When choosing a product on the Internet, how to tell a fake review from a real one? Where on the Internet, including outside the Russian Internet, is the most honest platform for reviews?

When choosing a product on the Internet, how to tell a fake review from a real one? Where on the Internet, including outside the Russian Internet, is the most honest platform for reviews?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

Filter. Evaluate facts with evidence. If they are not, this is not a review. This applies to both positive and negative reviews.

Reputation management is a long-established business, and many people earn money by writing penny reviews. And do not think that you can calculate a paid reviewer by the age of his account and reputation on a specific review service. Such reviews are also bought and sold.

Only proven facts and detailed analysis of the points. No emotions, no subjective assessments.

Answer 2
August, 2021

The most gullible people are pensioners and deceive them more. Really! there is no faith in anyone, especially if you buy something over the Internet.

Answer 3
August, 2021

When choosing a product on the Internet, you do not need to wonder whether this or that review is fake or honest, you just need to enable logic and read several different reviews about this product on different sites. If the "readings" of the clients agree, then in reality it is most likely so.

Answer 4
August, 2021

100% impossible to do this. Now even any blogger whom you trust or who is an opinion leader can integrate a native review of a product, service or brand into their media resource for a small fee. You can use the example of advertising amendments to the constitution to draw conclusions about the reliability of the opinions of authoritative people.

Therefore, reviews on the Internet should be trusted with caution. There is a small list of sites where it is difficult to write a review, since sites are analyzing the possibility of ordering services and goods. And only in the case of a high probability of using a service or product by this account, it posts a review. Here are the sites where the level of purchased reviews is minimal:




Answer 5
August, 2021

To distinguish a fake review from a real review, please note the following:

  • Does the person who wrote the review have registration on the site? it is difficult to write a lot of fake reviews when you need to constantly register;

  • are product photos attached to the review;

  • is there any specific details in the review that indicate the use of the product and its features (for example, design features, for which it is especially suitable or a variant of use in everyday life)

Answer 6
August, 2021

Nothing. Many reviews are really ordered. But the difference between custom reviews and real ones is rather due to the fact that they are very similar. And so not to distinguish. I use a flamp, it is at least somehow moderated, as well as Yandex and Google maps.

Answer 7
August, 2021

I, as one of the creators of the Otzyvashka project, can say with confidence that, unfortunately, there is no platform in Runet that would guarantee the quality and transparency of the published reviews.

We, as an aggregator, strive to filter overly "false" reviews using our algorithms, but this does not allow us to give any guarantees.

From experience, I would trust the reviews from Ozone most of all, we are just planning to add this site to our portal.

Answer 8
August, 2021

There is probably no honest platform with reviews.

Main reasons:

  • is hard to get people to write good reviews. When everything is good, it is taken for granted, and there is no desire to run to the Internet and write a review
  • sites, on the contrary, are aimed at creating as many reviews as possible in order to be competitive
  • companies and brands monitor their reputation, therefore they monitor platforms, try to remove negativity or close 1 negative review with 5 good ones
  • review sites cannot check whether you actually used the service, product or not

All this together leads to the fact that such sites become trash heaps, and a weapon of competition.

Reviews can be more or less trusted on large aggregators, which make it possible to leave a review only to those users who made a purchase through them.

But there is another problem, that within such aggregators there is a struggle between companies and manufacturers, so there is no certainty that under certain conditions someone is allowed to correct reviews.

For the last six months, Yandex has begun to actively collect reviews on sites in its browser, clearly tightening their moderation. In our opinion, it is more or less plausible there now.

To summarize:

  1. see reviews everywhere if in doubt
  2. pay attention to text, not just points. Sometimes a negative honest review carries much more information than a positive one. Moreover, the often found disadvantages for some may turn out to be advantages for you.
Answer 9
August, 2021

I will answer as an employee of an online store with 15 years of experience. It is very difficult to distinguish between a review for a product and a review for an organization. Very often, various agencies call us with suggestions and offer the purchase of packages of reviews for our site and product (naturally positive), as well as packages of reviews for other sites (respectively, negative). Package sizes and prices for every taste. By the way, the price of one review is very democratic.

Personally, because of my experience, I almost never read reviews. And if you still need to get feedback, my advice is this. Skip all extreme positions, overtly positive and overtly negative. If you read more, there is a chance to get an understanding that is similar to the truth.

I think there are no sites with guaranteed honest reviews. It is extremely difficult to moderate, there are no altruists to do this kind of work.

Answer 10
August, 2021

Let's be honest - it's difficult with this on RuNet. And not in Runet either.

The most honest review will be if you know the person who bought the product / service and ask him directly.

Most reviewers somehow "work" with the companies whose products are written for reviews, and allow them to be removed for a fee.

In addition, there are agencies (and in our group of companies too) that work with negative feedback on the review sites.

There are companies themselves that sell goods and services and regularly write clumsy positive reviews like a carbon copy.

Who can you trust?

Those sites that verify the user that he is the buyer of a product or service.

For example, it is impossible to fake reviews on Booking com. Because in order to leave a review, you must not only book a hotel, but also live in it.

But, unfortunately, there are only a few such sites in the world.

Answer 11
August, 2021

Never buy anything on the Internet, everything is literally a scam, Take the same mushrooms that advertise, all the lies are neither white nor white, and they do not rise, then the heater is very small and takes very little the same lies, this is a dead poultice, you can't even warm your hands.

Answer 12
August, 2021

The nameless has detailed everything, I'll just recap:

  • fake reviews are everywhere

  • read only negative reviews, look at their number of relatively positive ones.

  • on good sites, there is a prerequisite to attach a receipt, product photo, etc. to your review. There, 90% of the reviews will be real.

Answer 13
August, 2021

Negative reviews are never fake. Usually, as it happens, you buy a kettle and already roughly understand what it is and why you need it, besides, many products have characteristics that will tell you everything about it. Therefore, I personally choose on negative reviews and my choice is based on whether I agree with these shortcomings for this price.

Answer 14
August, 2021

There are no fair sites there. All deception. I say this because I am outraged by the impudent deception. The Internet is littered with advertising miracle TV antennas, for 99 rubles. I called to order (one hundred rubles is not money). I was very happy there, they began to place an order, and it turned out that the true price was 3900 (which was crossed out in the advertisement), of course, I canceled the order. if from the very beginning nae .... ka, what will they send? all lies. and a bunch of reviews, and all praise to heaven. I tried to voice the reality there - it definitely did not work. in my opinion, it is just a scam. however, what to want for a hundred rubles?

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