Tinder, Badu or whatever. Where are fewer fakes and more chance to meet?

Tinder, Badu or whatever. Where are fewer fakes and more chance to meet?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

There are chances to meet on any dating site from the secret list I recommend.

  1. I tested Tinder and Badu (there were meetings both there and there) and deleted them.

Badu wrote off money unreasonably 2 times.

Tinder didn't like how everything works there.

  1. Chance to meet higher if the photos are great (age, weight, height; expensive clothes, beautiful place).

  2. A good description of yourself is a must! (good for women).

For example, you need to write about yourself as indicated in this instruction (article) https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5ede527a8563f03a50213186/chto-doljen-delat-nastoiascii-mujchina-5ee4897cb162de311af37740

Answer 2
August, 2021

More chances to meet live! However, the question is about dating sites and which ones are better. Therefore, we will focus on them.

  • What purpose do you mean about dating - serious relationship, friendship, just love or no obligation ...? After all, each such website has its own type of people. For example, on Mamba, most users are for intimacy.
  • Free and paid resources. Many web services are paid. What is their advantage? Naturally, fakes are eliminated! Here are people with a clear purpose (after all, they paid the money), where the overwhelming majority are looking for a serious relationship or just their soul mate. That is, you will not observe ... roughly speaking, "freeloaders". Example, Jolly. Paid service - free communication, not just using template phrases, etc.
  • Country. Please note that Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries have their own popular dating sites. Of course, some may coincide. For example, Badu, Tinder, etc.
  • Type of resources - without / with registration. "WITHOUT" - you will encounter a lot of fakes on such web services. "C" is a small probability.

There are not very many such criteria, as discussed above. It depends on what purpose you are pursuing! In this answer, the most basic nuances about choosing a site were described. There are many resources where you can already choose a web dating service according to your preferences. For example, https://daterating.ru/. Here you can also read reviews, see the rating for almost every such service.

When answering the question where there are more chances to meet on such sites, you need to take into account a number of factors that have been listed, and especially the choice of resource. Don't register on just one site. Create 2-4 profiles on different web services to increase your chances of finding a soul mate. Do not dwell on just one person, write to others.

Remember, the success of dating is your manner of communication and what kind of interlocutor (s) you come across.

Answer 3
August, 2021

Basically, the most adequate sites are just Tinder and Badu. Only good pictures matter here. The better the pictures, the more matches and potentially more dates there will be. Better to order a photo session and put normal photos.

Answer 4
August, 2021

Here you can find a lot of useful information:

What to do if not a single girl has reciprocated in six months of using VK, tinder and badu?

In response, links to related answers.

Roughly categorizing the largest and most famous services, it will look like this:

  1. Mamba
  2. Tinder
  3. Loveplanet
  4. Badoo
    The last two are highly discouraged. "Dead" sites. Pumping out money. There is also some Open24. I haven't used it, but I'm sure it is on the same level as the last two.

This is just one of the reasons to be extremely careful everywhere:

Answer 5
August, 2021

I already know 5 marriages between people who met in Tinder. I always advise my free friends who want to find happiness, although personally my experience was not very good. Nothing criminal, but I think I'm just not an internet dating person.

The tender is not intrusive. Not a direct dating site. Tied to Facebook, you didn't seem to do anything, didn't fill out a stupid questionnaire. At the time when I used it, I saw many normal adequate acquaintances and colleagues there. Moreover, you can immediately see mutual friends from fb.

Answer 6
August, 2021

I vote for social networks like VKontakte and Facebook, because there you can get the right level of information right away: meme and musical tastes, political and religious affiliation, assess socialization, and so on. Always ask for links to accounts and you will be happy.

And so, it doesn't matter in which dating service to do it, because there are a lot of fakes everywhere.

Answer 7
August, 2021

I. “Tinder” is simpler in its own way, and this is what captivates.

In “Tinder” there is no shell inherent in most sites and applications for dating, there are no such pronounced hints of competition with other people and feelings of loneliness in a crowd. There are no stupid ratings, account elevations to the top of the search results and other socionics aimed at pumping out a premium subscription from a person. There is not even information about who viewed your profile.

“Tinder” is laconically stingy - and for women, first of all, he is more pleasant. There are no gender-psychological barriers in communication with the other sex and unspoken obligations that are imposed on you upon completing the questionnaire. If you want to get married, you just write about it in the “About me” column, and you don’t chant the whole questionnaire like in classic dating.

At the same time, it may superficially seem that “Tinder” is pretentious, especially since he is in trend. Perhaps it is more popular, but this is also its drawback.

Any top dating sooner or later acquires side effects from its popularity.

And this is not even fake.

👎And escort girls, who are still a minority ...

👎And those who like to pass the time by texting on such sites, naturally flirting and gaining a rating.

In short, women, who speculate on the attention of men (although the opposite happens, but we know the rituals of courtship, in which the active role is by default assigned to a man).

Blank profiles are the scourge of provincial “Tinder”.

II. On the Badu side are account verification tools that cut off fakes, because it is advisable to confirm that you are you by sending a special selfie with the required gesture, this trick will not work with other people's photos.

Also in “Badu” the date of the last activity of the person is indicated - unlike “Tinder”.

However, in “Badu” there are an abundance of women with unknown goals.

Nobody reads the questionnaires, as the goals of acquaintance, you can specify the euphemism “I want to communicate” or “find new friends”, which on the one hand is acceptable, but gives the vis-a-vis even more options to include the back if there is no sympathy. The person seems to say in advance between the lines: “You know, I don't really want a relationship, but suddenly ...”

And this immediately lowers sexual-romantic expectations from a dialogue with such a person.

Finally, “Badu” essentially remains an ordinary dating, which is used for some unknown reason and which drives a person into the a priori stressful atmosphere of the “market”, “bazaar”, encouraging him to shout with his profile “choose me, choose me!”.

III. So the advice is universal.

  • At least five personal profile pictures, okay - three. At least two - clear and full-length. You should be alerted by traces of retouching, low quality photographs, traces of staging. Strongly in doubt? Then save a few female photos and go to Yandex.Pictures or Google Images - to use the search by photo.

Fakes with stolen pictures are not sostrength ...

In addition, as a last resort you can ask the woman where the pictures were taken. And about the geographical features of these places, which were not included in the shot. If a lady's profile contains pictures from her (your) city, this is a plus to the reliability.

If there is a link to a social network, look at the upload time of images there: fakes usually have the lion's share of pictures uploaded on the same day and lack geolocation tags.

And the key here is photos from your city in her account with recognizable streets and buildings. If there are none at all, and the woman is a “tourist”, you should be on your guard.
* If a person is too lazy / complexes to tell about himself in detail - you are not to blame. And vote with your feet.

  • Lack of men, exuberant intourism, food, strong alcohol and beer, inturism and flowers in the frame.
  • No VIP account, Gold status, and so on. Average and lower rating. An abstract ordinary woman does not sit on dating sites for days and does not engage in intense activity there.
  • This is “boys, write”, “mutually? do not be silent, otherwise you have no chance "and other slag like" my inst @ verysexychick123456789 "- just by. The person here does not intend to get to know each other, but scratches himself with PTC or has fun. Or Instagram promotes.
  • Don't wait to translate communication into real. You can wait a few days and invite a woman to a crowded place (having specified in advance about a separate account, for example).

I am categorical, and after the first refusal "I cannot today / tomorrow" I would not continue to communicate with a woman, if she does not name a specific date in response when she will have free time (" come on in two days, ready to meet in the morning, before 12:00, or in the evening, after 7 pm I have ") .

However, if you have not received a clear answer, you can take a second an attempt - and if again she unforeseen circumstances , it is obvious that there is no serious interest in you.
* The specifics in the questionnaire - no kilometers of text with bombastic arguments about the fate of a woman and romance.

In my opinion, “Topfaces”, “Tabors”, “Loveplanets” are even more crap with no exhaust.

And yes, plus dating is obvious: here come get acquainted , and social networks and the same “Instagram” are a personal space, accounts in which do not tell us anything about the intentions of their owners and owners.

Answer 8
August, 2021

I'm definitely for Tinder. Of course, the very purpose of your stay there is very important, because these applications are initially used "to find a partner", i.e. they are very frivolous. Now I will argue why I prefer Tinder. Firstly, this is where most of my acquaintances and friends are sitting, not for badu or somewhere else. Secondly, I heard stories and I know people who met there and have met for several years. Thirdly, I myself sat there for quite a long time and, in my opinion, there are a lot of adequate, interesting people who do not pursue the goal of communicating "for one night", I want to say that there are much more such people in bad.

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