What coatings are used to increase the life of the tanks?

What coatings are used to increase the life of the tanks?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

When operating tanks, it becomes necessary to protect the metal from corrosion. Considering that containers can be used to store different products, in each specific case it is necessary to select the most effective protective composition. We use the products of the following manufacturers:

· Research and Production Holding VMP;

· Morozov Chemical Plant;

· Hempel;

· Jotun.

Research and Production Holding VMP

NPH VMP CJSC produces various products for corrosion protection of metal. The assortment is represented by primers of three main types:

· tread (zinc-filled);

· passivating (with corrosion inhibitors);

· insulating.

Various types of bases are used for the production of materials - epoxy, polyurethane, etc. VMP protective compounds are reliable highly dispersed coatings. They are technologically advanced, simple and convenient to use, provide long-term protection of structures - more than 15 years. Represented by more than 10 types, the most popular ::









ZINOL and etc.

Morozov Chemical Plant

One of the leading Russian manufacturers. In terms of quality and cost, its products are on a par with the VMP. This manufacturer is accredited by Rosneft.

The plant produces more than 10 types of anticorrosive paintwork materials based on epoxy and polyurethane bases. Epoxy compounds are especially popular, among the most popular are:

ARMOTANK K06 - two-component epoxy primer;

ARMOTANK 07 - chemically resistant primer-enamel;

· ARMOTANK ZINC - primer with zinc filling;

· ARMOTANK R105 - epoxy compound;

· ARMOTANK OIL - thick-layer primer-enamel, etc.

The coatings offered by the manufacturer reliably protect tanks from the corrosive effects of a variety of substances.


The Danish company Hempel specializes in the production of protective marine coatings. The proposed formulations work in different conditions, the service life is up to 20 years. The quality is average, the prices are quite high. Among the most popular products:





· fire retardant coatings, etc.

The manufacturer's catalog contains dozens of product names, which allows you to choose a protective composition for any object.


The Norwegian company Jotun is one of the most famous manufacturers of protective coatings for various purposes. Produces a number of original formulations, the main types of products:

· anti-corrosion coatings;

· primers;

· paints.

Range of products is very large, it is possible to choose a protective composition for any product and operating conditions. Coatings last up to 20 years, ohThey are distinguished by a fairly high price. The quality is average.

The choice of protective composition

The cost of the coating used is a significant part of the cost of manufacturing the tank. On average, for a container with a volume of 100 cubic meters. m is 100 liters of protective composition at a price of up to 1000 rubles per liter. In addition, the coating weighs a lot, the weight of 10 liters is about 15-25 kg.

Taking this into account, we in each specific case, the company "ZRK" zrk-1.ru strive to find the most adequate price and characteristics of the composition. The choice of a protective composition for a specific tank is determined by the technologist of the coating manufacturer, based on the environment for which the tank will be used.

Answer 2
August, 2021

Good afternoon.

In this case, it is possible to make a plastic coating (lining)

Lining is a plastic protection of the underlayers of tanks from the effects of aggressive media, abrasive and mechanical loads and high temperatures. In this case, a layer of polypropylene or polyethylene material serves as an "armor" that reduces mechanical, thermal and chemical influences exerted on the body of the container or tank itself.

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