How do you know if an SEO specialist is cheating on you? And there is no promotion effect

How do you know if an SEO specialist is cheating on you? And there is no promotion effect

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Answer 1
August, 2021

If there is no increase in traffic, but a couple of months have passed, then he is definitely cheating, or he simply does something wrong and does not know himself, or the actions are correct, but so small that they do not give a visible result ... what the specialist should be talking about was to warn. Try to order several audits from specialists with a reputation, at least minimal, review. It often takes 15-20 minutes to figure out what's what .... Get a second opinion, so to speak.

Answer 2
August, 2021

The answer is simple, to understand you need to be an SEO specialist, at least above average lousy. It makes no difference you turned to SEO specialists (in a company) or a lonely specialist, get ready for the fact that earlier than 2 - 3 months you will not understand a good specialist you got or razvodilovo. Needleworkers will bring such a boil on the site, the work will boil, boil, but it would be good that it would not be harmful. Yandex, for example, clearly monitors abrupt changes and will often come in and look more closely, and as a result, the whole boil will lead to over-optimization and falling under the filter and the site. Think about how you can make repairs without examining the object, and if a supervising authority is looking after this object, there should be no mistakes in actions. Therefore, the first month will be spent on the implementation of worked out techniques, site registration where necessary, etc. The second month, according to the developed plan, the main work will begin and the first result can be seen in about 1-2 months, but !!! no more. If in general and for small projects I recommend a contract for positions in the TOP-10 for key queries, then the movement should be by the second month and the result is more difficult to falsify. There is a key and it must be in a certain position. With other agreements, everything is more complicated, here you can get to the razvodilovo. For example, if you have a contract for attendance, then if you are not an SEO-schnick, then you will not see the markup, you will not understand the target, not the target, etc. You can write a lot more, but everything is individual in each case. Look for a trusted specialist or company, according to the recommendation, this is a 70% guarantee, not a scam. And most importantly, remember that an SEO specialist is, first of all, an ANALYST with an economic education, and not a self-taught programmer. Even a monkey can masturbate in search of the right option, and a specialist must immediately identify the problem and give solutions ... And there are no problem sites without problem))). I will not write about the understanding of efficiency, this is ... a question. Good luck, I hope it helps. If you have any questions, write, I will consult.

Answer 3
August, 2021

Track traffic using Metrica and Analytics counters. The secret is that an experienced SEO can work with Yandex.

If you see a jump in traffic from Google, but no significant progress from Yandex at the end of 2 months, it is better to stop cooperation.

Answer 4
August, 2021

In order to understand that an SEO specialist is not deceiving you, you must:

1) Before starting cooperation, agree on intermediate metrics that you will be guided by. These can be key positions in search engines, traffic volume, etc.

2) To avoid surprises at the end of the month, agree on short calls-statuses for 15-30 minutes. I recommend making these calls once a week. There will be transparency of what is happening in the process. You will have an understanding of what the process looks like. If you feel that the contractor is obscuring something, ask uncomfortable questions, address these questions to 2-3 other SEO specialists. This will create clarity and more objectivity.

3) Be sure to review the rate of change in keyword positions. There are many systems for this. For an amateur. I use TopVisor on many of my projects. A handy tool with all the necessary functions and automatic email reports.

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Answer 5
August, 2021

In a situation where there is, as it were, an effect, but in fact it is not? :)

SEO today is a deep analytics of semantics and audience behavior.

Ask for a report on all promoted queries and see the dynamics, check the positions yourself in the morning / afternoon / evening, and also:

  • frequency of requests
  • seasonality
  • efficiency
  • commercial
  • opportunity to promote

It doesn't matter how you promote your site: by position or by traffic - work with semantics should be in both cases.

Contact an independent expert for an audit.

But if your site has been promoted for more than a year, and there was no result (expressed in leads), the SEO specialist is deceiving you.

Answer 6
August, 2021

Believe only the growth of your site's positions in search engines. If there is no growth of positions, then you can safely send all SEO reports to the basket. Objectively, only the position of the site speaks about the work of the SEO. No positions - change SEO.

Shl Now there are too many "SEO specialists" who replace the growth of site positions with reports.

Answer 7
August, 2021

A SEO specialist deceives you only if no work is being done on the site.

In the SEO rules, there are a huge number of criteria for which your site will grow in the search results, so any competent actions will bring results. Some actions will bring results after a week, others - after months.

However, SEO is a long-term program, so you have to follow absolutely all criteria, order is not so important anymore.

Which indicates that the specialist is cheating on you:

  • There are no reports on work performed and results;
  • Briefs on texts, links and types of work are not sent for approval;
  • No interim audit performed;
  • Details of the company's business processes that may affect the promotion strategy are not discussed;
  • Prices for the work are not reasoned.

In some cases, a specialist can send you reports on the results, but at the same time perform a minimum amount of work for a much higher cost. Then I recommend asking a specialist for a report on the work performed and correlating the volume of work with prices on the market.

Answer 8
August, 2021

In the field of SEO, there are many scammers who promise to promote your site, but either do not do effective work at all, but just some manipulations for visibility, or are not effective enough, which may cause the site's position to be low. They will tell you about the algorithms of the search engines, and that growth is due to their poor performance.

  1. If you are promised that your site will reach the top in 3 days or a week, then they are trying to deceive you. Seoshniks cannot know in advance whether your site will get to the top, let alone set deadlines in several days. The real effect of SEO work is achieved only after 3-4 months, and this is at best.
  2. Everyone talks about guaranteeing results, but no one has the exact algorithms of the search engines. Great specialists always follow the changes in SEO, keep their finger on the pulse, but cannot give you 100% guarantees.
  3. Often there is the phrase "We will refund your money" In fact, this will not happen, there will always be a reason why a refund will not be possible.
  4. If you are already working with a company or freelancer, then always ask him for a work plan. If a person understands website promotion, then he should have checklists, and all stages of work are spelled out in the promotion algorithm. If you cannot be given a sane work plan for your site, then either they will not be produced at all, or the performer will have a random list of works that will not give the desired effect for promotion.
  5. Never believe the words, demand that all promises, especially about the fact that your site will be promoted in 3 days, be fixed in the contract.

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Answer 9
August, 2021

Customers rarely understand SEO structure. Not to mention all the subtleties and nuances. Freelance freelancers often take advantage of this and deceive clients.

The fact is that there are no templates and standards in SEO. There is no approved algorithm of actions. Therefore, some "specialists" begin to "hang noodles on the ears of the employer". In general, you can figure out the principles and nuances of SEO optimization and promotion on your own, but it will be long and difficult.

I will list popular phrases after which you need to immediately stop working with a freelancer.

I guarantee 100% of requests will be in the top 10
There are still those who confidently pour this water. In fact, no one can guarantee accurate results. Search engines are constantly updated, algorithms are changing and a site that is not even optimized can suddenly come to the top. I came across this recently.

See how many points are in the plan, I work a lot
There is a plan of 50-100 points (exaggerating (possibly)), where you can find "Site position control". How he controls them remains a mystery. Maybe praying for them. Or, "re-audit". Why re-audit if you did it once and with high quality? Waste of customer time and money. My advice: if, after a month of work, analytics systems are not connected to the site and goals are not set, then urgently drive such a “worker” in the neck.

Here is a report of the work done, there are 77 pages
And also a bunch of incomprehensible diagrams even to him. Naturally, you are a busy person, there is no time to delve into 77 pages. And there is nothing to delve into. There is no specifics, there is so much water, you can open a new ocean. At the stage of signing a contract or writing a technical assignment, clearly discuss the goals and methods of evaluating the results.

Traffic is increasing, make a payment
Data may be real, you really see an increase in visits to website. But it can be the usual seasonality, randomness, special services for boosting visits. Pay attention to the actions of your visitors. There should be sales, not just visits. Nobody needs traffic without conversion.

You are top-1 for all requests
There are SEOs who take requests with zero frequency and start promoting the site using them. And there is real growth, everywhere is top-1. Only zero frequency means that no one has ever driven such a request into a search engine. For example, you sell cucumbers, and the site for the query "buy a brick cucumber" is in the first place in the search results. What is the exhaust? In such cases, ask for a semantic core where the frequency of each request is indicated and check in Yandex.Wordstat.

Answer 10
August, 2021
  1. Before choosing an optimizer, ask for the contacts of those with whom he has already worked. This will give you real feedback on the specialist.

  2. Before starting work, he should have a clear and understandable plan for each month. Ask to explain why these works are needed and what they will give, so you will understand whether the seo specialist has an understanding of where to move and how. Be sure to delve into yourself, otherwise they may deceive.

  3. If a SEO specialist does not ask questions within a month, does not send technical specifications or audits for approval, but appears only at the end of the month to receive a salary, in this case it is likely that he does nothing.

Regarding "No effect"

There will be no effect if there is no work on the site (no new pages are created, no texts are written, there is no work with reviews with links), so make sure that were works, and track site positions + traffic from search engines

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