What lie did you catch those who promote themselves on the Internet as successful and entrepreneurial, like young millionaires who allegedly rose from scratch through perseverance?

What lie did you catch those who promote themselves on the Internet as successful and entrepreneurial, like young millionaires who allegedly rose from scratch through perseverance?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

I can't answer about lies, but propagandists in the form of young millionaires are united by the following features:

  1. People don't understand specific niches. Those. common phrases, attempts to apply the same tools to all areas of business and activities.

  2. Primitiveness of schemes. It usually looks like this:

2.1. Create a one-page website and drive traffic from Yandex and Google.

2.2. Hire half-slaves or subcontract and take your spread (margin).

  1. Lack of discussion of overcoming problems in sales of specific niches. This follows from the first point.

  2. All appeals boil down to cheap populism and fanatical motivation. Work hard, rest a little, exploit people, do not hesitate to cheat.

  3. Creation of a certain sect or subculture, which the same states went through in the 80s. Let's unite, we are the elite, we support each other, attempts to introduce a school of mentoring, etc. Which on the above principles simply will not work.

Answer 2
July, 2021

It is important to understand why such a person pretends to be a pseudo or a real millionaire? If his goal is to make money on the next person, then most likely this is a dummy. If a person is ready to share his own experience and at the same time does not take anything from you, then the probability that a person who has achieved something is in front of you is high.

bragging. If a person is strong, he does not shout about it - he will always be able to easily prove this when an opportunity comes up. If a person is tall, then why should he tell everyone about it, when it is already visible? Exactly the same principle is the case with wealth. If a person is rich (I'm talking about material wealth), why should he ring everyone about it? Increase the already huge army of envious people or make an impression? He definitely does not need the first, and the second truly rich person will not do because of every minute receiving these impressions received in real life.

Yes, if a person is stupid, or received an inheritance, or burns out not his hard earned, then all this does not suit such a person. Such a person can behave defiantly, despite the above arguments. But in this case, this person will lose everything very quickly. His wealth is fleeting.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Easy money is always a lie. Even when you are lucky, then a lot of things will happen and you will still answer. Everything is balanced in the world and you don't need to catch anyone about millions - this is obviously a lie, but in online they are right - you need to raise the back point more often!

Answer 4
July, 2021

Now, unfortunately, social networks are simply overflowing with "young millionaires" who, in fact, are often scammers, or are not at all. Endless sales of useless courses, privateers and other joys. Of course, these people always lie about their "success" and about helping all of you do the same. (Then why aren't we millionaires yet?) Fake reviews of their supposedly working schemes are especially pleasing to the eye))

Answer 5
July, 2021

There are many of them. And I've met such people. For example, a person appears to be the successful CEO of a construction firm. Millions of twists, they say, if anything - order, if there is a window - we will make an order. Paphos - we are doing all over the country, we are building penthouses as a whole area. In fact: the site is cheap, there is no money for a progger, the car is a Volkswagen bus, an apartment in the city ... district, in loans up to its ears, how to pay your workers' wages - there is not enough money. But dust in the eyes - we will also take a large order - and everything will be "on ointment"))

The second case: a millionaire with a rate like "million in a year", who looks about to "bend" everyone at webinars on how to make money fast (most of the age of 20). He answers questions stupidly - either he didn't learn the topic, or he was lying. Its result: sell to the outlet and you will be happy)

The third case: the well-known oriflame)) how many gold-diamond millionaires are there, who these types of millions are in the goods. Those that need to be urgently shaved off, and are given 2 times cheaper, if only they do not stagnate, because next month it is necessary not to reduce the turnover. But corporate religion repeats one thing - smile, think that you are successful and success will come) in 99% of cases - there 1 becomes a director more or less on nerves, and the rest run around the hive like bees.

Answer 6
July, 2021

If a person tries to show that he is rich and can afford what many people cannot afford, then he is the poorest of people.

If a person is really rich, then he does not need someone to prove something. I know wealthy people. If you met them on the street, you could hardly think that this person has a million income.

If a person puts his life on display, then there may be 2 options:

  1. He really did not earn this wealth himself (the wives of millionaires, children of wealthy people, etc.).
  2. He is trying to attract your attention and raise his authority.

If a person is trying to get your attention with money, then he needs something from you. You can attract attention with material benefits only if you are trying to influence an audience that needs money. A real businessman who is trying to find an investor or partner is definitely not interested in an audience with a small income. He is looking for equals, or someone else richer, and he will not be able to attract such "gold dust".

Answer 7
July, 2021

Good afternoon everyone!
Also Akhunov Ilya Vladimirovich introduces himself as a trader and offers trust capital management. Akhunov Ilya is a SCAM not a trader, but an organizer of a financial pyramid. In the city of Perm, he deceived people worth more than 10 million rubles. Lives in Ukraine. Created about 5 financial pyramids. Be careful.

Fraud Akhunov Ilya Vladmirovich

Answer 8
July, 2021

I made an order in one small firm for the manufacture of handicraft locksmiths. Made an advance payment. A month later, I realized that I could not contact anyone from her, all the deadlines were overdue. I began to look for the founding director and the artel worker in one person. And pubs !!! discovered an unlucky locksmith in social networks (it was just his phone for everything), as a successful businessman and leading intensive trainings for business and personal growth.

In Crimea (calculated by details), dressing in suits (I took and handed them over in stores 100%, new ones, well, at all), I took pictures in pretentious places (most often I climbed there without an invitation, always early in the morning and without other people nearby , balconies of penthouses, yachts, elite restaurants) and accompanied this with texts with a report on the mega-work done at the last seminar (in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic coast of course) and closing registration for the next one.

I pressed him to fulfill the order (to him I had to hand it over to the side, I couldn’t manage it myself) and while taking him mentioned his courses. He said that I was confusing everything and disappeared at a gallop outside the door.

Answer 9
July, 2021

About business youth have already been said. Now I don't remember all of them, but every site that offers you to make a lot of easy and simple, usually pure scammers write off money from the card. This was before Yandex when they sold music online, as well as other options for easy earning. In principle, the same Lebedev on his tape writes frank nonsense almost constantly about what kind of independence can be discussed, when he openly opens sites and himself has repeatedly talked about stealing programs at the initial level. Hundreds of higher-level graphic designers are freelancing without government orders. In principle, I do not believe in any successful independent company from scratch in our country.

Answer 10
July, 2021

I do not believe in the altruism of people who, according to them, have amassed a business on some fresh idea. Found a niche. Became dollar millionaires. And now we are ready to share this idea with you. Inexpensive, often free. What, the idea has exhausted itself? Then she is not needed! Still making money? Then no one will tell you about it. Why create competitors?

Online trading is the only way to make money fast. Relatively fair.

Most likely, the idea itself is that, warming up your feelings of inferiority, you can sell something. From courses to books. Subscription, paid sample. An unnecessary service. Well, at least something. Or lure you where you don't need to. For some kind of paid training for something. Or go to work to get commissions for you. The organizer of all this is not necessarily a fraud. You just don't need it!

A real millionaire is not interested in this fuss. His time is more important to him.

The appearance of these newly minted millionaires is especially amusing. A crumpled suit, a stale shirt, greasy hair, on his face there are traces of yesterday's libations. Another guru ...

Preachers are a separate topic. Non-traditional denominations. Repentant drug addicts or ex-thieves. Suddenly believing in the Lord. And those who came to tell you about it. Not far from Sweden. Or Switzerland. Or the USA. Or from Africa. But with such familiar emigre faces ... Moreover, by a sudden coincidence, without an accent, they speak Russian ...

They don't need anything except a whole stadium of a loyal public. Includes personal charm, eloquence, quotes from the Holy Letter, music from a good band. In theory, grace descends on everyone. And then - we must give! Sooner or later, the question arises of donating to a shelter, a clinic for getting out of addiction, financing the working community of former convicts, or something else. From each for a pretty penny, a manipulator - on a Mercedes ...

It can all look very differently. Keep your eyes peeled. Ask for guarantees and advance payments for ordered services. Even if the interlocutor is dignity and piety itself in the flesh. Then - especially!

And remember. Do not deceive those who do not allow this to be done to themselves!

Answer 11
July, 2021

Actually, the most obvious way to expose such comrades is to "break through" his full name or company names that he mentions using databases such as SPARK-Interfax or FIRA, as well as googling the business press on the topic of him, his companies, and deals or other successes with his participation. Business empires and big incomes simply cannot have any traces. And if there are no traces, and a person begins to explain to you that "I do not light up on purpose" or "and I have everything in offshores in order to optimize taxation" - well, perhaps this is the case, but I would sit down and think. ..)))

Answer 12
July, 2021

Among photographers there are a couple of BM type: Laszlo Gabani and Bulat Aleev.

The scheme of work is very simple and is designed for novice photographers or old women who have reached the Internet: wherever possible, they pay for advertising some super large free online event on the one-page website. During the event itself, they show unknown super-photographers who became rich and began to shoot superbly after a paid course. In addition to this lure, they insert tips from an article in the style of "5 ways to click on a button." The rest is water, time-stretching.

On the course itself, they give unnecessary retellings of instructions for the camera, and the very basics of photography, when they promise to "give out all the secrets of photography." Plus, they give some tasks.
How much this is considered a hoax - I do not know, but in fact, having seen a recording of one of their seminars, both I and my experienced professional friend and the friend who found the torrent and came to consult, strongly doubted their professionalism. Although Laszlo once filmed decently.

Answer 13
July, 2021

Recently I took a course on leading the Vkontakte group from one of these gurus. He declared himself as a super-professional, the author of a book (of course) and a person who graduated from the presidential program.

In fact, he said a lot of useful things, especially since the weekly course was free. True, at first it was embarrassing when video motivators began to be published on Saturday, and then he himself spoke about his own experience. In my opinion, he did it completely in vain, tk. it turned out that the first 2 of their businesses were completely unviable, the third died due to the fact that the goods were not insured, and the last, one of the top 100 Russian Internet agencies, went bankrupt. All this greatly undermined his authority in my eyes and reminded me of Mr. Dovgan.

As a result, I left an application for a paid course, but after taking a couple of days to think it over, I decided that he did not really convince me that it would be good value for money. Which is what I advise you.

Answer 14
July, 2021

There is one very well-known in Ukraine and, slightly less, in adjacent countries, a company that sells tickets to its seminars on marketing, advertising on the Internet and other SMM at extortionate prices. The most interesting thing about this company is that no one has seen its cases confirming all this chatter in practice.

I will not give the name, because bots will immediately run to minus. People in the subject know.

Answer 15
July, 2021

Inclined to distrust people
Therefore, when meeting with a supposedly * SUPER-SELF * person, I start rubbing into his trust. Sometimes it takes 3 to 5 days. After a person begins to trust me, I ask him about his family, etc.
As a result, it turns out that a person has either a rich relative or a good friend who does not occupy a bad place in some company.))

Answer 16
July, 2021

I will join the BM topic. www.the-village.ru - discussed this topic in some detail. Personally and for a long time I communicated with a big fan of this project at work. In fact, the strategy of work is the same as that of network companies - to influence the fragile soul. Once I had to communicate for a long time and at work with a big fan of BM, who even attended paid seminars. He had a real business, thank God, but shaky. I, being an employee of the municipal department, was just the bottom in his eyes. The department in which he beat out benefits for his business.

Answer 17
July, 2021

I am bombed from the business of youth. Now this is a really growing sect. I confess I attended their free seminar in Voronezh. The bottom line: I'm a homeless woman, because real guys earn over123456789 million, but if I tried to tear my ass off the sofa, then everything would be there, and you also need to remember about 10 principles of a successful person, but meet this Vasya, Vasya is a millionaire, because visits BM. Then paid courses are vparivayutsya, you sit and they humiliate you saying you fucked up your life. By the end, you really start to believe, but when I got out of there, breathed in fresh air (received a pendel from my husband), my thoughts stabilized, faith in myself returned: D

Very good reviews of such figures are filmed by the Nemagia channel on YouTube ... I hope they will someday shoot about BM.

Answer 18
July, 2021

I don't know if this story will be useful to you, but after reading this question, I immediately remembered one situation from my life.

Once, as a student, I happened to work in one institution, it was a cross between an anti-cafe and coworking space, being neither one nor the other in its pure form. The bottom line was that we rented out the premises to everyone for a certain amount, both hourly - to surf the Internet, drink coffee, meet with colleagues, and for the whole day for some events. Its attendance was not very high, mostly the same guests came to us. Rarely and for a short while, the boss's friends ran for free Wi-Fi and a cup of tea, no one was particularly "impudent", trying to sit for free, using an acquaintance.
Everything went on as usual.

One day, we sat with Mikhail (the owner of the establishment) and talked. It was about the prices for the services provided, advertising and something like that. In the course of the conversation, grinning, he recalled one eccentric he knew. He, let's call him Vladimir, wrote with a request to rent one of the halls, and when he heard the price (as I remember now, 3k per day is a really ridiculous price for an equipped room, taking into account the number of its guests), he hesitated, huddled, knocked out a discount, knocked out, but it still turned out to be EXPENSIVE, and it merged. Misha gave me a glimpse of the correspondence: on the avatar was an uncle with a frankly haughty expression on his face, in a shirt with a raised collar, sitting in some kind of velvet chair in the position of the master of life. You might think that this is some kind of silly banter, but alas. You can't figure it out on purpose. This man, as far as I remember, was engaged in some kind of personal development trainings, conducted seminars "how to make a million in six months: personal experience" and so on. Motivation, business, goal achievement, that's all.

We forgot about it quickly enough. A month later, Mikhail went on vacation for a short time, and I stayed with the manager. Somewhere in the middle of the week two guests came to visit us. One of them turned out to be the same business giant. Oddly enough, at first he was quite delicate in communication, adequate, inquired about prices and took a job. He and his partner needed to work on some kind of project, and at the same time conduct an interview, according to them, with a couple of people. We had a daily subscription of 300 rubles per person, you could use the Internet, any office equipment, drink unlimited drinks, in general - anything. Nothing special, come and be at home.

I explained all the conditions to Vladimir, he asked to pay not immediately, but when he would leave. It seemed to me then that all the issues were settled and we understood each other.

Literally from the moment they settled down, they started drinking coffee. Liters, naturally. Just have time to change holders :) At the end of the day, I was genuinely surprised that their hearts did not rise. Approximately once every half hour, his partner came up to the counter and imposingly threw: "Give me free coffee", "Shaw so little?" (espresso should have been in the cappuccino cup, it turns out they were seriously blaming me forwhat I'm trying to underfill) and stuff like that. I didn’t feel sorry for this coffee, for my health, but the situation was almost identical to the one when people in Minsk Burger King poured free Pepsi into bottles. The same absurdity.
After a couple of hours, I heard a snippet of conversation: "Maybe a break?" Vladimir was sincerely surprised: "I mean? And what am I crying for then?" Let me remind you that the price of stay per day is 300 rubles.

There were still many unpleasant moments. The people for the "interview" came not from a "couple", but ... twenty, according to my calculations, they were VERY noisy, they made a lot of shit, as I discovered later in the evening - they broke the printer, someone tore a beanbag chair.
Vladimir's friend got together first. At the exit, I reminded him of the payment, he said that Vladimir himself would pay. For two. That is, 600 rubles. Film Next is the most interesting thing. At parting, Vladimir said that I was a goat and a swindler, trying to shoe him for SUCH money (although, at the beginning we discussed the price and he assured that he understood everything) that he was poorly SERVED (although, usually, our guests are all they bring - drinks, books, stuff, there were no waiters, and this is not a restaurant), he invented some kind of nonsense there, said he would complain (INTO?), threw 300 rubles on the counter and was like that.
I had no choice but to pay extra for these gatherings from my own pocket.

The next day from vacation, Mikhail calls and laughingly tells how Vladimir spent a long time, in paints explaining that “relying on the decency of our institution, he decided to hold some kind of advice of entrepreneurs (although they explained it to me exactly how interview, but I'm a scoundrel, I ruined everything, I also tried to cheat).

Much later, through a mutual friend, I learned in passing that this man was still busily raising the collar of his shirt, summoning entrepreneurs to business seminars, and the last and, perhaps, the main pearl is what he led, or maybe he is now leading the "Get rich from scratch" community or something like that. The main message is that he allegedly earned 80 million somewhere, then he tragically lost everything, and then he earned again, that's just twice as much. And to this day this person positions himself as nothing more than a "successful millionaire", advertises and visits some forums, invests, works, overcomes. Our city is small, many understood that this was nothing more than dust in the eye, a lot of ado about nothing and in fact he is definitely not a millionaire or an investor. Later, his audience here began to thin out and he left to engage in education and motivation elsewhere. Fin.

When I saw one of the last announcements of another training on money management, I remembered with a laugh the day when he almost strangled himself for 600 rubles, while trying to slander me. It happens in general.

Answer 19
July, 2021

The well-known startup Ayaz Shabutdinov has long attracted my attention. Arranging the collection of information turned out to be not difficult. Therefore, I will share a link in which the most informative story about this person without "romantic" embellishments. www.sektam.net

*** (in case the link doesn't work)

Briefly: Ayaz has a solid financial cushion in the form of his father. I'm not saying anything bad about this guy's talents (maybe they really are), but taking risks with your dad behind your back is much easier than having nothing. All talent, courage and dad! :-D

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