How to promote a business on Instagram?

How to promote a business on Instagram?

How to Grow Your Small Business on Instagram | 10 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Be yourself and make interesting content.

Be sure to do a hashtag analysis. Promote your business through company ambassadors, personal brands and employee faces.

Answer 2
July, 2021

First of all, create an interesting account with attractive photos and useful texts. The account should not only contain ads, people are also attracted by interesting information.
For promotion, it is better not to use special services for boosting likes and subscribers. The Instagram administration can track this and block the account. The most reliable (but laborious) way is to search for profiles of people potentially interested in your business, subscribe to them, and leave comments with them. This method, slowly but surely, gives an influx of subscribers, and therefore potential customers.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Hire a professional - everyone should do their own thing!

all amateurish promotion attempts are just a waste of time and zero result

we conclude a promotion contract and pay for a specific result

Answer 4
July, 2021

Everyone loves a bachelor, you need to do contests. It really works. Well, if possible, ask customers to write reviews. Plus on Instagram, very budget advertising. It can also be used in promotion.

Answer 5
July, 2021
  1. Content should be interesting
  2. Use the "promotion" from Instagram
  3. Be able to use hashtags
  4. Post every three days
  5. Don't forget about Stories
Answer 6
July, 2021

Register a pro account

Upload information and photos

Subscribe to related and related topics

Submit your topics and photos by interest

Always be online

Answer 7
July, 2021

We are specialists and professionals in the decoration of baths, saunas, steam rooms. We entrust the promotion of our work to specialists in Internet advertising at We advise!

Answer 8
July, 2021
  1. Describe in as much detail as possible the portrait of your target audience - who they are, what they eat, where they live and what problems they experience.

  2. Offer a solution to these problems with your product, service. Tell, show, explain.

  3. Keep in touch with your audience - before, after, and during the purchase. Become the one your customers think of first when a need arises that you can satisfy.

The technical methods and tips in the answers have already been described in great detail.

Answer 9
July, 2021

To get into trends, there are various services for boosting likes and subscribers. This is not a completely honest way, but, as a rule, no promotion company can do without it. I can recommend this one, there are real performers who honestly perform the assigned tasks. The service provides a guarantee and refunds for unsubscribing (through technical support).

Answer 10
July, 2021

First of all, you need to answer the question for yourself - is there my audience on inst? Do people generally buy my products through this network?

There are now 2 strategies for conducting an Inst:

  1. Formation and promotion of a personal brand. When it comes to selling high-value products. Then your social network is one of the "+" when choosing

  2. Promotion of your products directly.

These are 2 different content strategies. I talked about this in more detail in the video on our channel:

Answer 11
July, 2021

You need to form an approximate posting style, regularly generate posts, give bonuses to subscribers (at your discretion), but the most important thing is to understand that people come more for relaxation and entertainment than for shopping, so try to leave an account not only with yours offers and services, such accounts are not very interesting to people, there are exceptions, but in general something like this. Here you can read about the promotion

Also, without buying a publication from bloggers or ads, it's almost impossible the number of people, if you have not previously conducted social networks. How to set up ad display can be found here

Answer 12
July, 2021

Well, usually for this you need to get a popular account on instagram, there are different ways, for example, displaying ads on instagram itself, cooperation with bloggers. Also, the frequent publication of posts, pictures can have a positive impact. Few people want to visit empty accounts often. Try to rely on entertainment posts rather than commerce. Entertainment posts get more attention, at least usually. You can find a balance between these types of posts.

So I liked how it gets drunk in this article

- follow the publication schedule, 10 posts at the same time are not correct. Also form partnerships with large and not only bloggers.

Answer 13
July, 2021

We need to draw attention to your account, of course. Make interesting posts that provoke people to discussion. And you shouldn't forget about other methods either, you can read about them here It is not so difficult in our time to make an account popular, of any orientation.

Answer 14
July, 2021
  1. You need to evaluate your business in terms of the presence of the target audience on Instagram.

  2. Pack your business for your target audience and Instagram.

  3. Advertise your business, because if only your friends and relatives know about you, even if you have very high quality products, no one will come to you.

  4. Close requests competently and quickly.

  5. Do not use cheat services, because this will drain the budget to a non-target audience.

  6. Hire a business promotion specialist on Instagram or figure it out yourself by trial and error.

Answer 15
July, 2021
  1. Content should be interesting
  2. Use the "promotion" from Instagram
  3. Be able to use hashtags
  4. Post every three days
  5. Don't forget about Stories
Answer 16
July, 2021

I opened the Arabica beauty studio a month ago, the city of Krasnodar. Qualified employees work, tell me how to promote your account, how to attract customers, because the services are not expensive but high-quality.
Our Instagram
Thank you for your reply .

Answer 17
July, 2021

Step 1

Create an account

Instagram has no communities and groups, only three types of profiles:

standard - a personal page where you can share content and correspond;

author - for bloggers, gives access to statistics;

business - for companies and media, there is a "Contact" button on the page, extended statistics and advertising launch are available.

If you plan to start promoting your business on Instagram, you will have to create a profile on Facebook: these social networks are connected, most of the functions for an entrepreneur will not work without synchronization. Or use only the capabilities of the standard and author pages.

Sign up on Facebook and then create a company page. It is optional, but desirable. Sign up for Instagram, after that in the settings, click "Switch to a professional account"

The social network will ask you to specify a category and will understand people with what interests you should recommend you. For example, it could be a generic Brands and Products section. Or “Local Companies” - for users who value content from their city. There are other categories of interests too: accounts for movies, books, music, sports, or television.

Add an email address and phone number, and finally link the profile to your Facebook business account. Done!

Depending on the version of the application, the path for creating a business account may slightly differ.

Step 2

Create a profile

Go to settings and fill in the main fields.

Name - highlighted in bold in the profile. Indicate the name and type of activity - so the user will immediately understand what the company is doing. Keep in mind that Tasty Vegetables Cafe is better than just Tasty Vegetables.

Username (nick) is a unique name. With this codeword, users will be able to tag you in posts (there will be a record like @nick). Choose a nickname so that it is associated with the business. Do not complicate it: a name that is too long is difficult to remember and write without mistakes.

In the "About me" section, tell us what you are doing and what the user will receive by following you. Add your contact information.

Add your profile photo. It is round, the optimal size is 110 × 110 px. It is worth putting your logo or main product there.

Step 3

Write a few posts

Users come to social networks for interesting and useful content. Ask yourself, “What do customers want to see in my feed? What will be interesting for them to see and read? ”.

Answer 18
July, 2021

I'll tell you frankly! Most of the methods described and reproduced in Internet articles and books do not work. Since by the time you read them and they will go to the TOP by request, they will simply not be relevant. To understand this issue - go to the competitors' page and analyze their activity, what exactly they do, how they do it! It is also worth considering the audience, if 15,000 subscribers and 100 likes, it makes no sense to focus on this account.

Good luck!

Answer 19
July, 2021

The maximum task for a business on Instagram is not just to make one-time money, but to make sure that your business and account are trusted. Thus, you form a loyal audience, which will bring you profit.

This is difficult at first. High-quality content, ads, and the right posting times will greatly increase your reach. But to have real applications, you need activity under the posts - questions about the product, impressions from real people.

This question will help you to solve activity chats . These are chats where the owners of Instagram pages gather and exchange likes / comments, thus helping each other to promote posts. These chats are good because they are not just settings for the program, but real people. If there is a post about a product, then you write to the chat "like and ask a question about the product", and other chat participants will do it ... Also, the post may not be selling, but comic, respectively, and the message to the chat will be in a different format. This is very convenient.

Activity chats are safe in all respects and only work in your best interests. Activity chats:

  • are free;
  • do not contradict the rules of the Instagram Administration and their algorithms;
  • easy to use;
  • kickback is fast;

And I think most importantly, effective. Real comments always have a good influence on future customers.

In the vastness of telegram, you can find such activity chats through the "search". But no one knows how this search in the telegram works) On my own I can recommend the chats that I personally use:,

Activity chats.jpg

We wish you success in your business!

Answer 20
July, 2021

First, determine what, to whom, and at what price you are selling. Conduct your own SWOT analysis and analysis of the target audience, understand how your product or service can solve a problem or cover the needs of potential customers.

Until you do your marketing analysis, you will be groping. The effectiveness of such promotion tends to zero - I was convinced of this from my own experience.


Secondly, make your Instagram profile right. A brief description of the company and USP in the profile header, a beautiful avatar, a link to a website or other platform where you can order goods or services.

Be sure to draw up eternal stories - show and tell about payment methods, delivery terms, guarantees. Show customer reviews - this will increase brand confidence.


Thirdly, develop a content plan, select hashtags, high-quality visuals for posts.


Fourthly, regularly publish new posts and be sure to evaluate the results of promotion.


If you want to drive paid traffic, hire a good Instagram ad specialist. Alternatively, find bloggers who interact with your target audience.

Regarding bloggers, be sure to check if their profile is screwed up. This can be understood by the number of interactions with posts - likes (if they have not yet been disabled in your region), comments.

Answer 21
July, 2021

Step 1

Create an account

Step 2

Create a profile

Users come to social networks for interesting and useful content. Ask yourself, “What do customers want to see in my feed? What will be interesting for them to see and read? ".

If you are interested in promotion, write

Answer 22
July, 2021

To promote a business on Instagram, use services for promotion. I can recommend the service If you want to choose a service for promoting Instagram yourself, then you can read reviews about the services that can be found here I'm sure you can choose what you need.

Which business is Instagram suitable

Instagram is more suitable for selling various products. After all, it can be photographed and interestingly described on the pages of the insta. Clothes, shoes, handicrafts, creams, etc. are all very convenient to sell on this social network.

I hope you already understood how to promote your business on instara - you just have to take pictures your products and publish photos on Instagram. At the same time, of course, it is important to provide photos with selling texts. The photos themselves should be of high quality and generally look great. Then customers will flock to you in droves.

Work for search engines

Don't forget about the needs of Google and Yandex. The influx of traffic from search engines won't hurt you. Maybe you want to be above all this SEO fever, but you still have to find high-frequency queries for your topic (business). And you even have to add a request to your title and even more so a description. You will also have to add high-frequency queries for your products to all posts.

By the way, do not forget about hashtags. On social media, this is the best way to attract additional followers. In general, all this means that you have to hire competent SMM-specialists.

What else is needed for happiness and big money

Our time is the era of video content ... So if you are hoping to promote your business without video content, then you are greatly mistaken. The video will have to be filmed with enviable regularity. So it's better to just hire a video professional without any hesitation. Don't forget to post entertaining videos on Instagram.

I was glad to help you! Hopefully, you will find my answer very helpful. Probably, I could confuse something or be mistaken in something. Please do not judge me harshly. I am writing for my own pleasure, and I do not always have time to give a detailed answer. I would be very happy if you left your advice and comments in the comments. I will try to answer!

Answer 23
July, 2021

The first five steps to promote your online business:

  1. Switch the profile from personal to "Business" mode and optimize it. Optimization means the company logo, the design of the profile header, contacts for communication.
  2. Start posting photos of the products you sell. Remember that Instagram is a showcase, so keep an eye on the quality of your posts.
  3. Write informative texts describing products, services, processes of your company.
  4. Put at least 5 hashtags. relevant to your business.
  5. Run contests for subscribers.

In my blog, I also wrote about business promotion, there I described in more detail all the ways and methods of paid and free business promotion on Instagram.

If you want to promote your account yourself, please note that some methods that are often written and advised do not work, for example:

  • First, start using bots.
  • Secondly - following - 3% of users sign mutually, and not 30% as two years ago. This method is deprecated.
  • Frequent hashtags - duplicate tags can provoke sanctions from the Instagram administration.
Answer 24
July, 2021

Create a content plan

Your posts should be clearly planned for optimal timing. Experiment to determine the appropriate time interval between posts.

1-2 posts per day with a long time interval are optimal. For example, the first post can be posted in the daytime, and the second post in the late evening.


Constantly like other users posts. This is how you show attention and attract people to look at your profile. On average, for every 100 likes you put, you can get 6 new followers.


Subscribe to like-minded people. It's an effective way to grow your follower base. It is important to choose people with similar interests. Under such conditions, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases.

The easiest way is to look for like-minded people among the subscribers of your competitor.

Comment on other people's posts

This way you attract the attention of users to your page. This method works especially effectively on popular publications and under the posts of opinion leaders. But keep in mind that the comment should be really interesting. Simple “Cool” will not bring the desired result.

Post a video

According to statistics, video content is most often commented on, so it has a much higher chance of becoming viral than a photo. Plus, Instagram's updated algorithms are very fond of the audience engagement rate, which is boosted by comments

It's good if you can shoot quality videos yourself. If this is not the case, then it's okay. It is enough just to select popular videos related to the topic of your account and repost them.

Use geolocation

Always try to mark the place where a particular photo was taken. Geotags are another source of search for like-minded people and people who are close to you.

Collaborate with other accounts

Mutual PR has not been canceled yet. Find multiple accounts with a similar target audience href, but not your direct competitors and offer mutual ad placement. For example, if you are photographing children's parties, you can offer cooperation to a toy store in your city. This audience exchange will benefit both pages.

Throw in some blue

According to research, posts with blue get 24% more likes than photos with red or orange.

Promotion of an insta profile is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. First, you need to combine many methods of promoting your Instagram account. Secondly, all actions must be repeated regularly and systematically.

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