There are communist music groups. Are there transhumanist ones?

There are communist music groups. Are there transhumanist ones?

Michael Anissimov - Transhumanism - Fear, Taboo & Utopia

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Answer 1
July, 2021

The only band I know of which is 100% transhumanistic in terms of sound, lyrics, beliefs of its members - Mad Essence . Also, simply cyber-oriented artists include: Blood Stain Child, Access to Arasaka, Angelspit, Celldweller

Answer 2
July, 2021

List of music pieces

  • Remember Me (Troy soundtrack) - immortalism, informational immortality

  • Robot (Tattoo) - robotics, love for a robot

  • Beginning (Lev Leshchenko) - immortality, human development, space exploration, a bright future

  • Awakening (Complex Numbers) - about the development of humanity

  • Click on the button, you will get the result (Technology), paradise engineering, the meaning and goals of the text

  • Mom in love & Daddy in space (Kashmir) - cryonics (text)

  • The 1st (X-Dream) - transhumanistic technologies (link)

  • We Interface (X-Dream) - information and cyber technologies (link)

  • Neodammerung (Matrix soundtrack) - immortality, transcendence

  • Baba Robot

  • Nanobots (Re-Zone) - army of nanobots, body rebuilding, immortality (mp3 sent to us)

  • "Here's your ticket ..." (Vysotsky, song from the movie "The Flight of Mr. McKinley") - immortality, cryonics.

  • His Unrealizable Path (Viktor Argonov, Legend of the Unfulfilled Future) - the meaning of life, death, the meaning of the world (text).

  • Bring Me to Life (Evanescence), there is a video on nVidia - artificial life, virtual character.

  • Charlie Kam - Transvision 2006

  • Charlie Kam - Cryonic World complete

  • Charlie Kam - Heaven Can Wait

  • Charlie Kam - Transhumanism

  • Supermachine (Unreal) - Posthuman (

  • Onslaught - Lonely Hero (text)

A little more on the topic:

A song about electricity "... everything is on electricity ..."

What progress has come - elfilm.narod. ru

Baba-robot (Leningrad, Shnurov Sergey), 2004

Mad Essence - Hominis ex Machina

Alphaville - Forever young

Queen - Who wants to live forever; The Show must go on

Marylyn Manson - Posthuman


Liquid Cool (LIQUID COOL (THEME FOR CRYONIC SUSPENSION), Apollo 440 (Additional Vocals By Elizabeth Gray) (Stealth Sonic))

Delerium, "Transhumanist" or Ex Delirium "Transhuman". On there is a "listen to the free sample."

Stratovarius - Learning To Fly (text)

The Kovenant - Mannequin (text) - toli sharp transhumanistic satire, toli ardent antitranshumanism

Cyanotic ("... Their lyrics contain many tongue-in-cheek references to transhumanism")

Nostradamus Orgasm - rejuvenating apples (text)

Cover me with snow (Ecclesiastes) (text) - cryonics

Sources (non-specific)

Other songs of the Tekhnologiya group lyrics

Complex Numbers: www.transhumanism- (site)

Group Unreal texts

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