What are the interesting channels in Telegram?

What are the interesting channels in Telegram?

10 Best Telegram Channel list for everyone in 2020....Part -2 [Hindi]

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Answer 1
July, 2021

A new unique public has appeared in the open spaces of telegram.
Many answer options are better than one.
I offer nine answer options on absolutely any topic.

https: // t .me / O9II9O

Answer 2
July, 2021

A new unique public has appeared in the open spaces of telegram.
Many answer options are better than one.
I offer nine answer options for absolutely any topic.

https: // t .me / O9II9O

Answer 3
July, 2021

A new unique public has appeared in the open spaces of telegram.
Many answer options are better than one.
I offer nine answer options on absolutely any topic.

https: // t .me / O9II9O

Answer 4
July, 2021

Johanga kids!
A new unique public has appeared in the open spaces of the telegram.
Many answers are better than one.
I offer nine answers to absolutely any topic.

https: // t.me/O9II9O

Answer 5
July, 2021

My channel may be interesting to those who actively listen to rap and are interested in the life of rappers, interesting facts from the history of the genre.

Terminology, facts about rappers, educational program and all sorts of notes about rap music and a musician.

Answer 6
July, 2021

One of the most useful channels that helps me save on buying sneakers in the online stores Nike Adidas Lamoda, etc. (in short, all sorts of different promotional codes, closed sales)
NOT advertising. Really top channel

Answer 7
July, 2021

Here is a good channel about ways to move abroad, as well as ways to travel inexpensively + all sorts of tips for travelers and stories about life abroad. https://t.me/inostranstvo

Answer 8
July, 2021

Kazan News

Every day I read a lot of sources to share with you important ones.

Subscribe to the channel. Reading it 5 minutes a day you will be aware of the main events of Kazan.


Answer 9
July, 2021

📸 Your photos that YOU took on your phone, a professional camera or any others that you took, because they hooked you! ✌️ Here you can chat;) But they are mercilessly banned for advertising.

Answer 10
July, 2021

From myself, I can advise an interesting channel about the economy. The author explains complex economic concepts and terms on his fingers.

Answer 11
July, 2021

I travel the world and reveal the secrets of local wines, unique collections, oenologist's work moments, you will find all this on my channel https://t.me/vseovine

Answer 12
July, 2021

A selection of different videos in English, recently created but interesting.


Movie Reviews

https: //t.me/moviehorse

About life in London


Answer 13
July, 2021

I would like to recommend my telegram channel - https://t.me/AliexpresItem
There I collect for you the most attractive and profitable products from the Aliexpress platform

Answer 14
July, 2021

Subscribe to the itatlas telegram channel! The best about work, the IT world and recruiting! Interesting vacancies, development news, we are just talking about difficult, join!

Answer 15
July, 2021

https://t.me/tobaccogrow - buying / selling natural tobacco, a kind of message board with reviews.

This is only natural tobacco, no industrial products, no chemicals.

Answer 16
July, 2021

Here is a selection of channels from the famous presenter on RBC TV, Daniil Babich https://www.finam.ru/analysis/cryptonews/top-5-kanalov-telegram-ot-daniila-babicha-20180524-15321/


Author's channel of Elina Sidorenko. Everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.



Professor of the Higher School of Economics, investment banker Evgeny Kogan ... Author's channel about money and everything connected with it.


DeCenter - Bitcoin and Blockchain

# 1 channel about blockchain, bitcoin, ether, ICO and decentralization


And two more channels that will be interesting to everyone financially to a literate person:

Money hack

Channel about money - manikhaki from financial journalist Sasha Krasnova.

https: // t. me / moneyhack

Finam alert

Market signals, investment ideas, trading forecasts, news, quotes of currencies, stocks, oil, gold and other instruments - all the most necessary things from the investment company FINAM.


Answer 17
July, 2021

Here are a dozen interesting and versatile channels:

1. Journalism: https://telegram.me/ dddjournalism

2. Naukkot about popular science literature: https://t.me/popsciencecat

3. Channel music and architecture: https://t.me/concrete_music

4. Channel about the hard days of a bookstore seller: https://t.me/kakieknigi

5. Undeserved teacher of Russia: https://t.me/leavethekidsalone

6. Channel of a well-known popular science magazine: https: //telegram.me/nsmag

7. Provincial journalist: https://t.me/provincialjournalist

8. Channel about biology and medicine: https://t.me/darthbiology

9. Lingvojokes: https://t.me/lingvojokes

10. Blog about life in Israel and Germany: https://t.me/shakshuka_de

Answer 18
July, 2021

https://t.me/iznytri is a channel where people anonymously talk about their professions, from pastor to BDSM mistress (minus: advertising)
https://t.me/teleart and https: //t.me/telesculpture - some of my favorites; introduces rather beautiful works (high-quality photos)
If you like history and myths - you are here https://t.me/Brideshead_Revisited A person who is clearly knowledgeable, beautiful and interesting writing style, posts only about the most interesting (IMHO)

Answer 19
July, 2021

Hello, I hasten to advise your channel - https://t.me/stranokarty


Answer 20
July, 2021

there is a cool channel t-do.ru/fabulousplanet - it tells about the most interesting places on the planet and shows the most beautiful photos of nature. I do not stop reading !!

Answer 21
July, 2021

From what I read: "Damage" (philology) - https://t.me/vooiox, "Glazary language" (interesting about Russian) - https://t.me/glazslov, "Secrets space "(astronomy) - https://t.me/mycosmos, N + 1 (scientific site) - https://t.me/nplusone

Answer 22
July, 2021

Beginning telegram channel about indie games. So far, there are few subscribers, but the content does not get worse from this. I recommend that fans of pixel games pay attention.

Answer 23
July, 2021

It is convenient to search for interesting channels on Tgstat.ru

Channels can be sorted by the number of subscribers, but, for example, interesting channels about music usually have no more than 20-30 thousand subscribers. Therefore, in the advanced search settings, you can limit the number of subscribers so that useless channels with a bunch of mp3 files without a single text are not included in the list. You also need (!) To set an ERR of at least 30% - this is the audience engagement index, the higher it is, the more interesting the channel is to its subscribers.
! Https: //static.thequestion.ru/image/with_proportions/768x0/226e6164a0deefbfd4eaad43d130c7dc29b5a4c1 ? url = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fthequestion.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com% 2F045% 2F758760-4af6d70d.png

I watched the ERR of my channel about music now, I'm going to work on it: ).

You can also see their citation on the channels. Some interesting channels repost others - so you can find interesting channels that are similar in topic.
Search in this way revealed a lot of high-quality text and music to me. No paid posts and ad sets and other information crap.

Answer 24
July, 2021

Of course there are a bunch of channels, depending on what you like.

really few sensible ones.

I personally subscribe to 10 channels

but I read several ..

here are my favorites, I hope they will be useful to you too:

https://t-do.ru/sotoch - here I find out all the useful news and interesting articles for a day, without rubbish and do not eat up mailings, the channel is one of my favorites pleasure, the obvious merit of their editor-in-chief

https://t.me/mediamediame - an interesting channel from a marketer about media news, I really like the way the author writes and most translates from foreign sources

more probably https://t.me/uxlive - the author is a competent troll, a very funny channel from a professional designer

others from time to time ..

Answer 25
July, 2021



New channel about fashion, nutritional science and yoga🌿 subscribe, you will find a lot of useful and interesting information! Fresh posts every day!

Answer 26
July, 2021

konkurentinua - to whom the tsikavo, the news of Lutsk, Volin and Ukraine. Є there are volinyans? :) Sign up. Find out about the best podії first.

Website Competitor - you can also read new items :)

Answer 27
July, 2021

@ttrash - tough humor

@intali - Russian aliexpress

  • Holiday every day 365 reasons to drink (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEpwvkEATU6-Bga8hA)
  • Clever thoughts. Sleep of reason. Daily Quotes (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFEJTmrMzMBIwfSRVA)
  • Evil Porn. Evil porn. Come and you will like it (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEpe-UvJiqZ98KIs_g)
  • The most interesting and unusual products on Aliexpress (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAERqay9TBIvu5VzAFA)
  • Nude Stars. Plum naked photos of celebrities. You have not seen anything like this (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAENjvsG8BPYhXgZtZA)
  • Wallpaper for your phone. The best on the internet (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEQViKurJfHtGyZ1-Q)
  • Naked Tatoo Girls. The best photos of tattooed girls (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEN5GxXMu2AYc4IuYg)
Answer 28
July, 2021

5 really interesting Telegram channels about music

They write a lot and interestingly about design, technology and politics, but little and depressing about music. But some still cope.

Musical geek @musicgeek

Alexey Bondarenko, editor-in-chief of Lirum, writes longreads about various music artists, contemporary and not so. Introduces interesting bands, albums, facts and news from the world of music and the music business. For a quiet, thoughtful reading, that's it.

There are several posts per week in the feed. Almost no advertising was found

Sobolev // Music @sobolevmusic

The channel of the former music critic of Afisha Oleg Sobolev, and that says it all. Interesting, lively and professional about a variety of music.

Posts in the channel rarely appear, but in portions. No advertisements found

Roma Vatrikovsky @roma_vatrikovsky

The music blogger runs Audiolynch: he reviews the tracks that subscribers send. And he also tells how to listen correctly, what to pay attention to, how to distinguish bad music from good. Beware of profanity!

There are 1-2 posts per day in the channel. No ads found

Makarsky's Channel @heymaka

Music columnist Artem Makarsky uploads selected tracks, photos from life, tells funny (and notvery) stories and shares interesting facts about different bands and artists.

Several posts appear in the channel per week. No advertisements found

Dostoyevsky FM @dostoyevsky_fm

Notes by several authors about musical and near-musical events, translations of foreign articles, news and clips. And also polls, contests and useful announcements from musicians and for musicians. There is enough noise, but it can also be interesting.

Answer 29
July, 2021

Public procurement, politics, laws, banks, budgetary sphere - all about them and ... on the blockchain.
Author - member of the expert council State Duma on blockchain

Answer 30
July, 2021

Consultations of doctors in Telegram and news of advanced surgery, oncology, cancer treatment and other diseases. Interesting medical Telegram channel - https://t.me/telavivclinic

Answer 31
July, 2021

There is a channel @mempedia , there is news about technology and more. News appears every day and there is an opportunity to put likes and dislikes

Answer 32
July, 2021

Our cozy telegram has a new channel about alternative rock and independent bands. Actual news and a selection of cool albums are waiting for you. Join, it will be interesting.


Answer 33
July, 2021

Educational tourism - everything about foreign languages, travel, education abroad, grants, volunteer programs, books and much more https://t.me/edutur

Answer 34
July, 2021

I recommend one promising channel. Test assignments on traffic rules are laid out there
New situations every day
Test yourself, contribute to safety!


Answer 35
July, 2021

Our whole life is permeated with a lie: we are deceived, we lie ourselves. We know so little about lies. How to recognize it, so as not to become deceived, and how to lie to yourself so as not to get caught. Revealing the secrets of the psychology of lies. Https://t.me/theorylie

Answer 36
July, 2021

https://t.me/prisoedinaysya • Ordering free advertising
• Top Drawings in Chat
• Mutual PR

Answer 37
July, 2021

A channel about self-development and personal growth. Motivation, practical advice, life hacks, videos and books.

The author publishes quality content that will be useful to everyone who wants to achieve more in this life.

https://t.me / law_success

Answer 38
July, 2021

My channel with different phrases, quotes and aphorisms!

My channel with different phrases, quotes and aphorisms!
https: // t .me / allQuote

My channel with various phrases, quotes and aphorisms!

Answer 39
July, 2021

Briefly about politics, with obscenities, as we love: https://t.me/stalin_gulag

An interesting channel about SMM: https://t.me/digital_bdsm

Be aware of what is happening in the metro if you live in St. Petersburg: https://t.me/spbmetro

Well, and a cool channel about the Internet: https://t.me/deeptoweb
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

And recently I started my own channel)))) 0
https://t.me/chteevo - at your service

Answer 40
July, 2021

And Matavkin is good. How long ago he asked this question, to go nuts. It's very cool to promote your channel through such questions. If there is no lyrics, everyone has different interests. Someone is interested in astrophysics, and someone is corny porn. Specify your question

Answer 41
July, 2021

New perfume channel on Telegram for ordinary perfume lovers and perfumers. Perfume digest "Renard Noir": notes about fragrances, new in the industry, discoveries and disappointments.


Answer 42
July, 2021

POOHLESS Stories from the cheerful bear) https://t.me/PooHless

Real stories every day! https://t.me/storytelegram

The official telegram account of "Transformer". Number 1 in the world https://t.me/transformatortv

Answer 43
July, 2021

Bee honey - both useful and charismatic channel.

Private earning schemes, relevant and fresh ways to raise money.

A very interesting manner of presenting the material and at the same time extremely useful!

The channel is young, so all the schemes are little known and little "survived", have time to be one of the first!

I recommend everyone to taste bee honey) - https: //t.me/pchelkinmed

Answer 44
July, 2021
Answer 45
July, 2021

A sea of ​​fashionable music, hot tracks on the channel https://t.me/top_meloman. You will like it with us, come in and listen only what you want and when you want.

Answer 46
July, 2021

https://t.me/vika77788 very interesting channel, about life, subscribe everything, you will like it, publications are published every day. Everyone will find something interesting for themselves. I will wait

Answer 47
July, 2021

New channel about independent travel around the world. Impressions, tips and fascinating stories every day on the telegram channel: Travel through life

Answer 48
July, 2021

https://t.me/projectsproducts: Games of Projects and Products

Channel for Project Managers and Product Managers:

  • theory,

  • interesting cases,

  • useful articles,

  • links,

  • views.

Answer 49
July, 2021

I have the courage to advertise one interesting channel a little:

Every day, when entering telegram, you probably come across a huge number of channels of mother's businessmen, "successful people", top earning schemes for 1 hour per apartment. But few people can tell a non-fictional life story about how to live in conditions of austerity.

I present to your attention the channel-project "Subsistence minimum"

The author talks about how difficult it is survive and live a full life in Moscow without spending more than 11163 rubles a month.


Answer 50
July, 2021

Now there are thousands of channels, and the quality of content suffers in many. The channels below prepare content specifically for Telegram, rate:

@thefactum - Interesting things, events, places and people - write about everything that surrounds us in the world;

@moviehorse - They write a lot about cinema, about each film separately. Interesting and daily;

@travelhacks - The author makes a selection of travel articles, talks about personal experiences and uploads useful life hacks for tourists;

@biggakniga - For literature lovers, the following channel about books and book news is suitable.

Answer 51
July, 2021

https://t.me/EduFuture is a super useful channel for those interested in modern education or planning to enroll in foreign universities. Trends in education, grants and scholarships, life hacks for applicants.

Answer 52
July, 2021

One of the top priorities in my life is Development.
Therefore, here is my selection:

@BookCloud - Business Books , Self-development, Psychology , etc. (No advertising)
@BookLegion - Best Literature
@BCBook - Here you can find absolutely any book. Just enter the title and author.

Absolutely free download.
High-quality collections.
No ads.
Let's Go '

Answer 53
July, 2021

@nailgalaxy Channel with daily themed collections of beautiful nail designs. Everything about nails and for nails. A young but rapidly growing channel.

Answer 54
July, 2021

I came across a new channel that publishes cultural news every day. Very briefly about the main thing, notifications come twice a day.


Answer 55
July, 2021

A channel for horse riders, horse lovers and equestrian sports)

Answer 56
July, 2021

To be honest, on Telegram I only read channels about technologies and smartphones. For this, @MobiDevices was perfect for me. They write on the channel seriously and there are absolutely no ads in the feed.

Answer 57
July, 2021

EVENT MBA on Telegram!

Based on the sense of the moment, we started the EVENT MBA channel. Located at t.me, our telegram stream will be entirely dedicated, let's not be afraid of this word, to the new visuality. As part of the project, we will be ready to share ideas and concepts that inspire us from the alluring world of events.

We will publish both archival works of various excellent designers and the latest profile stories: it is interesting how they work with light, sound and projection of our colleagues from the Eurozone, both Americas and other distant sides - none of the worthy will be ignored.


Answer 58
July, 2021

News from the world of fashion, style and beauty.


Answer 59
July, 2021

Channel for girls: tips, life hacks, interesting thoughts

"Blog for J. We sharpen the body and the brain. Girls, join us, there is no x * e!"

X * ЯNo

Answer 60
July, 2021

Created a new channel for everyone. The most useful links to various resources, memes, and much more.


Launched recently, it will be very useful and useful!

Answer 61
July, 2021

I love telegram channels about books, unfortunately, there are very few good ones, often people simply translate annotations from English, without even reading the books themselves.

I will share my favorites:

t.me - I don’t know who it is, writes reviews on science pop, science fiction, history books. Reads a lot in English. Usually attaches book files.

t.me - Ekaterina Aksenova, a lot about science and pop, I love her

t.me - Tatiana Naumova, philologist. He writes mainly about fiction, writes very warmly and comfortably.

t.me - about English literature and ballet

t.me - Anastasia Zavozov, known primarily as a translator D. Tartt

t.me - Anna Fedorova, editor, also mainly about art

Answer 62
July, 2021

Channel @webmagic The latest news on contextual advertising. Useful articles and links. Insider information from Google events. Subscribe!

Answer 63
July, 2021

Dear friends, I want to share an interesting channel that I run myself t.me This is the official Internet media channel Krasnaya Moskva.rf. Every day we talk about the life of red Moscow, protest Moscow. You won't find this anywhere.

Answer 64
July, 2021

I share interesting thoughts and tips on managing online products and product management on the Product Management (PM) channel, and also answer subscribers' questions in a separate section.

Answer 65
July, 2021

t.me A channel about SMM for everyone who is interested in this direction - news, case studies, useful tools and much more

Answer 66
July, 2021

Makeup artist diagnosed with "cosmetics of the brain". Tells about cosmetics, market news and shares the secrets of makeup artists.


Answer 67
July, 2021

There is a cool Movie Night channel for those who don't know what to watch in the evening.

every day a film is selected, then they briefly write about the film (not a stupidly copied plot from a movie search) + all sorts of interesting things that are interesting to read after watching

the most important thing is that if the film is complex, that is, links to articles / interviews (or the author himself writes on his own), where you can read about the film and what the author generally wanted to say

here is the link: telegram.me

Answer 68
July, 2021

Interesting Articles @bestarticles is a daily collection of interesting materials in Russian from 170 publications and blogs, lovingly compiled by one editor.

@kartiny's paintings are the best pictures of the world with detailed information and high-cut images.

IT and media | Executioner @clickordie says - they write about gadgets, IT, media. Less often - about sports, movies and TV shows.

Funscience - Popular science, news, gadgets @funscience - high-quality collections of scientific and pop articles from various sources.

Lipstick Lumberjack @pomadalesoruba - music, for which you are not ashamed. The stream of fresh releases is complemented by author selections and forgotten artifacts.

Wet Mantu @namochimanturu is an evidence-based medicine channel run by medical journalists Dasha Sargsyan, Marianna Mirzoyan and Karina Nazaretyan.

English @ dailyeng - a lot of interesting and informative materials on learning English.

Pasha and his procrastination @abbsol - how to write text, writing problems, Russian language rules, writing tips, books about craft.

TED and more @tedtelegram - the most interesting talks and interviews: TED, videos from all over the Internet and not only.

Internet analytics @internetanalytics - publications of Internet market research.

Answer 69
July, 2021

I recommend my author's channel about painting and art https://t.me/art_painters_en

There are no ads in the channel, only interesting stories about paintings and discussions with you: *

Answer 70
July, 2021

I invite everyone to join the New Year's gift channel in telegram: telegram.me - a gift channel for the New Year!

The channel was created for the opportunity to go through a small, but very intensive training course-gift on making wishes and determining your happy goals for the future, and making them happy on New Year's Eve! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Welcome to a little New Year's Eve trip to the land of your desires and dreams for 2017! 😊

Just a little bit left before the New Year! On the eve of this beloved holiday, I want a magical mood and anticipation of some miracles! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

During this week, tasks are published on the channel - every day until the New Year. These small tasks will first help you to be filled with the power of positive energy, so that there is something to charge your desires more strongly, and then to reveal in yourself all your most cherished dreams and fill them with magical miraculous power for embodiment!

Good luck with your trip and wonderful wonderful discoveries in your desires! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Answer 71
July, 2021

Collection of the best business literature!

Daily update!



Answer 72
July, 2021

Pasha and his procrastination - content director of Profi.ru Pavel Fedorov writes about writing and editing.

An ideal employee is a channel about the search for new employees, the motivation of existing ones and other useful topics from the world of HR.

Take your tune is a channel with good indie music.

Modern is a channel that we run with the team of the Modern magazine. We publish news digests and author's retellings of our articles there.

Answer 73
July, 2021

telegram.me is a fun channel about spelling. Only useful and simple advice. Even Grammar Nazis are discovering something new here!

Answer 74
July, 2021

Anna Zabolotnaya's channel, author of the Geekchick.ru blog, about services and applications - telegram.me

Sergey Kaplichny, copywriter of the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber", about books and efficiency - telegram.me

My channel, about psychology - telegram.me

Answer 75
July, 2021

An increasingly popular channel (Marketing Department), which, as its name implies, talks about marketing on the Internet and beyond! Very interesting author's presentation of information (jokes, jokes, sarcasm, slang). Numbers, numbers, numbers, minimum of water.

Answer 76
July, 2021

Nezigar Political Insider

Wet Mantoux Evidence-Based Medicine

Darth Biology Biology Selections

BeardyCast Gadgets, Science, Games, Movies

AppleInsider.ru # discounts Applications with a discount

Denis Chuzhoy Comic Denis Chuzhoy

physħ Physics, space

Freakbook Mastread Digest

Apparat Online magazine about technology and the new society

Rational numbers Interesting statistics

TED | Ideas, knowledge, thoughts Interesting talks with TED

παραχαράττειν τὸ νόμισμα Antiquity

Podcast Addict Podcasts in English

ASSS Lectures on group behavior

I'll add my channel here. Interesting lectures in Russian Lecture hall

Answer 77
July, 2021



Just a positive channel for smiles, humor and good mood for every day!

Answer 78
July, 2021

A channel about the basics and subtleties of care, tests of various products and a few jokes. In general, about how not to become like Baba Yaga from the anecdote about three hairs.


Answer 79
July, 2021


Music of the East: its features, structure, influence on a person. Unique content translated from Turkish, Persian, Hindi, Arabic and other languages! Concerts of eastern ethno music.

Answer 80
July, 2021

I am publishing a small selection of entertaining channels. I hope you find something interesting for yourself.

is a major author's news channel. It attracts with its beautiful presentation and variety of content, as well as the fact that the entire news agenda is made up of real people, not a bot.

The main news of the day

Stickers Channel - a selection of beautiful and interesting stickers.

Whats up bro? Do you want to discover the coolest stickers? Wanna impress your friends with the best shit? Powered by @ S4Dynamics

Russian marketing - news and analytics of Internet marketing and social media.

An uninteresting channel about Russian marketing Links that nobody needs: @smmruschat - chat channel for communication @mlccrew - channel author

Answer 81
July, 2021

Here is my selection of my favorite channels that I read voraciously: - WOW news https://telegram.me/wow_news

  1. My channel about video production, film, and video marketing

About cinematography, video production and digital video promotion

  1. The same ridiculousness, but not as creepy as NTV.

About the most amazing news for today 📝 @sbstyan

  1. A very smart channel in terms of news about social networks. If you want to be ahead of the rest, then you should read it:

SMM community channel https://vk.com/smmprosales

  1. If you are interested in modern journalism and media, then you should browse the 3D Journalism channel

All about journalism, media and good writing in Russia. We publish cool articles, books, announcements and industry events. If you have something to say or recommend, write: @sashasuan

  1. A channel about posting to different social networks and reviews of news from the digital world here:


Answer 82
July, 2021

A new channel about Internet marketing, web analytics, SEO and content marketing, articles in Russian and English, reviews of speeches from major marketing conferences. https://telegram.me/kineticaagency

Answer 83
July, 2021

I am writing about children's books, which may well interest adults as well: telegram.me I explain why the book is cool. No water, copy-paste, dry retelling of the author's / plot's biography. I tell you interesting and to the point.

Answer 84
July, 2021

From news channels that I, as a producer, are interested in reading:





Answer 85
July, 2021

I advise the channel "RussiaEst". There are posted news related to food in Russia: about falsifications, sanctions and much more - https://telegram.me/russiaeats

Answer 86
July, 2021

https://telegram.me/thechallenger - here they talk about effective exercise, sports, proper nutrition, share cool recipes for healthy dishes. All articles are backed up by the opinion of real experts - professionals in their field. In general, there is really a lot of useful and necessary information.

Answer 87
July, 2021

Telegram channel about sports and fitness from FITMOST


Fitness news, links to articles and reviews, information on trends and new types, where and why to go, etc.

Answer 88
July, 2021

Where to go and what to do in Rome. Useful news, exhibitions, restaurants, life hacks, mores and customs from the journalist who wrote for Geo Posters and who has lived in Rome for 20 years.


Answer 89
July, 2021

Job search for freelancers

Job search for customers

We publish short resumes and tasks with links to your accounts!

https: // telegram. me / FirstWork

Answer 90
July, 2021


Channel about the best and new Telegram bots. There are bots for ordinary users, developers, programmers, designers. Everyone will find at least a couple helpful.

Answer 91
July, 2021

Ladies in Tatukhi is a community dedicated to tattooed girls!

We select only the best and highest quality photos for you.

Answer 92
July, 2021

Events Moscow.

Weekly digest of events for startups and businesses in Moscow.


Community channel startups and business.

Selected news from the world of business and high technologies.

IoT 🏠 BigData 📊 Neural network 💭 AI 👱 VR 👥Fintech 💸 Bitcoin 💱 Blockchain 💳 Biotech 💉 Space 🔭 IT and Internet 💻


Answer 93
July, 2021

And here is a small selection of design channels:

https://telegram.me/awdee graphic design

https://telegram.me/minimalistic beautiful collections of photos

https://telegram.me/loskomag minimalism in architecture and design

https://telegram.me/posterino channel about poster art

https: // telegram.me/frgmnts my channel about design and interiors)

Answer 94
July, 2021


Promotional codes for travel in Russia. Discount tours to Kamchatka, Altai, Baikal and other regions every day. One day - one place.

Answer 95
July, 2021

https://telegram.me/psyhologia - Every day I read articles on psychology in English and summarize the most important things in my channel. Plus, twice a week I do full translations of the most interesting articles, post them on my website psyhologia.club and briefly cover them in the telegram.

A unique material on psychology that is not available on the Russian-language Internet, carefully selected and commented on psychologist.

Answer 96
July, 2021

https://telegram.me/korotkoekino - short films from around the world.

The channel is new, but promising: we want to gather all the short ones here. Happy viewing!

Answer 97
July, 2021

On this channel https://telegram.me/revizorroru we publish the latest news from the world of insurance and auto. CASCO, OSAGO, insurance of those traveling abroad. Subscribe and stay updated!

Answer 98
July, 2021


Channel - SEOshmeo e-commerce moneymaking Affiliates

News and interesting notes from the world of seo, e-commerce, cpa, affiliate marketing , money making and similar topics.

Answer 99
July, 2021

https://telegram.me/steampunks - an aggregator of steampunk pictures.

https://telegram.me/meduzaevening - Evening Medusa on Telegram - a daily collection of the most interesting things of the day from the editorial staff of Meduza .

https://telegram.me/shapi_to - the heading of Medusa "Shapito" in your Telegram: funny things, interesting things and new music / movies.

https://telegram.me / meduzapro - breaking news from Medusa

Answer 100
July, 2021

https://telegram.me/addmeto - bobuk from Yandex and radio-t.com about all sorts of news from the world of it.

https://telegram.me/techsparks - another dude from Yandex, and also about it, but with less programming bias.

https://telegram.me/NeuroScienceRu —The first channel about the brain, mind, behavior and neurosciences Only authoritative scientific and pop-science sources Updates daily

https://telegram.me/ ArzamasBot - Arzamas-bot will from time to time send you random materials from the site http: /arzamas.academy

https://telegram.me/peterlevichchannel - Science, Technology and Society future, ethics of technologies author: facebook.com/peter.levich

https://telegram.me/disgustingmen - This is a Telegram channel for male samizdat Disgustingmen.com. Here are the announcements and links for those who find instant messengers more convenient than social networks.

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