What is the Black Internet?

What is the Black Internet?

Exploring the Dark Web

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Answer 1
July, 2021

I have not seen a single more or less normal answer, I will try to answer at least in general terms

"Black Internet", darknet - this is the name of those sections on the Internet that are prohibited by criminal and ethical laws and are slightly hidden

The meaning of the word darknet includes:

Sites where you can buy all sorts of drugs, various weapons, documents for any need, counterfeit money, equipment for counterfeiting, shoplifting, tools for modifying firearms , kits "young chemist" (well, you understand) and in general a bunch of different jokes and devices for not particularly legal affairs

Websites with vacancies: mostly looking for Lokhov pledgers, but there are more interesting professions.

Trafficers, graphitists - draw salts, mixes, spice at night, and run from fellow sergeants and janitors-laborers

Cooks, manufacturers - produce prohibited substances, documents, weapons, devices. It is understandable here

Warehouse workers - make out, keep the delivery. And they often do business with distributors and dispatchers. In terms of danger, the profession is second only to the pawnbroker, the chance of catching a police ID during the issuance or a full-fledged capture group is fucking great

Dispatchers - solve problems with clients (non-finding, quality, etc.) Very often they can be responsible for recruiting and coordination of treasure men

Arsonists - they set fire to a fucking amount)) Most often cars, but I've seen vacancies for arson of real estate.

Hackers of different stripes and concepts - more often hack access to websites, mails, pages in social networks. There are still all sorts of carders, shoppers and other areas, but it may take two more paragraphs

I seem to have described all the main professions that you can find on the darknet, but there are still hundreds and hundreds of narrowly focused ones, if you want - take a look

And also:
Child porn, guro-porn (dismemberment and murder of real people with sexual actions)

Various forums where amateurs with forbidden perverse sexual tastes can exchange information, packs and it's just cozy to talk about your hobbies (yes, such topics are already rubbish on darlings - only the darknet)

Also forums for hackers, scammers and other bad people.

Well, in addition
There are darknet sites where it seems like you can:

Order a slave. The choice is rather big, you can even choose your eye color, lol. Young girls, of course, are especially popular. Most likely it’s fucking and you will simply be thrown for money

Order a murder. Well, that's clear. And, too, most likely you will be thrown for money

A ticket to the "Red Room". It seems to give an opportunity to get on the online stream, where they will mock, torture and most likely rape a person. And, optionally, you will have the right to ask the executor some actions. One of the most widespread myths on the dark web, which is impossible for many reasons. But people are being led and paid. And such, in general, I do not mind

The last points on the darknet are the crafts of the cunning, young Vasyans and mature Rudolphs, who just wantyat fuck about money. But even on a banal purchase of grass you can be thrown, there is nowhere to complain. Therefore, choose trusted sites.

Better yet, don't choose at all, because life is a bright and kind thing. Why plunge into this shit when you can just live.

Described a little crumpled, I'm sorry, but I hope I could give you an answer to the question at least a little. All kindness and love

Answer 2
July, 2021

I use the phrase "Black Internet" when I talk about the underground Internet or DarkNet ... Ie. this is the same internet, but with hidden material, websites, forums, etc. Where hackers, carders, phreakers and crackers hang out ...

Answer 3
July, 2021

In general, I decided to answer all the same. Because people who believe in folklore and myths answer.

The black Internet is a beautiful fairy tale. Thor does not give you the opportunity to immediately go to the resources selling drugs or weapons.

What is Thor? Thor is an onion, 100 clothes. Do you catch the analogy?

What does Tor do, it changes VPN servers at regular intervals. That is, it connects to possible VPN servers all over the world.

The chain becomes quite confusing, in such a way that determining which site you are currently viewing remains a secret for your ISP.

Your ISP will see that you have connected to the server in Germany, the ip address, which for example is When navigating in a browser, therefore, the site will get an error, because this resource most likely has nothing on port 80.

The browser runs on port 80.

For example, vk.com is a domain. And its physical address, for example If you enter these 4 digits into the browser line, then it will automatically add "".

And the connecting chain between the numbers and understandable letters is DNS (domain name server).

But I got off topic. So for general development.

Continuing, torus gives you anonymity. Complete or incomplete, it already depends on you and your caution. But with the help of the torus, no one will let you into the purchase of prohibited goods. Thor is not a key to a closed door, but just a tool for getting an open door. Count a chisel. Thor helps not to inherit when buying something forbidden. Since the provider will not log your actions. But, being guided by the law, I strongly advise against trying any of the above. All my words are just illustrative examples.

I got off the topic a lot, but it was necessary to expose myths and folklore.

So what is the black internet?

This is a trash can, friends. These are not indexed (unknown) pages to search engines. These are poorly configured sites by SEO specialists, or sites made in this way on purpose (which, by the way, can trade something illegal)

Yes, illegal sites are also present there, but there are reverse specialists for this, which will make sure that the search engine never finds this site.

And even if you ever come across a link to a prohibited site, then clicking on it you will not see anything. Since most likely the server is configured to be allowed there at trusted IP addresses or some kind of hidden cipher (click with the mouse in a certain small area of ​​pixels)

I hope that I have explained this concept to you.

Subject folklore and myths to healthy skepticism, and do not be afraid of scary phrases.


Answer 4
July, 2021

It also contains sites blocked by Roskomnadzor. A whole youth Wikipedia - Lurkomorye. Speaking of Wikipedia: it has its own. Hayden Wiki. It seems so. It contains links to forbidden onion sites. Most of the sites in Russian do not work. Payment for goods is made in Bitcoins.

The IP address of the computer registered in the network cannot be traced. Somehow I went to VK through the tor browser. Showed the address of Germany.

All searches are done through duck duck go. An ordinary search engine, like Google. Only it has a button for setting the search for a Country.

An ordinary person has nothing to do there. Maybe use imageboards бор

Answer 5
July, 2021

There are various sites and trading platforms prohibited by the laws of various countries.

In general, this network cannot be reached from a regular browser, but it is quite easy to do this by simply downloading the Tor browser.

PS: not to be confused with Deepweb

Answer 6
July, 2021

The secret Internet is a place that is difficult for ordinary typical users to get to. This is a kind of network that depends on the global one, but at the same time is inaccessible from it without the use of specialized software. Anything can be located on these private networks, including the resources mentioned above. Users of such networks try to maintain maximum anonymity due to the fact that the communication channels that they use are constantly changing and even the user himself cannot predict them in advance.

Answer 7
July, 2021

This is a kind of underground Internet that has nothing to do with ours, which we are used to seeing. There are all really criminals that we will probably never know about, selling drugs and weapons on e-bays. They go there through the special. programs, if you try to just follow the link, it will give an error.

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