How much money does it take to start trading the stock market?

How much money do you need to invest in the stock market?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

It all depends on your investment profile

1) For investments, it is desirable, well, at least 500 thousand rubles;

2) For daily or periodic trading from 100 thousand rubles.

Answer 2
August, 2021

W To start trading on the stock market, a few thousand rubles are enough, or any amount the loss of which will not be critical for you.

The main thing for you is to understand the mechanics of the process and technologies used in trading.

Understand how to buy / sell securities. How to place orders for trades that limit losses if the price does not go in your direction.

But to start making money is a completely different question.

First, learn not to lose money. market, then analyze the markets, then forecast on the markets, and only after that, after a period of at least a year or several years, you will start earning.

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Answer 3
August, 2021

To start trading, a minimum deposit is enough according to the terms of cooperation with a broker (on average, from $ 100).

But to start earning, an amount of more than $ 1000 is required and of course you need knowledge in investing.

Answer 4
August, 2021

I don't know how anyone, but I started with 1,500 rubles. You need to start money gradually and start with the amount that you are ready to lose. But people are not ready to lose even a hundred rubles, so if the market falls by 0.5%, and this case will happen tomorrow, people withdraw money at a loss. Start small and get used to it gradually. Personally, I raised my initial capital to 500 thousand in a year and I feel fine. I plan to accustom myself to a million in the stock market over the next year.

Answer 5
August, 2021

Briefly, the answer can be formulated as follows:

the cost of the minimum lot of shares on the MICEX (1000 rubles) + commission according to your tariff concluded with the broker.

That's it, you can start trading)

P.S. For the derivatives section of the stock market, the requirements for the initial capital are slightly higher: the collateral is 1/10 of the futures. Siska can be traded from ~ 6000 rubles on the account.

Answer 6
August, 2021

You can start investing in the stock market from 1–2 thousand rubles. But shares on the exchange are sold individually, but in lots.

A lot is the minimum number of securities that the exchange sets for a particular company. For example, one lot of Sberbank is equal to ten shares of this company, and one lot of Lukoil is equal to one share.

Lots are needed for the exchange to cover its costs of providing a purchase or sale operation when one share is worth too little. For example, the price of one VTB share is RUB 0.035 ( a very small amount, the exchange's expenses are higher than the price of the share itself ), and one VTB lot is 10,000 shares (RUB 350).

How to buy shares

You can buy shares remotely through the online securities showcase.

1) Go to the stock card, for example, Gazprom https: //

2) Click on "Buy".

3) Fill out an application for a brokerage account. It opens for free with the broker Tinkoff Investments.

A brokerage account is needed to register an investor on the exchange and take into account his income.

A broker is an intermediary company that conducts an investor's securities transactions at his command. Individuals cannot trade directly on the exchange. For each purchase or sale of shares, the broker takes a commission - from 0.025% of the entire transaction amount.

4) When the account is opened, replenish it with a bank card and then buy securities through the application or personal account. Tinkoff will also give you access there.

Answer 7
August, 2021

There are two possible answers to this question: simple and correct.

The simple answer is that you are only limited by the size of the minimum deposit with your broker (the company that provides you with access to the market): no broker you will not be able to trade on the exchange. The size of the minimum deposit depends, first of all, on the specific broker and on the market in which you want to trade - for example, the minimum deposit for a significant number of forex brokers is only $ 1. Nevertheless, if you see such a low initial payment, then you should not headlong to carry all your money to such an office in the hope of quickly becoming a millionaire - this is not only very problematic with a minimum start-up capital, but also quite risky: various "kitchen" brokers they like to lure customers with low initial deposits and all sorts of bonuses when replenishing their account - all this is done so that you bring scammers as much money as possible.

The correct answer is obviously much more complicated. In general, you can work in the stock market with almost any minimum deposit - another thing is that you must clearly understand that investing a ruble, it will be almost impossible to earn 100 rubles. Also, remember that many trading strategies and assets will not be available to you with insufficient capital. How can you determine the optimal amount of capital that is right for your goals and strategies? You cannot explain it in a nutshell, so I will brazenly take the opportunity and give a link to my article, which explains everything in detail.

Answer 8
August, 2021

There is such an expression: "Invest the amount that you are ready to lose." This does not mean that you will definitely lose money, it will be taken away from you or something like that. But you need to invest free money.

If you, as recommended by financial consultants, have accumulated a "buffer" of 3-6 monthly expenses for unforeseen situations (illness, dismissal, urgent repairs if neighbors flood your apartment), then do not carry them to the exchange. Invest in securities the money that you will not need in the next year, but preferably 5 years.

Saving up for a car on the stock exchange will probably not be the best solution either. But it would be wise to save up your “safety reserve” for retirement.

Our client Vladimir Ryazantsev started the experiment “My Personal Pension Fund” a year ago and describes it in blogs on our trading system's website. He opened a brokerage account with a minimum deposit of 3,000 rubles and makes contributions of 3,000 rubles every month, as if he were making contributions to a pension fund. He only manages savings on his own and invests in stocks. This is a good example of an approach to investing on the stock exchange.

Fortunately, since 2015, for such "long" savings, a good tool for such long-term investments has appeared - IIS, individual investment accounts.

This is a brokerage account, but with tax benefits and some restrictions.

So the investor does not pay tax on the profits received (on a regular brokerage account there is a 13% tax), or receives a tax deduction from the amount deposited on the IIA. The tax office refunds the personal income tax paid during the year at work, as is done when buying an apartment. So the state encourages Russians to invest.

IIA restrictions

An account is opened for at least 3 years. If you close it earlier, the benefits will be deprived.

The maximum amount of replenishment of the IIA per year is 400 thousand rubles. So the deduction will be 52 thousand rubles.

Now the government is discussing an increase in the maximum amount. But already under the current restrictions, 123,000 such accounts have been opened in Russia since January 2015.

You can read more about how IMS work with calculations on the Mosbirzh website.

Answer 9
August, 2021

To start, that is just to buy a lot of shares, you don't need a lot of money. For example, a lot of VTB shares of 10,000 shares now costs about 700 rubles. At the same time, there are securities, lots of which are already worth tangible, or even quite a lot of money.

For example, one lot from one share of the chain of stores "Magnet" costs 8,800 rubles. And a lot of one share of Transneft is 167,000 rubles.

The limit for starting trading on the exchange is usually the size of the minimum deposit for opening an account with a particular broker - the amount with which he is interested to “tinker”. This can be compared with the terms of a deposit in a bank - some deposit will be opened with an initial amount of 1000 rubles, another only from 50,000.

So it is with brokers: somewhere the minimum amount for opening a brokerage account is 10,000 rubles, somewhere around 50,000, somewhere there are no restrictions. For us, the Nettrader company, it is 3000 rubles for the All Inclusive tariff and 10,000 rubles for the Investor.

It is important to understand that the minimum amount is not so important. This is just an entry threshold, and it is quite low when it comes to investments.

But if, for example, you buy shares for 10,000 rubles and get a return of 20% per year, then it will turn out to be only 2,000 rubles in absolute terms. figures. The percentage was good income, but in real money it turns out that there was no point in wasting time. In addition, a tax of 13% will have to be paid on profits, that is, even less - 1,740 rubles will remain.

Therefore, in order to simply learn how to buy and sell shares on the stock exchange, it is enough to open an account with a minimum deposit - you can already feel the process , see commissions, feel responsibility for your money. But investing 10,000 rubles is one thing, and 1,000,000 rubles is quite another. A small amount is not so scary to lose and it is easier to take risks in order to get a large interest rate. And with a large amount, you already seriously assess the risks.

In general, this is usually the way customers who have not invested on the exchange before do so - first they open an account and put in a little money. Learn, understand the intricacies. The first profit and the first loss are received. They try further. And when they already master and understand that the securities market suits them, they start a larger amount and invest in a serious way.

If we talk about a tangible result, when you physically feel that securities give you some noticeable income, then the minimum deposit will be 100-300 thousand rubles with further regular replenishment and reinvestment of profits, that is, amounts comparable to those that are put on a bank deposit. A smaller amount will not allow you to diversify the portfolio well - that is, to collect a portfolio of different securities in order to reduce the risk of a drawdown of the entire portfolio due to the fall of one share, the share of which is large, because its lot is worth as a third of the entire portfolio.

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