How much do YouTube bloggers earn on average?

How much do YouTube bloggers earn on average?

How Much Youtube Pay on Ten Thousands Views in Pakistan|Complete Explanation in Urdu/Hindi

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Answer 1
August, 2021

On average, Google pays $ 1-2 for 1000 views on YouTube. Much depends on:

  1. Audience metrics (age, gender, geography, etc.)
  2. The number of ads and conversions.
  3. The number of actions on advertisers' sites.

the more active the audience and the more clicks, the more income.

Answer 2
August, 2021
  • Alas, but Ivan Rudskoy did not buy a house, but rented it, for several months and now he lives in Russia.
  • I also want to note that the queen of YouTube, or in another way, Katya Klep said in an interview: "My favorite videos on YouTube, these are in which they say how much Katya Klep earns, and the like, because you watch them and ask" Where all that money, I wish I could live like this ... "
  • I also want to touch such a moment, for every 100 views, absolutely any video blogger receives from $ 0.1 to ~ $ 1
Answer 3
August, 2021

One viewing of an advertising video completely dedicated to the advertiser's product brings on average 26 kopecks to Russian bloggers (data taken from an article with a market overview here)

If an advertising insert is inserted into the finished video at the beginning or at the end, then 1 an average view of a Russian blogger brings 14 kopecks.

Next, we multiply by views and get an approximate estimate for any blogger.

The most expensive advertising is now on EeOneGuy, Blue Traktor and on the roofs channels - 1 million rubles each.

Answer 4
August, 2021

Bloggers make money in three ways. The first is monetizing content on YouTube. It's just like on television: you watch a YouTube video and an advertisement appears in front of it. The second way is product placement. This is when a brand comes to a blogger and says: "I have a new product, let's think about how we can promote it among your audience." Product placement is always composite. Bloggers never recommend anything directly, with rare exceptions. They are very reluctant to participate in direct selling events. There are classical methods for calculating the assessment of whether the posting was successful or not (how many views, likes, etc.), mainly we are talking about the coverage that is not available to classical media (cf. TV is much smaller). The second way is the blogger's main income.

The third level is when a video blogger goes into the public space of a large offline and makes money on this. The dream of any video blogger is to shift the structure of his income from offline product placement (creating his own collection of clothes, writing books, participating in films, etc.). Any blogger strives to produce its content in its purest form, without ads. In the West, many have already succeeded. In Russia, everything is also moving in this direction.

Answer 5
August, 2021

In short: it depends on many factors.

Firstly, there are 2 sources of income: from embedded ads (ads on the right of the page, window at the bottom in the video, full screen with skippable, non-skippable and so on) and with the one that youtubers themselves insert (product placement) (there is already a lot of people here, there are a bunch of special projects, and simple mentions of another channel / store with a link in the description). And, obviously, different types of advertising are priced differently.

Secondly, advertising revenue (no matter what) depends on the audience:

1) location (revenue in Russia and the USA will differ greatly in favor of the United States, since different advertisers),

2) age (there may be much more offers for one age category than for another; for example, if the entire audience consists of children 10 years old, then one can hardly expect that they will be interested in advertising, because they have almost no money of their own, they will be of interest to advertisers only if they ask their parents to buy them a product / service),

3) a lot of other things.

Thirdly, we must remember that income directly depends on views, and not on followers / likes / dislikes. But p / l / d (any interactions) show the engagement of the audience and put videos higher in the search, which leads to new views and new income, i.e. influence indirectly. When an advertiser wants to know about real engagement, he looks at how the merchandise is sold. If he sees that people are ready to spend money on this blogger's merchandise, this channel will be much more attractive to him.

In general, it all depends on how the content is suitable for advertisers. I cannot literally translate it, in English it is called advertiser-friendly. Advertisers don't like conflicting bloggers, they are more important about stability. If every YouTube vidos is guaranteed to get x views, that's good for them. If a youtuber for normal views needs to constantly try to hyip and shit someone, and since he has low views without dramas and generally does not know how many views he will have on the next video, he will be much less interesting. Why would they ruin their reputation? Again, the friendliness of the video decides the advertiser)

There is no middle. Everything is too different. Again, who is considered a "blogger"? 100K +? 1M +? Channels with one person or a whole team? And what information will you get, even if you know the number x - the monthly income of all YouTubers or a part of them, divided by their number? It won't give you any idea about their earnings. In any case, you need to invest a lot of time / money / effort first before everything starts to pay off. And yes, this can be many times higher than earnings on "traditional" jobs, but not immediately.

And another thing: as one youtuber who deals with video blogging training videos (Tim Schmoer) said - "YouTube - far from the most efficient way to get rich and popular. " This is true, because a video blogger should not only be charismatic, but also creative, and have a sense of design, be able to slaveotat with sound, photo, video, social networks. This is incredibly time-consuming. Editing one 5-minute video often takes tens of hours. Therefore, if youtuber puts money and popularity as his main goal, he will not achieve anything. "Authentic people end up becoming more popular anyway. But this fact is not a reason to be authentic." You need to really bring in something fresh and new. It needs meaning. You need to know exactly why you are doing this and what you want to achieve by it. This work pays for itself only if you surrender to it completely. There should be some higher goal, not money :)

PS. No, I am not a standard video blogger and far from claiming this title)

PS2. The last lines are more about really cool bloggers, to whom it makes sense to listen. You can say - look at this bunch of mediocre bloggers, they have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. So what? These are just numbers. Look at quality, not quantity. 100K small schoolchildren or 100K thinking people? Numbers do not always solve :)

Thank you for your attention! : D

Answer 6
August, 2021

I would venture to allow myself to advise those interested in the latest video from the notorious Wylsacom: It will just answer all questions.

Valentin explained everything in an accessible way using his channel as an example, talked about the types and ways of making money for video bloggers , gave real numbers.

In short, if you are curious about this topic, then you should like the video.

Answer 7
August, 2021

No average temperature. For example, 1 million views from Russian TOP bloggers will cost 150-200k rubles for one ad placement in one video. For channels and top thirty (EeOnyGuy, Max +100500, ThiIsOkho, Katya Klep and others) prices can go up to 500 thousand rubles for a short video before the video. If we are talking about a video with an advertising review of a product or service - about 300 to 400 thousand rubles per video.

For channels with less than a million subscribers, the cost for advertising is more elevated - about 50-70 thousand. rubles per million views (again, for a short clip before the video)

But channels with less than 100 thousand subscribers ask for too different prices to determine a certain "average for the hospital". The market is still young and not yet formed - that's why they set prices who have the audacity for what, so those who can adequately assess the result of placement in their videos earn money (since advertisers take this into account in the first place).

Well and in conclusion - for a complete picture of the level of earnings of vloggers, consider the amount they receive for views from YouTube or media networks. Here, too, you can never even roughly predict - but you can proceed from the calculation of $ 0.4 to $ 4 per thousand views, or use such statistics services like SocialBlade or the Epicstars YouTube advertising exchange.

Exact earnings, to Unfortunately, it cannot be counted, but for a vivid example, I can say that the most popular vlogger in Russia, Ivangai, recently bought a house in Los Angeles and in an interview mentioned his intentions to fix broken roads in his village. So count =)

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