Tell us about your experience of purchasing goods from China, for example, through Aliexpress. Is it beneficial in the current environment? How is the quality of the goods?

Tell us about your experience of purchasing goods from China, for example, through Aliexpress. Is it beneficial in the current environment? How is the quality of the goods?

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answers (17)

Answer 1
July, 2021

the quality of the goods is good, the main thing is that the seller turns out to be conscientious I did not order much on Ali, but so far everything comes in the right way There is a site where you can check the seller for "lice" The site itself is quite a place to be as an alternative to stores that sell the same goods with Ali only with a huge markup

Answer 2
July, 2021

My experience of shopping from China is pretty big, especially through Aliexpress. I ordered a lot and completely different goods - from radio components (no alternatives at all, we pray to Ali) to clothes, electronics and furniture (they bought high-quality copies of designer chairs).

It should be said that most of the goods in stores around are Chinese ... In fact, these are the same goods as on Aliexpress, with cost caps depending on the number of intermediaries. Naturally, it is very profitable to make purchases, even in the current conditions.

The cost is much lower, you can see the section ALIEXPRESS DISCOUNTS

The quality of goods is quite different and depends on the price ... The assertion that "Chinese goods of poor quality on Aliexpress" is a myth. There are a lot of original things, goods from manufacturers, well-known Chinese brands (for example, I bought an original Xiaomi smartphone and a robot vacuum cleaner from the same company), etc.

I will give some tips:

  1. Don't go for a low price. Avoid products at frankly low cost if you expect decent quality.
  2. See reviews and comments in all languages.
  3. For expensive goods, order paid delivery. It's safer this way.
  4. Before buying, try to get a discount coupon for the desired product in the COUPONS section

Here is the first experience of buying expensive goods from China through Aliexpress - my robot vacuum cleaner

profitable to buy from aliexpress.jpg
Answer 3
July, 2021

The last purchase is a great joke gift for the New Year - a micro usb dynamo charge. ))

" We have it twice as expensive, but you still need to go for it, and then it will come to the post office.

Double-sided USB charging cables - it doesn't matter which side you insert.

And even more convenient is this "magnetic cable" or "magnetic adapter":

True, the small part does not fit into all connectors tightly enough so that its magnet does not pull out of the socket, but 250 rubles is not scary experiment. We have seen such 1,500. The convenience is fabulous. No need to look (especially in the dark) for a connector, orient it correctly, just bring it up and that's it.

And so - photos, bicycles, electronics (elements) - everything is much more expensive with us, and there, if you read the reviews, you can buy decent. Separate small things (but necessary) are sold at 2-5 times more expensive.

Answer 4
July, 2021

I think many radio amateurs will understand and support me, radio components and modules can only be bought on aliexpress, Russian stores are unrealistically overpricing, sometimes 2, sometimes 6 times. The quality is no different, sometimes even better.

Answer 5
July, 2021

I ordered a lot of things at once, a huge plus - everything turned out twice as cheap as I would buy it in my city. You can find a thing from a photo and buy something that is not for sale in the city's shops. But there are also disadvantages here, for example, the search for a certain thing by name can be delayed, because the names there you yourself know what: "Fashion Summer Women Top Cool 2017 Laughter Girl's Face Convenience", you have to intuitively guess how the Chinese would name the item of clothing I needed. Secondly, you can often miscalculate with the size of the thing, and even reviews will not help here, someone with a height of 180 writes that the skirt is large, and a girl with a height of 160 writes that a skirt of the same size is too short for her. As a result, the best option is to write to the seller, but even here no one will give a 100% guarantee that the size chosen on his advice will fit as you please. There is also a problem with delivery, here it is more likely the fault of our noble mail. Sometimes things did not come for two and a half months, but the money was always returned. The best part is that in 90% of cases things do come after all.

So this site can be very useful if you know how to use it correctly.

Answer 6
July, 2021

In no case would I want to impose my opinion, because once at a time it is not necessary, BUT! With Ali I ordered only once, and I probably had enough of it) Although I myself, out of stupidity and inexperience, ordered a very dubious product, but nevertheless.

It was six months before graduation, when I I decided to choose a dress in advance, so as not to bother in May and be calm. I decided to look on the Internet: less time is spent, and more choice. And so, my choice fell on two dresses with Ali: I think, cheap, and beautiful, like. Relaxed, ordered.

Well, in general, the package arrived on time. On this, the pros are almost over. Both dresses were just disgusting: one dirty and wrinkled, with cheap curtains. The second dress seemed to be sewn in a dark basement by the blind. Dress with wretched rhinestones glued to it. In short, disappointment, and nothing more.)

But, nevertheless, another plus was that they managed to get them back without loss. So be careful and more selective.

Answer 7
July, 2021

My most profitable purchase is the fabric on the dress. I bought an embroidered net on Ali at the price of 500 rubles, which cost 3000 rubles. in the shops of my city. And this pricing policy applies to many materials that are passed off as French and European fabrics.

Answer 8
July, 2021

Several months ago I ordered a cover for my phone. The price then pleased ($ 2), because. in local stores of mobile devices, the price tag started at $ 10 for exactly the same cover (although the price of such a cover under the invoice is about $ 1 :)).

The order came in 2 weeks, which made me very happy.

The product is of high quality, pleasant to the touch and fits the phone perfectly.

When buying on the same Ali, you need to pay attention to a few things:

1. The number of orders. The more , the better for you, because. the seller is accurately verified, and people are not afraid to buy his product.

2. Reviews. Be sure to read them in order to find out how long the goods can be delivered to their destination, what problems may be with delivery, how often there is a defect of the goods, is the seller loyal to the buyer (does he make concessions).

3. Method of delivery. Usually it is Air Mail, but sometimes it can be sent by regular mail.

Answer 9
July, 2021

It was about a year ago, my best friend and I started to open an online store of accessories, ordered covers and watches from Aliexpress at a discount, came in 1.5 months, and successfully sniffed them to customers. I think nothing has changed much over the year, it all depends on the seller.

Answer 10
July, 2021

I subscribe to the above: the main thing on Ali is to carefully read the reviews. If you cannot find important information on them, feel free to ask the seller questions, since such a function is provided on the site. When ordering a pair of sets - for example, a separate swimsuit - you can ask to send the top or bottom one size up / down, in most cases sellers willingly go to a meeting.

If the goods came with a marriage - and this more often happens not through the fault of the Chinese, but thanks to the favorite mail of Russia (the postman of my site somehow managed to take a small parcel to her home !!! fact ...) - you can open a dispute and send a photo of the marriage, in such cases, sellers either offer a discount coupon for the next purchase, or return part / full cost of the goods.

Another important point: if there is no order for a long time, then it is better to open a dispute not on the last day of defense, but at least 3-4 days earlier.

I myself have been buying on Ali for more than two years and I am very satisfied - both the price and the quality)

Answer 11
July, 2021

I've been ordering small things up to 500 rubles for two or even three years. Phone cases, jewelry, some conventionally useful things for the home / kitchen, etc. This is very convenient because you can walk around 10 stores, but finding a cover for your rogue cell phone is a lot of work. Finding a cover with a pattern that you like is almost impossible, and to keep it cheap as well, the mission has failed. If you don't have an iPhone, of course, it's easier here. And so you go to your Ali, sort by price and whatever filters you like and sit warm, choose.

I'm very worried about the introduction of paid delivery for the track number. I don’t need it for a hundred years, I have never "stolen" parcels, convincing the seller that the goods did not come, just as they always came to me. This is sad, because now I have not the slightest benefit to order a bracelet for 200 rubles and pay another 200. If this is all true, then I will have to make a displeased face and stop buying jewelry, since the same earrings cost 299-399 rubles in stores. / p>

I don’t order something more expensive, I don’t know why, because clothes and equipment are more expensive, I’m afraid to order equipment because they might be stolen. And the Chinese clothes are sized for girls 10 years old, it's hard not to be mistaken.

Answer 12
July, 2021

I just started buying things there this year. So far, everything is more or less good. All orders come, on average I wait 2 to 4 weeks. There were no problems with quality either, mmm. The only thing you need to understand is that inexpensive things look cheap, do not flatter yourself looking at the photos. Better to read reviews.
With the prices that we see in stores now, Ali is one of the ways not to go broke)))

Answer 13
July, 2021

My relationship history with Ali looks like this:

I constantly order something there, and I have never been disappointed by a single product. The main thing is to read reviews, especially if you are choosing clothes or shoes (you can often find reviews of people with similar parameters). Things are cheaper, but if not quite a penny, they are still made with high quality. Whatever one may say, most of the goods that can be found in the stores of the city are made in the same China. That is, you, in fact, buy the same thing, but cheaper.

Answer 14
July, 2021

The experience of communicating with Ali is quite large, since 2012, purchases began. The very first was the purchase of a cell phone, which was a success. To date, I have made more than 30 orders from the above site. There have never been problems, the description, as a rule, always coincides with reality, in case of any problems, the settlement happens quickly enough, and the money is returned! It is important to understand that Ali is a platform for stores, so you need to choose stores by rating !!! - this is my position! Before you order something, I always read reviews, both about the product and about the store, and in 98% of cases I am satisfied with the purchase!
Regarding prices, on average, 30% lower than similar products in retail. Delivery is carried out by the type that you choose yourself (you can pay or not). It is carried out on average from 15 to 50 days, it already depends more on the delivery method, rather than on the seller.
In general, I advise you to use the specified resource to buy any trinkets and, if you are ready to wait, then worthy things:)

Answer 15
July, 2021

I ordered 3 times on Ali.

The first time was not the best one, I waited 1.5 months and instead of a black skirt a green one came, but, in general, the green one looked better, so I was even glad : D

On December 29, I ordered two things there, it was written - delivery 30-40 days. The first thing came in two weeks, the second in a couple of weeks. The quality is ok, in general, I am satisfied. Oh yes, and very cheap.

Answer 16
July, 2021

I use this service and I like everything.

There is a widespread stereotype - Chinese means bad. To dispel it, you need to go to China at least once. After even the shortest trip to the Middle Kingdom, you return to your homeland, if not a different person, then certainly a person with different views. I have been to China several times, visited completely different cities, dissimilar, and located quite far from each other. And I can say that yes, of course, the Chinese in certain things remain true to the legends that were created around them in the Western world. But still, one cannot fail to note their pragmatism, hard work, and focus on results. This means the following - if a Chinese manufacturer sets himself the goal of making money, he will be ready to put up with the shortcomings of his product, and will strive to release it at the lowest cost price. At the same time, if he needs to make a truly high-quality thing, then he will not chase the price: the final cost will no longer be as important as the image of his product is. The Chinese love good things as much as the Europeans. It is not difficult to verify this: go to any premium store in Europe and you are guaranteed to see buyers from China there.

The production of goods and their sale all over the world is one of the main income items of the PRC. It is very profitable for them to supply goods everywhere. Of course, someone is trying to cheat, and selling bad under the guise of good, the human factor has not been canceled. But you yourself should understand that before ordering something in China, you need to compare the price offered to you with the actual cost of the product. If someone offers you an expensive mobile phone of a premium brand for the price of a fast food lunch, then this "technological novelty" is likely to be a cheap fake. At the same time, if the product has an adequate value, then this thing may well turn out to be quite high quality. In other words, don't go for cheap, and look at different offers.

To conclude my answer, I will tell you about my experience of shopping in China. The AliExpress online store is known, perhaps, to every Russian. I regularly order something there, and, like all other citizens of our country, I suffer in anticipation. I have had different stories: the goods were delivered almost instantly, the sellers sent something else, or even the goods did not arrive at all. All these scenarios are well developed on the marketplace, and, in principle, are easily solved in your favor.

But once a completely unexpected incident happened to me: I liked the down jacket, which was presented on the AliExpress window. The thing was not cheap, but also not very expensive - the cost of the jacket was at the level of $ 180 (I don't remember exactly what that exchange rate was about 9000 rubles), while similar jackets in ordinary Moscow stores were sold at a price of 25 thousand rubles. The benefits, you see, were more than obvious. It was December, in Moscow at that time wasthe weather is rather warm, and I, in principle, made do with an autumn coat. However, the prospect of the coming January frosts pushed me to make a purchase. It so happened that at about the same time I had to go to Beijing on business and spend a couple of days there. And I decided to find out if it is possible to order goods from Russia with delivery to China. I got in touch with the seller, and was quite surprised: not only did the seller (a Chinese woman) speak Russian, moreover, she did it almost without an accent, but also the office of the seller's company was in Beijing. And, of course, they went to meet me and agreed to send the jacket to the hotel, which I was to be in in a couple of weeks. Bingo! Moreover, the seller offered to significantly reduce the cost of delivery - for example, my jacket began to cost $ 120 instead of $ 180, which, you see, was incredibly nice.

The only moment that scared me a little was the following: the seller asked to transfer money to him not through AliExpress, but directly. In general, looking ahead, this should not be done. After all, AliExpress offers pretty good protection for the buyer, providing a money back guarantee in case of problems with the delivery of goods. By sending money directly, you risk quite a lot. I was bribed by the scrupulousness of the seller: I was asked to take measurements from my winter clothes (as such I used my autumn cashmere coat), and send them to the seller. After completing all the necessary measurements, and making sure that the seller has the size I wanted, I transferred the money to them through the PayPal payment system. Of course, certain fears were ripening in my soul: it was not clear whether they would bring me a jacket or not. But I thought this: $ 120, of course, is good money. But in the worst case, I will assume that I paid them for my experience. Nevertheless, when I arrived in Beijing a couple of weeks later, I was really surprised: a courier was waiting for me in the hotel lobby, who had two jackets with him: they brought me two sizes for testing, and I could choose the one that suited me the most. And, interestingly, the seller knew when I would arrive and when I would be at the hotel. However, the seller sent the courier to the hotel two hours earlier - as I was later explained, just in case. To summarize, I will say that the jacket turned out to be of fantastic quality, I wear it to this day, and I enjoy wearing a well-made, truly high-quality item.

If you still doubt that Chinese goods can be of high quality - then my advice to you, try and order something. I'm sure you will like it. And, yes, I almost forgot: earlier on TheQuestion I published an excellent guide on how to save money on purchases in China. My instructions will return "a couple of gold coins" to your wallet, and this, you see, is very nice! Wish you a happy shopping!

Answer 17
July, 2021

I often order something there. As a rule, what is very cheap is, accordingly, not very high quality, so you should not buy the cheapest. The same thing a little more expensive from another seller will be much better quality. But for the most part I am satisfied with what comes. Firstly, there I can look for a long time and choose from a large number of products what I like, but I rarely like what, so I come back from the stores with nothing. Secondly, all the same, the Chinese are cheaper. Also, there you can even buy a devil. The main thing is to look at the status of the seller, at the reviews (preferably with a photo). Fortunately, now there people can ask others who bought everything. There are also bloggers who review the thing. And if the seller violates the rules, you can return the money.

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