How can a girl become a Webcam model? How much do they earn? What sites are more profitable to work on?

How can a girl become a Webcam model? How much do they earn? What sites are more profitable to work on?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Who is interested in working as a web model? Here they will tell you all the nuances. Equipped housing will be provided. Naturally anonymous and confidential. Well, about earnings .. Much higher than the average in Russia.

Answer 2
July, 2021

To become a webcam model, the main desire is to work in this area. Since in fact it is not such an easy job. Not everyone succeeds in becoming successful, primarily because of their own laziness. First of all, a new model needs to try to get a rating.

The more the web model works, the higher the rating and more earnings. Most webcam sites are more loyal to those who constantly work, and do not visit for an hour a day or once a week.

A beginner model earns about $ 50 a day. After a month of work, you can reach $ 100-150. Those who work for more than six months can earn $ 200-300 per shift, but of course everything is very subjective.

To work as a web model you need

1 Buy a webcam with the ability to broadcast in Full HD. New ones cost from about 2500 rubles, used. on Avito you can find two times cheaper.

2 Connect high-speed Internet . The broadcast speed must be at least 50 megabits.

3 Choose a good background for broadcasting . When in the background there is a beautiful room with good light (for example, with LEDs), then everything looks much nicer than the ragged walls in a Khrushchev building. During the broadcast, no unauthorized persons and animals should be included in the frame.

4 Register on sites for web models .

Of the most popular I can name Bongocams , Stripchat , Xcams . To pass age moderation, you will be asked to take a selfie with your passport or driver's license, do not worry about this moment, as your data will not be available to customers.

5 Bring your appearance to order . The most important thing is of course neatness. The presence of cosmetics, beautiful lingerie and an interesting image will be a plus.

Before starting work, I advise you to be as a spectator on the platform from which you are going to start in order to understand how the girls who are in the Top behave (Those who are in the top of the site earn the most). You don't have to pay to do this.

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https: //www.nairaland. com / attachments / 2214491_pussinbootsbypurplecookiedoed60bwfz_jpegf89776d353f4b187280fd946ad3a6819
Answer 3
July, 2021

Minus as much as you like, but for many girls the best work from home is webcams, even if this is the bottom for you. If you put a minus, write your success story in another area under my answer. Aichi doesn't count.

There are some nuances here, but in general I like it. The main thing is discipline and a systematic approach, no matter how crazy it all sounds. Working from home is not difficult, working with a free schedule is the main problem of many models, you need a schedule and self-organization. But this is better than plowing somewhere for a penny or sitting on someone's neck. There are no miracles, as long as you work for yourself and earn so much, such a cruel "home business". With all this, this is a rather high-paying job, there is nothing to complain about, you can relax abroad and please yourself with frequent visits to the salon.

Answer 4
July, 2021

I was interested in the question, there are a couple of acquaintances who earn so much. I will not give an answer as extensive as some, but here are my observations. 1 token (1 unit of donation to the model, minimal) is approximately equal to 17.5 rubles => 10 tokens = 175 rubles => 100 = 1750 and so on. The prices of the models are very different, but for example: more than once I watched how they donate 100, 500, 1000 SIMPLY SO, attributing, they say, you don't even need to do anything, here, you just have to be happy. Some put up a price tag trite for showing a face, usually, according to my observations, it is from 1 to 50 tokens (depending on the popularity of the model and its chsv and impudence, or on the business vein, call it what you want) and so on. ... Some even charge a price for smiling at the camera (YES!). From what we conclude => a webcam model can easily receive much more of a practicing "night butterfly" per day, although, in fact, it is the same thing, renting out your body, but everything is even more convenient here: you don't need to go anywhere, and safer and you won't get infected with anything. In general, those who choose "panel" - RUN TO ALL FAMOUS SITES.

Answer 5
July, 2021

They've already told everything without me, but I would like to add a little on my own.

How to become?

If you are as lazy as me , then the best option, just find a good studio in your city. There they will show you everything, tell you and chew. Along the way, you can gain experience and information about this area in the smoking room / in the kitchen, in general, communicate with other models, read information on the Internet about this area.


The number of sites on all studios is different. I know studios in which models work on 4-6 sites at the same time, but I think this is stupidity and greed of studio directors. There is no productivity and quality from such work, and even more joy. In my studio there were only 3 of them: Flirt4Free, Streamate and Jasmin. These are not bad sites, but Flirting is more gay, I don't know how it happened. My favorite was Jasmin. Almost all of my salary came from there.


Often people write "quite large" and similar vague concepts, but this is some kind of nonsense, and I do not understand why it cannot be described in concrete figures. Probably, they are afraid of the evil eye. I started with $ 100-200 per week. After about a month of work, my earnings began to skyrocket. I earned $ 400 a week steadily, sometimes it went up to $ 500. I would like to add that if you expect to work 2-3 hours a day and earn that kind of money, forget it. I had a 4/3 schedule for 7 hours a day. I think many studios have a 7 hour shift. The plus is that how many days a week you work is up to you, but the more often you are online, the better. After another month, I started earning less - 380,360,350. Either relaxed or tired, it's hard to say. I gave the studio 50% of my "salary" (above it is already indicated taking into account these 50%), and I was always very much choked by a toad about this. In fact, if the work goes well and the earnings are large, you can safely save money for equipment (a powerful computer, light, webcam, etc.) and wait for the moment when you start doing this at home.

Oh, and yes, one of the important aspects. Never neglect the right style. If you, for example, are a girl covered with tattoos of gothic and gloomy content from head to toe, shaved temples and piercings all over your face, do not dress up in pink dresses and do not try to play as "papa's daughter" (by the way, role-playing games with incest content are categorically are prohibited everywhere), it will not look organic, and you will simply not be comfortable.You may be imposed on typical images (nurse, teacher, schoolgirl), but be individual, this is very appreciated among the hard-core members, and such people mostly spend money Nurses and other beaten crap are rarely interesting to them. You can arrange something like that on holidays, for example, but not turn yourself into a faceless something. In general, the most important thing is to feel at ease.

The work of a webcam model is psychologically and sometimes physically, if you understand whatI'm heavy. This is not always pleasant communication. Often people want to see how you shove various objects into yourself and do the devil understand what. It's up to you to shove it or not, but it's your money. These are, after all, sites for potelebonit on women and not women. Be prepared that you can see all sorts of shit on the sites that you can't see later. And I would like to end with the phrase - there is no bad job and everyone jerks off as they want.

Answer 6
July, 2021

I have been working for more than 7 years, in general I am satisfied with everything. You can talk about work for a long time as there are many nuances. I tried to describe some of them in my blog on this topic:

Answer 7
July, 2021

How much can you earn?

Actually, quite a lot. Your earning potential depends on many things, such as your internet speed, image quality, webcam model, and your ability to communicate with your audience or in private. Today I can afford to travel and broadcast from any country, I spend on average no more than 3 hours, and a maximum of 4 hours a day on broadcasts. But once I started just because I needed money, while still a student. In the early days, my earnings ranged from $ 25 to $ 70 a night, stripping to my underwear. I will share my experience in my telegram blog Cherry Blog

First things first.

  1. We select a site with which we will work.

I recommend registering at, I started with this site and I work with him to this day. You can work for both girls and guys. Withdraw funds directly to a MasterCard card or bitcoins.

You should not work with webcam studios if you have a camera and a place where you will be broadcasting, as registration will be mastered by anyone (this is not difficult, as well as withdrawal of funds) , this is not a reason to give your money to intermediaries.

2. Your account. Registration

The first thing to do by logging into CH. is to register your account. And the first thing to pay attention to is your login. It should be easy to remember: not Kissss377345Lol, but SweetNatali.

We fill in all the information about ourselves as standard. It is advisable to add profiles to Instagram and / or Twitter. Also on many sites you can add paid / free photos and videos.

By the way, chaturbate, for example, has a section "settings and privacy", in it "broadcaster settings", you can prevent users from certain countries from watching your room.

Separately, it should be noted that in order to start receiving money on webcam sites, you must go through the validation of your account - confirm your agreement with the internal rules and provide a photo / scan of documents confirming your age. It can be a driver's license (ID) or a passport.

Here's a detailed registration manual.

3. Equipment.


Use a high resolution camera. You can even use a 1.3 megapixel camera, but you can hardly make a lot of money this way. The better the quality of your camera, the more people will be in your room, the more money you can get. Opt for a camera like the Logitech Webcam Pro 900.

For beginners. A camera from a fresh MacBook is fine too, but just for starters. As your audience grows, do not forget to update your camera.


Many people neglect the light because it is always behind the scenes with the top models. However, this does not mean that they do not use additional lighting. They use it and this is the very secret why they look so attractivebut. As a rule, they use several lamps behind the camera.

For beginners, one powerful network lamp is suitable, I don't know what you have there) in general, more light is better)


The fastest possible. Without interruptions.


The main thing here is that the sound does not "cut the ear". In the background, you can turn on soft music, it's already more fun. The main thing is that you can be heard well. More precisely, what you say.

At this stage, a lot is already ready in order to start broadcasting. But there are a couple more points:

  1. Makeup.

You should look good and sexy. Shower, makeup, shaving. The cooler we look, the more we get paid.

  1. Clothes.

Wearing something that looks sexy is easy to remove ... Many users love role-playing games in private. It would be nice if you have a nurse outfit.

  1. Cleanliness.

Put things in order, well ... at least in the frame: )

Let's go. You can start streaming.

All newbies are a little worried. Don't be discouraged. Don't be the same if you don't look like the face of a magazine cover. It's useless. This is where your personality decides. Don't forget to be yourself and a little charisma won't hurt. The audience of webcam sites loves charismatic models. Also, don't forget about engagement, this is what separates the beginner's room from the pros. They also have Russian roulette and other draws for money, you should not rush to this, you will come to this with time. Lovense toy is popular - people throw coins at you and it vibrates. This thing looks like a money machine. Interaction in your room will bring good income.

Don't start broadcasting with the thought “where are my papers”. Have fun and be natural . Your room users will appreciate it. Because they are always willing to pay for entertainment. You are not at the factory)

The easiest way is to withdraw money to a MasterCard, bitcoins, etc.

Answer 8
July, 2021

I'll start with the fact that I've been working as a Webcam model for only the third week, but I'm already quite happy with how much you can earn there (and you can really earn decently there).

You can register on any sites on your own, or you can go to work for a studio, as I did. There they will give all the necessary knowledge in this area, their own tricks to earn more, and simply help to understand the wilds of these sites. In big cities, if you try on the Internet and search, you can find studios, I think. Yes, when you work in a studio, you give a certain percentage of your earnings, but even the money that you receive as a result is very much even enough for a living (you obviously get more than a cashier in a supermarket, while working less, but with the current dollar exchange rate, live like that and rejoice)

I can say that the girls there are completely different. Weight, appearance, age does not matter at all, if you crawl through the pages you can find so many types, some plunge into shock (for example, sooooo fat black women or grannies of top models of age 60+)

In addition to girls, they naturally can guys also work (but, in my opinion, it is somewhat more difficult for them to do it), there are also couples boy-girl, girl-girl and even trio)

In general terms, I think I told everything

Answer 9
July, 2021

It is best to "work" on American sites like Streamate Models ( or Jasmin ( (there are many other sites, but this seems to be the basis), on these sites the percentage of personal earnings is higher, and the public is more willing to tip and invite to private. In addition, the risk of meeting acquaintances on non-Russian sites is minimal. But to "work" on these sites, you need to know at least a minimum of English. On the question of earnings .. my student friend earns his living on these sites (pays for an apartment and eats), but for this time must pass, a permanent fans and experience. By the way, from my friend I learned about the intricacies of this "business" :)

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