Should a TheQuestion participant adjust to the opinion of the majority so that his answers are not minus?

Should a TheQuestion participant adjust to the opinion of the majority so that his answers are not minus?

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Answer 1
June, 2021

Do you need comments?

How many dozens of such racers are running around the site for cons, convulsively crushing cons, simply because they do not like the position of a person, his views, thoughts, reasoning?

A lot of interesting answers that have nothing to do with politics fall into minus sweat as a result of the actions of such convulsive fighters against dissent.

Draw your own conclusions.

Answer 2
June, 2021

A must if he cares . To catch the minuses - it is enough to spit into the well of public opinion once.

The participant in thequestion must be polite, well-mannered, able to express his thoughts clearly ... It would be nice if he really had them. Own or overheard, deducted, spied on, borrowed or purchased at a discount. Life experience is welcome. Well, a sense of humor. Style .. Deep knowledge of the subject of discussion. Ability to keep quiet when you have nothing to say and a little money to buy a herring and fool her head when you are bursting with crazy ideas and questions.

And minuses are usually caught for (already checked):

1 rudeness.

2 insult to public opinion or some sacred cow.

3 when you push against the movement. All for sex without responsibility - and you are against.

4 LGBT ... No comments.

5 call to do without swearing (?!)

6 reminder all known, but unpleasant things.

7 atheists minus believers, and they pray that the Lord will remind them to the true path

Answer 3
June, 2021

Do you answer for the pros and cons? Don't you have your own opinion? Think freely and express your views, there is nothing wrong with that. Even if your answer does not coincide with the opinion of the majority - it's okay, but it's your opinion.

Answer 4
June, 2021

No, it shouldn't. For your answers are your opinion, if you do not have it, then this is very bad. The answers are minus, well, sort out your answer, maybe it is not correct. It is foolish to adapt to the opinions of the majority if this majority does not speak correctly.

Answer 5
June, 2021

Look, initially TheQuestion was conceived as a site where a person can ask a question, and experts will answer it. It is assumed that the expert knows something that most people do not know, and he can share his knowledge. He can indicate his name, profession, education in the profile, and people who read his answer can understand from all this how much they can trust the answer.

Naturally, people sometimes want to answer not only the questions they deal with professionally, and there are no prohibitions for this. Each person has some kind of experience and knowledge that others do not have. But there is a rating system that exists to assess an expert's ability to answer questions on different topics. Of course, this system is not ideal, and not completely objective, but it still protects the resource from spam and outright delusion.

When answering a question, an expert initially knows that his answer will be evaluated. The answer should contain not just your opinion, but some information that the majority do not know, but after your answer they will find out, and possibly change their idea of ​​some things. Of course, you need to take into account the majority view of the question you are answering, and try to make your reasoning convincing enough.

If you look at the responses of those who have high ratings on this site, you will notice that they always tell something interesting. For example, Gleb Simonov talks very coolly about art. Does he try to conform to the opinion of the majority, which believes that contemporary art is bullshit that all sorts of rich fools buy for a lot of money - no, he does not, and explains why this is not so. The rating of Evgenia Senchukova is about how atheists minus the Orthodox on TheQuestion. For example, Pavel Vyachkilev quite often criticizes Navalny, but his rating is still quite high. Why? Because look at the reasoning and the number of facts in his answers.

In general, the cases when people write "Putin is great", "I do not like Navalny" and get disadvantages, or vice versa "Putin is bad, Navalny is cool "and get a few pluses - that's not what this site is for. Write about topics in which you know more than other people, be polite, make arguments and you will be fine with your rating.

Answer 6
June, 2021

Of course not!

They will minify you, and then what? nothing will change from this. This is a disagreement from your point of view. And people cannot have the same points of view.

Answer 7
June, 2021

I recently started writing on this site. I just had a rating of 19, and immediately became 0. I do not consider this a tragedy, but I do not see anything good if a person minus not specific questions, but in order to shit on a specific person.

The site likes what you can write about gender issues and the rights of women and men without censorship, which usually occurs in feminist communities during the crisis of Russian feminism in recent years. At the same time, on this site, one does not want to advertise his left-wing anti-Stalinist political views with the predominance of liberal ones. Briefly about the conflict between Russia and the West around Ukraine and Syria, mentioned in the topic, I think that all sides are "good" here, but Russia's aggressive policy is also mediocre in that Russia does not have the resources to pursue the same aggressive foreign policy as the West. While criticizing the internal politics of the West from a leftist position, I still think that it makes sense for Russia to borrow a lot from there. Regarding Dawkins mentioned in the topic. The idea, expressed in the book "The Selfish Gene", that a genetically determined trait may have an advantage in selection, not due to the benefits for the survival of the offspring, but due to the increased ability of this trait to reproduce, deserves interest. But I think that he exaggerates the role of biological and underestimates the role of social factors in human behavior, which contributes to justifying social inequality, including gender inequality.

Either some patriarchal conservative or a representative of the Russian "Radfem" could nominate me. which I also criticize. The Russian "Radfem" is in fact inclined towards patriarchal conservatism with "misandry" rhetoric, and least of all they will like it if a man criticizes him. It has nothing to do with international radical feminism, which I respect for my disagreements on many fronts. All possible reasons are difficult to predict, and I can be wrong in my assumptions. But a lot depends on chance.

Answer 8
June, 2021

I noticed that on this site the minuses reflect on the content of the answers, and their form. If you call someone liberals, a herd, hamsters, potsreots or quilted jackets, distort the names of famous politicians, then why be surprised at the minuses? This site is full of answers and comments of clearly oppositional content, but in an incorrect, bilious form - and, oddly enough, they are also minuscule. On the other hand, there are many clearly pro-government responses with a high rating.

A minus is a way to show your disagreement or hatred without getting into polemics. They use this opportunity, as a rule, when the author of the answer (comment) has caused quite certain emotions with his network behavior.

All of the above applies only to politics, because you will not find the truth in this question. And the truth is what is true for you.

And also a minus is a tool for filtering out frankly useless answers so that TQ does not slip into [email protected], yes ...

Answer 9
June, 2021

Should a TheQuestion participant adjust to the opinion of the majority, so that his answers do not minus?

You cannot adjust, just as you cannot radically go against everything and everyone. This is the expression - do not go with the flow, do not go against the flow - go where you need to.

Answer 10
June, 2021

First, everyone has the right to act as he sees fit: to adjust or not to adjust. For myself, I see no reason to "tune" either to TQ or anywhere else.

Secondly, judging by the comments of the author of the question, cons are not a problem for him (quote: "having fun typing cons"). He does not like the limitation of the opportunity to speak up (no more than once a day) after reaching a rating of minus 50 or less. In this sense, the question is manipulative, since the author is trying to find support from those who approve or are neutral about the restrictions for "-50".

Calling things by their proper names, the author would like to continue unchecked "fun to type cons, "troll most TQ visitors. Naturally, neither the platform nor the visitors themselves are interested in this. Therefore, I am sure that the restriction will remain - in one form or another. And what a "dissident troll" should do is up to him. Personally, I leave if I do not agree with the majority of participants or with the policy of the resource owners. But trolls have their own logic and, of course, they have the right to act in their own way.

Answer 11
June, 2021

In general, I never tracked where and how many minuses someone put on me and ignored messages like "your question got a lot of minuses" that sometimes get into notifications. Yet somehow I have a high rating. I xs how it happened, but apparently still my not the most popular point of view from any side finds its fans.

On the one hand, I would like to recommend expressing my opinion in a polite manner and not offending my opponent, but again turning to myself - I am not shy in expressions and if I see a reason to show disrespect to the interlocutor, I do it freely.

I can advise you not to speak out in questions, the opinion on which may not coincide with the fashionable here, but again, I never do this myself.

So the only advice: spit on the rating.

And be critical, think seriously about everything you make up an opinion, comprehensively, doubt it and look not for confirmation of your point of view, but for refutation, check your arguments for strength and reliability. The second is purely life advice from me :)

Answer 12
June, 2021

This is my first day here. I have not studied everything yet. I think no. If you could buy food and clothes on this site for the pluses, then it would make sense. But it doesn't.

Answer 13
June, 2021

No, it shouldn't, because here you can only be minus, and not spread rot, as it might be in reality. Nothing will change from the minuses, just further express your opinion.
There is one person on ThQ, Dmitry Fincher or something ... I will now add minuses to any of his answers or comments, and not because I am part of the "herd", but because I know what he did and I didn't like it.

Answer 14
June, 2021

Personally, I don't put a minus if the answer is on the topic and there is some truth in it. And I'm not afraid of the downsides, if everyone says that the Sun revolves around the Earth, then why should I say false statements just because everyone says so? And always at the end of the answer I write the following phrase "If I made a mistake, then please forgive and correct"

Answer 15
June, 2021

I don’t put downsides.

Somehow I dared to write that I don’t care about this your Navalny, and caught 40 minuses.

At such moments, you realize that zombies are already next to us ...

Answer 16
June, 2021

What difference does it make to you for these pluses and minuses? You will certainly receive them if your position does not coincide with the opinion of the majority of the audience. Cons and pros only mean agreement or disagreement with your position. The main thing is to express your thoughts with dignity, with arguments and facts.

Answer 17
June, 2021

Let's start with the fact that no one owes anything to anyone. Better not to use this word without legal justification. Otherwise, you can plow all your life on invented debts.

As for this question, the answer is obvious. Man survived for a very long time. The good times came 50 years ago, and man is only 400,000 years old on earth. Instincts will not disappear in such a short period of time. And this is expressed in everything, even in this context. Most need a guarantee of survival. 100% and at least kill you. And one of the external indicators is just adherence to the strategy common with the majority.

So, different opinions just allow you to see the full picture of this or that issue. Not because a person is overvariable and everyone sees something "their own". But because in our world a stick always has two ends. There is the so-called "Popper's Criterion", which says approximately the following: "either it is possible to prove the opposite, or dosvidos".

Now a test for critical thinking: which is better - logical analysis or instincts?

Answer 18
June, 2021

I can tell from my own experience. If you express your position reasonably and calmly, without slipping into insults and rudeness, even with respect to an indefinite group of people, then even if the position does not agree with the "majority", then, of course, you will not earn a large mass of advantages, but it is far from negative fly away. If you care, of course.

Answer 19
June, 2021

I basically don't look at the pros or cons. What's the difference. My beliefs did not develop yesterday, and if they contradict the general mood, I will not tear my chest hair out of despair. My opinion is mine.

Answer 20
June, 2021

Hello ,

I believe that if you have an alternative point of view on any things, you should definitely not bother with the majority opinion. Just write as you see it, and if you have interesting thoughts, the number of those who put pluses will overlap the number of haters.

I will also add that, as a rule, people are too lazy to put even a minus, most will simply "pass by "if not interested.

Good luck!

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