How to remove yourself from the Internet?

Delete yourself from the internet |Erase internet presence completely

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Answer 1
August, 2021

Good afternoon! Let's figure out together how not to let what appeared on the Internet stay on the Internet :)

In fact, it all depends on where the information about you is published. If in search engines, the scheme of action will be the same, if in social networks, it will most likely be completely different. Here in this article, we have described in detail what to do with defamatory information. Here's a brief and informative summary of common approaches.

  1. Contact site administrators . Explain why you think this information is worth removing. Nuance: the published material must violate something. For example, to disclose personal data, contain slander, insults, mat. Some sites will agree to delete a comment if it contains a lot of grammatical errors. So check the internal rules of the resource - it is quite possible that there will be points that are relevant for you. Gather evidence of your case and write a letter to the administration with arguments. Moderators usually post contacts for communication in the "About us" section.
  2. Hammer in search results . This is not the same as removing yourself from the Internet, but it is close in effectiveness. If unwanted data is indexed well, then you need to hide it on 3+ search engine pages. Hardly anyone will climb there. To do this, copy a request that contains unnecessary information and write as many texts as possible on it. Place them on sites that easily fall into the search results. For Yandex, for example, Zen and Q can be considered such resources.
  3. Try to exercise your right to be forgotten . Let's say right away: this law is ineffective, it helps in rare cases. But it's still worth trying. You should not hope for a positive response from search engines if the information is controversial. For example, you have been called a cheater, and you have no documented evidence of a lie. Then the representatives of the search engines will send you to establish the truth in court. The law can help when you need to hide outdated personal information. If you are lucky and the search engines find it fair to apply the law to your situation, unwanted links will disappear from the search results. But the information will remain on the primary sources. To exercise the right to be forgotten, follow the links: for Google, for Yandex.
  4. Go to court . This is a last resort because litigation takes a lot of time and money. If you are ready to spend several tens of thousands of rubles and 3-4 months, contact a lawyer and ask for his help. He will conduct pre-trial preparation and defend you in court. In this case, the deletion of information cannot be guaranteed: who knows how things will turn out.

And if you need to remove yourself from the Internet quickly, efficiently and with a 100% result, contact the specialists of the Reputation Moscow reputation management agency. We will save you unnecessary information with a lifetime warranty.

Answer 2
August, 2021

AHAHAHAH, for example, how do I delete my comment to the answer to thequestion? And by the way, while I was writing this question, I finally figured out how to do it - untie it from the page and rename the acc * _ __ *

Answer 3
August, 2021

Many sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Odnoklassniki) themselves provide the ability to delete all information about yourself. It's not hard to do. But what if the information is outside your control? In this case, it all depends on who stores this information and makes it available on the Internet.

There are several basic principles that can be followed to make access to some information as difficult as possible.

  1. Delete

If the information violates copyright or local laws, you can contact law enforcement or the court. It is interesting that the jurisdiction under which the information falls can be much broader than it seems at first glance. For example, sometimes they are sued in the UK because the defamation laws are much stricter there than in other countries. There are cases when scientists find themselves in the courtroom for publishing fair criticism of services provided by companies (Simon Sigh vs British Chiropractic Association)

In the EU countries there is a concept of personal (personal) information. This is all that can be tied to a specific person. Thanks to the EU legislation under the general name Right to be Forgotten, it is much easier to delete such information - it is enough to notify the "Guardian" and justify it with one of the points of the legislation. However, it is not at all easy to understand the numerous amendments to the laws. It is worth emphasizing that this applies to any information - from your address filled out on a discount coupon to data stored by mobile operators. (Financial data is retained much longer)

  1. Remove the link in search engines

If you don't remove the information itself, you can make it difficult to find. Here, the rules set by the search engines themselves and the legislation will come to the rescue. Removing links to information that violates copyright is a common thing. Google, for example, satisfies thousands of such requests.

In the area of ​​personal information, the European approach is again interesting. In mid-2014, the court ruled that Right to Reply laws apply not only to the information itself, but also to its indexing by search engines. Google has a specific request to remove links to personal information based on this legislation. Not all requests are satisfied. It is also important to understand that links to pages are removed only from the index by the name of the person. That is, if you search by name, no page will appear in the results, but if you search by other keywords, then please.

  1. Bury

Everything is simple here - you can come up with several namesakes, create pages on them in social networks, blogs (which it is desirable to advertise) and make them many times more popular than the information that you want to bury. However, it is worth remembering that the page rank in the search engines depends on the number of links to this page. It will be difficult to bury the conditional "Shubohranilishche"

  1. Wait

And the last thing. You can just waitatat - old Internet pages are gradually crumbling - deleted from servers as unnecessary, thrown from place to place (breaking links) and dropped from indexes.

Answer 4
August, 2021

There are several types of personal information on the Internet, and it is not always possible to delete absolutely everything.

The first type is social networks. With them, the issue is quite easily resolved - you can remove yourself from almost everywhere. There is an excellent site JustDelete.Me and there are detailed instructions on how to delete yourself from each social network, for Russians - Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte - there is also an instruction. This is very convenient because it takes a lot of time to find this function on your own. This is a rare feature and therefore not in the most prominent place. It is especially convenient if you want to remove yourself from 10 social networks at once, but do not want to spend all day on it.

The second type is the information that you left on the forums. Most forums prohibit deleting yourself because then you break the thread of the discussion. If the information cannot be deleted, then it can be changed - your name, your contacts.

There is a third type of information - stolen and published databases. The publication of such information violates the law on personal data. The only way to deal with such a site is to go to court.

And the last thing is when someone else wrote about you on some site. Then all you can do is manually write letters asking delete information. There are special services that deal with these, but it is very expensive. But we do not have to respond to your request to delete such information. I had a case, I worked in a company and there the director ran away with the money. And the employees made a website, where they told about what a villain he was and how much he owes us. Probably he would like to close this site, because there is a lot of information about him there. But if he had written us a letter, we would not have closed it.

I say right away - contact Yandex or Google with a request that they delete information about you (after all, it is not the fact that information is available that matters, but that it can be found by typing your name into the search) from search engines is useless. This is clearly stated in their rules. If this is not your Security Number or a copy of your personal signature, but simply information defaming honor and dignity, Yandex and Google will not delete links to it. If you want some specific information about you to simply not be in the search engines, then you can resort to trick. Write a million posts with your name, that is, flood everything. And then if you drive your name into the search, a bunch of unnecessary information will come out, and it will be almost impossible to find information you don't want.

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