How does it feel to create a meme and find out that it has become popular on the internet?

How does it feel to create a meme and find out that it has become popular on the internet?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

in 2015, I took a photo with the cat of the guy I was dating back then. she's not that virus, but swept a wave across cat's publics and sometimes I still meet her in publics with jokes with all sorts of original signatures by lobster


and one of the variations I saw recently) SRtlls5QxKJmJFExSGEFj25JTEgKQ / 4sj1zz9Akik.jpg
Answer 2
July, 2021

In 2012, I started filming absurd music videos under the pseudonym Kirill Juicy on YouTube. One of the videos, "Refresh me" went viral, getting into the popular at that time program "This is Horosho", and the phrase "refresh me, give me freshness", which is the chorus, became a meme

Video - https: //

Answer 3
July, 2021

I have an acquaintance, a friend showed him his correspondence and a company of his, and there he wrote "judge the catfish", well, they started laughing. Then this acquaintance wanted to sing memes for fun and send it for two hours. We chose a photo of a catfish for a long time, then a courtroom from other memes, well, they glued it on the phone in the editor, adding an inscription. Its authorship was never indicated, but the meme quickly spread to other publics.

Answer 4
July, 2021

Back in the distant 2011, I made a few jokes scattered across the Internet at lightning speed - one of them is a screenshot of the Message "Guf is dead, and the ticket money will be returned" - which I wrote to Lesha's concert director. Three of them - not a meme, but the popular FFFUUU comics at that time - both of these works have been in all major publics such as MDK, FAN, Borsch and other cuisine that was popular in those days. This did not bring me anything special, but at some moments it was nice when the guys who I met on the network wrote, "Wow, it's you hihhhhh", or vice versa - I get to know someone, and at his place (popular at the time) - Album "Funny" - and there are my comics.

Answer 5
July, 2021

He did not become especially popular, although it seems that he was posted in some large public like "Oatmeal, sir". Once upon a time I was an editor at the public "penguin with glasses" (now the public is dead). And several of my memes were scattered into "for important negotiations" and simply into accordions. Unfortunately, I cannot attach pictures. I'm printing from a mobile app.

Answer 6
July, 2021

Everyone who writes a comment will be blessed with calcium and strong bones by Mr. Dud, but only if you write "thank you Mr. Dud." Yes, I found this webcam at two hours and thought it would be fun to upload it to YouTube with the name "Mr. Dude" and a description from the first sentence (which were also brazenly stolen from two hours). Well, I filled it in and filled it in. Time passed, and the views ran. We ran quickly. Everywhere they started to mention it, I was credited with the authorship of the music and even indicating the original in the description did not help much, I got 10k subscribers and today 4 million views. When Agnia Ogonyok was doing the report, she described in detail the dude who made the gif with this skeleton, while referring to me as an "unknown user", it was a little offensive.

It was funny how all sorts of fighters for justice shouted at every corner that I stole, I am not the author and in general I am a radish, although from the very beginning I did not attribute the authorship to myself.

Later I tried to release content on this channel, something else, but nothing came of it. So this lonely dude is lying on that channel, collecting views from the sloopers and the nostalgic, and I remember those days with a smile.

I'm, of course, not an author, but I made a certain contribution to the popularization of this meme.

Answer 7
July, 2021

Once at school, in a very boring lesson, I took a friend's phone and put the phrase in her VK status: "I'll suck for 100 UAH, I'm not a whore, I just need money urgently." A friend was crying tearfully when she discovered, first on the MDC, and then on other popular public pages at that time, a screen of her page with this very status, a 100 UAH bill, and a bear crawling out of the bushes. There was a terrible scandal, she threatened to write a statement, and then we made up :)

Answer 8
July, 2021

not to say that this is just such a meme, and that it was used at every step.

on mdk there used to be an album with picts that were loaded by subscribers, and out of boredom I decided to look through it, and this one saw an unremarkable picch of a hand with a trace of a lid and brilliant green (to me it seemed like a background story), and without really thinking about humor, he scribbled, as I now think, not such a funny comment. for some reason he seemed funny to the rest of the subscribers, likes fell. and what I didn’t expect was that then a screenshot of a photo and a comment flew onto the mdk wall. behind him, this joke was copied and pasted by a couple of other publics and seemed to know everything. but then I learned what a button accordion is on my own skin. when unknown people started to write to me again, they say "is that you?" , or " wow, I found you" . sticking to this post from the wall of any humorous public.

they don't actually remember him anymore

Answer 9
July, 2021

There was such an experience, we went with friends in the summer to the forest and after the rain we decided to swim in the river. On the way, I saw a puddle and invited my friends to take a photo lying in it. As a result, it spread very quickly after my publication on Pikaba.
p.s. If anyone is interested, I'm on the left
pss and I'm free :)

Answer 10
July, 2021

My writing path began with the creation of the "Diary of a Freezing Muscovite", which I kept in LiveJournal during severe frosts. Quotes were found everywhere, incl. and on t-shirts. Before that, there was a work about Yukos (, which became a visual meme in its time. And after that there were many videos on YouTube, mainly of a satirical plan, which were scattered on the network. At one time he launched "If not Putin, then a cat" and other many political things, incl. "Navalny's case is against me."

Being the founder of a meme is pleasantly creative, but because my main profession is a screenwriter, I understand that words and images do not live as long as we would like. In general, those memes that are carved in stone last the longest. Digit and paper are erased too quickly.

One piece of advice for creators of good memes. If you succeed, don't stop. You might be a writer.

Answer 11
July, 2021

So at 13-14 with old friends from different parts of the earth, we sat from the pages of all sorts of Loki, Thors, Katniss and others. Somehow they decided it was time to have some fun. And they riveted a ton of photographs, where instead of the faces of all alcoholics and homeless people, they inserted the faces of celebrities. Estesna was poured into one common album.

After some time I saw that a couple of photos from it were walking through the open spaces of publics about the Avengers, Leprosy, Tetanus and others. And it seems that they still flicker sometimes.

Answer 12
July, 2021

In the harsh 2013th, I decided to register on Twitter. Well, I registered myself, began to write some of my thoughts, not even counting on any popularity. And then it sharply improved, my tweets were in all publics, MDK, Apple public, they were copied in hundreds, my classmates reposted them on their wall, and the dumbest of them got 7k retweets. Even on "Yu" showed. I was 13 then. And with all this, it was possible to maintain anonymity at the school. Eh, former popularity!

Answer 13
July, 2021

in 2013, on May Day in Yekaterinburg, the Monstration was held. for this event, I filed a poster "Putin, accelerate the development of Half-Life 3".

The next day, city portals trumpeted about the holiday and inserted photos from various demonstrations, where I happened to be. and then a colleague wrote to me that several posts with me and my poster appeared on Pikabu.

Then a thousand different publics: Typical programmer, EP, Eaglet and so on. Then I occasionally appeared with a frequency of about once a year in all kinds of IGM and other lewdness. once a girl from Kaliningrad recognized me.

Half-Life 3 never came out.

Answer 14
July, 2021

There was a case. Earlier, in 2014, in my opinion, there was a popular meme "A man saved beer from a burning house", often appeared in famous publics. I remembered one of the stereotypes about Khovansky. Instead of the face of the original man, I put the face of Khovansky. I threw it into the offer of the "Khovanshchina" group there she collected 3 thousand likes. In the corner I wrote a small link to a page, but it was blurred. Not really a meme, rather a meme from a meme, but still became popular in narrow circles of second-rate humor, in publics like 2ch, 4chan, Oatmeal, sir !, Chibastan. The meme was created in late 2015 - early 2016. Every time I see it, I cry:.) this is where I last saw it)

Answer 15
July, 2021

In general, my meme is rather just something that has grown by contact and now has many meme lovers and some famous personalities. This is a test called "kokoi you dog"

This was another silly idea of ​​mine that I implemented and shared in my small group of 700 people. After about half a year, it turned out that the test spread from person to person and every day it became more and more popular! In the summer of 2015, every day from 5 to 10 people wrote to me that my test was great and the like. It was an interesting experience in my life, but I don't want to repeat this again ...

Answer 16
July, 2021

Four years ago, I worked in a gloomy SMM office, which had its own public for healthy lifestyle, in which they posted wildly untested, but gloomy information. Once it was my turn to post there, I could not find anything and began to fantasize. The result was a long sheet of intimidating text, in which, in particular, the lollipops, burning the tables, were mentioned.

The paste dispersed surprisingly well. It was strange to see her so many years later in more or less respectable groups like Do4i. They force it now, but in the form of a rewrite with additions.

There is also such a thing, but here, to understand, you need to understand who Kova is.

Answer 17
July, 2021

Almost five years ago I made a meme with the then popular trollface, uploaded it to iFace, it was published and the post with it got 18 thousand likes per day, it was unexpected and very nice that so many people liked it, although at that time for this public it was the average figure. From time to time I still throw my creations into the offers of different publics, but usually they do not collect more than a few hundred likes.

Answer 18
July, 2021

I am the author of a video about a cat on YouTube it was already uploaded by me later, and initially the video was distributed on VKontakte, Rutube and resources such as, Pikabu, etc. for several years ago, some must have seen. GIFs were made from it later.

So. Many people wrote to me that I mock animals. There were even threats to find me by IRL and beat me up for it :) Including threats from adult men, who, in theory, should have brains, but alas. Of course no one came.

But overall, the meme is old and not very popular, so it didn't have any significant impact.

Answer 19
July, 2021

Once my friend and I became interested in such a musical genre as "grindcore". It was in 2013-2014, just at the time when the etching of govnorkers and other personalities was in vogue. And then one day, during an extraordinary conversation on Skype, we decided to dig for laughter for the sake of all sorts of rock publics. I myself kept a small public (which no longer exists), where I dropped funny pictures of my own production. And somehow, by chance, I drew another funny picture about children and various "heavy rocker genres of music", which few people appreciated. A couple of months later, my friend throws off a repost to me from a grindcore public with shouts: "Dude, YOU ARE POPULAR", where the very same picture of mine that I made, not hoping that anyone will appreciate this joke, is majestically displayed. After a while, my other friends stumbled upon her, who did not know that the picture was my authorship, and after a while I found out that she went beyond the Runet and quite amused the foreign mitolists there. I didn't manage to reap the laurels, but it's still nice.

P.S. I am attaching the very picture that I found somewhere on a foreign website. As proof of my authorship, I can say that I used the MB Real Grinder font.

Answer 20
July, 2021

It happened a couple of months ago. I posted my photo shoot with shawarma (this is not serious, if anything, just decided to have fun) in the public "beautiful pvrni and shawarma" (By the way, I am still fixed on their wall). A couple of days later, a friend writes to me, saying what are you doing HERE, and throws me a post where my photo with Shawarma on the MDK! After that, their post began to steal other millionaire-thousand-strong publics, and I was in almost every public. In the city, acquaintances started to fuck up, they say how much I paid for advertising and

etc. Naturally, there were cases when "Are you not the guy with the shawarma on the MDC?" Actually the post itself with MDK

Answer 21
July, 2021

About 5-6 years ago, I decided for myself that I would pour out some creative stream leaking from me using Photoshop: draw collages, some simple pictures, cover up pimples on the maturing faces of my young, then, classmates ... So, having arrived from another vacation from the Crimea, I was sorting through the photographs taken by my parents and came across a completely unremarkable card where my head, the sea and the sky, just emerging from under the water, were. It is worth noting that then the joke about 'photo against the background of the carpet' was popular. I, who then lived in an apartment that was a model of everything Soviet, with a carpet in every room, did not have one. 15 minutes after opening the photo through the editor, a rather famous MEM was born with a 'guy at sea against the background of a carpet'. I visited almost all the top VK publics, pikabu at least 2 times, was a vivid example of 'photomontage' on a professional forum and even appeared in 9gag.

Answer 22
July, 2021

My friend came up with "felting" and then some British dick called it "planking", said that it was his idea and off we go B0% D0% BB% D1% 8F% D1% 82% D1% 8C% D1% 81% D1% 8F

Answer 23
July, 2021

Once I went to visit my friends, and they jump with happiness. I ask what happened? -Satisfied with each other say "the meme took off." That meme turned out to be "yokarny babai".

Answer 24
July, 2021

Not exactly a meme, but once leaving the "Magnet", I saw the inscription "These bricks are so monotonous" on the brick wall opposite. I took a picture and threw it on my VK wall. After a while, I began to come across this photo everywhere (in VK publics, on entertainment sites, etc.)

If you saw, then know that this photo of mine: D

PS The first photo in Google on the request of the same name.

Answer 25
July, 2021

Not that it's a completely meme meme, it seems to have spread only to a few IT publics, starting with / dev / null, where I posted my creation in the comments.

A bit of history. A long time ago, back in 2012, when I was working as a system administrator, I somehow unsuccessfully dropped my mug from the table, its handle broke off. Since it was too lazy to go for a new mug (at least 15 meters to the marketing department, and they might not have extra merch), I decided to fix it with what was on the table, namely a piece of vitukha and nylon ties. The design turned out to be quite successful, I took a picture of the mug, posted it at home, collecting a few likes from friends, and even then used it for a while.

And about a year ago, in the already mentioned / dev / null there was a post with the name " open source mug "(the first photo in Yandex.Pictures for this request), where there was a photo of a" mug "made from a can with a skein of scotch tape. In the commentary on this post, I threw my mug. The next day it was posted there with the caption "a cup of a real IT specialist" (again, the first photo in Yandex.Kartinkah for this request). And then the mug became a meme, got a bunch of likes and strangers even wrote to me a couple of times, they say, "now it's a meme)".

In general, creating a meme is fun)

P.S. For those who are too lazy to use the search, here's a photo:

Answer 26
July, 2021

I once walked with my friend in our city of Kaluga, it was winter, and so, we walk through the European courtyard and go through the children's world, here we stop and see the inscription "the sex shop has moved to the children's world behind the Weapons department"

we laughed, I took a picture. Then the goal was probably still 2011. So, I posted a photo on my page, and then threw it to Maddison's public page (he used to have a funny group) what was my surprise that the photo went to the Internet, it was even shown in the comedy club (xs can you be proud of that)

But the photo was taken by me, the horizon is a little overwhelmed there and I define mine or not.

The meme, of course, will not pull, but it was still nice

Answer 27
July, 2021

You don't even need to google my meme. In honor of him, on April 1, a VK Easter egg was filed down, a little later stickers with him appeared, then I learned that had organized a skating rink in his honor, and his huge statue stood at the VK festival last year. He has already managed to bore everyone terribly and made many disappointed in the sense of humor of modern society. I directly hated this word with all my heart, although it is now used in everyday speech in general everywhere. This meme is NICHOSI.

The foundation was laid on July 6, 2013. I have a close friend, with whom we periodically draw any trash on the wall for each other (even to this day). I drew THIS on her wall in half a minute that day from the Kate Mobile app, which is pretty obvious from the drawing if you look closely. Sometimes we save each other's drawings to the folder with the saves in VK, it happened this time too. She was not some famous person in any sense, except that we have a lot of virtual friends from other cities, who periodically check our saves and, accordingly, re-save them for themselves. We are used to finding this drawing at the "friends of friends" for a year, we forgot about it altogether.

At the end of 2014, I remembered about it, seeing it again where I least expected to see: in the correspondence of my boyfriend with friends ... In the meantime, I told me that this was my drawing, but to my surprise, I was not believed. They asked for proof. It turned out that piccha has been walking all over the Runet for six months already. This friend and all the few enlightened people threw me articles and videos on the possible origin of this phenomenon, and the generally accepted version is that he first appeared on a pick-up in 2014 somewhere in the comments. In general, it was all fun to watch, it became a kind of cultural wave, and I was just indulging in boredom with Tephon. Moreover, it was not an accident, it spread for a very long time, the Internet began to seem truly cramped.

Once, for the sake of the lulz, I wrote a question on this topic to tech support, fanned it with my friend that I might get a share, or else on some doshikah I live, but the creator of such a large-scale phenomenon. It all came down to the fact that in order to acquire some rights, I need to write a letter with a statement and send it to the VK branch accordingly, so that this issue can be considered, but it has ceased to be so funny, and we scored. In addition, over time, I began to somehow be ashamed of it even, and the original had long been forgotten by everyone and was of no interest to anyone, since it was replaced by something that looked like a trash can / minion / contraceptive, you get the idea.

This entry is still on the wall of a friend, but it is closed. Direct link to the original figure: Some kind of material evidence:

Answer 28
July, 2021

It was back in the carefree school years. On one of the warm spring days, my friend and I got out for a walk. After a couple of hours of walking through the streets, the idea was proposed to climb onto the roof, take pictures. We climbed in, took pictures, raced, then walked a little more and went home.

At home, for some reason I was impatient to amuse my self-esteem with the fact that I was just going to be crazy about what a Photoshop master. I took one of the photos and stuck CJ from GTA San Andreas flying on a jetpack. To be honest, I don't remember what prompted me to attach it, but at that moment this idea seemed insanely funny to me. I threw it off to her, we laughed, and even forgot.

A year has passed. A friend literally rushes in to me and shouts: "I BECAME A MEMO!", And shows an entry in MDK, on ​​which the same photo is fixed with the caption "SUDDENLY". I have no idea how the photo got there, I left it on her conscience. On that day, almost all the "rachevni" published this photo: first MDK, then Orlyonok, then "Paper airplane" and so on according to the list. The newborn star even said that her mother used the argument "And my daughter lit up at the MDC" when talking about her in a conversation (such an achievement, I must say).

In the full sense of the word, it did not become a meme , because after a couple of days there was neither a rumor nor a spirit about it, but when I saw the fruit of my creation in millions of publics (and, by the way, I was also a photographer), it was a very funny feeling, as if I had left a little trail in history :)

If you want to find this photo, type "suddenly sidoji" in Google pictures. It will be the very first.

--- Update from the end of June 2017 ---

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, and I again became the author of the meme. A narrower scale, and the idea is not mine, but only an adaptation, but her life cycle turned out to be longer, and in general I want to brag.

There are two communities on VKontakte where programmers and just geeks hang out: "Typical programmer" and "/ dev / null". A distinctive feature of these two publics is the almost daily advertising of one service for teaching pogroms (I will not write its name so that there is no unnecessary advertising. The only thing I will say is that its name begins with "G" and ends with "Ibrains"). It began to remind me of something. I shook my brains and remembered: for sure! A picture about frequent terrorist attacks in Europe. Well, this is the one with the words "Days since last muslim terrorist attack" and an applauding man against the background of a board with four zeros.

And then I got an idea how to modify it [crossed out] and cut down the lois [/ strikethrough]. A little bit of Photoshop mastery honed four years ago and a few minutes before bed, and I got this:

Then everything turned out to be very simple. I went to the public, threw this picture under the last advertisement of the ill-fated site (proof), and then the audience itself picked up the idea, and already for several weeks almost every you can see it with an advertisement.

In addition to it, the community made some more worthy picches that ridicule the site and the corruption of the public, but that's another story :)

Answer 29
July, 2021

Once I watched the series Mr. Robot, even before everyone started hooking it up. Well, in general, I watched it after the release of the quite cool movie Kung Fury, there was a character called Hackerman. When I looked at Mr. Robot, I immediately thought it was a bloody Hackerman. Then, I found a suitable shot from Kung Fury on the Internet, and then a suitable photo of Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) and made a picchu. I threw a meme in the then bearable CLIQUE and they immediately published it. The meme immediately spread to other publics, even the CLIQUE admin wrote to me, said what a cool meme, etc.
After a while, leafing through Tumblr's tape, I saw my "creation". It was cool.
By the way, this was my first and last successful meme. Such things.

Answer 30
July, 2021

I have a public page of my author's humor, My Truth, and for several years now I have been publishing my humor there and have not steal jokes from anyone.

Once I wrote a joke "Fear 358 if you strangle cats"
(358 - ecocide, mass extermination of flora and fauna "

Later I saw that someone opened an online store and sells mugs, T-shirts and caps with this joke.

Both nice and insulting.

Answer 31
July, 2021

Once I was sitting in my classmates in search of something tasty. Everything from silly posts to funny comments was my prey. And, oddly enough, I found a cherished comment in a group called "ATHEISM". I came across a dispute between an elderly man and some troll. In a fit of anger, the first one sent his opponent straight to the "Thai province of K-Hu-Yam". This comment seemed funny to me, and I screened it, and then sent it to the site with the same comments from ok.

Glory came pretty quickly. Someone found this man by the nickname on the screen and created a picture where this comment plays the role of a replica cloud. The picture was quickly uploaded by publics dedicated to app and a couple of other public pages, including their admins on their pages.

I myself did not expect such popularity of this picture, nor did I consider it funny. But the attention to her was flattered. When else will you unwittingly become the instigator of force on rakopubliks?

Answer 32
July, 2021

I am familiar with Adele Morse, who created the Stoned Fox - I then shot a favorite documentary of my VGIK classmates about her arrival in St. Petersburg.

The UL meme has become only with us, so Adele, living an ordinary life in London, working as a simple taxidermist artist, at first simply could not understand why so many letters from Russia were sent to her mail. But she got her profit from this: she flew to our area at the expense of the party that invited her, felt all the privileges and burdens of popularity on herself, so that later she would return to London with relief to her normal life. In my opinion, she earned a little on fame, but not much. At least something. And then, as a rule, the creators of memes remain unrecognized geniuses. Unless it flatters that something you produced went to the people.

Answer 33
July, 2021

Once we were bored with the guys in the hut.

And in the course of the non-bursting hovering, it was firmly decided to shoot a parody of one interesting video from the "hachimuchi" line, as suddenly a narrow-eyed familiar Kalmyk with an alcoholic T-shirt appeared, which, for some reason, ideally suited the role of a "leather" ".

Shooting began quickly. Enthusiasm and creativity poured out, almost leaving sticky puddles on the floor. The crooked translation into Russian has become a highlight of the video, because of which it gained due popularity on some public pages and other resources.

What kind of post-effects? Because of my phrase " Hey, little friend-pie ... " this terry chase stuck to me for a certain time. And people who recognize me less often - on the street, more often - in hot places, at all, instead of greeting and wanting to get to know me, make fun of me with this notoriety.

The rays of popularity from the number of views with all reloads almost in lam they no longer warm me, but it was cool to become an Internet-old.

I hope my family won't watch this video.

Answer 34
July, 2021

Sometime in school years (grades 7-8), my friends and I were tightly hooked on heavy music, really heavy music, like Slayer. At that time, different kinds of subcultures were gaining popularity, so we decided to become metalheads. We went to the nearest thematic store, bought ankle boots (in a fashionable way they are called "styles"), all sorts of sweatshirts with images of musicians, leather gloves, etc.

And so! Now closer to the subject: our school had strict rules regarding uniforms, and we couldn't dress like that every day. And on some of the holidays, when there was no need to wear a uniform, we came as true, in our opinion, rockers-metalists. Someone took a picture against the background of a blackboard and posted it in our class group. Many years passed and my surprise knew no bounds when this picture was posted to the MDK group, with a funny caption that they say they are "shit", then this picture went further to Lurkmorye, and even in Google if you type in the word "shit" this the photo. There were also some other public jokes with this photo. In fact, nothing has changed in my life, because I don't look like this for a long time, and no one found me on the Internet, but jokes from friends on this topic have become a kind of cliché in our company.

In general, it's better not to become a meme or funny picches!

Answer 35
July, 2021

About a year ago, my friend and I decided to make a picture with Mutko and the inscription "10 out of 10 crime know" for comments on Lentach (yes, yes). Now many people still use it in comments, and recently I saw in a post of one group, to which several tens of thousands were subscribed with an audience. Nice, in a word :)

Answer 36
July, 2021

My friend Lech once became a meme himself. The fact is that in our school STS decided to conduct a reportage on the topic of "youth slang". And they selected several particularly sociable individuals. I myself should have been there, but I sat in the dining room and missed everything. As I was later told, the journalist asked me to talk using Internet slang. Well, you understand that no one says that in life, so they improvised and issued the famous "omg, finally facepalm." The most zashkvar began when they were asked to explain the meanings of words. They said all sorts of nonsense (here already from stupidity, not from stupid requests).

After all this, we did not even watch the report itself and forgot about this story, but almost a year later, we were at his dacha, and messages began to arrive, in general, Lech was caught by a man of 50 trolls (Quite sad ). It turned out that the video was leaked to the network and it gained ten thousand views.

When they forgot about it, I was sitting on a cozy little one and saw a video called "stupid schoolchildren" in an article about slang. And after a while the video appeared on Gramar Nazi and a couple of rakopublics. There were thousands of comments, but personally for Leha, it all turned out only to the fact that we sometimes postfeat him. Like "in may hanest opinion" is "omg, finally facepalm".

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From which VK publics do many communities steal memes? Which publics are the first to start to force memes that then become popular everywhere?

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Is there any way to find out when and where on the internet a certain word / word was first mentioned?

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Internet Meme Culture | Mackenzie Finklea | TEDxUTAustin

How did the Be Like Petya meme come about? Why did he become so popular?

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What is the Floss dance and why has it become so popular?

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