Where and how to learn how to professionally set up targeted advertising for free?

Where and how to learn how to professionally set up targeted advertising for free?

Google Ads (AdWords) Tutorial 2020 [Step-by-Step]

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Answer 1
August, 2021

Free anywhere. Put your hard-earned 50-100 thousand into the target and learn. No other way. You studied at school for free, but do you remember much from the school curriculum?

Answer 2
August, 2021

you can watch the lessons on YouTube, but to be honest, you will not find anything besides the base there

if we are talking about doing it professionally, then ways 2- to train in any agency and gain experience, or take online courses try it - here's a good selection may come in handy https://top-online-courses.ru/marketing/kursy-po-targetirovannoy-reklame/

Answer 3
August, 2021

Beonmax has a free course on targeted advertising, in which, in general, all the information as in paid ones.

Smmschool and cybermarketing also have.

You can see a selection of targeting from different educational sites on Kursfinder, there are good targeting courses at Skillbox (and they have been teaching the targeting profession for 2 years), at Brunoyam, at MyAcademy and other sites. But it seems like all courses are paid. Although Netology, for example, has many mini-courses, and they are free (they were opened in quarantine).

You can also find many guides and instructions on the Internet for setting up targeted advertising, just enter the corresponding request in Google or Yandex.

Answer 4
August, 2021

Get started with free courses available from Google, Facebook and Yandex. At a minimum, this will give you a basic understanding of paid promotion. This will give you a very useful skill set. At least you will understand the essence of things.

Professionalism is experience, you will not become a professional right away. And experience in advertising is endless rakes, hypotheses and tests.

Answer 5
August, 2021

There are 2 important truths, understanding which will allow you to better understand the mechanism of the FB advertising engine

A free targeted advertising lesson will help you create your first advertising on Instagram - TRUE ONE:
Advertising starts with the product> definition of target audience> pain, needs of target audience> creation of an advertising layout> proposal to close the need> publication of a campaign

And here is the main point. With your advertising, you influence people, your potential customers. This is the very “first outfit” by which you as an expert or a store are greeted. Now let's remember our last campaigns, and introduce ourselves as your buyer
Well, how are the clothes?
Everything is clear?
Is it dirty?

If suddenly it looks like (happens) on 💩, then there is no point in looking further

🗣Advertising should convey all your benefits not only with beautiful slogans, but also with a unique picture (the best option to introduce yourself, close a bunch of questions at once on the first touch). It, like your content, should have value and be remembered

Hence follows
The guys in the face book think about the same. And they set up their car, their algorithms according to the principle
🏅Give value - you won
🎭Do not give - you miser, go jump with tambourines and wait for the grace of FB algorithms)

Your the advertising campaign after creation and publication gets on the AUCTION (there are billions of these auctions every second) Where the same advertisers fight for their place in the sun. Think wider, your client can be targeted by thousands of campaigns по and even from all over the world with different goals

Now imagine how much time your client spends to flip through the feed on Instagram per day, per week?
How many ad layouts will he have time to see?
Only a small part of a thousand. (Especially if they are busy people with money)

🎯By first impressions, algorithms collect information on the quality of your ad. If people stop on your ad, read, etc., this means that the content is valuable and you will receive an “above average” rating (the rating can be seen in statistics, there are only 3 of them), then FB increases the reach, the quality of clicks to show more valuable product

😊Thank you for reading, hopefully helped to look at the other side of the ad you are launching

Answer 6
August, 2021

On the Internet, of course)) In fact, all the information that is on paid courses is publicly available on the Internet - you need to learn how to search and filter for it.

  1. Search and watch YouTube videos on the topic. Choose those with a more recent date. It makes no sense to watch videos for 2015 and even more fearful.

  2. Find paid courses and subscribe to their mailing list. They often run free webinars and trainings. You can learn a lot there.

  3. Read the articles on our website. For example, setting up the Target on Instagram: https://internet-marketings.ru/kak-nastroit-reklamu-v-instagram/

  4. Subscribe to Target Hunter (https://vk.com/targethunter) and Pepper Ninja (https://vk.com/pepperninja) groups - they publish many cases, tutorials and other useful content.

  5. Practice. But none of the above will help you if you don't practice. First, take orders for a symbolic amount to make a couple of cases and have something to show potential clients.

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