What kind of broadcast in the periscope with a tied girl and a timer on her chest?

What kind of broadcast in the periscope with a tied girl and a timer on her chest?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

The broadcast with a tied girl turned out to be a social experiment from the Black Elephant community, writes tjournal.ru.

Its authors said that the live broadcast was conceived as a social experiment aimed at studying the reaction of users of social networks.

A girl with a timer sat on the air for about 12 hours. However, the broadcast could not be completed according to plan. It was supposed that at midnight the girl herself would tell about the essence of the experiment, but it ended ahead of schedule, as the broadcast on Periscope was banned.

The bloggers assumed that the broadcast was created to draw attention to the game Get Even, but the authors denied this version, saying that the coincidence in the plot was accidental.

Answer 2
August, 2021

Doubtful, of course, evidence, but here the girl admits that it was a social experiment, reading the prepared text


Answer 3
August, 2021

On May 29, Periscope broadcast a live broadcast of a girl tied to a chair with an iPad with a timer on her feet. In the background there was a live broadcast of the radio station "Moscow speaking", and rain and footsteps were heard. Social media users linked the live stream to the stream of a game with a similar plot, Get Even.

The author of the broadcast with the tied girl in Periscope was the StreamLine community (renamed Black Elephant). Its leader said that the live broadcast was conceived as a social experiment aimed at studying the reaction of users of social networks.

The script was written in advance and an element with the radio station "Moscow Says" was specially added so that the girl could get in touch with the listeners.

On May 30, the presenters of "Moscow Speaks" denied accusations of promoting the action with a tied girl and said that they had tried to help her.

Well, the most important proof is a photo of how the girl was being prepared for live stream.

Answer 4
August, 2021

It turned out to be a social experiment from the Black Elephant community.

The community's authors posted a video with a girl who said that she sat with a timer for about 12 hours.


“We wrote the script in advance and specially added an element with the radio station“ Moscow Says ”so that the girl could get in touch with the audience,” says Ilya Melekhin, head of the Black Elephant community.

Melekhin said that listeners and rescue services took too long to respond to a request for help. According to the head of the community, social networks are to blame for this, which constantly banned the broadcast and deleted videos. The authors did not know about the existence of the game Get Even, so the connection with the thriller turned out to be a coincidence. He added that the broadcast was conducted from a building in the Moscow region, and the staff of "Moscow Says" were not aware of the social experiment.

“Five minutes before midnight, we were again banned from Periscope and we were technically unable to complete the video. At the end of the broadcast, the girl had to remove the tape from her mouth and tell what happened in the video. ”

Answer 5
August, 2021

What is known at the moment:

The broadcast was originally googled by "sdrjh434hgfg3", after that the names began to change and hardly make any sense, but here are all known ones: "] wd; Wel; kfs23tkpop $ # k; ",

" KH789s7 (& @ &! _ jnkcxIUH89 & AS (Y "," JBUASI676918 ^ & ^ AS & DTO! UGLJsdbLIUQ "," & (AH! hkj2he8AYSP:. 'OPQ "", ", K: osihoi18 {Qd '"QL; wMДLsJO12", "Oi98a1; qAmn) _ (AS728 (! @", ": KxkjA_) PQPsooo) A (SQuU! 2".

At 8 o'clock in the room the lights went out. Sometimes someone's footsteps and the sounds of passing cars are heard. The girl does nothing, just sits, breathes and is silent.

It is known that the radio was playing in the background Moscow Says. Broadcasts are constantly removed by YouTube moderators.
UPD: govoritmoskva.ru RADIO ONLINE [Everything coincides, with the online broadcast and stream.]

At 7 o'clock, the sounds of rain began to be heard

UPD: One of the assumptions:

This is a promotion for the game Get Even.
Cold-blooded mercenary Black wakes up in an old psychiatric clinic, not remembering his past.
Someone Red prescribes a course of treatment for the prisoner - a unique technology allows him to relive memories.
Black tries to regain his memory.
With the help of "Pandora" he goes to the depths of his consciousness to find out the truth about the only event that he remembers: trying to save the girl , to whose chest a bomb is tied.

(Copy-paste with two, I add new found facts)

Answer 6
August, 2021

No one yet understands what it is (upd .: new link, since the broadcast is constantly banned). At the time of this writing, there are just over two hours left before "something". I'm afraid that only then will we know what it all means. On the broadcast itself, the girl just sits and breathes heavily, sometimes footsteps are heard, some even heard Russian speech (upd .: it became reliably known from the first thread on Dvacha that it was the radio "Moscow speaking)". Perhaps someone decided to make a joke, to promote himself, to create a wave of some kind of hype. Perhaps not, because now there are more frequent cases of broadcasts of suicides on social networks. I suggest you just wait until the timer reaches zero.

upd .: The broadcast was blocked. I think it will be restored soon, we are all watching together.

upd. 2: Restored. New link above.

upd. 3: The presenters of the radio "Talking Moscow", which was playing in the background, tried to communicate with the girl herself, but the broadcast was interrupted a few minutes before midnight. At midnight, the stream of the game Get Even started.

Final upd .: It was naive enough to believe that something would become clear when the timer was zero. There are still no answers, plus everything - there are even more questions. I will collect all the important information that is currently available on this broadcast:

  • at the end, the sound of broken glass was heard, after which the broadcast stopped;
  • the game developers disown this broadcast, claiming that they have nothing to do with it;
  • after the broadcast ended, the presenters of the radio "Talking Moscow" scored the whole situation, limiting themselves to only two posts on Twitter. Interestingly, immediately after that, some kind of program began on the radio, in which they criticized the opposition and, in particular, Alexei Navalny;
  • the author of the channel on which the stream of the game Get Even started exactly at midnight, and before that he started streaming every day at the same time;
  • communicating with the radio presenters, the girl gave incompatible answers. For example, when asked whether she knows where she is at the moment, she answered in the negative. At the same time, with the help of leading questions, it was possible to find out that she was being held somewhere in the south of the gray Moscow metro line;
  • the broadcast ended when the presenters almost managed to find out the girl's phone number;
  • for some moment the light in the room turned on, we were able to see the situation in the room where the girl was kept;
  • after midnight, the girl did not appear on the air again, but this something did appear.

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