In addition to the online store, you can sell your own products, whether it is sewing baby bedding or knitting hand-made things.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to make money. The main thing is to understand yourself and answer 2 simple questions:

  1. What you yourself would like to do

  2. What can you do

And already from the answers received, start from and look for your niche in Internet earnings.

Answer 5
July, 2021

In addition to "programming", there are many ways to make money through the Internet.

You can write articles, learn the basics of web design, draw custom layouts, fill sites with content. I want to note that the latter does not require you to be a programmer.

You can also keep your blog if you have ideas for its development.

You can open your own online store and sell goods online.

In addition to an online store, you can sell goods of your own production, whether it is sewing baby bedding or knitting hand-made things.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to make money. The main thing is to understand yourself and answer 2 simple questions:

  1. What you yourself would like to do

  2. What can you do

And already from the answers received, start from and look for your niche in Internet earnings.

Answer 6
July, 2021

I will not repeat myself, but I will add.

  1. Selling advertising in the Telegram channel. Create a channel with a theme that will be of interest not only to you, but also to others. This is the most important because the number of subscribers will depend on it. First you have to advertise and test your channel. And this is an investment. Be prepared for this.

When the number of subscribers exceeds several thousand, you can sell ads. According to some channel authors, their earnings were 5000-6000 rubles / day. But this is taking into account the audience of many thousands - about 10-20 subscribers and more.

  1. Personnel recruiting. On the Superjob website, there are jobs for a HR manager (or, more simply, a recruiter). There are offers without work experience. You need to find job seekers to work for a company or for a shift. For this, companies are ready to pay from 1000-2000 rubles per person, provided that he gets a job.

  2. Search for vacancies on the labor exchange On the site every day there are job offers in various directions. It also has helpful articles on how to avoid being scammed.

I would also recommend Artem Shatalov's public page whose author shares his experience of earning money on the Internet (he manages to consistently Arab over 100,000 rubles).

Answer 7
July, 2021

I don’t know

How do I know how to make money in a bistro without movement or pressure sensors a series of books young managers season 2 all in Russian 5 series on the wheel 5

Answer 8
July, 2021

install the extension and earn: ref = 156204

Answer 9
July, 2021

10 years ago, I worked, if I can call it work, at the copywriting exchange (and now I sometimes go to the forum). In some months, it turned out for 400 - 500 dollars, and then it cost 30 rubles.

But, it is worth saying that in order to get this income, you need to work for yourself, in your own name for several months. During this period, one should not count on large sums, it was necessary to earn the trust of the customer (s), which gave access to fat orders.

Now the exchange, if it exists, is unlikely to function as before. At that time, VK was not so developed, websites were fighting for every visitor, so high-quality and unique content was required. Vk, with his cats, memes and videos / gifs, crushed many sites. Agree, it is convenient to see both cats and an article about the origin of the universe in one tape on one page. You don't need to google, which means you don't need to fight for top places in Google / Yandex. You don't need to fight for the top, you don't need unique content either. You don't need unique content, get a feed where all posts are the same. But likes are needed, now there are a lot of orders for likes. Like + repost + comment is probably 5 cents, maybe 10.

There are sites that still require unique content, but they are usually highly specialized.

But you can try everything and always. Go ahead, maybe it will work out

Answer 10
July, 2021

Here is a great site for making money. I work on it myself. Payouts are great, no delays. By the way, there is an introductory film. And they pay in dollars.

Answer 11
July, 2021

There are enough options) Paid polls, RuKapcha, etc. You can earn money by writing reviews about various products, for example, on a reviewer - you pay for the review itself (depending on the number of characters, etc.) + a small percentage for each visit to this review

Answer 12
July, 2021

I was looking for money on the Internet, after a long time I found it. It's a good site, I make money there. If you don't want to waste your time, then it keeps: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Answer 13
July, 2021

Earnings on bitcoins, the most profitable of all that I came across on the Internet. Attachments from 0.002btc. If you are interested, please knock on VK.

Answer 14
July, 2021

In order to work as a copywriter for a good company, first you need to create a portfolio, and to create this portfolio you need to spend a lot of time. In short, for a beginner on sites like Advego, it's not realistic to make money normally. I just want to try sports betting. I heard that you can make good money on it Now I look at the best bookmakers in Russia yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Answer 15
July, 2021

I work as a copywriter on stock exchanges. I write various articles for sites, now it turns out pretty good, it even became my main job. I work for Advego.

Answer 16
July, 2021

This is the only place where I earn. But you have to learn. Perhaps more than one year. There are many variations of earnings, look on the Internet. The main thing here is not to be afraid and start promoting yourself, gaining experience. Choose what you like. Who has it articles, animation, sales, or even blogging.

Answer 17
July, 2021

ttp: // excellent site for making money using internet traffic. I have been using it for a long time and making money. The withdrawal of money is carried out without problems.

Answer 18
July, 2021

This kind of money can be earned by copywriting and rewriting texts. More is possible. The occupation is rather dreary, as for me, but does not require any special skills, except for the ability to write correctly.

Google text exchanges. Good luck!

Answer 19
July, 2021

You can, for example, add CP and other porno to your VKontakte page and earn a real prison sentence. No investment of money is required for this.

Answer 20
July, 2021

You can have passive income from your own travels, I'm serious. I've already talked about this in one of the threads, but it's never difficult to repeat myself:
* Yes, a little money, but you don't need to do anything special.

From what anyone can do:
1. One can constantly have a little money from traveling between cities. For example, when you are driving somewhere in your car (or rented it for travel), then post information about the trip on the service for finding fellow travelers BeepCar and share the cost of gasoline with your passengers who need to go to the same city as you ... It is enough to create a route, indicate the date, time and a convenient meeting place, indicate the number of fellow travelers and the price. The passenger "pays" in cash, the service does not take commission.

  1. Place an advertisement on the car. You can register your car on a special exchange, for example, Hundreds of advertisers place orders there. They pay for advertising stickers on cars. The average price of one placement is 1000 rubles per month.

  2. Photo stocks. If you take beautiful photos on the go, you can upload them to photo stocks such as Shutterstock and Fotolia. The rules of work are quite simple: users register, upload photos in good quality and make a signature. The user receives money for each sold photo.

These are not all travel earning opportunities. Their mass. You can work remotely as a freelance by registering on sites like YouDo and You can give lectures in different cities and share practical travel experiences. Blog travel media or YouTube. Is another great option.

In general, I wish you luck and hope that your future trips will be not only pleasant, but also profitable

Answer 21
July, 2021

For this, Mr. Kanye West and the public themarket have already done everything. First you need to wait for the drop of ides, win the right to buy, borrow 17ooo from le maman and survive in the camp! And then fly to the zemarket under the Obladaet track and sell the ide. Good luck!

Answer 22
July, 2021

It's the middle of summer and I want to have time to earn as much as possible?) Okay, I'll try to describe a rather private way of making money on the Internet from the experience of my acquaintances and not very much.

I have never been interested in various Russian services for entering captcha, browsing advertising. This is all fierce trash and without half a million referrals you can't earn anything special, there is an easier option.

  • A way for pofigists, where you don't need to think too much, but the income is pretty good compared to 150 rubles from the service captcha ... It is enough to know English at the Hello World level!
    We go to the American sites of the same tasks for filling out polls. Imagine, but the payment for tasks there is 5-6 times higher, because in America there are just a bunch of advertisers!
    For example, for completing two polls you will receive an Amazon Gift for $ 3. Not bad so? And there are a bunch of polls.

For this you will need: gmail mail, free vpn extension for firefox (connected over), American firefox (in google). We go under vpn (American ip) to the site and register as an ordinary American. Next, we complete the tasks and get PTS, actually earn 2000 PTS per day, which is $ 13 gift.
Of course you can go to Amazon and order goods for yourself, but why? Gifs can be sold for 50% of the cost anywhere. If necessary, I will give contacts.
So we pretended to be American and get 500 wood a day. Pretty good for such an easy job.

If you think you deserve more, then I suggest you look for acquaintances who need technical support / salesperson in the vkontakte group and so on. An acquaintance of mine all summer worked in the sale of cheats and earned 130k, and also bought a bike :)
I can't offer more simple ways, because they require knowledge in certain areas and are a little illegal) And we are naturally law-abiding citizens and we only want "white" money!
Good luck with your work))

Answer 23
July, 2021

The most commonplace is copywriting, but now it is outdated.

The channel is on YouTube, but you need to invest in it, but if there are no funds at all, then you can video of the type (assembly of jokes and TD) that automatically gain views. You can make money this way. I know from personal experience.

If you know English, find a job as a translator

Do you have a good voice and clear speech? Look for a job as an announcer, which is now required in many places

If you do not need a lot of money, there are many applications in the playmarket that pay to download programs. You can earn money there. 150-300 rubles for the first week (then less)

You can try to create a group in VK, where you will throw interesting goods with Ali + ref link. If you do everything correctly, you can make good money. So you can take other people's video reviews from YouTube, upload to your channel, and insert your ref links to products

In extreme cases, you can try to make money by deception in social networks (there is a video on this topic on YouTube)

Like all really available methods described.


Answer 24
July, 2021

On there are many high-quality and inexpensive materials, using which you can get pretty good income. But this is not a freebie and you really have to work no less than in "offline activities".

Answer 25
July, 2021

If your friends make money online, why don't you ask them?


Answer 26
July, 2021

I started as a copywriter and wrote short texts for some novice news sites, mostly I wrote about news in the field of music and technology, but not to say that the earnings were big, but the texts were quite small in volume.

Then there was a period when I slipped to writing reviews for Yandex.Market, all through the same copywriting exchange, it did not last long, but in the end my conscience began to torment me, and a difficult period in my life came when I had to look for a normal income in order to support your mother, and not just earn yourself a new phone case or a book from Ozone.

In general, in order to really make money on such exchanges, you need to earn karma for three kopecks for six months , then maybe you will really go up the hill, but do not count on huge earnings a la as in advertising of binary options. If you are a schoolboy / freshman, you can earn some pocket money even for a beginner.

Since working in my city is so-so and I'm a student, I had to look for a job on the Internet with a flexible schedule and the devil made me believe in what is written in the vacancies of Tinkoff Bank. I worked to collect short-term debts, after 2 months I merged, because it turned out to be an unbearable job for me and, in addition to the pangs of conscience, there was also the factor that talking on the phone with a stranger is terribly difficult for me. And I simply cannot demand money when a person cries / yells, and at that moment I myself lived with an empty refrigerator and perfectly understood all these "Yes, understand, where will I get the money ??!".
The money did not come out very well. In my opinion, in the group where I worked, no one received more than 15 thousand a month, even if they were on the phone 6-8 hours a day. For this work, this is actually very little, because the work is simply terrible and difficult in every sense, because the breaks between calls are on average up to 30 seconds, calls are listened to, they can be fined for the fact that you stumbled somewhere or showed weakness, did not call back when yelled at you, etc.

Now I started writing works for students and articles in scientific journals to order, I earn good money. Here again there are some pangs of conscience, but they are more related to articles. On the other hand, I think that I am still doing something useful, despite the fact that my work will not be published under my name. Again, everything depends on the rating, I earn more and more every month, despite the fact that the number of work performed is gradually decreasing - I raise the price tag, sometimes I earn from 700r -1000r per hour of work.

In addition, sometimes I do custom-made presentations, it's more for the soul, but you can make money normally, I got 3-5 thousand for one standard presentation, up to 15-20 slides. I think that it is possible to earn more.

Basically, for me now the Internet is the main source of income, I am not going to go to a "regular" job yet. I think next season (from September) to reach 50 thousand a month, so far not hvIt takes time to work at full capacity because of your diploma.

Answer 27
July, 2021

There are quite a few ways to generate small and large earnings on the Internet without investment and without breaking the law and deceiving users. These options allow you to get a one-time or recurring income without any special knowledge and skills.

Finding the biggest income on the Internet is a creative process and not always fast. It is important to rely on both experience and instinct here. In the end, the best results are those for which there is an inner heart's striving. You do not need to delve into the study of all types of earnings on the Internet (with payment every day or occasionally) - it is enough to conduct a superficial analysis of the most popular, common and monetary options, and then make your choice and test it in practice.

Let's try to figure out what kind of virtual earnings without investments are found on the Runet.

  1. Paid posts and referral links

Posters are paid for messages / comments that they leave on different sites. Referral links allow you to get online earnings without investments for registering on sites using certain links. This is an option for a fairly fast and reliable income on the Internet. This work, of course, is far from creative, but in order to quickly earn a small amount of money, it will do quite well.

  1. Paid surfing and reading emails

Paid surfing and reading emails is another option for how you can make money online. In this case, they pay for viewing someone else's sites, for reading letters (or rather, clicking on the links "embedded" in these letters). The so-called sponsor offices pay, which share a part of the profit received from the amounts paid by the programmers (the goal is to create an illusory appearance of good site traffic). Alas, this is also far from the most creative work on the Internet - it is difficult to count on regular, decent money here.

  1. Paid Surveys

This making money online involves taking part in surveys and filling out questionnaires. It is quite a working option, and could become for someone the best way to make money on the Internet, but there are not very many offers of this kind on the market, and it is unlikely that big earnings in this field will ever appear.

  1. File-sharing networks

This is simple and for many the best earnings on the Internet without investments with payment every day or from time to time (though not very monetary and quite primitive, then is hardly suitable for creative people). How does he work? It is necessary to register on the sites of file-sharing networks, and then download any files that are potentially interesting to a specific audience (video files, music, useful programs). Each download will bring you a fixed internet income. The method of making such money on the Web is simple: more downloads - more money.

  1. Pay-per-view videos

You are hosting an online video, announce it and take money from thewho want to watch it.

Answer 28
July, 2021

You can start by doing the simplest freelance jobs like work-zilla. Then, when you assess the constant need of customers and determine the niche in which you would like to develop (if there is none yet), choose a specialization, create a portfolio and go to large platforms like and take orders there more seriously. Or you can create business profiles on social networks and promote your services through them.

Answer 29
July, 2021

Working on the Internet does not mean an easy job. Even some popular bloggers who seem to just "chat" to the camera, write texts for hours, rewrite videos, work with editing, etc. I'm not even talking about how much money is initially invested in PR / advertising / technology. In general, such work does not happen. The only option, as mentioned above, is to work long and hard for a penny \ for free, release a certain "PRODUCT" or "SERVICE", hire people, and pay them already for their work, and take the interest yourself. Only now it takes several years of hard work

Answer 30
July, 2021

To work a little and receive a lot? Easy and simple .

I propose to pay attention to my proposal, as it will be just on the topic.
Dozens of people work with me who were able to achieve good results , more often their monthly income goes beyond 100 thousand rubles .

What is the point: they help me with the sale of official Apple technology, or rather find a buyer. From each order, I allocate to my partners a percentage of up to 30% of the cost of the goods (by simple calculations an iPhone for 70,000 rubles by selling a partner receives 21,000 rubles, without doing anything special, for example , simply by inviting his friend who was looking iPhone.). Having found five people who bought an iPhone for 70k, the partnership percentage is already 105,000 rubles and this is easy money, because it is very easy to find a buyer now.

1. No attachments . I will never ask for any contribution.
2. No need to sell or place an order . I take on the most difficult things.
3. Work in any schedule, even sitting on the bottom exactly in your apartment per day you can find at least three buyers (, respectively, to earn 63,000 rubles per day, you must agree, not bad )
4. Payout immediately after the buyer pays for the order
5. The store has more than a hundred positive reviews

If you are interested in an offer and want to try it, then

Answer 31
July, 2021

To work a little and earn a lot is the dream of many. To learn how to do this not only in dreams, but also in practice, you need examples, manuals, and learning at least something. All secret and private topics about quick earnings can be found here

Answer 32
July, 2021

Yes, find a relevant topic by tracking the trends of new products (for example, at one time a black mask, or sky lanterns, or some other crap). Most often, ideas for a product can be found at wholesale stores in Moscow. For example - After that you find an actual product that you will not be ashamed to sell, make out a VK group (order 3 pictures, a logo and an avatar in the group on About 1500 rubles.) After ordering a batch of goods (for example, Rayban glasses in the summer 200 rubles / piece. 900-2000 rubles). You promote the prostospets.rf group of about 1000 rubles - 4000 people (yes, yes, you are right, there will be 30-50% of bots, but we need a number for social activity). At the beginning, you can not invest in a batch, collect 20 orders, arrange delivery for one day and order a batch. We find an advertising exchange in social networks - for example, invest another 3000 rubles. in 3-5 advertising posts, do not forget to ask your homies and girlfriends to make reposts. We make a couple of three draws of our product 1000 rubles. Voila, we get clients - we invest in advertising - we get more clients - we invest in advertising. And so on and so forth. If you need a little money, around 30,000 rubles. per month, then everything is quite easy to implement. And that, ideally, we throw in 10,000-20,000 rubles. (we break the savings box for an iPhone) and we get a more or less working tool for a regular product in VK. Everyone who has helped - please.


P.S. In general, the main thing is desire and hard work. And, perhaps, the answer to this question is "There are no ways." As my dad said - Free cheese only in a mousetrap :)

Answer 33
July, 2021

As one of the earning options, affiliate programs, of which you can now find countless numbers. You can work with Aliexpresses, GearBest,, Banggood, Ozon, and all thanks to the site, which is directly related to these online stores, after registering there, you simply give your link to other people through sites / forums / blogs, and you get a profit for other people's purchases. There you can also receive a refund of your funds for purchases in these stores, the so-called cashback, and there the percentage of return is an order of magnitude higher than on third-party services. So you can just buy a phone for $ 400 and get your $ 35 back.

Answer 34
July, 2021

In general, in the answers above, they said everything basic, so I will add my own 5 kopecks. You can also remember about poker, if you know how to play, you can make good money, do not forget about writing papers for students (essays, courses, diplomas, exam help), not entirely purely online, of course, but you can earn quite mobile and from different devices / places when playing on the stock exchange through which trusted broker, but here it is clear, as in poker, you need to have great knowledge and flair to make money on this. We have already said about photo stocks, apparently, by analogy, you can use video stocks and try to monetize YouTube through affiliate programs that allow you to start working with a small number of subscribers and views.

Answer 35
July, 2021

In fact, you can make money on the internet in different ways. You can take a picture and put it on photo stocks (a friend has 500 bucks from this a month), you can create a grid of groups in social. networks and make money from this, you can create websites, arbitrage, set up ads, write texts, shoot videos and post them on YouTube with affiliate links and make money on this, etc.

First you need to find out what is interesting and dance from it. There are many ways to make money on the Internet)

Answer 36
July, 2021

There are 4 ways.

  1. Learn the basics of site building and search engine optimization, rivet a couple of blobs and put them on Sapa (or some other exchange), get banned for selling links, take into account mistakes, rivet a couple more blobs, get banned for non-unique content , rivet a couple more blobs is already better, and at the very least, earn your 300 rubles a month. Well, or as you are lucky.
    Clarification: for half a year you can safely forget about a normal sleep, pocket money and free time, tk. this infection will eat them completely. Or you won't earn anything.

  2. To study the basics of site building and search engine optimization, rivet 1 blozhik, but such a one that has never been in the Russian Internet (well, or one that has one and a half crippled competitors). Write articles myself, and write in such a way that people are really interested and pleasant to read them. To add fresh articles 2 times a week for several years, and not rubbish, but something really in the subject. Somehow, manage to launch a mechanism for discussing your articles so that visitors themselves post links to your blog on other resources (without payment and without requests from you). Understand the chosen topic and become, albeit a tiny one, authority.
    Then one fine day to find out that the attendance of the blozhik has grown to 300 uniques per day, place Direct or Adsense in it, and watch how the money pours in a thin trickle. You can't buy a car from a fleece, but for the costs of mobile communications, cola, chocolates and a couple of flowers for a girl.
    Clarification: one fleece won't eat all your free time ... or maybe it will, depending on how long it takes. Here are just interesting and more or less popular topics cunning bloggers snapped up 10 years ago, and still have to become a little writer / journalist. If you fail to write readable texts, no one will come and links to your texts will not be given. And it is still unclear where to get readers. In general, not the easiest option, not everyone succeeds. And to write when there are no ideas at all, but something needs to be written - that's another problem.

The third way is freelancing, but there is serious competition, it is necessary to somehow confirm the qualifications, and the students are treated ... well, not that bad, but ... but without professional skills there is not very there are many options, but working as a rewriter is very little money, it takes a lot of time, and you need to be a person with a suitable mindset. Plus, you will soon realize that the "unique content" written by you is the very rubbish in which Runet drowns.
You can earn money, but ... it's better to focus on your studies.

  1. To tell everyone what you earn on the Internet on some secret topic.
    IMHO the best option, because it is never too late to become unemployed (ie, a blogger), but you can be late with your studies.

The 5th way of real earnings on the "recently opened real site "- does not exist. Rather, it exists, but it is not you who earn money there, but on the contrary, they earn on you.

Answer 37
July, 2021

1 / Internet = only a tool with which you can speed up work with a client, find a remote job, etc.

2 / You can earn only with your knowledge and skills - freelancing, remote work, your site, etc.

Answer 38
July, 2021

Well, to begin with, in order to make money on the Internet, you really need to work. There are no sites where you can make money without doing anything. And if you come across such a site, then it's just a scam.

And so on the network you can make money on freelancing, for example. If you know how to write correctly, create websites or know any programming language, then you can safely try this type of earnings.

Or you have a skill that the other person does not own (design, drawing, etc.) , then you can try to make money on this. There would be a desire.

Answer 39
July, 2021

I don’t think that such work exists at all) If you want to earn a lot, you need to work hard both physically and mentally. The same account boost in games requires you to have good skills in this game, which do not fill up quickly (at least 1000 hours, if not more), plus you need to spend a lot of time on the boost itself (about 7-10 hours a day), if you really want getting ok. But if someone decides to try to make money in this way, then I advise you to look at the streamers who do this, they usually tell all the subtleties.

Affiliate programs are not so easy either. There you need good advertising and even the right audience, and this is also difficult and costly, because advertising requires money, and it is not a fact that they will pay off, because in order to get money for invited people, they have to buy something on these sites.

There is freelancing and its large number of varieties, from clicking a mouse to writing sites / programs / databases, etc. I think this is the most profitable and proven way of earning money) The main thing is that there you can choose a job just for your level / your knowledge. Clicking / writing comments is easy, but very tedious and doesn't pay much. Want more? Learn programming languages, practice and take orders for 5, 10, 50 and even 100k per project. Everything as usual depends on you.

Cryptocurrency trading (and not only cryptocurrency), as well as mining. I knew people who were engaged in cryptocurrency trading and received about 60-70k per month. According to them, this is also hard work (sitting all day, or even several days in a row at the screen), where there are a lot of risks and subtleties, as well as additional problems with the transfer and withdrawal of this currency into real. Mining is easier, but you need good investments (the more investments, the more income). The bottom line: you kind of sell the computing power of a computer, allowing it to process some kind of data that is sent to you. That is, you buy several processors or video cards, connect them to the system, it loads some data into them, and they are processed there, and then sent back. The more you process, the more you get (also in cryptocurrency). There are also a lot of subtleties: which video cards are better suited for which service, which service is generally better to use (because they do not exist as usual for a long time, and you need to have time to withdraw money), which software is better to use, how to properly cool your farm, problems with electricity, etc. .

Answer 40
July, 2021

There are many pyramids on the Internet, if you invest correctly, then you just have to watch how the money flows to you like a river. If you do not trust the Pyramids, then for you there are various sites to which you must invite referrals and thereby receive any percentage for them.
There is a more complicated option, sites in which you are given a job (Copy pastes, advertising, text translation, etc.) If you have certain skills in which you are confident, for example: knowledge of English. language. Then you can safely translate texts for websites or articles.
There is a lot of work on the Internet, if you search, you can find a job that suits you.

Answer 41
July, 2021

Boost (rating increase) in online games if you play at an above average level. Yes, it's unethical, but you play and get paid for it

It's funny that these are just numbers that mean so much to players that they are willing to pay a lot for it

Answer 42
July, 2021

As one of the earning options, affiliate programs, of which you can now find countless numbers. For example, take Aliexpresses and GearBest, there is a site that is directly related to these online stores, after registering there, you simply give your link to other people through sites / forums / blogs, and you get a profit for other people's purchases. There you can also receive a refund of your funds for purchases in these stores, the so-called cashback, and there it is an order of magnitude more than on third-party services. That is, you can just buy a phone here for $ 400 and get your $ 20 back.

Answer 43
July, 2021

Right here on clicks, perhaps not. And for a little more complex actions such as registrations or installing applications - quite. Well, 200 rubles per day can be made if you are very active in completing tasks. Google sites with motivated traffic.

Answer 44
July, 2021

What do you mean? Earn money by clicking yourself? No way, alas.

On all sites that offer money for solving captchas and clicks on ads, you will not be able to earn the amount necessary to withdraw funds. But it will turn out to be a lot of wasted time. If you want ineffective, but still make money on the Internet - go in for rewriting and copywriting. Provided, of course, that your written language is at a sufficient level.

If you have a site, it is visited and updated, and you want to make money on someone else's clicks on advertising, put yourself an advertisement from Yandex or Google. And keep developing the site.

Answer 45
July, 2021

I provide the opportunity to work up to 60 minutes a day and receive a decent salary at the beginning of each month. Today this is the most promising system of passive earnings.

In 5 months I earned 400,000 rubles. At the same time, income is constantly growing. About 100 managers receive over 1,000,000 rubles a month. About 10 people receive more than 3,000,000 rubles a month. Despite the fact that the company is only 3 years old.

The advantage of this business is that absolutely everyone can achieve success. To start, you don't need any passport data, no fee, just a desire!

Answer 46
July, 2021

I provide the opportunity to work up to 60 minutes a day and receive a decent salary at the beginning of each month. Today this is the most promising system of passive earnings.

In 5 months I earned 400,000 rubles. At the same time, income is constantly growing. About 100 managers receive over 1,000,000 rubles a month. About 10 people receive more than 3,000,000 rubles a month. Despite the fact that the company is only 3 years old.

The advantage of this business is that absolutely everyone can achieve success. To start, you don't need any passport data, no fee, just a desire!

Answer 47
July, 2021

I provide the opportunity to work up to 60 minutes a day and receive a decent salary at the beginning of each month. Today this is the most promising system of passive earnings.

In 5 months I earned 400,000 rubles. At the same time, income is constantly growing. About 100 managers receive over 1,000,000 rubles a month. About 10 people receive more than 3,000,000 rubles a month. Despite the fact that the company is only 3 years old.

The advantage of this business is that absolutely everyone can achieve success. To start, you don't need any passport data, no fee, just a desire!

Answer 48
July, 2021

You can do traffic arbitrage. This is when you buy traffic in one place and sell it in another. As a rule, when arbitrating traffic, you work with affiliate networks (CPA networks) that have advertisers and you will pour traffic on their products. The internet is full of information. You can google for the request "Traffic arbitrage" and see publics on VKontakte. The most famous public pages: / ruaffiliate

Answer 49
July, 2021

There is such a thing as copywriting, for example. For this job you only need a head and an Internet connection. There are also remote posts for filling the online store with goods or, in general, filling the site with information. Through the Internet, you can work with clients, answer in chats as a consultant.

There is such a job - SMM manager.

A lot more, just have to search.

Answer 50
July, 2021

It's not easy to get the fish out of the pond right? Even in the kidalovo affiliate program, you need to study the scheme. Therefore, either Forex or look for a real job.

P.S in Forex will also need to learn the schemes.

The answer is no.

Answer 51
July, 2021

Nobody canceled vlogging.

A decent topic, a cool presentation, something new ... it takes investment, a cool partnership. But the scheme is proven and money is spinning there

Answer 52
July, 2021

If it's very small, google sites that offer motivated traffic (for example, seosprint). Some internet projects or mobile applications often require a large number of users in a short time (for example, to get to the top of something). In this case, the further behavior of these users is not important. You will need to register on sites or install applications, maybe perform simple actions there (such as playing one battle in an online game) and you will be paid a little money for each such action. I haven't monitored the order of prices for a long time, but on average, I think, in the region of 10-20 cents per action, provided that you are from Russia. If from other CIS countries - less, if from Europe - more.

Answer 53
July, 2021

If you do not have key skills, then you are a copywriter. This is a profession that will allow you to start earning money without prior preparation. By gradually increasing your skill and delving into the principles of work, developing your own approach, you can increase your earnings, because the standard payment rate is 1,000 characters without spaces (ZBP).

Dare to master various exchanges, free at first. Well, then everything depends only on you.

Answer 54
July, 2021

Quite real.,, True, this requires knowledge, which the person asking the question does not and cannot have, by definition.

Answer 55
July, 2021

What I have written below cannot be called full-fledged methods. Rather, general information about very real ways.

There are honest ways and not so much.

There are a lot of vacancies on the Internet for remote work on the Internet for 3-5 hours a day. Basically, this is the role of a sales assistant in all online IP stores, selling links, placing advertising articles, banner or display advertising. The Internet also needs the services of translators, content managers, copywriters, rewriters. You can even work as a sysadmin remotely (but for the most part, urgent visits are required in case of emergency).
There is also freelancing (where without it), but here it all depends on your knowledge, skills and self-promotion. Freelancers are not just programmers. These are designers, photographers, architects, translators and even engineers.

There are two ways to work as a freelancer in Russia:
1. As an individual, concluding civil contracts with legal entities and individuals.
2. As an individual entrepreneur without employees.

There is no time and money spent on the road.
Mostly part-time and free schedule.
And in general, the same employers spend less money on maintaining a remote worker.
No social package.
Customers and / or employers need to be looked for on their own.
Lack of prospects for outside of remote work exchanges. Working remotely is impossible to make a career and take a managerial position.

You can make money from blogging / YouTube channel / streaming.

Now there is a new industry that has arisen thanks to the growth of the network. People create content, sell it, or advertise on it. They also live on donations sent to them (donation) from their lamp community. How much do they earn? This is a completely different question.

Essentially a hobby that brings you money.
And perhaps fame.
Everything depends only on you.
It all depends on you.
Creating quality content.
It takes a lot of effort.
There are a lot of competitors.

Not entirely honest ways.

Their darkness - dark. Starting from fortune telling on Skype and removing damage on the page in Odnoklassniki, ending with business seminars. In the first case, you need knowledge of psychology (no, seriously) and methods of cheating people. A typical example:
And now:

In the second case, you will earn on the Internet by telling how to make money in the Internet (a classic mini-analysis from the guys of this phenomenon

Or you can just become a web camchora and make money by shoving dildos in your ass (

Well, something like that.

Answer 56
July, 2021

you can try to be a copywriter. I once worked on the site of the music trade. there they pay for the number of characters. and if there is a desire, then learn to program or write sites. you will not be lost. 30 hours of good training + 5 hours of practice and you can create websites for small private traders. the cost of such a site is from 7k (this is generally a freebie for today's web business). but in general, the guys receive with the most modest skill (for those who do not know I will call 1lvl) 30k. 2lvl - 45k. 3lvl - 50+. etc.
this is a cool topic. I advise!

(the god of programming needs more programmers>: D)

Answer 57
July, 2021

Copywriting / rewriting. For the entry level, almost no special knowledge is needed. You study the assignment, read several related articles on the topic, then write something like a statement. We can say that these are paid school assignments :) The salary is small, but you can earn 500 rubles quickly.

Answer 58
July, 2021

If you are a beautiful girl, go stream and beg for donation there, if a pretty guy go to porn gay video chat and beg for loot in the same place, you can still engage in fraud on the Internet, you can also go to freelance ru and look for tasks there if you can in site building, design, etc. But in general, go to the factory, you don’t have to sit on these Internet.

Answer 59
July, 2021

Why didn't anyone mention work in online chats where you need to undress for money?
On foreign top sites, people make very good money under conditions of competent content.

Answer 60
July, 2021

Hmm, since I was asked to answer, I will try, perhaps. There are millions of ways, seriously, from tasks on some seosprint to inside topics on earnings (by the way, I am now successfully implementing one of them: D) Therefore, here's what I want to say - there is no recipe for earning, it all depends on your capabilities (time , desires, skills). If you are an excellent programmer, know how to write websites, scripts, etc. - then I assure you - you will not have a price on freelance sites (although there are many competitors). Don't know how to write websites, and in general programming is not for you? There is still infinity of possibilities minus 1 (programming). Maybe you like creating designs for various projects? With a good portfolio, you won't sit still for a long time ... The design is also not yours, but maybe rewriting / copywriting - I read here a story about how a guy made good money on it, very good. In general, what am I getting at - decide on the field of activity, because no one will describe all the methods for you here, but rather add your field of activity to the question, well, something like "How to make money if I love ..." or write in comments - I will specifically try to tell you how you can earn in this or that area.

Answer 61
July, 2021

Perhaps the most profitable method: start your own blog and earn money from advertising. Of course, you will have to master the methods of promoting your media platform and do not forget that the content should be unique and interesting. It is best to write about something that you are an "insider" about: it can be your professional activity or things that you encounter every day. But at the same time, the topic should not be very common among other bloggers: do not rush to start a culinary blog!

In general, sell your intelligence: there is a demand for it now. If this does not bring you the expected income, develop, read books, take courses, climb the career ladder. The time will come and people will reach out to you!

Now about the technical side of the issue: you can start a blog on one of the well-known services (LJ, Blogspot, Medium), or rent a hosting (a place where your blog will be physically located ) and install some platform on it, I recommend Wordpress. If you find it too difficult, you can ask your IT friend for a cup of beer for help =)

Answer 62
July, 2021

Making money on the Internet is no different from making money offline.

Option one. You know how to do something, and stupidly find someone on the Internet who is ready to buy your services. It is more convenient, of course, if the results of your work can be transmitted over the network (like payment). Therefore, it is easier for those who know how to make pictures, websites, presentations, scripts, texts, music, videos, online erotic shows and culinary courses. But if you know how, for example, to lay tiles, then "clean" online is unlikely to manage. Although the customer can still be found through the network.

Option two. You have something to sell, and you are sure that a lot of people dream of buying it. The same story - everything that is transmitted in digital format can be uploaded to stocks, and everything that is not transmitted can be sold offline (preferably in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation).

Option three. You have something (website, blog, portal, online media) that is wildly popular and attracts an audience. And then you can earn something from advertising.

Some more exotic types of earnings (playing in an online casino, Forex, "clicking on links", pumping and selling characters and "gear" from online games, etc.) also, as a rule, have analogues in offline, but both here and there they rarely bring any real money.

Answer 63
July, 2021

There are many services that pay for likes / subscriptions / comments on various social networks, such as Vkontakte, Youtube and others. There are services that pay for the introduction and verification of captcha, as well as for completing various surveys. I will not give specific examples, since it is all googled in five seconds.

It is clear that you cannot make big money on such sites, but if you have a lot of free time and a desire to get some pretty penny, then they are quite suitable.

But personally, I would advise if you have a lot of free time, spend it on developing any skills. For example, learn how to work in Photoshop or whatever you like.

Possessing skills, you can earn more money. After all, skilled labor is always valued more than unskilled labor. And the learning process itself is enjoyable.

Answer 64
July, 2021

The classic version of spam on the Internet is email newsletter . It can be customized mailing or work with affiliate programs , pay per clicks or conversion, it doesn't matter.

Obviously, this requires process automation - special software for collecting and organizing email addresses, as well as sending the spam itself.

In fact, the info business in this regard has very much promoted the idea of ​​spam:

  • A free product (often an e-book) to entice.
  • Maintaining an e-mail newsletter with interesting content to recruit subscribers.
  • Sending thematic "spam" (no longer spam) with advertisements or referral links.
    However? now spammers use a variety of spaces for their activities: comments on blogs and forms, social networks and instant messengers . But the essence remains the same - clicks, traffic, conversions, etc.
Answer 65
July, 2021

To the answers above, I can only say that in 1-2 hours you will earn a very small amount, just enough for literally food. And yet, you can earn money, if without risk, then try it for a month you can earn 15,000 rubles, if you devote more than 2 hours, of course.

The point of the site is that you need to do easy tasks, such as: surf sites, read emails, take tests, and you can also fulfill orders from advertisers (they give the most for them).

If you are a schoolchild or a student, then in the summer the site is better than ever for you.

Good luck :)

Answer 66
July, 2021

Personally, I was able to earn quite a large amount thanks to my knowledge of esports betting. But in no case do I advise this now and do not say that this is kapets some useful knowledge. In general, the essence was simple. I could analyze any match and sometimes I would find the exact winners with the odds of at least tripling the bet. But all this is not without intrigue, etc., so you always need to be ready to be defeated and continue the path to the old mark (let's say you got 100 bucks, you lost 20, and then you dial 100 again) Then a bunch of groups began to invite me to analysts and etc., from them there was advertising, etc., from this, too, money. Private groups with private expert rates, donations, etc. In short, the golden days were.

Answer 67
July, 2021

There are many ways, ranging from clicking on advertisements to professional forex trading. There are so many sites that tell you how to make millions without spending a penny, or how to invest $ 5 and withdraw a billion and the like. Often people do not trust such advertisements, but sometimes people fall for this scam. In other matters, I moved a little away from the topic: making money on the Internet is real, but in 1-2 hours you can only count on a small part-time job in addition to your basic salary. Not to advertise just some sites, I can only say about the top earnings on the Internet:

  1. The simplest and most accessible - surfing sites and doing easy (and not so) tasks.

  2. Affordable, but not for everyone: Freelance - requires work skills (there are also tasks for beginners)

  3. Exchanges, investments, brokers, forex are a fairly popular but very risky form of earning, yes, it can fit within 1-2 hours a day, but you need to understand this, you need to learn how to do it.

Conclusion: Making money on the Internet by spending only 1-2 hours a day is a reality. But you need to understand that working 1-2 hours you will receive an appropriate salary.

Answer 68
July, 2021

Without temporary or cash investments anywhere nothing will be earned . Unless the deceased grandmother transfers you bitcoins worth one million two.
And so, your question has been answered many times a long time ago.

TheQuestion: we will find those who will answer your questions.

TheQuestion: we will find those who will answer your questions.

TheQuestion: we will find those who will answer your questions.

TheQuestion: we will find those who will answer your questions.

TheQuestion: we will find those who will answer your questions.

TheQuestion: we will find those who will answer your questions.

Answer 69
July, 2021

I would like to add to the previous answers: services like Redsurf and lpgenerator, bitcoin mining. There are also 18+ video chats, but you need a good camera for that.

Answer 70
July, 2021

Nothing can be earned anywhere without investments , such as finances, time for training or for building a reputation. There are no magic pills.

If you know how to do something useful, look for clients on the Internet, through freelance exchanges.

Answer 71
July, 2021

Do not forget about this wonderful site. In general, it seems to me that any work can be sold there ... But here's the question. Do you have a little bit of a portfolio? If not, you should drive here: here they pay less, but more orders will come.
If you work as a bastard, but you want money, there is a lifesaver associated with social networks. You can make good money on someone else's pursuit of likes.
If subscriptions in social networks are too "labor-intensive" activity, then you can try to enter captchas.
And there is also a way * to make money * on * polls * and * any * research.

And you can also go to work as a SMM, copywriter, rewriter, web developer ... But that's a completely different story :)

Answer 72
July, 2021

Yes. On YouTube. You can create more sites. (if we admit there is some kind of hobby or even work.) Website for photographers, etc. Well, I also know about the application for the phone. When you download games, they transfer money to your phone number.

Answer 73
July, 2021

Without qualifications - the probability of earning something is extremely small. If you don't have time to fully master the profession, for example, as a programmer, start with a small but salable set of skills, while continuing your training. Quite quickly, you can learn how to make up simple HTML pages, there is a demand for this, especially in the United States, where thousands of sites are still alive that were outdated 10 years ago, but are still supported. This money should at least be enough to support everyday life.

In your free time, you can learn additional skills. For example, automated testing. If you don't know English, study it, make this goal the highest priority. For work, a very average level will be enough, it is only important to understand everything correctly and be understood.

And finding a job with skills is a matter of technique. Any freelance exchange will do (the most popular and best, in my opinion,

Answer 74
July, 2021

Is the goal via the Internet? Otherwise, you can do something like this:

You can take simple orders on freelance sites. For example, write SEO texts. Gradually pump then, in some direction. Here income will depend on productivity and experience.

You can get a job in support of Yandex services, for example -

You can work as a moderator (in the same Yandex or in some public places) - you just need to follow the instructions and reject the inappropriate.

And there is also such a nice project with ready-made solutions and training -

Answer 75
July, 2021

Without specific knowledge: only if you enter a popular video blog that will be viewed by thousands of people. It is very easy to set up ads from Google, adsense is very easy to set up.

To make money on advertising, you need to have a platform: your own website, etc. Therefore, this is not possible for an ordinary user.

And on clicks and surfing ... $ 20 In a bath of sweat.

Answer 76
July, 2021

It depends on what you can do. To begin with, I would recommend registering on the worksil and taking orders in order to earn at least $ 1. In practice, you will quickly understand where and how to move.

Answer 77
July, 2021

A lot of sites solve this problem.

Let's say seosprint - you have to be on the advertiser's site, complete tasks on this site, after which they give you money.

If you are fond of bidding things from video games, then dota2lounge / csgolounge will solve your problem.

Answer 78
July, 2021

Freelance is the most common way. There are a bunch of sites on this topic, where everyone can find a suitable job for themselves. It all depends on your skills. You can also try to make money on bets, but my personal advice is: if you don't understand sports, don't go. Option number 3 is a game with currencies, but this is also for proxied. Well, the last option is pokerstars. I advise you to practice your poker before going there. Here are perhaps the most affordable methods that I could pick up from personal experience. My advice: do not pay attention to vacancies like "$ 1000 for one evening sitting at home and doing nothing"

Answer 79
July, 2021

Depends on your life goals.

When it comes to the fastest and easiest way, dropshipping is so popular nowadays.

It's worth looking at Freelance - content, photos, videos , design And so on.

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