What are the pros and cons of distance learning?

What are the pros and cons of distance learning?

What Are Pros and Cons of Online Classes

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Answer 1
July, 2021

The advantages are obvious: you study at home, at a convenient time for you. No need to waste time on the way to school and back. The main drawback is the following. High-quality education presupposes live communication with professional, qualified specialist teachers. More details can be found here http://inyaz-school.ru/plyusy-i-minusy-distancionnogo-obucheniya/

Answer 2
July, 2021

Of the pluses, one can single out;

  1. Training does not depend on your location;
  2. Training does not depend on time of day or night;
  3. Low cost in comparison with other types of training;
  4. No need to go to school

Among the cons are:

  1. Not suitable for many people due to the inability to organize themselves;
  2. A huge number of courses (although not such a minus)

More details can be found here https://obrazovanie18.ru/ceny

Answer 3
July, 2021

Pros :

Self-reliance training. Distance learning trains very important skills for adult life: the ability to plan your time, work independently, seek and process information, interact with people at a distance.

Freedom of movement. The family can go for the winter in Thailand or in the village with their grandmother, move from a big city to the province, but the children will not have to change no teachers, no curriculum. Good education with this approach is available anywhere in the world.

Comfortable environment. With distance learning, the student can study where he likes. Relationships in the classroom are no longer a problem - even if the child does not get along with classmates, it makes almost no difference in distance learning. shy children, relieved of the pressure of the class, show the best results in distance learning.

Own pace. The student does not need to adapt to anyone, he can master the material at a speed suitable for himself.

Lack of all unnecessary things. Ceremonial lines, classroom shifts, and other time-consuming activities are left out of the way in distance learning.

Learning materials available. many free electronic textbooks and manuals. Students and teachers are not limited by the range of the school library.


Lack of motivation. Since the student will be unattended most of the time, parents and teachers will have to work with the child's motivation. Otherwise there is a risk that he will mess around.

Lack of communication. Some children (especially primary school students) may feel lonely without peers.

Untrained teachers. Most old school teachers do not trust modern technology and do not know how to work with it.

Answer 4
July, 2021

Explained )


I. Pros of Distance Learning:

  1. You can study from anywhere in the world. A learning organization gives you access to their education portal, which you can access from wherever you are. Internet access is enough.
  2. Low tuition fees. Distance learning costs are significantly lower than full-time education.
  3. Don't go to school . All learning is built through the educational portal. Read lectures, watch presentations and videos, communicate with each other and with the teacher, participate in webinars with the teacher, do your homework, take tests, etc.
  4. You can study at any time of the day or night. Access to the educational portal is open around the clock. You can log in at any time to study a topic of interest.
  5. You can set your own pace of learning. Each of us has different skills to assimilate the material. The distance form allows us to learn at a convenient speed for us.
  6. You can revisit what you learned. If you don't understand, you can read the lecture again, watch a video or presentation of interest.
  7. All your questions will not remain unanswered. Questions are asked to the teacher during the lesson, but you can also formulate them in writing and send them to his personal page marked with a mandatory answer.

II. Cons distance learning:

  1. There is no live contact with the teacher. We all know that live communication with a person is most effective, and only then there is communication by phone, in instant messengers and on videoconferences.
  2. Difficulty gaining practical experience. For example, for training in professions that requireworking with third-party technical means (profession: driver, crane operator, doctor) remote form can be difficult.
  3. Working in teams of learners is difficult . If you need to make a team project, then it can be difficult to interact remotely between team members.
  • In the case of distance learning, exactly the same diploma is issued as in the case of full-time education. Those. the diploma will not indicate that the training was remote.
  • Guys who want to get a new demanded profession, I invite you to undergo training as a labor protection specialist: https://beltrud.ru/dopolnitelnoe-obrazovanie- po-ohrane-truda /

    Respectfully yours, occupational safety instructor, BSTU named after V. G. Shukhova Elena Klimova.


    Answer 5
    July, 2021

    Pros of Distance Learning:

    • You can study anywhere if you have the Internet.

    • Training takes place in a distance format, without interruption from work.

    • Study at a convenient time for you

    Disadvantages of distance learning:

    • It is not always possible to learn practical skills

    More information on distance learning can be found on the website of the educational center Enterprise

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