What is the best internet provider in Moscow?

What is the best internet provider in Moscow?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

In a quiet, they increase the cost, motivating that it was spelled out in the contract. Bottom line: for 2 years I paid 800 rubles for telephone, internet and television, then bills for 1200 rubles began to come. After calling the kAl center with a request to turn off the mobile connection and install the cheapest internet and television, the bill came to 1,450 rubles !!! Today I'm going to disconnect from these suppliers of joys.

Answer 2
August, 2021

I tell you, as an employee of MGTS, when I came to work a year ago, I have never seen such a gorgeous speed as in MGTS, 400MB for Wi-Fi !!! and For the price, well, seriously? I found a question purely by chance, decided to share my opinion, if you write anything I will answer questions, it is a shame for the company that such nonsense is written, by God

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Answer 3
August, 2021

MGTS is the fastest and most stable Internet provider not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia.

You can find prices and tariffs for MGTS services on the official website.

Answer 4
August, 2021

Whatever you say, but the majority of residents of the capital and the region use both Home Internet and Digital TV and telephony from MGTS.

The reason is simple.

First, MGTS works for the telecommunications market in Moscow for many years.

Secondly, it has a large coverage of the wired network in almost the entire region.

Thirdly, tariffs. Always available for many categories of citizens and developed taking into account the wishes of users.

Fourth, always prompt user support.

As a result, we get one of the most popular and favorite providers in the region!

Answer 5
August, 2021

Why none of you mention Rostelecom? I switched to it, I don’t know any troubles with the Internet. The work of the Internet is stable, tariffs are good in terms of speed, and prices are adequate. But these home Internet services from mobile operators generally need to be considered last. It is necessary to pay attention to those who specialize purely on home Internet. I recommend that you look at Moscow providers at https://inetgu.ru/ and compare their conditions on your own. But I advise Rostelecom on my own.

Answer 6
August, 2021

If you are looking for an Internet provider to connect in Moscow, I recommend contacting Online (aka Rostelecom). You can very inexpensively conduct the Internet and channels on TV to boot. Especially appreciated by those who play in Tanks, they have their own tariff there "Game" gives bonuses in the game.

Answer 7
August, 2021

Here the answer is specific, who needs a permanent connection - MGTS, who are not imposed tariffs with an increase and 2-3 breaks per month - Beeline. But this is my personal experience in Moscow

Answer 8
August, 2021

By no means MGTS. The Internet is constantly falling off, the speed at times resembles the times of communication via a telephone modem. Only holds a landline phone.

Answer 9
August, 2021

I have been using the Beeline for 5 years and there are no special complaints. Sometimes the TV hangs.

Understand that everyone wants money, therefore, with poor security, increased tariffs.

Answer 10
August, 2021

Which is the best provider in Moscow, none of you know, and which one is the worst I think the same)))

I've been on Beeline all my life since the days of Karbina (remember this one?) Everything was fine! And the Internet Beeline and cellular all the time was Beeline, and as a result, TV also connected "bees". Everything worked well. The Internet has crashed over the years, well, 5 times, probably 2 times for several days (cable break due to construction). The rest is stable. Since 2018, he began to experience problems with cellular communications, at first not great. In 2019, it just started trash! At work, I stopped catching (an old factory, concrete building rented out for offices) and in the subway. Here you get up on the escalator and only an emergency call. I suffered for a year. As a result, I saw the MGTS tariff for 950 rubles. 300MB b / l, 138 channels (including KHL, which is paid in Beeline), unlimited internet on cellular communication and 500 minutes. I am conservative by nature and did not dare to switch for a long time. As a result, as already half a year at MGTS. While there are no jambs on the connection and the Internet (fie, fie, fie). Monitor the tariff that would not be raised in Chihara as much where they write. So far, everything is 200% satisfied. Declared speeds, channels, minutes, prices. The speed was monitored for the first month almost every day 5 times. less than 280 was not. There are still very good opportunities on TV.

At work I was online from Rostelecom, too, worked perfectly without any jambs.

At a neighbor in the entrance and at a friend in the next house Akado, they say everything is fine, suits. They do not plan to switch. But the comrades must be said not whimsical. Something like this)

Answer 11
August, 2021

Let's do it this way - the provider is suitable for you.

Best or not is a subjective concept. But for sure, both by ear and in the homes of satisfied subscribers and by the optimal price-quality ratio, this is the Internet provider Online (Rostelecom brand).

It is under the Online brand that the federal provider Rostelecom runs Home Internet networks in homes of Muscovites.

Not only the Internet, but also Interactive TV (with broadcast control), and mobile communications, and the Smart Home system - this is the main, but far from complete list of services provided.

Tariffs for Home Internet are developed both for one user and for the whole family or for players of online games (with bonuses).

Interactive TV is the ability to watch TV channels in HD quality , control the broadcast: rewind, pause, record programs, a TV program on the TV screen.

Cellular communications as part of Online Home Services - packages of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic, plus savings on monthly fees.

Just give it a try, start by checking the technical feasibility at your address. Then you can choose a tariff and connect!

Answer 12
August, 2021

None, everything began to work disgustingly! There was the best - Beeline, and now I won't even say. It seems that the dumbest managers are hired there.

Answer 13
August, 2021

I have two operators in my apartment at once: Beeline and MGTS. MGTS often has connection breaks, but the declared speed is there. If you need a constantly stable signal, look for another operator better. Beeline works very clearly, the declared speed is 300 Mbit / s, it gives up to 400. What is the big plus of MGTS - they will give you a router for free and use it for health. Choose a beeline or another provider - it is better to buy a keenetic router, for speeds over 100 Mbps, speedster, viva (I have one), giga and ultra are suitable for you, the differences are mainly in price and functionality. If you need 100 Mbps, take extra, the best option for price, functionality and quality. If in doubt, walk a couple of floors, ask what the neighbors are worth. Wish you luck!

Answer 14
August, 2021

I want to share my experience. I live in the suburbs. In 2007, they connected the Internet of a local provider and did not know grief for 12 years. Well, there were a couple of times in 12 years the line was down when I called and asked, what happened? Each time there was a really good reason and was eliminated as soon as possible.

in 2018 we moved to Balashikha. Our house was connected to several providers at once. First, we connected to MGTS, after a month and a half of constant freezes, reboots and quiet anger, we disconnected and switched to Rostelecom. We used this provider for less than a month, because some vague connections of channel packages began, of course, about a thousand stuck to the account. I was stunned by this "service" and disconnected. We switched to Beeline. For six months, not a single jamb, everything works, nothing hangs, everything was wonderful if we had not moved back to our former suburbs, where there was a local operator (who worked honestly).

Here we wanted both TV and the Internet. We decided to switch to Rostelecom (the only available provider at our address) in the hope that something has changed. We passed .... This day has become a black day of the calendar .... More than half a year has not passed even a month so that they do not connect to us some "service", constantly some strange packages that we do not need. I put a pin code, wrote 2 times a statement not to connect packets without my consent, everything is in the abyss ..... Rostelecom simply ignores clients in the vile hope of ripping off more money.

Conclusion: out of all the providers I used, the local operator proved to be the most worthy.

Then Beeline.

And the last shameful place is shared by MGTS and Rostelecom. Moreover, Rostelecom showed itself disgustingly at different addresses. From which I conclude that the operator himself is not worthy.

Which of them is worse, I cannot determine. Although, there is most likely nothing worse than Rostelecom.

Answer 15
August, 2021

Only, not MGTS. It was 2 months, it sucks, you can't get through to the support service, and if you're lucky, then it's for an hour, maximum. I'll change the provider, unambiguously, got it !!!

Answer 16
August, 2021

Try to connect Beeline!

Home Beeline coverage is quite large. Tariffs are designed taking into account the needs of both one person and the whole family.

One Home Internet connection is available, or with Digital TV. And even the combination with mobile communication to optimize the costs of all services and easy payment with just one number. As, for example, indicated on the website https://e-beeline.ru

If you move to another address, you can move the contract there.

Answer 17
August, 2021

Since January 2018, I have used MGTS at a rate of 200 Mbit / s. Everything was fine, the speed was 195-205 Mbit / s. ... But in January 2019, the speed began to drop to 150 MB / s. At the end of January, a new router was installed. The speed has increased. And in mid-February it dropped again to 135 Mb / s. I turned to the MGTS employees, They consulted me on the phone, overloaded the router. The speed does not grow. We offered to check when booting the PC in protected mode. The speed turned out to be within the normal range - 190 MBit / sec. They said there was a problem with my PC! Some programs supposedly sit on the line and reduce the speed of the Internet! But in 2018, the speed was higher, and I did not install any additional programs during this time! I checked my PC with an antivirus (built into Windows 10-Pro). No viruses were found. If they do not fix it in the near future (today the speed is 135 Mb / s), you will have to look for another provider.

Answer 18
August, 2021

everything was fine for a year, but MGTS unilaterally began to change the terms of the contract, increasing the cost of the tariff ..

going to another

.. I will look for new and small companies.

Answer 19
August, 2021

MGTS deceives subscribers by secretly changing the tariff. I had a tariff of 200 Mbps for 490 rubles, the provider quietly changed it to a tariff of 300 Mbps for 590 rubles. When asked why the provider, without my consent, decided that I needed 300 Mbit, and not 200, I was told "that was the decision of the company's management." They also said that according to the agreement, they have the right to do so.

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