How do you find new music if you don't like anything that lies on the surface and searching by genre does not help?

How do you find new music if you don't like anything that lies on the surface and searching by genre does not help?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

I have two friends:

  1. Public in VK:

I often take tracks from there by mood or taste. There are either performers or in the same spirit. I like.

  1. I once came to work at Coffee Bean and fell in love with its atmosphere, in particular the music. I often go there to work now and don't even take my headphones with me. I added a lot of tracks from their playlist and now I listen. You can also look for bars, cafes, coffee shops, etc. that have music of your choice.
Answer 2
August, 2021

It's amazing, but on YouTube. If you listen to your favorite music for a long time, put likes and save what you like in playlists, over time the site will learn to recommend music to your liking.

Answer 3
August, 2021

I like to devote time to one YouTube program from Afisha. Guess in 10 seconds, there are different artists all the time, the music is quite varied, if not for the antics of some of the participants, it would be a masterpiece

Answer 4
August, 2021

One of the best ways to find something new. Indicate several favorite artists in yb, there is a good algorithm for selecting similar artists. You will learn many new songs, either rare or very modern songs. Checked. Yandex music has one junk in terms of selections. Feeling like they are programmers deprived of taste.

Answer 5
August, 2021

The method I've been using for several years:

  1. Going to coub (

  2. I choose coubs for the preview, if I like the music, I repost to myself

  3. Subsequently I find the tracks I like with the help of Shazam, according to the words of the song, or I dig directly to the authors with the question "WHAT IS THIS SONG"


good luck finding ~

Answer 6
August, 2021

Not long ago, a good friend of mine recommended the Aerostat application for mobile devices.

This is the author's program of Boris Grebenshchikov (the leader of the Aquarium and generally a wonderful person), in which he presents about 45 minutes in each episode the music that he personally likes. At a time - about three or four groups. BG first tells a little about the performer, and then includes his song. And there are a lot of issues ...

You can immediately understand whether you like something like this or not.

(And a very pleasant, familiar and soothing voice, I just want to listen and listen all the time)

Answer 7
August, 2021

1) Search life hack. Great article for dummies in music.

2) Grisha Proporokov philosophically discusses this topic in several posts in the cart: "... And it's clear that this is a multi-layered problem, but I thought about how difficult it really was to find new music in 2018. It's a paradox: we seem to be able to get almost all the music in the world, everything in the open access, you can listen to even the Thai pop of the 1960s, even an 18-year-old producer from Birmingham, even rappers from Ufa, even the classic rock of the 1980s.But in fact, this accessibility does not help the process in any way, because there is no normal navigation ( especially on the Russian-speaking Internet). There are no curators who will pick up something really interesting for you, there are no normal landmarks and pointers, there are no authorities to listen to. We find ourselves more or less locked in the conventional top Metacritic, in music that can be quickly found on streaming services (and no wonder that in such a situation, re really start to believe that there is only good old rock and rap with autotune), because it is on the very surface ... "

Answer 8
August, 2021

A cloud resource that consists of many genre clouds. Click on a genre and you listen to an excerpt from the most famous music in this genre, and then within this genre there is a new constellation of clouds, but with all the bands and performers in this cloud of genres.

Answer 9
August, 2021

Hmmm ... There is one very useful thing - selections on YouTube, where the names of the tracks are often indicated in the comments. You can also search for something on the channels of labels or watch clips, and then check recommendations. I really like to listen to other works of performers who are sitting on a fit in some track. You can also go to the official soundcloud account (if any) of your favorite artist and look for something there. It happens that many people repost to their profile some tracks they like, which may be similar in style to the work of your favorite artist.

Answer 10
August, 2021

The "Recommendations" service (if the playlist is initially filled with not very well-known good music) and the "show similar" button (in the same situation) help a lot. In general, usually in the social circle you can train interesting music for three lifetimes ahead.

Answer 11
August, 2021

This is how I find new music if I search for radio similar to or google play radio already tired of:

1) look for who else is written on the label of your favorite, but already annoying bands. The range of genres can be large, but the music will certainly be interesting

2) listen to some kind of musical podcast like, I don't know, Aerostat or The Alligator Hour or some other music and pick tracks from there

3) if you like a particular musician, look for whom he is friends with / writes joint tracks / muddies projects

4) find an unfamiliar (or unfamiliar) interesting person in VK with a large and varied collection of audio recordings and listen to random tracks

5) keep the shazam ready and just in a movie or vidos or on the radio just somewhere in a cafe something interesting plays - immediately determine what it is

6) and generally listen to the radio, especially at night

Answer 12
August, 2021

Vkontakte has a bunch of publics with genres of music that you haven't even heard of. Links to such publics can be found here

Answer 13
August, 2021

I will share my many years of experience.

In the first place, I will probably put all the same banal search for favorite songs . Music is literally everywhere - in movies, TV, computer games, Internet radio, on a friend's mobile phone, playing in a shopping center, etc. Many people do not follow through when they liked a song, but I almost 100% find the song / songs that I like. Having recognized the artist, I download ALL of his discography . One way or another, at least a couple of songs end up on my personal playlist. Then, if I liked the genre, especially if it is new to me, I can search by genre. You wrote in the question head that searching by genre does not help, but it depends on how you search. If using VK or Yandex Music, then this is a dead end. You can use , you can download discographies in alphabetical order (I did this for symphonic metal, dreary but extremely effective), you can use various musical encyclopedias, where Top performers in their genre are listed. In order for this not to be empty, you need to search by narrow genres , that is, not just "oh I love rock" or "pop music", but for example, symphonic metal with female vocals ... There are tons of little-known, but high-quality artists that you can find only by shoveling mountains of discographies or using the recommendations of similar artists on the same or In addition, I listen to internet radio Ralph , which specializes in contemporary youth music - mostly alternative rock and indie. And such specials. the radio is full, look for the one that suits you. So you will be aware of new products in some rather narrow genres. I already wrote in a similar question that

at the end of the year, authoritative music publications like Rolling Stone publish their top best compositions and albums of the year, they have headings in the style of "opening of the year", etc. ... And I also recommend you such a site as - this is a musical informer where you register and indicate a list of artists that you like / are interested in, and on the day of their new release (album, EP, single) you will receive an email notification. This will keep you up to date with the latest releases.

Again, if you don't find anything in your genre search, you are doing something wrong. I discovered most of the performers by listening to tons of discographies by genre and recommendations from various resources. No one will do this work for you for free, because doesn’t know your tastes, and you just don’t describe your preferences with a couple of buttons on some resource.

For example, I really like the band "The Mars Volta", unfortunately they broke up, and they do not release new releases ... And I want to listen to something similar. First, I found out the names of performers from this group and downloaded all their discographies.solo projects, and other groups in which they participated. The guys turned out to be very fruitful) Then I used the list of recommendations of, he gave me 255 artists, so I thought, what do I like about "The Mars Volta"? Yeah, it's a mixture of alternative, progressive and experimental rock, it's male vocals, it's a modern band, not classical. Therefore, more than half of the recommendations dropped out immediately. The rest you just take and listen to a couple of their popular songs and if you are interested, then download the discography. Thus, I got to know a dozen new performers. Yes, I took a few songs from everyone, but in the end I got a new playlist.

The main thing here is not to be lazy to search and listen, and to understand that everything does not happen anywhere at once. Need time. Nobody forces you to listen to 20 discographies a day at once. Just do it slowly in your free time, and you will be happy.

Answer 14
August, 2021

On Yandex.Music, smart playlists that are created individually for each user do an excellent job with this task.

The "playlist of the day" is updated every day, and may add something interesting. Or weekly playlist "Deja Vu" , which consists only of tracks that are new to you, not listened to before on Yandex.Music. And on Fridays, the Premiere playlist is updated, which contains the latest in your musical taste.

All of these update playlists are trained on the behavior and preferences of the listener and each time they give more accurate recommendations .

At J. Music there are other ways to quickly find something new for yourself. For example, if you know the approximate direction of the music you are interested in at the moment, go to the page of your favorite artist and try the endless radio or playlist with compositions in his style. Such a unique radio can be turned on even from a specific track.

Answer 15
August, 2021

An excellent resource where you can find a lot of performers at any time of interest and by the required tag / country. You can read the reviews and see the album ratings, at worst, you can go to the local forum for recommendations.

Answer 16
August, 2021

Moosic. The application is from people from, although this is not explicitly indicated, where, oddly enough, there are several convenient features, including import from VK and downloading. The search for similar audio recordings is very cool, in particular, the creation of automatic selections based on what was listened to recently. With the help of him I found many interesting performers. There is no googleplay, you have to search on for example:

Plus to everything, due to its free it solves the problem of VK audio.

Answer 17
August, 2021, VK recommendations, Yandex music recommendations, large groups in VK ala "New Albums". First, decide on the genre of music you like, then look for similar artists, everything is elementary.

Answer 18
August, 2021

Well, I have such a mechanism, I make my radio on the Yandex Radio channel and I get random new tracks. If you like it, I like it, if not, then minus it, then go to Yandex Music and cumulatively download what is new in the likes.
free time, rewind the broadcast at the desired time, read the title of the track and download it.

Answer 19
August, 2021

Personally, I use the service - I've already found a lot of cool compositions, just cool ones. No, this is not an advertisement, so you can discover this service.

Answer 20
August, 2021

There is such a portal as With it, you can get recommendations based on the bands that appeal to you. In general, the easiest way is to listen to the music of your loved ones, perhaps you will like something.

Answer 21
August, 2021

I usually open Shazam, watch popular tracks, click (listen to part of a track). if the song is addictive, then I download it, no - I listen to a piece of another track.

Answer 22
August, 2021

Soulseek. The oldest program, not like any under-service, where for a certain bribe from the musicians you will be shoved in your face with what is supposedly popular. The bundle works best. Yes, this is old school and hassle, but this has its own buzz. Searching albums by tags on bandcamp is cool too. Read thematic forums about the music that interests you. Well, or spotify the most extreme, if everyone is lazy. But there are few rare things.

Answer 23
August, 2021

I would like to share my scheme that helps me prepare for performances. There is one "but" - you either need to know the labels on which your favorite artists are released (if they are not majors, because the vinaigrette is released there).

Take, for example, one of my labels - Mosaic. When I liked one release, I started listening to the rest of the releases of this label, and sometimes I came across similar styles.

So I found the perfect way to find music for myself, which still helps me.

Answer 24
August, 2021

Oddly enough, Yandex Radio does a good job with this - after setting interests, of course. You can also search for similar artists of the "old" songs that you like. Read about these performers, this can lead to something new and interesting) Plus, try to find thematic communities by genres that you like. There will probably be something new there!

Answer 25
August, 2021

Use a variety of streaming services like " Apple Music " or Deezer . Each of these services will first offer you to select pieces of music, on the basis of which it will form playlists with the music that you may like. And so, you can listen to some FM and INTERNET radio stations:

Silver Rain


Answer 26
August, 2021

I have been going to my direction for 10 years and still have not finally decided. At first I also looked on the surface, but then I found (probably just by chance) something that I really, really liked and was different from everything I had heard before. Since then, I just began to intensively study this direction, jumped on relatives, for the sake of experiment I listened to completely random tracks. I didn't like a lot, even a lot. I hung on something for a couple of months, and then thought: "how could I even listen to this?" Now it is relatively stable, for 2-3 years I have been listening to one or two directions. But everything changes, and that's the beauty. As for the sites, at first I found for myself (but after a couple of years I practically stopped going there). A kind of music feed, with subscriptions and subscribers, search, own feed, reposts, in general, heaven, if there is time for this. When I decided on the style, I started looking for VK groups and found a lot of things, since there are enough people there. There is surprisingly little that I like on soundcloud - there is mainly either very popular music, or the most avant-garde that you need to manually find, weed out, ... Suitable only if you listen to something popular or are looking for, relying only on yourself, no selections. They are not there.

Answer 27
August, 2021

I remember there are applications in VK, where it shows the percentage of similar songs you and your friends have. You can try looking in playlists for people whose tastes are as close to yours as possible.

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