¿Quién es 'Sombra'?

¿Quién es 'Sombra'?

Los orígenes de Sombra (ES)

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Answer 1
July, 2021

It is also worth adding that Sombra may not be a playable character, but the AI ​​of the new mode, which will be ala horde mode. If interested, here's a link to the video: youtube.

It's also worth visiting gamedetectives for the latest news on Sombra.

And join the discord-confa, in which you yourself can take part in solving the mystery of this mysterious Sombra.

Answer 2
July, 2021

## Where's Sombra when you need her?

Now I will answer the question, although the author probably already knows everything.

Sombra is an unannounced, mysterious hero from Overwatch. We got the first information about it while still inside the game.

On the Dorado map, there are folders / documents that contain information about Soldier 76, Jack Morrison and a certain Sombra. Soldier 76 and Jack Morrison are one person, the founder of Overwatch, and he was in the game from the beginning. Therefore, Sombra immediately attracted attention, and many expected that she would be the next hero to be added to the game (after seeing Anu, the next character to be released, some thought that this was Sombra, but there were too many inconsistencies, plus she appeared immediately after the release new information about Sombra in one of the comics).

On the same map you can find a newspaper that contains an image of Sombra (which may well turn out to be far from reality, since there are no real merged photos with Sombra's development - no) with the heading "¿Quién es' Sombra '? " from the author's question.

By the way, Sombra is translated from Spanish as "Shadow". And her name, and the language of communication, and the fact that most of the references to her are contained on the Dorado map (on computer terminals you can find warnings about encryption and the Sombra protocol, it is also possible that Reaper will utter a special remark on this map related to Sombra ) hints to us about its Mexican origin. In the threads on the reddit, there is a wonderful proposal to make her a skin, which will be called Sombraro, and she will wear nothing more than a sombrero in it (though so far without a visual concept).

In addition to in-game tips, the developers actively threw in quite interesting decryption tasks that even people who were not interested in the game solved.

The most insane code, perhaps, was the code from the Summer Games announcement. Overwatch. To get it, you had to pause at the moment of the Tracer temporary shift. https://youtu.be/qpcOD9tJM4k - video here, code between 7 and 8 seconds.

Despite the abundance of various clues about Sombra, Jeff Kaplan claims that we have not yet found all the clues about her hidden inside the game (at least that's what he said, maybe everything has already changed).

After the last mystery of the developers, many hope to see Sombra in a certain patch 1.3 because of the line "... Protocolo Sombra v1.3 iniciado ...".

By the way, all these references and hints from the developers hint that Sombra is associated with various hacks and ciphers. And yet, many people believe that she is invisible.

Such things.

UPD: In fact, I am in solidarity with Miroslav and I think that Sombra does not have to be a playable character (as much as we would not like it). It will be very difficult to fit it into the Overwatch mechanic. Mobile invisible assassin assassin? Too op. Who even promised us her as a hero? So it’s not worth hoping for.

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