How can you follow a person over the Internet?

How can you follow a person over the Internet?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

You can follow through a special service:

  1. Go to the service " Geolocator "
  2. Register
  3. Follow the instructions on the website

So you can follow a person via the Internet wherever he is

Answer 2
July, 2021


I thought I was special, but there are so many people voted about the camera that I wash my hands. However, I hasten to share my easy ways.

  1. LikeChecker. I downloaded, entered a link, saw posts (well, most posts) liked by the subject of surveillance. Suitable for girls in love who want to know what to talk about with Seryozha.

  2. Dedovsky (Babkin) way: an account with furniture, which is subscribed to the object's private account. IMPORTANT! Furnished, not a mysterious hint of personality. Well, there may be variations, but advertising for highchairs always helps me out.

  3. Search by mentioning id VKontakte. You can learn a lot about what kind of assholes Seryozha comments and in what parashe he enters into comments.

  4. If you know his nickname (some word, such as deprodepro or goldenenearring) in VK or instagram / twitter, then you can simply drive it in: you never know on what interesting resources, from tumblr to livestock breeders' sites, your Object was registered ...

  5. Subscribe (or just enable post notifications) to the friends of the object. Especially those who lead a hectic life on Twitter or Instagram. Your object can flicker there with the edge of the priests or hair. And you will know where he is.

  6. Vk Spy, a whole site that allows you to see hidden friends.

  7. Kate Mobile has a feature that allows you to check in one second if a person is on the guest list for an event. If you know a person's hobbies, then you can check if he is going to a concert

  8. If a person studies or works in a place that has his overheard, you can search about him there. I once knew the biographies and love affairs of 15-16 year old children from all cities of Russia in this way (60 people, a whole parallel to the gymnasium).

  9. You can enter the name, surname and locality of a person to find out what, for example, he did in childhood or before moving. Once, having driven a village in the Leningrad region, I learned that the girl I really like is a chess player and an activist in the greening program of the local park.

  10. Calculating by likes who sleeps with is a separate art altogether. I have studied since 2013, now I have mastered 4.5 out of 5. If required:

  • Likes some particularly "personal" posts
  • Can be the same save or songs
  • Can upload photos from the object instance on his wall
  • Can post something with a hint of the object (or vice versa, the object posts something like that, for example, jokes about people named Marina or jokes about depraved girls from school number 5)
  • For those who are particularly paranoid: Object's fingers, butt or hair may flash somewhere.
  • Go to the same events
  • Adds friends of the object's close people without being their classmate or relative
  • If you work hard with the likechecker, they can like and repost the same posts
  • Special sign: they can repost any raffles of two tickets for Roma Zhukov together
  • Likes the saves (if open)
  • Ambiguous sad posts with pictures of nature by Object
  • VK Gifts
  • Subscribed to all moronic self-made publics of the object like "Nikolay says" "Masha draws" "Andrey in awkward poses"
Answer 3
July, 2021

All those who answered above rely solely on technical means and programs, the use of which is either prohibited by law or almost impossible at home on old and low-power PCs, therefore (fortunately, unfortunately) for a simple and relatively For a law-abiding user, these tools are not very good.
However, there is a much simpler (and obvious) way of spying on the right person - this is social networks.
Cross-analysis of a person's activity in social networks (VK, FB, Twitter, Foursquire, Instagram, etc.) will most likely give answers to key questions about where this person lives, where he works, whom he is friends with, what he enjoys, what foreign languages ​​he speaks, which football team he supports, what political views he holds, which countries he traveled to ... when, finally, the last time I went online.
In social networks, a person, as in the palm of your hand, and those who do not lead them - now there are practically no left. And no need to break the webcam)

Answer 4
July, 2021

Today, many users are afraid of cyber espionage by hacking their webcam and microphone on a PC or smartphone, intercepting images or sound that they broadcast.

According to a study by Kaspersky Lab, 23% of Russian users Cover or tape over your webcam to protect yourself from surveillance. By the way, this method does not guarantee privacy.

However, methods of surveillance by hacking a camera or a gadget microphone are not so common.

Various spyware is a much more serious problem. Today it is one of the most common criminal activities on the Internet. Bank card numbers and access codes to personal (and, if "lucky", corporate) bank accounts ("Internet banking") are under attack. This type of Trojan collects information about account access codes and sends it to its "owner". Typically, information is collected by searching and decrypting files on the user's devices, which store the personal data of the account holder. It is quite common to encounter Trojans ("keyloggers") that wait for a user to connect to a genuine banking web page and then intercept the characters entered from the keyboard (that is, login and password).

Answer 5
July, 2021

Modern technologies provide many opportunities. There are programs that collect information about all communications, keep logs of correspondence from social networks, instant messengers, e-mail, record the history of requests and visits in the browser.

It is important to keep in mind 2 circumstances. First, the programs must be installed directly on the computer or mobile device of the user you are following. Second - hacking computers, installing such programs, surveillance and unauthorized obtaining of information - all this is prohibited by law.

However, the law does not prohibit something else - to track the so-called. "Information trail" of a person. Most of the information people disclose about themselves. Who they celebrate the holidays with, where they spend Friday evenings, what they would like to receive for their birthday - all this can be found from open sources, primarily social networks.

Answer 6
July, 2021

The NoSpy program

It contains many mechanisms that allow you to covertly monitor the actions of a person sitting at a PC. This program has a lot of possibilities. Having installed it on your computer once, you will always know exactly when and which programs were launched, which ones were installed, as well as which files were edited, deleted and created, which folders were used by your tracking object. Also, the NeoSpy program can take screenshots of the screen at a given frequency. In addition, it saves everything that was typed on the keyboard to a separate text file, that is, it works like a keylogger. This function will allow you to easily intercept the passwords of the user of this computer, as well as get acquainted with his correspondence.

Mipko Personal Monitor

This software allows you to fully monitor the network activity of a PC user remotely. Mipko Personal Monitor has the necessary degree of interactivity, which is very convenient to use. You don't even need to leave the office to find out what your husband or children are doing. The program monitors all the activities that you specified. It records all the websites you visit, and also saves your correspondence in instant messaging programs, chat blogs, and forums. Logs with history of correspondence are formatted in order to read them as convenient as possible.

(but first think carefully if you want to know the truth)

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