What and who is depicted on Alexei Navalny's Twitter avatar?

What and who is depicted on Alexei Navalny's Twitter avatar?

Navalny 'poisoning': Who could be responsible and why now? | DW News

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Answer 1
July, 2021

I hate twitter even more than empty tweets, I hate Navalny ... because I sneezed at what he had there ..... I remember earlier that I considered him a good candidate for the country's leaders ... but after his actions and statements - I thank God that he is without charisma and brains.

Answer 2
July, 2021

I really don't know who is depicted there, but I will assume that this is Alexei Navalny himself, a person who does not understand what he wants ...

Answer 3
July, 2021

Okay, let's work with the data given to us - 1) a huge German sumo wrestler, height under 2 meters and weighing under 200 kg, the second is the number "20" - meaning, as described above, the number of the law in the UN Charter.

What do I see here specifically?

1) Navalny is oriented towards the models of Western law, generally oriented towards the West. Thus, the German sumo wrestler symbolizes "the rule of law / law" Why German? As for me, this suggests that Germany (excluding Switzerland) is the most law-abiding country in the EU, the famous German order - Ordnung, when people obey the law without question. The number 20 characterizes this very law.

2) You can look at this picture of the "opposite" - then the following composition emerges: The sumoist personifies the "hydra of corruption", this is also indicated by his face, which is similar in general, on the face of an average Russian official, and his dimensions. The Hydra of Corruption is strong, pervasive, and determined to act. To act against what? The sumo wrestler in the picture is preparing to attack chilo 20, that is, the interpretation of the "letter of the law" His face distorts with malice, and he is determined to rush and strangle this inscription with his mass, which prevents him from stealing. Why is the sumo wrestler German and not Russian? Where do Russian officials and oligarchs keep their savings? In the West. In this case, Germany as the homeland of this person symbolizes the West. But he cannot “defeat” it a priori, since the chilo is a tentative object, it cannot be strangled simply by having superiority in strength, rage, pressure. But the sumo wrestler, who has the face of a Russian "brother" from the nineties, clearly does not understand this, and is still ready to fight to the last with the "letter of the law", but his attempts are mostly in vain.

The second version is more to my liking .

Answer 4
July, 2021

Actually, this is the German sumo wrestler Torsten Scheibler. And in the picture he strangles Carlos Rauch's colleague from Brazil.


And the icon - yes, a reference to Article 20 of the UN Convention against Corruption.



This photo was taken in July 2005 at the International Sumo Championships in Duisburg (Germany). The photo captures the moment of the struggle between Thorsten Scheibler (left) and Carlos Rauch (right). There is very little information about both characters on the Russian Internet, and if at least something else can be found about Scheibler, then Reich is generally a goof. Well, let's turn to foreign sources (although there are not too many of them).

Here's what we managed to find on the first athlete:

Torsten Scheibler.

One of the most successful sumotori outside of Japan. The largest and heaviest sumo wagon in Germany.

Born in 1971 in Berlin.

Occupation: Restaurant owner.

Height: 198 cm

Weight: 190 kg

Until 1997 he played at the world championships and Europe, was the champion of Germany in judo.

Since 1997 he has been engaged in sumo.

Sports awards and achievements (in amateur championships):

1997: European vice-champion

1998: European heavyweight champion

1998: bronze medal of the World Championship (in the team event)

1999, 2000: Vice-champion of Europe and gold medal of the European Championship in the team event

2000: Vice-champion of the world, world champion (in the team event)

2001: World champion, vice world champion (in the team event)

2002: Bronze medalist of the open championship

2003: Bronze medalist of the World Championship (in the team event)

2004: Bronze medalist of the European Championship (including in the team event)

2005: World Champion.

He also has several titles in national championships and international tournaments.

Excerpt from an interview with BILD magazine 2008.

Bild: How did you get into sumo?

Scheibler: Before I was a judoka, a friend introduced me to sumo in 1997.

Bild: Because it didn't work in judo?

Scheibler: Of course not. Back in 1989, I was the champion of the former GDR and the winner of several Spartakiads.

Bild: Well, how did it seem to you in the new sport?

Scheibler: It was love at second sight. In the first place, I was very ashamed.

Bild: Why?

Scheibler: Because of this loincloth. I was very shy, and here I had to walk with an almost open ass.

Bild: You weigh 190 kilograms. What's your meal plan?

Scheibler: There is no real plan. I eat like a normal person - only twice as much. One eats, for example, two schnitzels, and I - three and a half. But I make sure not to get too heavy.

Bild: Have you ever fought against Japanese professionals?

Scheibler : Against profThere are still no experts. But, as they say, there is always a chance, although, alas, I am no longer in the prime of my sports career. The Hannover tournament will likely be the last.

Bild: Why?

Scheibler: The main reason is the knees. They hurt. Besides, the shoulder and elbow are also out of order. Only pills help.

Bild: What's your girlfriend? What sport does she like?

Scheibler: I'm alone.

Bild: Is it difficult to find a wife because of your height?

Scheibler: No, I just haven't thought about it before.

Bild: Can you make money with sumo in Germany?

Scheibler: I've already done commercials. For OBI, ZDF and car manufacturers. But Germany is certainly not Japan. It's different in Japan. Professional sumo wrestlers there are millionaires and folk heroes.

Bild: What attracts you to sumo?

Scheibler: This is a fascinating martial art ... Explosive power combined with speed and skill. Extreme clashes of the masses in battle. And very simple rules so that the audience can freely observe.

Source: dedperdyn.livejournal.com

https://www.youtube.com/embed/op- rlIUYqpk? wmode = opaque

Answer 5
July, 2021

Alexey Navalny has a popular American boxer Eric Ash "Butterbin" on his well-known avatar:

! http: //www.cdn.sherdog.com/thumbnail_crop/600/_images/pictures/41 /40682.jpg

A figure refers to the 20th article of the UN Convention "Illicit Enrichment". Article 20 of the UN Convention against Corruption provides for the introduction of penalties for illegal enrichment. An official is criminally liable if the value of his assets inexplicably exceeds official income.

Russia excluded Article 20 from application when ratifying the UN Convention. Navalny and his team demand the full adoption of the document and the start of a real fight against corruption in our country.

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