How to open / start a business if you have a desire but no ideas for starting? (complex ideas only) There is not much start-up capital. Are there any books that will help in this matter, or just fill the cones?

How to open / start a business if you have a desire but no ideas for starting? (complex ideas only) There is not much start-up capital. Are there any books that will help in this matter, or just fill the cones?


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Answer 1
September, 2021

You need to start by drawing up a business plan. If you don't want to pay a specialist, look for layouts / templates on the Internet and arrange the same. List everything: pros, cons, competition, costs and planned "exhaust". Then look for investors or promote yourself. You can, for example, calculate everything and take a reliable loan for a year. In Zaymovkine, they give up to 100 thousand in one loan without any receipts, collateral, etc., etc. When finances appear, start implementation. Well, then gradually build up momentum) Something like this in a nutshell: D From the books I can recommend the top 3 for my taste:

-Р. Kiyosaki: "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

-R. Sharma: "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

-I don't know the authors: "Experimental Time Management"

Answer 2
September, 2021

Business is a very good motive. The question is what needs it meets.

  1. If you want the status of an entrepreneur, to acquire new qualities in your activities, then it is worth considering the "traditional" businesses. Franchises are fine here. The bumps are already full there - everything is brought into procedures and processes. Nobody cancels the organizational component on your part. But the option is quite acceptable.

  2. If you want a real growth in the value of a business, then you need to be able to look for an idea. It is important to understand that now the consumer has become more individual and there are a lot of unmet needs in microgroups. The essence of business is to deliver value to people. Developing product value is now a growth point. In contrast to this, there is a tendency to minimize the market volume. Therefore, it is a good method not to count the economy by unit (this is also necessary), but first just ask why people came here, understand the essence.

Answer 3
September, 2021

You don't need books, but observation. If you have no ideas, peep them from others. Learn the "entrepreneurial view": sit in a cafe, look at the check number, the landing percentage in the hall, at the guests, at the possible average check, at the number of staff. Try to calculate revenue and profit.

Everything you see around you is someone's business. You need to learn to notice this. Because sometimes completely new business models, popular goods and services appear. And old ideas are often underestimated: if they have existed for so long, then there is a stable demand and a stream of income in someone's pocket.

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