What is it like to study at Synergy University? And why are there so many memes about him?

What is it like to study at Synergy University? And why are there so many memes about him?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

I graduated from this university this year. And here's what I can say:

The quality of education that you will receive depends more on you than on the university you study at, there would be a desire, as they say. Teachers (according to my training program) mostly do not teach, but provide paid educational services, while being full-time teachers of other institutions (Pleshka, HSE, etc.), or being active workers in the field they represent (in my case - the sports industry). In particular, my teachers were Kaziakhmedov Aivaz Mikhailovich and Kamil Abdurashidovich Hajiyev.

Nobody bought credits from us, because contrary to the general opinion, nobody takes bribes in Synergy. Visits are monitored, there were no dead souls in the group.

Excellent opportunities for internship are provided by the university itself, which is a huge plus.

The diploma was defended, like all my friends from "cool" universities. If you think that every fool there will get his "crust", you are mistaken. Out of 26 people, they got "bad" 7.

Answer 2
July, 2021

This is due to advertising. It's just that the university has a very active advertising and marketing campaign, they are trying to fill the entire media and digital space, but in the market conditions this is not bad. This speaks of the large budgets that the university spends on its brand and development.

As for the quality of education, the university positions itself as a school for future entrepreneurs and businessmen. I know not by hearsay that they have a lot of practice, you can even study for free and work at a university.

As for the rest, it is an ordinary university, with its own advantages and disadvantages, like everyone else. I graduated from a state university, we had a bunch of flaws that were described here: incomprehensible subjects and credits for them in the diploma, closing the session by agreement, diplomas through the dean's office. So, there are enough minuses everywhere. But we did not have the opportunity to attend master classes and forums with world famous people, the technique suffered and there were problems with practice.

So, Synergy is quite a decent university for a commercial.

Answer 3
July, 2021

I asked a question to my friends in the chat and that's what they wrote to me there, draw your own conclusions, but memes they always appear on hype and popular things. I quote:

  1. Nowadays, there is nowhere without English, so I decided to become a linguist. I study at Synergy, I have passed to the last course. During this time, I have already managed to go to practice in America, in the direction of the university. And you know, I advise all linguists to do the same. Because there is nothing better than communicating with native speakers. My level has increased several times, I noticed it myself and the teachers say. Thanks to Synergy for this opportunity.

  2. My peers, unlike me, cannot boast that at the age of 20 they do not depend on their parents financially. But I can. I study at Synergy in banking, on a referral from the university I was given a job at Sberbank. I work with girls who already have a rig for a long time. And I get no less of them. And all this while studying on the full-time department.

  3. Probably I can't even name any business school in Russia that surpasses Synergy. It is not for nothing that they declare themselves as a high-level business education. I finished my studies this year. And now I actively apply everything that I have learned and try to implement it in my business. Successful so far)

  4. I sincerely believe that commercial universities are better than state ones. Here the level is several times higher, both in terms of education, and in terms of simply the internal arrangement of the institute. Many acquaintances even envy me that I study at Synergy, although they used to say that there is nothing better and more reliable than a state university.

  5. Student of the Faculty of Business at Synergy. I used to think that business is easy, the main thing is to start. It turned out that this is not the case at all. And I realized this only when I began to study. A very large amount of knowledge that is really useful and can be applied. My father has his own business, and now I'm getting into the picture. And what I have learned in Synergy and I learn every day helps me to understand all this.

  6. I took the exam this year. The training took place at courses in Synergy, on the advice of a friend. At first, they were suspicious, since traditional classes with a tutor are more familiar. But then I liked it, because the teachers are young, they explain in an interesting way. And I passed the exams with more than 95 points each.

  7. I went to Synergy at the age of 28 - to get an MBA degree. Before that, I already had my own business, but I am such a person - I want to improve my knowledge all the time. It was in the business school that I was able to fully reveal and feel my potential. To be honest, I didn't even think that I was capable of the things that I am doing now. Of course, the training turned out to be very useful for me.

  8. I am sincerely convinced that it is not appropriate for a 20-year-old guy to sit on his parents' neck. You need to work and EARN. That is why, choosing a university, I went to Synergy. I have long heard about the large number of partners of the institute who are happy to hire students. So it was in mine withluchae - already in the 1st year I was offered a job in an advertising agency (I study PR). Now, being a full-time third-year student, I get 40-50 thousand rubles and daily experience. It is high time to move away from the classic scheme of "education first, then work." All this can be combined if desired and the right choice of university.

  9. Born in Podolsk. I study there, at the Podolsk branch of the Synergy University at the Faculty of Economics, majoring in finance and credit. I already work, but not entirely in my specialty - a manager. Of course, I got positive feedback from my studies at Synergy University: helpful teachers, friendly staff, interesting life at the university. He actively participated in sports performances from the university, and specifically in skiing. The most striking moment was the defense of the diploma, and especially this pre-defense vanity. After receiving my diploma I will go to the magistracy. I will apply here, but I have not yet decided what specialty. I would very much like to master the law. I'll stay in the same place to work.

And now the results of a social experiment, so to speak ...

If you have read all these reviews and believed in them, then you definitely need to go to study, but not necessarily in synergy - in any educational institution. Because such reviews can be written about any university, and in general about anything. Think with your head, don't believe the reviews on the Internet, or at least analyze what you read. Better yet, engage in self-education and increase the level of intelligence, for example, use Wikium - online brain trainers or go through online training in Netology - modern and relevant knowledge online, and do not consume that hodgepodge what is poured in universities.

UPD dated 09/08/2019: A considerable time after my answer, when it was viewed more than 70 thousand times, I can state with confidence: most need urgently to improve their critical skills thinking in order to learn to draw objective conclusions, and not follow the opinion of the majority or traps from various fakes. Good luck!

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Answer 4
July, 2021

Back in college, when I was defending my diploma, a "manager" from Synergy was already standing next to us and agitated us all, handed out certificates, almost crawled on my knees, if only we went to study at this particular educational institution. Honestly, I got the impression that this university is like a big binary option for students: bright, sparkling, but, in fact, empty.

So I got there and studied at Synergy at the Faculty of Advertising and Design for three years ... I came straight after the design college for the second year, I took only the basic ones.

It was interesting to study in Synergy, especially in the first years, until the problems with bureaucracy began. I was enrolled in PR, and everything seemed to be fine, but, as it turned out, the contract was drawn up incorrectly, and I seemed to study on advertising, but according to the lists - on design. In general, there was a terrible mess with the documents, and the administration did not try to solve my problem.

Many people think that in Synergy you can buy a credit for a ridiculous 750 rubles, but this is not so. I personally did not give bribes to anyone and did not hear about such cases, however, many objects were closed by a "leftist": for a bottle of cognac or whiskey the curator solved all the problems in his studies. This could be seen from the subjects that appeared out of nowhere in the schedule, for which the tests were automatically set for everyone.

However, all of the above applies only to my faculty, and what was in the other two buildings, I do not know. Advertising was considered a more secondary faculty, one of those that was added to move to university status (until 2011, Synergy was an academy, and I just entered in 2012). Perhaps that is why the horrors that you have heard about have bypassed me and my classmates. But I do not presume to assert anything, this is purely my opinion.

In conclusion, I want to say that I did not need a diploma, since I work in the IT field, where professional skills are not valued, but not papers. But, if you also need a higher education just for show, this option will do.

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