What are the main pros and cons of AliExpress online store?

What are the main pros and cons of AliExpress online store?

How to Dropship from AliExpress with No Money (2020 Guide)

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Answer 1
July, 2021

The pros are a huge amount of goods and low prices, and the cons are prepayment for the goods, long delivery and a large number of poor quality goods.

Answer 2
July, 2021

Today we will talk about the Aliexpress online store, which is gaining popularity.
The first negative risk! Whatever precautions are taken, the vendors can deceive you.
Fakes can get in, despite the fact that there was a beautiful picture in the description.
The second minus is time. You can wait for delivery for several weeks. Everyone can face this minus.
The third minus-optimization. Despite the fact that the company is developing rapidly in Russia and translated into Russian, you will most likely find many errors.
The first plus-price. There is no overpayment for goods in Aliexpress.
The second plus is goods. In Aliexpress there is a large selection of goods. And if you do not like the goods, you can return it.
The third plus is delivery. In Aliexpress you can take delivery for free.
Fourth plus-discounts. Every time Aliexpress makes profitable discounts.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Of the minuses, it can be noted that the quality of some products still leaves much to be desired, smelly plastic, and copying of brands. The pluses include an inexpensive price, a large assortment, and fast delivery.

Answer 4
July, 2021

AliExpress online store has its pros and cons, let's look at the main ones.

Pros of AliExpress

  • A huge choice. Any little thing, any size, shape and color. From radio components and car tires to carnival costumes and sophisticated electronics. 100% you didn’t even suspect that such things even exist and are sold anywhere.
  • Low prices. Aliexpress is not just an online store, it is the main aggregator of Chinese sellers. Since most household items (and not only!) Are manufactured in China and Southeast Asia, Aliexpress gives a platform to direct sellers, resellers of all sizes and huge hypermarkets. Prices are among the lowest.
  • Coupons. Also a kind of discount, but given either by Aliexpress itself for all products, or by specific sellers. There are thousands of them in the COUPONS section

See section SALES . There are products with discounts reaching almost 90%!

Cons of AliExpress

  • Long delivery. From China, a long journey and complicated logistics. There are faster options with air delivery, but the cost can sometimes exceed the cost of the order. Normal transportation goes to Russia up to 30-40 days.

Now Aliexpress has opened its warehouse in Russia in the Moscow region + debugs additional logistics operations. The last time the package was traveling 11 days, but ordered paid delivery.

  • Bad sellers. Yes, sometimes sellers come across unreliable. There are many different stories - from simple misunderstandings to outright deception. Now the latter is still much smaller and there are isolated cases + you can always file a dispute and return the money.
  • Quality. This is hardly a disadvantage, rather a mismatch with expectations. In many cases, a super-low price means a mediocre product. This is far from always, it is worth reading reviews and ordering only from trusted sellers with a high rating.

Thus, the AliExpress online store has its pros and cons. Personally, I have been ordering things from there for over 5 years. There is simply no analogue, and the low cost more than compensates for the need to wait for the package.

https://blog.calltouch.ru/wp-content /uploads/2020/06/image1-1.jpg
Answer 5
July, 2021

As a person who has placed almost 200 orders on Ali, I can say this:

  • Many products that you are unlikely to find in Russia

  • The same products that you see every day, but 3-4 times cheaper. Sometimes it happens that I find in stores what I ordered myself - the difference in price is scary

  • Security. If the goods have not arrived, you open a dispute, the money is returned without question. The wrong size came, the quality is shit, the goods are not as in the photo - the same actions. In most cases, the site listens to the client. Moreover, in fact, the seller does not receive money until you confirm receipt

  • Any problems with "Chinese sizes" can be easily resolved using the dimensional grid attached to each product. It is enough just to measure yourself once and then compare the centimeters, so as not to sit in thought "Should I take S or Chinese M?"

  • Any "Waiting - Reality" problems are decided by reviews. Almost always you can look at photos from buyers and find out what presses whom and what presses

  • Often things don't come. If the delivery time is coming to an end, and the product is still not, I usually write to the seller and he extends the time. But, unfortunately, many things are lost on the way and never come home, although the money is returned for them

  • Many users in the reviews are either lazy about describing the product normally, or they just take a picture of a newly arrived, never tried thing and consider their duty fulfilled on this. Sometimes it is hard to understand the cons of a product from reviews

  • Delivery time. Of course, parcels have not been sent for years, something comes after two weeks, but some things are needed a little sooner than they arrive. For example, I am still looking forward to my winter headphones, which I ordered in January.

Answer 6
July, 2021

Pros, as already mentioned - the price, a large selection of colors / shapes / sizes, and more.

No. Much depends on what category of goods you are interested in, for some types of products there is a significant price bias - for example, the section "For home", the subsection "organization and storage". Boxes, organizers, drawers and containers for storing small items are sold for some inadequate money. We can easily find the same product several times cheaper.

And always, always see the detailed product description. It usually indicates the size and quantity, material and other parameters. If you, through your own inattention, ordered something without looking at this section (if there is not enough information in the brief description), and then open a dispute, they say, the seller is a deceiver, then the decision will not be in your favor. Just as an example - you liked Pandora's fake at a VERY attractive price, in the picture there is a bracelet with a set of charms, in the following pictures (if any) charms are separately shown, lie in slides and are sorted by color. Suppose you chose a bracelet in purple tones, bought it, paid for it, waited a month or two, as luck would have it, and you received one nondescript bead. And the seller, sly, only in the full description indicated that he was selling one bead, choose a color, the shape would come random. Who's guilty? Alas, not him.

Cons: delivery. It happens even 10 days with free shipping, sometimes 2-3 weeks, maybe 1-3 months, maybe not at all. Depends on the post of Russia and on the availability of goods in the seller's warehouse. Rarely, but there are cases when the seller did not send the order at all. Sometimes you have to wait for the seller to collect your order if you took several items at once. But this does not happen so often.

The quality of the product: everything was good both in the description and in the reviews, but it was you who were unlucky and the product did not come of proper quality. It happens. But a dispute usually resolves this issue.

There are no products at all.

If you take cosmetics, then there is a chance to stumble upon poor quality or it is commonplace that your skin will react negatively to it. Here only at your own peril and risk. Although I have ordered a couple of times eyeshadow, powder and nail polish - no problem. But cream or mascara, and even more so lipstick, is scary to take.

In general, be extremely careful, patient and ready for the unexpected. Chinese people know how to surprise.

Answer 7
July, 2021

In fact, this is a big Lottery. Perhaps due to our mentality (or not), many place orders in the hope that the product from the picture will really arrive. From my own experience, I can say that in the case of clothes, the probability of a successful purchase is 50/50 (unless of course you are a thin girl with xs sizes everywhere, although it's not just about size). So the savings are not very good. But small things like brushes, hairpins, covers, parts, etc. are the most profitable to buy here.

I also noticed a tendency among our fellow citizens to greatly overestimate the rating (although not only among them, in principle), so look at the photo meticulously from reviews. After the dollar has been raised, some clothes cost the same as in a regular chain store (from 1500 rubles and above), but you cannot measure them and determine the quality of the fabric too (as a rule, it is super-thin, even cotton). They can give 5-4 stars for a thing at best "on the C grade". The best option is to order things on the recommendation of bloggers from Tao. There are detailed photo reports.

You shouldn't buy any cosmetics / cosmetic products there at all. It is highly likely to buy lipstick that smells of gasoline, oil, alcohol. All this should be thrown out immediately. I don't even risk ordering Korean cosmetics from there, all this is pure 100% fake, without test certificates, etc.

Never (never!) Do not enter into dialogues with sellers if you see that the item does not match the photo , just open a dispute and the arbitrators will figure it out themselves. The seller will start to get out like in a frying pan, promise $ 2-10 of the total cost, ask to correct a low rating or remove a negative review for allegedly sending you a new product of a different color / configuration. In fact, you will be given someone else's track of someone else's parcel to your city, then the seller will remove the item from the window and display it again without reviews.

Answer 8
July, 2021

We have listed the pros, and I will add one more minus, however, it also concerns buyers more, and not the aliexpress itself.

A very decent number of buyers leave reviews like "I haven't used it yet, but it looks cool))))" and leave 5 stars to the seller. With this attitude, it is very difficult to assess the functionality of something, and the selection process is delayed - you need to look not only at the rating of the seller and the product, but also to see what percentage of "I have not used it yet))))" falls on the entire array of left reviews. Anything can look "cool", but in action it will be completely different.

I, for example, leave a review only when I have used the product for at least a few days, and I do not forget to update reviews if something is damaged or out of order ahead of time.

But this minus of the pluses does not outweigh in any way :)

Answer 9
July, 2021

The biggest plus, of course, is the price. The biggest disadvantage is the delivery time. In 80% of cases, the goods arrive in 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it comes in a week in advance, especially if the seller has a warehouse in your country. However, there are times when a product can take up to 60 days. Sometimes it does not come at all, although in this case you will receive a refund or send the goods again. I had a case when the goods did not arrive in 60 days, the money was returned to me, and a week later I went to the post office and took my goods. I got it for free :)

Answer 10
July, 2021

The main plus of Aliexpress is the ability to find some goods "from the manufacturer", without resellers' extra charge, as well as to choose from a variety of alternatives in prices, colors, styles, materials. On this platform, a lot of highly specific goods are exhibited that are unlikely to reach the Russian market in bulk, and, accordingly, you cannot buy them just like that in a store.

Another plus - payment through Aliexpress is safe. You do not send money directly to the seller, but to a certain guarantor-bank of the portal, from which, upon receipt of the goods, and, of course, according to your expressed satisfaction with its quality, they are redirected to the seller's account.

the likelihood of an additional discount on the product if you talk to the seller. And by the way, delivery of almost all goods to Russia is free.

If the goods are crumpled during transportation, or, oh, horror, you have received the goods with a marriage - do not despair. You will be gladly sent a replacement or compensated if you notify the seller. Everyone cares very much about their reputation on the portal.

A case from my life: I ordered miniature cones for jewelry, each of which was closed with a cork. One cork was not reported. So the seller for the sake of one cork (smaller than a pinky fingernail) sent a separate parcel by express, apologized and sent a gift ... Although I did not even inform the seller about it.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting:

First of all, this is not an express shop. That is, if a friend has a birthday in a week, you should not really hope for the delivery of his gift exactly one week in advance, even if the delivery time is indicated "5-15 days". Nobody cancels the Russian Post as an intermediary (unless, of course, we are talking about free shipping).

Secondly, when ordering clothes, be prepared for the fact that the Chinese are a miniature nation. Our size L is sometimes marked with XL or XXL, respectively, for a girl of sizes S it is worth taking a minimum of M, or even a larger size.

Thirdly, be careful. Well, a blouse made of natural silk cannot cost 200r - you should be aware of this and soberly compare the quality of the product and the price. Although it cannot be said that this particular, third drawback concerns the Aliexpress portal, and not the people who order there.

To distinguish a good seller from a bad one, you should look at three parameters:

  1. Seller rating (if it is more than 85 you can safely take the product, even if it is just for sale).

  2. Frequency of purchase of a specific product (indicated at the top in the right corner).

  3. User reviews.

By the way, according to user reviews, you can also estimate the speed of delivery specifically to your city :)

Good luck and pleasant shopping!

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