What is a proxy server?

What is a proxy server?

Proxy vs. Reverse Proxy (Explained by Example)

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Answer 1
August, 2021

Most users don't understand the difference between VPN and Proxy. And even if I write the definition of these words below, nothing will change anyway. The main difference between the two is that VPN is a program and Proxy is a service. Both are an intermediary between you and the site you are visiting.

Here, many can start shouting that there is OpenVPN, and, in general, no software installation is required to work with VPN. Yes it is. But configuring a VPN manually is much more difficult than configuring a proxy.

How Proxy Is Different From VPN :

  • VPN runs over the main internet connection. All programs on the device connect to the Network via VPN;
  • Proxy can be configured individually for the required program. Proxy does not affect the connection of other programs;
  • VPN consumes smartphone battery and requires more bandwidth to work;
  • Proxy simply changes the connection address and minimizes system resources;
  • The VPN connection is more secure as it uses a variety of encryption and IP leak protection methods;
  • Proxy connection is also quite secure due to encryption of HTTPS traffic.

You can read more here

Answer 2
August, 2021

Proxy, what is a proxy, what is an ip-address. Why do we need it, why change the ip-address at all. How to buy a proxy. We will analyze all this in this article. Hi my dear friends! Let's go, for a start. How do I find my ip address? You can just enter the ip-address in the browser line, press enter. The Internet itself will show you your ip-address.
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Answer 3
August, 2021

Proxy, what is a proxy, what is an ip-address. Why do we need it, why change the ip-address at all. How to buy a proxy. We will analyze all this in this article. Hi my dear friends! Let's go, for a start. How do I find my ip address? You can just enter the ip-address in the browser line, press enter. The internet will show you your ip address by itself. Read more: https://1000-secretov.ru/proksi-ip-adres-chto-takoe-zachem-eto-nuzhno-gde-vzyat/

Answer 4
August, 2021

A proxy server is an intermediate server in computer networks that acts as an intermediary between the user and the target server, allowing clients to both make indirect requests to other network services and receive responses. At https://proxy-store.com/ru/type/soc read about individual proxies for social networks, many advanced users live with them on the network)

Answer 5
August, 2021

To put it simply, a proxy server is a computer that is located elsewhere. It can be located either in the next room or in a cool data center somewhere in Germany. If you know the login and password of this computer, you can connect to the Internet through it.

How does it work and what is it for? For example, you want to go to a torrent tracker blocked in Russia.

Without proxy server:

  • You write the website address in the browser
  • The provider sees where you want to go
  • Blocks your attempt

With a proxy server:

  • You write the website address in the browser
  • This request is automatically sent to a proxy server in a country where this torrent tracker is not blocked
  • The proxy server opens the desired page and shows it to you

In the second case, the provider does not even know that you are trying to enter a site. From his point of view, you are simply exchanging some information with another computer. It's like just texting someone on Skype or another messenger. Packets with data go back and forth, and the provider cannot know what is in them.

Here it is described in more detail, and also, there are tips on how to make money using proxy servers: https: // internetboss. ru / chto-takoe-proxy-server /

Answer 6
August, 2021

A proxy server, aka "proxy", is a remote server running special software. It is open to anyone who knows its address and port to connect to it via the Internet.

The proxy passes connections through itself in the program where you specified its address. This changes your IP address.

Changing your IP address gives you additional benefits. : register a new account, send additional messages, post new ads and more.

A proxy has authorization: login and password. They are added to limit the number of users by the proxy server. As a rule, these are private or paid proxies.

Free public proxies do not ask for authorization. Such proxies can be taken from the free proxy list.

Read the instructions on how to set up proxies in browsers. In the example below, the proxy server settings window in the Firefox browser:

Answer 7
August, 2021

To put it simply. A proxy server is a remote computer through which you can connect to the desired site and hide your real IP on it. The best free proxy service - online-proxy.ru

Answer 8
August, 2021

Security and anonymity of surfing the Internet

As a rule, a proxy server hides all its internal clients from the external network. As long as you are using this device, your identity on the Internet will be anonymous. This means that you will be protected from spam and hacker attacks. Most proxy servers do not use cookies, that is, they do not have a mechanism for storing user information in any database.


In addition, that with a proxy server it is impossible to find a person by ip, this machine speeds up user traffic. For example, let's say that a user has visited a certain site and needs to wait 12 seconds to load the first page. If a user tries to access this site through a proxy, the server will give him the pages in the cache. This means that it will only wait 5-6 seconds for the first page to load completely, as more bandwidth is connected. Overall, web content delivery is more efficient.


Administration is very useful for large enterprises where multiple users are trying to access the Internet through a single proxy -server. The administrator can easily set up firewalls and block sites (social networks, gambling sites, etc.) for all users. Content filtering is one of the most common types of proxy server functions.

Read more about the anonymous proxy server service here https://proxyelite.info/.

Answer 9
August, 2021

A proxy server is a cheaper VPN replacement and allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. You can find services for the sale of proxies here https://otzyvmarketing.ru/best/prodazha-proksi/.

How the proxy server works

The proxy server spoofs your IP address and your other data. All this works in much the same way as a VPN, but it costs even less. Another advantage of a proxy server over VPN: you don't need to install any programs on your computer. You just need to change a couple of settings in the operating system.

The benefits of using a proxy server

You will be very difficult to figure out. To find out your real address, the other party will have to contact the proxy server owner. And the owner is unlikely to transfer your data without a court decision. But since the proxy server is located in another state, the other party will have to spend a lot of time and money to get your data.

Therefore, various small fraudsters use proxy servers who want to get away from retaliation.

This is why Russia is trying to control all VPNs and proxy servers. After all, these services provide anonymity on the network and help all sorts of criminals escape.

Pros of using paid proxy services

You can also find free proxy services on the network ... But the question arises: why does a person provide his services for free? It is possible that he himself started something bad. So it's better to use paid services. Usually paid proxy services are faster and more reliable. In addition, if you pay money to the provider, you can demand a certain quality of service.


In general, a proxy server and a VPN are not very different from each other. friend. I like VPN because you can select multiple servers and access the Internet from different countries. Today you are from Lithuania and tomorrow you are from Paris. This way you can increase your anonymity.

Remember that a proxy service does not provide 100% anonymity on the network. It is also important to ensure that the browser does not determine your location, so that the site does not record cookies, so that social networks do not track your activity.

So it is better to access the Internet under a pseudonym and not from home, and nearby cafes and restaurants .

Answer 10
August, 2021

This is special equipment (sometimes software) that is intended to be an intermediary between you and the sites.

In a normal home network, you connect to the Internet directly to the sites.

If the connection is made through a proxy server, then you, on behalf of this server, connect to sites. Websites "think" that it is the proxy server that has connected to them, not you. That is, in this case, there will be some "anonymity" on the Internet, and can also be used to bypass blocked sites.

In corporate networks of large companies, a proxy server is needed to control user access to the Internet. With the help of a proxy server, you can track who, when, how long they spent on the Internet. How many megabytes downloaded, etc. And also remotely block or unblock access.

Overall a good thing.

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