What will change after the isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet?

What will change after the isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

it seems to me that disconnecting the Internet will not work, and sooner or later they will understand what the event leads to, you need to clearly understand all the people around you, not contentment with the government and rudeness by the government being deceived

Answer 2
July, 2021

Isolation is provided only in cases: either disconnecting RUSSIA from the global Internet, or during hacker attacks from the outside. The information will be accumulated on special servers. Even if the global network is turned off, then Russian programmers and programmers from China will eliminate all kinds of failures of any software. There is no need to create a panic about this, nothing serious will happen!

Answer 3
July, 2021

I'm worried about this question, I'm trying to find information about how far everything will go. According to the description from official sources, only websites that are objectionable to the government will be blocked - there is no talk of a complete blocking of all foreign matters. But everything can be. I will not talk about Russian-language services, essno, the authorities are beating themselves in the chest - like we will give our people the opportunity to develop and do their own business in Runet. Only it is impossible to build all this in six months. Bloggers' tantrum is the first thing that will happen when you block Youtube and Insta. The second tantrum will be with freelancers like me. We do not have a market for designers, we urgently run to work in Moscow - thank you. I sit sadly collecting suitcases, because there will be no access to foreign resources - I will have to leave my beloved Rashka urgently. This makes no sense. Quietly I hope that it will not come to such wildness, I just do not see the point of blocking everything straight.

Answer 4
July, 2021

Opus is certainly good, but the opus itself makes senseless the fact that the draft law does not mention any isolation of the Russian segment of the Internet. but only about the need to create your own root DNS server, for its stable operation and impossibility on the part of the United States, let's say disconnecting Russia from the Swift system and similar actions. And the United States can do that, considering. that all DNS root servers are located in the United States and are maintained by American companies, and the United States has experience in blocking countries from the Internet. Iran as an example) I do not think that an attempt to protect oneself (and almost everything works via the Internet now, including not only bulk video on YouTube, but also company documentation, financial tranches, traffic lights, the energy sector, logistics infrastructure, and many what else), is this a bad initiative?

Answer 5
July, 2021

Actually, they plan to isolate the Russian segment of the Internet in the west, as the deepening of sanctions. Therefore, the government wants to move the servers to the territory of Russia. Of course, a disconnection of the Internet is unlikely. But nevertheless, the West can do it. In addition, moving servers to Russia is also economically profitable .Our computer scientists will have more work inside the country. The pro-Western opposition is howling. It always considers the West to be right, we are wrong. Our opposition is insane. Well, if you don’t love Russia, why do you live here. In response, they say we don’t love Putin. You don’t love Putin. love for the fact that he does not allow you to make a color revolution in Russia. As you have already done. We do not want to.

Answer 6
July, 2021

For some, a minority, nothing will change at all.

As the poor fellow rested in his simple floating bungalow, he will rest.

For the majority, too. They drank their 100 grams, and will continue to drink.

Some, there are very few of them, and in the new circumstances they will find ways of self-development. Clever guys are shitty, they'd have to mess with people.

They say education has dropped. So there will be an opportunity to drive children away from smartphones and put them in jail for lessons. Maybe it will be time to catch up and raise the level of school graduates.

Soon they won't even be able to choose the color of their favorite felt-tip pen ...

Books, perhaps, will be more in demand. Although no, this is already a passed stage. They will no longer read, this is not a need for a young, unfamiliar tribe ...

Wedding musicians will become closer to the people, Western resources with phonograms and programs -plugin will become inaccessible, they will remember the eternal values. Children will be taken to the accordion to children's music schools.

As on TV the Russian world was shown, so it will continue ... Even more successful than before.

And it’s true, they began to forget about their native, everything would be exchanged for the western

Nothing is sacred, all this your Internet has replaced.

And you don't need to annoy people with all sorts of overseas miracles, wonderful cities built in the desert. From scratch. They'll see enough, they'll want to. there is a lot of oil, and we have a lot. Why do we live differently? It's just that sheikhs rule there, the damned ikplatators, and we have our own power, chosen by the people.

Russia and its wastelands are full, where you can oh it would be wonderful to set up everyone differently, but all hands do not reach. Everyone is busy with geopolitics. And what is it with Ukrainians today? Or maybe we can solve their problems once and for all? To drop a single atomic bomb on Kiev, only business ...

And there will be no Internet, everyone will start thinking about their country. How would I arrange it, my dear.

And in Japan, they say, 7D technologies have begun to develop. Such is the reality that there is nowhere to complement it.

But this is alien to the Russian people. We don't need this. We would supply gas to the entire population ... from where it is pumped to all of Europe ...

For 90% of the population, the Internet did not mean anything, and its absence or inferiority will not change anything. important.

They say the Mongols liked the Cheburan Internet project ...

Answer 7
July, 2021

Firstly, the consequences will be in any case very deplorable, we know this not by hearsay, and secondly, you will need to be aware that any degree of isolation limits our range of choices and narrows the variability

Answer 8
July, 2021

If this nation tolerates such a thing, then it will deserve all the worst that can happen to them in this country. Those who propose such laws should be put on a pitchfork.

Answer 9
July, 2021

If people do not think of finally coming out to protest, then they will continue to expand the scope of permitted government interference in their lives, finances and opinions. For some reason, with each new law that tramples on the freedom of citizens, many similar threads appear, but no one is ready to protest, and if they are ready, then in the comments in tyrnetika. They write petitions, which are then used to wipe their asses by the "chosen ones." alt = "" itemprop = "image" sizes = "(max-width: 480px) 480px, 800px" src = "https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c001683fa8016a307b4/w480" srcset = "https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c001683fa8016a307b4/w480 480w, https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c00307fa /avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c001683fa8016a307b4/w1200 1200w "title =" ">

Answer 10
July, 2021

If people do not think of finally coming out to protest, then they will continue to expand the scope of permitted government interference in their lives, finances and opinions. For some reason, with each new law that tramples on the freedom of citizens, many similar threads appear, but no one is ready to protest, and if they are ready, then in the comments in tyrnetika. They write petitions, which are then used to wipe their asses by the "chosen ones." alt = "" itemprop = "image" sizes = "(max-width: 480px) 480px, 800px" src = "https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c001683fa8016a307b4/w480" srcset = "https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c001683fa8016a307b4/w480 480w, https://avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c00307fa /avatars.mds.yandex.net/get-znatoki/1545559/2a0000016cc0aeff1c001683fa8016a307b4/w1200 1200w "title =" ">

Answer 11
July, 2021

Sergey Panasyuk, you are just a troll on allowance! And I thought, what's wrong with the guy, he neglects logic) No, well, the type of salary justifies))) I sympathize. You need to feed your family, I understand. But - I despise.

Answer 12
July, 2021

No isolation of the Runet is foreseen, for this it is enough to read what the bill under consideration implies. In short, Russian sites will be transferred to Russian servers. You can, of course, be hysterical that the government is "tightening the screws" and "building totalitarianism", however, over the long years of government, United Russia somehow failed to build authoritarianism / totalitarianism, even more, it rejected authoritarian bills from the Liberal Democratic Party and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. So the authorities have no desire to block the Russian Internet. Especially the EP. They are conservatives, not despots.

Any comparisons with China and the DPRK, which are now full of social networks, are generally out of place. For example, in the neighborhood of Russia there is a democratic, extremely developed South Korea, and since 2007 there has been a law in it, according to which, in order to leave a comment somewhere on the Internet, one must pass identification by ID (analogue of a passport). What a horror - social networks are allowed only with a passport, unprecedented totalitarianism. However, for some reason, the opposition in our country considers only Russia to be totalitarian.

Answer 13
July, 2021

By the way, insulation will make financial cuttings for foreign stores. And by the way, we have a lot of resources and the Internet will also be good! If such a thing, then ATTENTION: you should immediately download files from Google Drive. But not a fact, good. ^ _ ^

Answer 14
July, 2021

Chief! Everything is lost!!! Everything is lost !!!

But seriously ... we will survive this too, to the evil of our enemies! And the excrement of the liberals in Runet will be smaller. Everything will be easier to breathe if there is any censorship.

Answer 15
July, 2021

I don't think that anything will change much, given the handshake of our government. It will be like a telegram, it seems banned, but everyone uses it. Well, budget money will drink for this business. Will enter the Internet through Tor.

Answer 16
July, 2021

Our programmers will create their own software, and in terms of level it will be much higher than the bugged, unoptimized and stuffed with malicious bookmarks of vychers from Microsoft, Apple, Google and other parasites. Russian people (in particular - women and children) will be denied access to degenerate bourgeois mass culture, propaganda of harmful ideas - tolerance towards LGBT people and nationalities, feminism, atheism, Satanism, capitalism, bourgeois ersatz democracy. The Russian electronic network will be filled with educational materials and the best examples of Russian art. We will only gain by cutting ourselves off from the poison and filth of the international Internet.

Answer 17
July, 2021

Not being able to load new drivers, you know how much in this word. It seems to me that this is already enough to start a collapse within society. You can rejoice at such delirium as much as you like, but until the time when it does not affect everyone specifically, and in fact it does, and how. And he will not just touch, but strike, with all his might. Oh yes, there are those who have licensed OS, good luck to them as well.

Answer 18
July, 2021

Symmetrical satellite Internet. That's the whole solution. They will not shoot down satellites from the geostationary. How do they mean Runet isolation? This is a fucking hard question. And from the point of view of the situation, this is about how the electricians came and cut off the input from the house, but there are always a lot of options for how to join unnoticed, left-handed. So if someone thinks that there is a main wire somewhere, he may be right, but only in particular. Here are the sellers of satellite internet will flourish. And here it turns out not only will there be access to them, but also from them to us)))

Answer 19
July, 2021

In my opinion, readers do not quite understand what is happening. And the essence of what? -It is not an evil Russian Duma that wants to limit the communication of Russians with the whole world, but it is our "partners" who sort out everything that can harm Russia and disconnect the Russian part of the Internet from the rest of the world. In general, "Iron Curtain-2", as it were. If anyone remembers "Iron Curtain-1" it was not the USSR that raised it, fencing itself off from the Western world. It was the Western world that fenced off the "Iron Curtain-1" from the USSR. And now the same thing in 21- m century.

Answer 20
July, 2021

What else will change? ALL update servers will become unavailable. That is, all sorts of androids, iOS, Windows and Linux will cease to be updated and, ultimately, work. More precisely, some of them, large ones, will "break through" a "window" for themselves in the white lists, but others, less massive, will no longer exist. The firmware of phones, TVs and other equipment will no longer be updated. Professional network equipment will also stop updating its firmware and after a few months will simply turn off, after which the entire infrastructure of the Russian Internet will collapse.

Users will lose all their files, pictures and documents on foreign storages such as Google disk.

Many sites with foreign security certificates, Google services and other foreign companies will stop working. Due to the lack of updates, many sites on foreign "engines" will be compromised, and, in the end, will stop working. Sites on foreign domains (such as .com, .info, .net and many more) will stop working. Sites located on foreign hosting will become unavailable.

Foreign online stores and services, except for the largest ones, such as "Ali", will become unavailable. After that, our networks will significantly raise prices for their goods.

Medical, software, historical, construction, travel and other thematic sites, forums and services will become inaccessible. Our specialists and citizens will be left without fresh professional information. For example, it will not be possible to book a room in a foreign hotel or rent a car.

That is, the country will be thrown back several decades. And, probably, there will immediately follow a ban on free leaving the country, first for specialists, and then for all citizens. At least, this follows from the logic of events.

PS: Tourists and residents of border areas will bring us downloaded sites on flash drives and trade them in the passages. :) Long live the fartsa from the 70-80s! :)

PPS: Several space networks for the distribution of the Internet will be deployed within several years. Communication equipment, of course, will be banned, but, nevertheless, almost everything can be obtained on the black market. And, yes, the gigahertz frequencies at which the distribution of the Internet is planned is not jammed in principle, so that "comrades majors" do not broadcast there. Well, there is not enough technology, no people, no money, no experience to track all subscriber devices. So, not everything is so bad, comrades, as it may seem ... :)

PPPS: REMEMBER: the first sign of the impending shutdown of the Western Internet will be the order to MOVE all sites in the Russian zones .ru, .рф and others. TO RUSSIA. Don't miss a moment. Then there will be time to get ready.

PPPPS: Don't despair! In the 70s and 80s, everything was also forbidden and jammed, however, they bought, read, listened and watched who wanted and what they wanted, despite any threats. Our people are strong and SMART. And this time we will survive. And nothing is eternal, do not forget.

Answer 21
July, 2021

The author of this stuffing is apparently the same expert on IT technologies as the employees of Roskompozor. It is physically impossible to isolate the domestic segment of the Internet from the rest physically even with a strong desire, there will always be workarounds (the same vpn), in addition, the text of the bill itself does not say anything about this, as well as any restrictions of an ordinary user. The purpose of the law is to move servers that are currently located in Europe and we are supposedly dependent on them in case of anything. In fact, this is not advisable and will not change anything significant. The reason for all this action is very prosaic - another cut of money. And unscrupulous media and such dumb-lizard like the author of this article are just trying to manipulate the masses or catch a hype.

Answer 22
July, 2021

To the one who is sad:

What will change is that the volume of the garbage will become smaller. This is the whole point. Our part will remain. Of course, one can be sad that the choice of opinions has become small, because there never was one. Otherwise, the rivers will flow as well, the sun will rise more likely in the east.

Answer 23
July, 2021

I read the answers and comments and understand that nothing terrible will happen. The stupid will become stupid, but the smart will grow wiser. Well, maybe a couple more nuclear power plants to jerk after the action of morons without muzzles. One Chernobyl scoop was enough to drown completely in its own parasha of lies.

Answer 24
July, 2021

It would be better to start cutting off some nightmarish programs from Russian television, and not from the Internet, which is almost entirely based on the "oil pipe" of the West. There and without us they will cut, if anything, by the moment. Otherwise, nothing terrible will happen in the information field. All the same, all around the lie is almost solid and filtered.

Answer 25
July, 2021

What is now difficult to block by Roskomnadzor will be effectively blocked. And then everything depends on the appetite of officials. The global isolation of the Russian segment is unlikely to happen, but the resources of the opposition authorities will practically disappear.

Answer 26
July, 2021

Free international exchange of information is one of the most outstanding achievements of the late 20th century. For specialists and just thinking people the opportunity to learn information from foreign colleagues is very important.
Let's say I work as a programmer and in search of information I can google my question in English and quickly get an answer written by a programmer from another country. This makes it possible to significantly facilitate the solution of problems.
Rejection of this achievement will mean that the priority of the authorities in Russia is to keep themselves in power, and not at least some development of the country. The majority of thinking people, intellectuals and technical specialists, realizing this, will go into fierce opposition to the authorities. If the government leaves the borders open, the sharply increased brain drain will cause a shortage of specialists in the country and aggravate Russia's lag behind developed countries. If the government closes the borders, it will cause political instability within the country, and a sharp drop in confidence in the authorities. Even if the authorities manage at first to carry out a wave of political repression and suppress the unrest, in the future they will not have the resources to ensure a decent standard of living even for a relatively small number of security officials - the economy will have nothing to grow with. If Putin or his successor decides to stay to the end, despite the almost complete distrust of society in himself, he will most likely be ousted by conspirators from among his former supporters, after which the new government, interested in the country's development, will return normal access to the Internet.
In addition, such an inadequate policy will cause opposition from the international community, even politicians in non-democratic countries like China will understand that the Russian government should not be trusted because of its simple unpreparedness to manage a modern state.
Therefore, I hope that before a real shutdown the Internet from the inside will not reach, most likely, this is the usual regular cutting of public money.

Answer 27
July, 2021

"What will change"? - Never mind.
We bypassed blockages, bypassed, and we will bypass.

What pleases me is that there is an extra incentive to promote computer literacy to the masses))

And with such an I-net configuration as in RF, in the presence of hundreds of small providers, and bypassing is a joy: a "great firewall" like the Chinese is impossible in principle / and the one who needs it is bypassed from China in two clicks /.

Moreover: projects on the launch of a global network of satellite Internet repeaters are heard. They will choke "here" - the authors of the projects will hurry up "there".

... However, the dough on the isolationist initiatives of the "sovereign Runet" will be cut down, of course, immeasurably!))

Answer 28
July, 2021

About the information field, I think that everything is clear anyway. But the topic of software stability is not disclosed for everyone. Imagine that in 2019, almost all modern programs are configured to constantly synchronize with servers - updates, security systems, ads, clouds ... and all of this will fail at once. The consequences will be very serious, many programs will malfunction, some will stop working at all. Attempts to restore their work without connecting to developers outside the Russian Internet will mostly be doomed to failure.

Answer 29
July, 2021

For the overwhelming majority, absolutely nothing will change, because this majority still consumes Russian content, from Komsomolskaya Pravda to the TNT website.

If YouTube will not be, an alternative Russian hosting will appear quickly (see. RuTube), FB and Instagram will come up - craftsmen clone them for the Russian segment. Wikipedia will be downloaded, censored and published for wide use with periodic updates.

For those who like to read in foreign languages, the sites Russia Today, Sputnik and mirrors of foreign media loyal to the Kremlin - or simply neutral - foreign media (as in the USSR in " Soyuzpechat was sold by communist newspapers like the Morning Star).

Ashmanov will receive a government order for all kinds of blockers and firewalls, Rykov - for the creation of entertainment portals. The creators of the TamTam messenger will also make their contribution.

Those who are eager for the resources that have become prohibited will negotiate with tourists so that they download the necessary sites and bring them on flash drives, as is now happening in Cuba. Shortwave receivers will become fashionable. Long-range Wi-Fi hotspots will be deployed in the border areas, possibly under the auspices of Western human rights organizations.

Answer 30
July, 2021

It is impossible to isolate the Internet, there are hundreds of methods to bypass any blocking. The most famous example is TOR, which changes the IP address. And so, maybe they will come up with new blocking technologies, but remember, for any antivirus, there is a virus of its own. And the forbidden fruit will become even sweeter.

Answer 31
July, 2021

First of all, foreign information will disappear.

Then all oppositional opinions.

Further - just common ideas.

The number of permitted ones will be sharply reduced, i.e. available sites.

Then the state propaganda will become the only content.

However, it is possible that the cheburnet will come back earlier for purely technological reasons (lack of equipment and spare parts).

A similar picture had the "pleasure" of observing the older generation that grew up in the USSR.


The funny thing about the answers is that many simply do not understand that the lack of equipment is enough for isolation , or even banal electricity ... Wires are easily cut, and relay towers are eliminated. Although this stage seems to be far away. But there are still many different jokes. :)

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