What to write to a girl
after "Hello, how are you?"

What to write to a girl after "Hello, how are you?"

How to Respond to “How Are You?” Like a Native Speaker | | Go Natural English

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Answer 1
August, 2021

What messages should I write to a girl?

First, I'll tell you how it works, and then I'll give you ready-made messages.

The sending of the first message is to interest. Let me give you an analogy.

Remember when you were flipping through your VK feed and accidentally stumbled upon my ad?

What did you do? Interested, right. Then I went to the group,

I read it and after that I made a decision whether to stay here or not.

If the ad were boring and not provocative, you might not be here

was. Online dating is the same.

Your task is to come up with a creative for the first message. Messages,

which for the most part are not written by guys, but at the same time are universal,

so as not to come up with it for every girl, otherwise it will take

a lot of time .

Why not banal? Here you are flipping through your VK feed, do you have a lot of

ads? Do you click on every entry? That's right, no, because everywhere

everything is the same. You already have immunity to this.

Girls have the same immunity to boring dating. From "hello,

beautiful" and just "hello" is already sick. I want something interesting, but

then you immediately understand that this person will be bored, since he even

cannot send an adequate message.

that maybe out of 100 girls at least one will answer your

“hello”, because no one has met her for a long time, but I don't think

that the amount of time spent with such the result will be

suit you.

If you have a 10/10 appearance, you can, of course, send greetings, but in

anyway, when you write something banal at the very beginning, you know, you

just reduce the chances of a successful acquaintance.

Okay, so you wrote to the girl, she told you what to do next? What is

to communicate about? It is logical to assume that you are not going to correspond with her

. Your task is to meet, and then you already know what to make of posts or a manual.

Concept of dating:

Find a girl you like → write her first

messages (to interest her) → get an answer → easy casual

communication → transition to instant messengers (a more intimate place for communication) →

more communication → an appointment → meeting → then everything by yourself

you know ..

Now let's look at examples of real dialogues with

working templates.

A universal template for the first messages that can be copied

and sent to any girl for dating. The percentage of

responses depends on how prepared your page is.

Hi, I accidentally came across your page, I liked it outwardly,

I decided to write to you, chat

Why this particular message?

  1. Puts you from the position of a man immediately (I liked it outwardly), you

show sexual interest from the first second .

  1. You close the questions: "how did you find me?" or "where did you find me


  1. You are determined))

Good luck))

Answer 2
August, 2021

I read all the messages on this topic, there are a lot of tips around)) I think it is worth writing from the heart to begin with, and if you are immediately sent to a familiar address, then either it’s not your day and try again later or go to the address and maybe your interest elsewhere will be appreciated.

And if, lo and behold, a conversation starts, then really pay attention to the interlocutor and the little things, to the style of writing and emoticons and act according to the circumstances. If something goes wrong, at least you will be offended only at yourself, and not at the one who gave the advice.

Answer 3
August, 2021

Stupid everyday question)) as if the men don't know more letters ... having opened messages and don't want to answer .... or are they waiting for the girl to take the initiative and start writing ???

Answer 4
August, 2021

It was always funny. There are a bunch of such questions, just a bunch. How to write to a girl? How do I assemble a computer? How to buy a car? Where to get a loan? Don't you find anything? Men au for you is feminine like a thing? You just take it so seriously that it’s funny, but if a girl doesn’t want to, she’s as soon as you roll up to her. And even if you hook her with something, in a conversation, then all the same she will just make fun of you. Do not get fooled by the answers on the Internet, like how to buy a girl, just go and buy if she is a thing for you))))) And if a girl does not look at you, then don’t come up to her, thinking how to say or how to amaze her ... You look like a loser rooster)))) Such personalities are podobluchniki who are afraid that their individual will leave, because they got it so hard, they all ran there, ran after her and suddenly she answered them. Oh yes, she decided to make a slave out of you and she did it))))))) Don't be clowns, the female gender should run after you and not you after them. The floor of the Internet is covered with garbage, the rules for using the feminine gender are straightforward)))))))))) How to approach, how to get away, how to get married, how to keep the family, how how to save what)))) Be simpler, said hello, answered, said how affairs, answered, said and that you are not interested in my affairs, you are interested, then it is yours. No and a compliment to her goodbye. You say, or write, and you are pleased with the compliments? Well, you understand, but if not, you can think of three letters where they send)))))))

Answer 5
August, 2021

I think that this is not the most beautiful phrase that, believe me, 20 more people write to her)) Of course, if she feels sympathy for you and you are the guy from whom she expects SMS, then of course she will not care and be pleased. I advise the further you develop the dialogue, then use something interesting, not trivial. Better joke like that, blurt out some kind of garbage with humor, because girls are being led to it)))

Answer 6
August, 2021

It is better not to start with this dialogue, but to write something more creative and unusual. If the message has already been written, then you can inquire about hobbies, health or the weather, and then try to develop the topic, and the dialogue will go on its own way.

Answer 7
August, 2021

Girls are pleased with the attention, very often you can attract it with good music, it is no secret that many people start their relationship in correspondence with the throwing of cool music, but if you are not entirely sure of your own musical taste, or this is not your strong point, then it is better not to play with fire, because bad music can only push it away.

Answer 8
August, 2021

It would be correct to ask what to write to the girl instead of: "Hello, how are you?" Forget these words, if the girl is not already in the mood to communicate with you, in which case she doesn't care what you write. If you want to get to know each other, express your intention immediately, if you are already familiar and you do not know where to start, come up with a question to which she can give a short but succinct answer. If fantasy is not enough, throw off the "memasik" at the end of the end.

Answer 9
August, 2021

ask how her loved ones feel. Take an interest in what she is doing, what she likes .. Being considerate is not that difficult. If you are close, in the same city, offer your help: take a walk with the dog, visit friends ...

The main thing is to try to develop relationships.

Good luck.

Answer 10
August, 2021

Write better about your emotions, thoughts, events, dreams, how you missed her and how you love her, because girls love with their ears. But you have to say hello, this is the rule of etiquette. And at the end, be sure to have kind words.

Answer 11
August, 2021

Best of all, my advice to you, write "Hi) What are you doing, except what to think about me 😉". This is a versatile option that always works. Verified by me personally;)

Answer 12
August, 2021

It depends on who this girl is, how close you were before and what topics you had communication on, but usually guys say "hello, everything is fine" and continue to share news from their lives.

Answer 13
August, 2021

GO TO WALK ... Girls love decisive boys ... Let's go for a walk - the best continuation of conversations ... And girls can chat with their friends ...

Answer 14
August, 2021

Not in all cases is it worth starting a conversation with this phrase. Film But, then try to express your emotions and feelings. That is, for example, continue with the question "I have long wanted to ask you ...." and so a conversation will start! She will speak out about this issue and will probably ask you to speak up on this matter. In principle, you can try to roll up to her ... Phaha ...

Answer 15
August, 2021

Drop a few words about what exactly the girl attracts you:

You are cool!

You are cheerful and cheerful!

You have a charming smile!

You are a wonderful companion.

You are seductive and sweet in the photo.

You have amazing curly hair!

How fun to continue the correspondence with the girl after “Hello!”?

Falling asleep with banal phrases, you risk ruining the relationship at the stage of dating. Sometimes it's better to carry some wild crap than to make a woman bored. You can start with an anecdote (preferably in a decent measure) or make a funny joke, for example, asking a question about the cat breed on her funny avatar. Compose a little funny monologue of several phrases to amuse your chosen one:

You are charming!

You definitely need a bodyguard, and it will be me.

I have a black belt for dominoes and checkers.

I shoot down helicopters with a chair and scare off the enemy with a loud yell.

From 10 meters I hit cockroaches in the eye with a bullet.

Well, stop praising yourself, come on Let's talk a little about you.

You can read more useful things on the topic of psychology in my telegram channel Your personal psychologist https://t.me/modern_psycholog

Answer 16
August, 2021

In any communication, attention and sincere interest in the interlocutor (interlocutor) are most valued.

Most of us think about ourselves all the time, so communication with the interlocutor does not add up. Imagine two interlocutors each thinking about themselves and at the same time expecting attention from the other to their person))) Funny?)))

General recommendations - show interest in the interlocutor, do not spare words and be sincere.

Here are a couple of examples to compare the feel of what you wrote:

Hello, how are you? or Hello? Do you have time to chat? Want to know how you are doing?

What are you doing? or I wanted to write to you, am I not distracting you?

Which words have more warmth?

To me often people who cannot come to an agreement (including in writing).

The main problem is that when we write a simple phrase “Hello, how are you?” we mean by it some broader meaning. For example, we are not interested in all cases, but in some specific case, or we are interested in the mood of the interlocutor, because we want to offer him something. And there can be a lot of such contexts for this simple phrase, but for some reason we think that the person himself will understand what we mean.

No, he will not understand, but if he does, then he will not so!

Therefore, if you want to write something, then do not spare words, write what you want in more detail.

As soon as you accept this rule, you will immediately feel that you have become better understood)

If you need advice, please contact, I professionally handle correspondence in various contexts (business, personal relationships, claims and complaints).

For all without exception, the first consultation and one message in the messenger - free of charge.

I wish you good luck!

Answer 17
August, 2021

In general, do not write this "stupid hello, how are you"
Because this is a formal phrase to which you want to say the same formal "normal" and this will be the conversation. Imagine on the street if you approached a stranger with this. It's the same here.
It is better to say something more real and natural.

Answer 18
August, 2021

WHO is this girl? What kind of relationship are you in? (how do you know each other) What do you know about her? Why do you want to talk to her?

You see, if you are a stranger who suddenly writes on a social network, then your hello and yours, how are you, is no longer the topic. Start with who you are, what you are and what you want.

If you are an acquaintance and want to take your acquaintance to a new level, then ask what the girl lives there, what she writes about herself, what news she posts , find the subject of conversation in them. Ask a question about what she is strong in: "Look, you have a horse! Tell me, does it really hurt them when nails are driven into the hoof?" And a little cute: "Otherwise I love them so much and I love them so much."

Let us know that you have a general interest: "Oh, do you like leafing through the albums of the Wanderers on the tram? And I have pictures from Vereshchagin's workshop, show?"

And if you really have there is something mutually interesting to talk about, the conversation will start

Answer 19
August, 2021

What are you doing?
You are slim
I can fix everything and I don't whine
Let's go eat

PS: like a joke, the purpose of which was not to offend someone's feelings (if suddenly who was offended)

PPS: What kind of attacks on "how are you?" : D
How else to ask about them? Or do you expect originality in each letter?

P.P.P.S .: But seriously, we love care, intelligence and lack of show-off: 3

Answer 20
August, 2021

Be incomprehensible, do not repeat yourself

Make sure that the girl is not in a relationship

Write on business, but without familiarities

More instructions here - https: //vk.com/il_d_k

Answer 21
August, 2021

First of all, don't write hello how are you, it doesn't work well. It is necessary to start with something completely different, first of all, to pay attention to yourself, first you need to go to her page to read the information see the photo to catch on to something. Based on this, you can notice something without any hello how are you to joke about something, or slightly pin up her, the main thing is not offensive and not bend, it is possible to dig out her old photo somewhere in the wilds and ask something about her appearance or about events on this photo. And then the conversation starts itself, well, it often works for me at least)

Answer 22
August, 2021

" Everything is going according to the plan of military and political training ")) ..... this is how my husband answers me ...

well, or " and for what purpose are you interested? "

*** so, of course, you can only answer if you are sure that they will understand correctly.

Answer 23
August, 2021

Yes, a perfectly normal question "Hello! How are you?" (If a girl is not in the mood to communicate, then she will not communicate, how do not start) Just to answer: "Hello! Everything is fine! And how are yours?" you have to be ready, because the standard "norms" here are a dead end for conversation

Answer 24
August, 2021

And what is actually wrong with the question "How are you?" Time-tested, great social tool. Women who believe that this question cannot be answered adequately, you probably buy bread in the store with quotes from Shakespeare, and when you pay for the Internet, attach a music book to it? Definitely, a person who starts a conversation in social networks with the valence of aluminum is just the same inadequate. The answer to such a question is one "Go google", then the communication is curtailed.

Besides, people perceive information from outside in different ways, for someone your originality is not at all original. A person who demands from you the original start of a dialogue automatically loads you with responsibility for the outcome of the conversation, and also unreasonably overestimates his own importance. As a result, if communication does not work out, you feel frustrated, and the woman thinks "what a fine fellow I am, I have leaked another not the original and spreads banal vulgarity on Instagram.

What to do? Write whatever you want. We live in a society , where stress and not freedom of speech are already enough. Therefore, on the Web, relax your social leash to the maximum and write whatever you want. Once again write ANYTHING !!! what you want. This does not mean that you need to pour insults. This means that you are free to build a dialogue, as you are comfortable. If the person on the other side of the dialogue does not respect your comfort, it is obvious that he will not suit you for offline relationships.

Answer 25
August, 2021

After "hello, how are you?" You need to ask if her mom needs a son-in-law and get her portion of lifelong ignore. Hmm.

In general, first you need to decide for what purpose you want to start communication. When you decide on a goal, tidy up your page - remove pornography from videos, remove reposts from publics with photos of whores and offensive jokes / pictures for girls, excessively abusive songs and statements, in general, everything that disgusts the opposite sex. Make sure that your page is not pristine, evaluate if it looks "masculine" enough. Photos from drunks are also better to at least hide, you want to make a good impression? Choose a decent avatar. Why do this? Many girls, before answering a stranger, look at his page and decide whether to answer him or it is better to block it right away.

Next, we enter in the search the magic phrase "psychology of communication", it is better to choose the option "psychology of business communication", since the numerous "psychology of communication with girls: how to seduce her" for the most part resembles a master class from a lustful obtuse schoolboy with bloody calluses on the palms and causal site. So, choose the link you need, open it and at least once read carefully everything that is written - from the definition of communication to psychological perception in interpersonal communication. All that is needed, we remember, will come in handy.

Next, to begin with, we clear at least written speech from words-parasites and obscene expressions (no one likes such liberties from strangers), add a pound of politeness and attention to the interlocutor. At this, the preparation can be considered successfully completed.))

Well, now, armed with charm, sense of humor and tact, write to the very one. Perhaps it is better to start a conversation by adhering to the rules accompanying and corresponding to the Purpose of Communication. It is important to remain yourself, be sincere and confident enough in yourself.

Good luck.

Answer 26
August, 2021

Horror, how much water is in the answers

Guys, well, write to her "you are so beautiful", tell her that you like the music on her wall, be sure to just casually find out if she has a beloved young man, for the third correspondence, talk about the genres of cinema and, in fact, call for a new movie in the cinema

Answer 27
August, 2021

This may be minus as offtopic, but damn it: don't write to the girl "hello, how are you?" Write to her "damn, how did this work get you", "how is the preparation for that event going?", "Your new ava is super". Be real. Don't schedule the conversation. Don't build structures to follow. Don't think about the answer. I personally have questions like "What are you doing?" eyes roll automatically and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Answer 28
August, 2021

"Hello. How are you?"

This phrase can still be used. You will probably be immediately put on the ignore list with such a message. But! The main thing is what comes after that. You can immediately start talking about how you play with the cat or nibble on the cuticle. And it's okay that nobody asked you about this. Just don't go into your pocket for a word. Tell us about yourself.

One of my friends gave one piece of advice, they say, you ask the person you need: - "purple or green?" when a person gives an answer, you say: - "oooh, this is a diagnosis!"

And it doesn't even matter what color you named. Communication should start by itself.

Answer 29
August, 2021

What kind of attack, why did you all decide that you need to do something according to the algorithm, "as it should", supposedly there is what the guy should. A bunch of questions, about these of yours: "what is better, and what to say, and where to poke, and where to scratch." We don’t owe them anything, and they don’t owe us anything, all of these must fit into the general norms of decency and morality. For the rest, be yourself, and then all this self-deception, namely self-deception and not "I want the best" will lead to non-forgiving connections. Before you start looking for loopholes, think that this is not a Sega cartridge. Or am I off topic?

Answer 30
August, 2021

Don't text girls. Meet at the entrance. Give flowers and smiles. If she is far away, then you can call. Correspondence for girlfriends and classmates.

Answer 31
August, 2021

This is my first answer here, so it is quite possible that it will be crooked and not very informative, but I will try. In principle, everything has already been said, I just want to add and expand the previous answers a little.

First, the main thing in communicating with girls is communicating with girls. Don't get me wrong, I'm talking about practice. Many guys are even strategic about things like informal social conversations. networks, but this is a completely inappropriate area for planning. Planning the course of a conversation is an extremely stupid task, and if your conversation still lends itself to planning, it is insanely boring, trivial and doomed to a dead end. As it was already written, be relaxed, joke, feel comfortable and at ease. Usually, from the first messages, the girl herself will set the format for your conversations. Stick to it, but try to direct it in a direction that interests you.

As for the communication itself, focus on the little things: despite the fact that the nature of the conversation is informal and relaxed, girls, unlike guys, always make it clear what they are interested in and what is not, what topics are possible affect, and which are not worth it. You say too much water. That is why I say that the most important thing here is practice. It is worth sacrificing your time and nerves, coming to all these protracted awkward silences, inappropriate jokes and misunderstandings, before you can very flexibly and unknowingly avoid it all.

I recently noticed an interesting feature for myself. Girls are very fond of communication according to the "carrot and stick" scheme. Gingerbread in this scheme are various compliments towards the interlocutor, some pleasant words, interest in him, you know. While the whip is ignorant, cold messages (indicative lack of interest), as well as jokes and moderate sarcasm, the main thing is not to turn this into an outright mockery, otherwise it will be sent, it is important to have a line. They often use such a "contrast shower", it warms up your interest in them, forms your dependence on communication (psychological games of the plan: "what we have, we do not store, when we lose, we cry"). It is worth noting that this is just a communication model for many girls, I do not think that they are building this cunning scheme deliberately. More like one of the automatic functions among other behavioral features - intuitive, simple and on by default.

Use this weapon to your advantage, it works against them just as gracefully. You have a girl to yourself, have entertaining conversations, joke well and a lot, perhaps present small gifts and compliments (of course, in the first couples trying to win her heart solely with gifts is also stupid), and then gradually move away from this, giving her everything opportunities for initiative. You can slow down the pace of communication, immerse yourself in business or dialogues with other interlocutors. As soon as a slight deficit begins, the lady herself will begin to remind of herself, begin to attract attention and try to return your communication toher usual "gingerbread" course. Even if initially it was not included in her plans. It is important to note that you should not resort to this from the very beginning, just as you should not make this shower unnecessarily contrasting. The bottom line is simple - show the girl that for you the light did not come together like a wedge, you will not lose anything if your communication stops, at the same time, be friendly and open, not forgetting to sometimes take the initiative on your own if communication is unsuccessful.

I also often add fuel to the fire through "marriage games", as I call them for myself. The point here is also quite simple: occasionally, when communication is already going well and fervently, exponentially reduce your verbal distance to a minimum. It’s like the girl you’re chatting with is already in a relationship with you. Here, as always, the line is important. I often spontaneously, as if as a joke, start calling the girl "bunny", "beloved", "my joy", etc. The main thing is the topic. You can also use all sorts of phrases from the series "get married", about "your future", about children, if the girl has a positive attitude towards this. The form is comic, frivolous, silly and often very vulgar, a sort of boyish tomfoolery. However, she will begin to unconsciously visualize this, and, as we all know, for the weaker sex, thoughts of this order are very attractive. As a rule, if you organically fit these games into communication, they start to play along with you. And the funnel of actual rapprochement is considered launched. Indeed, in every joke ... Again, you need to use this as a tool, and not as a leitmotif of your conversations. Played and that's enough, as they say. You also need to be serious :)

Learn the basic techniques of psychology, social engineering, study girls :) gain experience of communicating with different people, and the question: "what to write / say after ..." will never bother you again .

UPD: I found screenshots, I had to scrape them somehow, excuse me, there is some unusual format of pictures for answers. Not the funniest screen, the only one on the topic that was found on the phone, but visual: the girl plays along, and communication goes on in a completely different way. :)

Answer 32
August, 2021

Hello, how are you? Like azaza weather

I like your legs and eyes

IMHO great tackle, I could not resist

Answer 33
August, 2021

If you decide to start a conversation with "hi_kagdil", then you can no longer write anything further. This is a deliberately disastrous beginning of a conversation, a rotten banality to which it is impossible to answer anything adequate. It is better to always be sincere and not use someone else's templates and learned models. Start with an anecdote, send a picture, ask her about the valence of aluminum. Or about the cat breed from her avatar. To be bright and original, you just need to be yourself and not be fake. And "hi_kagdila" resembles a mass mailing, where it doesn't matter who answers. There is clearly zero interest in the girl herself.

Answer 34
August, 2021

No need to write "hello, how are you", it looks wildly dull. Tell something meaningful right away. What interesting things have happened to you in recent days, what have you read, watched, listened to, what news you learned, and what thoughts all of the above caused you.

Answer 35
August, 2021

it is best to ask different questions (about study, pets, hobbies, TV shows, music, movies, games, anime, etc.), and there you will already find general topics. After the girl answers your question, you can answer it yourself. It is very important not to turn the dialogue into an interrogation (i.e. only questions come from you). If a girl answers in the same way (clearly, uh-huh, mmm,), yeah) then in 90% she doesn't want to talk. On good terms, after 1-2 weeks of communication, you need to invite for a walk somewhere (if they reciprocate).

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