When will something high-tech and popular in RUSNANO be created?

When will something high-tech and popular in RUSNANO be created?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

An interesting question, given that since 2007 RUSNANO has invested 107 projects. RUSNANO does not invent anything, only financially supports ideas and production with great potential for development and high economic or social value.

RUSNANO's portfolio companies produce a wide variety of products: from highly efficient submersible oil pumps to intelligent video surveillance systems, innovative medicines and building materials.

For example, the OCSiAl Company (Novosibirsk) has created the production of single-walled carbon nanotubes with technical and economic characteristics that are unique for the world market (more than 70% of single-walled carbon nanotubes). The use of tubes improves the mechanical properties, electrical and thermal conductivity of various materials (rubbers, composites, polymers). This product is in great demand in the global market, for example, China alone accounts for about 40% of the company's sales.

MEMBRANIUM (Vladimir) has developed nanostructured membranes for water purification. Membrane-based ultra- and nanofiltration systems have better water purification rates compared to traditional technologies. Today MEMBRANIUM is the only Russian company on the world market for the production of membrane products that produces nanostructured membrane fabric for nano- and ultrafiltration, the company's plant is the largest in Europe!

ELVIS Neo-Tech Company (Zelenograd ) is engaged in the development and production of computer vision and analytics systems that are able to independently distinguish and classify any objects - people, animals, luggage, signs, cars. Such systems are used at airports and in production (Transneft, Lukoil, Gazprom), they allow ensuring the safety of strategically important facilities (for example, JSC RusHydro) and a comfortable life for citizens.

portfolioI am RUSNANO - Monocrystal plant (Stavropol), which manufactures sapphire substrates that are highly demanded in modern electronics, and also produces silver-containing and aluminum composite pastes for metallization of silicon solar cells, which are actively used in solar energy. Today Monocrystal is the absolute leader in the global sapphire market for LEDs and solar energy. 95% of products are exported to 25 countries, which means that every 4th LED light bulb in the world is made from Russian raw materials.

Hevel's products are in demand in the solar energy segment. Together with the scientific and technical center at the Physics and Technology Institute named after A.F. Ioffe, she developed a unique technology for the manufacture of solar modules based on thin films and crystalline silicon.

With our participation, the Nanolek biomedical complex was built, which specializes in the production of import-substituting drugs, and is also engaged in the development and manufacture of innovative vaccines (including vaccines against AIDS) of domestic production and with the involvement of international partners.

Glass with magnetron sputtering, which is made at the Russian plant Pilkington (SP Glass Group of Companies), is used all over the world, for example, in the glazing of the largest medical center in Dubai and in residential complexes in Melbourne.

Answer 2
July, 2021

Rusnano considers only highly profitable markets, and enterprises for investment with expensive projects and significant funds already available, which offer products that are in demand on the state order market, and this is mainly mechanical engineering, energy, mining.

They understand that the mass consumption market in Russia is weak and will not be able to provide enough consumers in foreign markets, they will not be able to compete, since they did not have real competitive projects. Remember the attempts to make a tablet for schools, it was just the same "cranked" through the state order, it did not work, they tried to shift it to schoolchildren, but the cost turned out to be such that the project closed itself, at the stage of creating prototypes.

In Russia it is really difficult to create high-tech products, this is a fact, but this is also their fault, Rusnano, Skolkovo, the Government of the Russian Federation in general, good ideas were killed by their attempts to control and regulate everything.

Whatever verbose, I will give a recipe for how to innovate from “our” start (briefly):

1. Patents:

1.1. Create an "Organization" that will be engaged in creating the foundation of intellectual property, its support and implementation for citizens (details below).

1.2. The "organization", at the expense of funds allocated from the State budget, mutually cooperating with Rospatent, will provide free patenting for citizens, including providing easy application methods, free issuance of electronic keys for online application submission, providing samples, examples, consulting on filling out documentation. Providing free maintenance of the patent in force, indefinitely., Subject to the implementation of paragraph 1.3.

Rationale, "In 2015, 45,517 applications for the grant of a patent for an invention and 11,906 applications for a patent for utility models were filed in the Russian Federation, 57,423 applications in total." 43,714 patents were issued. " For example, 589,410 applications for inventions were filed in the USA in 2015, we are more than 10 times behind, this is a market that we are potentially losing.

The cost of the issue will be relatively small , a significant part of the applications are submitted from organizations that can afford all this and do not need to finance them. The losses on duties will be no more than 100 million rubles per year, not counting those who make an application thanks to this project. Plus additional costs for additional patents, maintenance, support, access keys, etc. It seems a lot, but it will not be very expensive.In the first 2 years, the costs will amount to about 5 billion rubles a year (if you do not assign the managers initial multi-million dollar salaries, but put them on a relatively small salary and only% of the net profit to the state!).

It is important to follow the path of maximum simplification of the procedure and the maximum possible reduction of terms.

1.3. "Organization" will conclude contracts, according to use of these patentsgoods with copyright holders to bring them to the market on the condition of 50/50 at the cost of granting the right not less than 10% (discussed) in the cost of the product, part of the product. 50% will be transferred to the copyright holder, 50% to the state.

The conditions defined for payment to authors in organizations can be much more modest, however, there, the authors are provided with conditions for creating their inventions .

1.4. "Organization" will conclude such agreements with other rightholders, be it foreign or domestic. It is very beneficial with foreign ones, since the tax on their income is 30%, and not 13% as for the Russians. For foreign authors, this bar can be reduced to 20%, subject to the conclusion of such a partnership agreement with the "Organization"

1.5. The main task of this state "Organization" will be - Active search for clients for the implementation of this intellectual property in Russia and abroad.

1.6. For domestic and foreign companies, subject to the creation of production in Russia, provide exemption from VAT and income tax on funds invested in the Russian Federation.

1.7. Rightholders shall be exempted from personal income tax from the funds received from the project, from the amounts invested in enterprises in the territory of the Russian Federation using the patents in question.

1.8. Rusnano, Skolkovo, Innovation Centers, private companies of all levels, will be sub-consumers and clients of this Company, choose patents, create products based on them, turn them into startups, generate new patents, and so on.

  1. Leave behind businesses, entrepreneurs, and so on. You cannot row everything for yourself, let them work, earn money, create competitive conditions for this. And not in comparison with Niger or Zimbabwe, but with developed countries from the TOP 10.

What will this lead to:

  1. Energizing inventors who use their know-how.

  2. Growth of income of effective authors and their motivation to create new inventions.

  3. Encourage the creation of small copyright groups focused on the creation of new patents.

  4. Creation of a large array of patents and a structure focused on finding their implementation.

  5. Inflow and turnover of funds in the Russian Federation.

  6. Attraction of patents of foreign authors for the possibility of implementation with advantage.

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