What useful sites do you know?

What useful sites do you know?

TOP 10 FREE Websites To Make Money ONLINE In 2020

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Amazon.com is the best place to buy stuff and stuff

Mp3party.net is the best tracks of 2020

Igroutka.net is the best computer games

youtube.com is the best video hosting in the world

Answer 2
July, 2021

Since the HR Manager herself, I recommend to my colleagues the site - http://hr-elearning.ru/ - HR in Russian - an online magazine for HR managers. Just a storehouse of life hacks for HR. The materials that I took on paid courses are freely available.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Yes, there are a huge number of them, I myself know at least 70 pieces ..

if from those that I can recommend on the Internet, then:








https: // tjournal.ru



but personally I myself prefer to receive everything in telegrams and read there, from the channels there I can advise a few sensible ones, and all of the above have their own channels there too

it is much more convenient than to climb the sites ...

https: // t-do. ru / sotoch - my favorites among newsmen

https://t.me/mediamediame - all media news

https://t.me/tinkoffjournal - about money and business

https://t.me/medach - about medicine

Answer 4
July, 2021

Well, one of my surprises is that there are good sites out there, but they are not well known. Depends on the topic, but recently I was very pleased with Notion, an application for organizing information in any form - check lists to do, storing and accumulating information, developing a project with someone (you can create a shared access to a document), just keep notes, write a book, article, etc. Similar to evernote, but much more interesting

Answer 5
July, 2021

Selections - thematic recommendations - lists of movies, books, mobile applications and sites on a specific topic.

video.edu-lib.net - popular science films.

litmir. net is one of the largest libraries for downloading and reading online.

www.infam.ru - catalog of world media and correspondent sites.

mediametrics.ru - live rating of news.

newsfiber.com - news search engine.

www.calend.ru - calendar of memorable dates, holidays, name days.

soccerstand.com - results and schedules of sports competitions in world.

fb.ru - informative articles, tips.

shkolazhizni.ru - also informative articles, tips.

neizvestniy-geniy.ru - social network creative people.

fotokto.ru is a social network about photography.

mneploho.net is a social network for receiving psychological help.

galya.ru is a site for friendly communication on women's issues.

academic.ru - definition of the meaning of a word in all dictionaries at once.

yandex .ru - check typed text for spelling errors.

Answer 6
July, 2021

The most useful sites are search engines (Yasha, Google, Rambler, Mile, etc.) Agree, without them is absolutely unrealistic these days.

And so, offhand:

poembook.ru and stihi.ru in conjunction with proza.ru - for poets, writers and readers,

livejournal.com - for those who are too lazy to blog through a separate site or those who want to know news not from TV screens and newspaper covers, but from another layman.

pinterest.com and tumblr.com are photoblogs.

istockphoto.com is the largest repository of stock images, you can choose for every taste and color.

meduza.io is the media that turned content marketing and raised it to a completely different high level.

Avito and Yula are the best message boards, VK and Instagram - the best social networks, Beeline.ru and MTS.ru - the best sites of mobile operators, Sberbank.ru and Tinkoff.ru - the best sites and applications of banks.

Answer 7
July, 2021

It was necessary to concretize the question at least a little, write, for example, why. Education, entertainment, dating, communication, for making money .... options and directions - the sea, as well as useful resources!

For communication, problem solving, advice, experience to share - forums. Again, forums are different, from general to narrowly focused.

For making money - freelance exchanges, services, a bunch of them.

For training - thematic blogs, sites, YouTube the same and again the forums are specialized.

PS Here is one good site that most likely few people know about - vilingstore.net There you can find a bunch of interesting articles on various topics. The section with recipes is especially good, I have learned so many new things to cook)))

Answer 8
July, 2021

Here are a couple of sites on different topics:

Arzamas is an excellent online library for those who love history, literature and philosophy with unique useful information

ucraft.ru is a site on where you can create a unique logo and export it for free

Poster Daily - a portal with daily updates and articles about fashion, food, art and much more

Copywriting exchange, text check for uniqueness - a site that allows you to identify the amount of water in the text, uniqueness, corrects spelling errors

Answer 9
July, 2021

puzzle-english.com is an excellent portal for learning English, an extensive collection of audio and video files.

howjsay.com is a site where you can check the pronunciation of an English word. Voiced by live media, not robots.

apps.ankiweb.net is, however, a download program. It is a program to make it easier to memorize words, expressions, and any other information using spaced repetition.

www.twirpx.com is a great site for books, reference materials, coursework, etc. I periodically find there books on foreign languages ​​in pdf files, which are not found anywhere else. Or audiobooks in foreign languages.

forum.wordreference.com If you have any doubts, you have come across a slippery question in some language, most likely it has already been asked on this forum. Native speakers explain the intricacies of their native language to foreigners.

multilinguablog.com is an interesting and informative blog dedicated to Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese. Here you can learn about the subtleties of the language, which are not written about in textbooks.

Answer 10
July, 2021

A service that allows you to create anonymous polls with a link without registration and SMS

A site for editing the style of text (mainly advertising). Not like a Word, but so that it is normal, he considers sentences, signs, words. You can also calculate the text parameters here.

Search in scientific publications.

Search by patents.

Search by state resources of Russia and the USA

This site seems to be looking for by name, but it seems that Google can handle it. But sometimes I do.

Anti-plagiarism. The description says: “the service increases the originality of any document up to 80-100% in automatic mode, online. The site increases the uniqueness without changing the letters, words and content of the document - everything happens at the level of the program code, so the text remains the same as it was originally ", as far as I really don't know, I haven't checked it, but it seems to work.

Service Google allows you to select any area on the map and see how it has changed over time (something like a satellite time-lapse). London, for example, also has maps made from airplanes.

Russian Post tracking site. Surprisingly, judging from my experience, few people know about it. It's easy to register, all you have to do is insert a track number and set up email notifications. In shipments within Russia, notifications work several hours faster than other tracking services (since they take information from the PR), sometimes for a day.

The tutorial "how to use Google (and not only)" for the gifted ... Enter the required query and send the link to a person who has forgotten how to use a search engine. However, only the lazy does not know about these services.

Maps for calculating distances and areas using google maps. The functionality is more than built into google maps, google earth or yandex. By the way, I advise you to use Yandex maps, because they have all the roads (Russia and the CIS) and names, even the names of all districts of all muhozadrischensk.

Just gigapixel panoramas and images. They have no practical value, but you can get stuck.

Any actions with equations - draws graphs and much more. Available in Russian.

Wayback machine. Shows a copy of a site page made a long time ago (several years ago). You can see how YouTube or VK looked like a few years ago.

Mail for 10 minutes. If you need to leave mail somewhere, but you really don't want to. In fact, sometimes the mail of these and some other sites will not be allowed to leave, but you can google there, mail for 1, 5, 10 minutes or even an hour. It is convenient that you do not need to register or something else, the mail is given to you as soon as you visit the site and is not reset when you reload the page. You can forcefully terminate. Can be renewed. On some services, you can not only receive, but also send letters.

Website for creating posters. Upload a picture and it breaks it down into many fragments, which you just need to print and connect.

Gives information by phone number. In fact, there are many such sites, and it seems like none of them can giveYou have no information, except for the mobile operator and the region of registration of the number. If there are better services, write in the comments.

Answer 11
July, 2021

ac.jp - automatically colors your bw photos. It turns out pretty good.
220vk.com is a service that allows you to find out from whom you are hidden VK, who you are on the black list, and something else. Everything is free.
FindFace.ru - a dating service based on a photo - here you can upload a photo of a person and he (with a high degree of probability) will find a person VK.

Answer 12
July, 2021

voriginale.tv - films, TV series in English with or without different types of subtitles, the ability to change the playback speed and difficulty of the sub.

8tracks.com - podcasts with music, search by artist, mood, activity , for which music is required, etc.

thisissand.com is rather not useful, but pleasant: pouring colored sand and creating pictures in this way.

flymer.ru - anonymous correspondence.

Answer 13
July, 2021

Mostly educational.

www.lektorium.tv Russian-language platform with a lot of material

universarium.org Another Russian-language educational platform

ororo.tv TV series and films in English with subtitles

prometheus.org.ua Ukrainian educational platform (for those who understand Ukrainian)

Answer 14
July, 2021

So, it's time to go through the bookmarks and share with you the sites, many of which I would have given my life for before. Go!

Repositories of knowledge and others for study:

  • calculatori.ru - online calculators. Most of all I like the function of converting numbers from one SS to another.

  • onlinemschool.com - everything that can be useful to you in the study of mathematical sciences - exercises, cheat sheets, tables and formulas. There is also a large number of online calculators that will be very useful for you in Algerba lessons.

  • Dictionaries and reference books - I would not say that this site is very popular, but it is here that you can use information from a large number of reference books and dictionaries, search for information by keyword , as well as select rhymes, synonyms.

  • deuces-no.rf - materials on school subjects.

  • old-rozental.ru - D.E. Rosenthal in Russian. There is really a lot of information here.

  • moeobrazovanie.ru is a portal about education. Professions, tests, information about educational institutions, etc.

  • Formulas, online reference - an interactive reference for physics, chemistry, geometry, algebra.

  • interneturok.ru - online lessons in all subjects of the school curriculum. It is very useful for those who do not like to go to lessons / do not understand the explanations of their teacher.

  • yunc.org is a professionally oriented encyclopedia.

  • hse.ru - student's guide, a lot of useful information for freshmen.

  • foxford.ru - online textbooks on various subjects.

Music, video, converters:

  • buttonbass.com - here you can play different musical instruments online. You can record your ingenious melody.

  • movavi.ru - in general, movavi is a video editing program. But I took off the link to their collection of video clips, screensavers and footage.

  • 123apps.com - recording sound and video, audio and video converters, trimming melodies, etc.

  • Free online music library - useful, for example, for the same editing.

  • zvukobaza.ru - the name of the site speaks for itself. Unlike the previous site, the resources here are paid.

  • flv2mp3.org - here you can convert YouTube videos to MP4.

  • Online video to GIF converter - converter: from video to GIF.

Answer 15
July, 2021

privnote.com - self-destructing after viewing a note
onetimesecret.com - self-destructing after viewing a note
firetalks.com - creating anonymous conversations available via a link or password
https://onlinesim.ru/ - creating virtual numbers
https://temp-mail.ru/ - creating a disposable mailbox
https://10minutemail.com - creating a disposable mailbox

https: //www.ted .com / - TED, free lectures on various topics
http://www.discoverychannel.ru/ - Articles from Discovery

http://typing.su/ - translation of the text typed in the wrong layout
translit.net - transliteration translation

http://www.bbc.com/russian - news from BBC
https://www.theguardian.com/international - news from TheGuardian
https://lenta.ru/ - news from lenta.ru

https://lixty.com/ru - 30,000 radio stations from all over the world

https: //ru.pinterest.com/ - to search for inspiration, art, etc.

Answer 16
July, 2021

flibusta.is is one of the largest and absolute free e-book library

last.fm is a music service that allows you to keep statistics of listening and receive new recommendations based on them

evernote. com - a service for taking notes, creating quick notes

isup.me - checking site availability in case you cannot establish a connection

postnauka.ru is one of the best popular science portals in runet, a bunch of interesting articles and mini-lectures

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