Where did the memetic expression "Fuck the geese" come from?

Where did the memetic expression "Fuck the geese" come from?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Read Yudik Sherman



Night, winter, Russia Matryoshka, vodka .
A span is dragging along a crooked alley.
The master, covered by a bear cavity
(a little less than completely),
as they say,
is being ruined.


  • You, coachman, don't be silly, don't ring a bell,

You, man, don't drive about your horses -

What the hell are oats!


  • So my horses

Picky: they like porridge with salt,

To steamed I was in buckets in the morning.


  • Do not hope for anything, if you are without money!

Do not hope, do not Believe it, just don’t do it yourself:

And bite into the loot, since such things are happening,

Well, if you can't, don't bother others.


  • So where does the money come from?


  • What are you muttering, berendey?

Think less, kazzel, about your horses!

It would be better if you, little man, went to steal,

Steal-whore, if you want a dough,

If you don't want a dough, go die,

Under four boards, since such things are.


  • How, sir, can I live?


  • So be it, I'll teach you.

But then I don’t pay you for the trip:

The road is that science.


  • Horses what to feed ?!


  • If you don't recognize the dough, you will rot alive.


  • Okay, I'll take it, I won't take anything.

BARIN (laughs):

  • You're a fool, brother! You alone

I don’t know that there is a hell of a lot of advice now,

And to make babosiki - you need will!

Only will! Freak, you just need to dare

Be not a trembling creature, but the right to have -

To rob! Fuck! Steal! Kill!

Stupid geese to fuck expressively ...


  • And what are the geese for?

BARIN (instructive):

  • Historically! Everyone,

Those who believe in loot hate geese:

After all, they saved Rome, he ruined Carthage!

But Baal returned , but rose from his knees,

Incarnated in loot. So nadot geese,

Where will you see - fagot with all severity,

So that they don't save Third Rome from the dough -

Naturalize them in the mud, rape them in dust,

Ambush them, damned, in a spring meadow,

On a hot noon, and at night in the frozen snow -

After a bathhouse, in a snowdrift, Julia's mudami !

  • So that the whore pulls them apart, so that they stick them, fuck! -

So that they hissed, pinched you for the muda,

And then they gasp!

JAMMER (scared):

  • But where is the conscience?

BARIN (resolutely):

  • Conscience goes to hell. Fuck the conscience.

From the limits of heaven to the ends of the earth

Salvage reigned. Don't fuck the ox,

And get your piece of dough, man!

If you can't steal it or do it more correctly -

You will suck my dummy until the end days,

And, most likely, you won't suck a dick!

If you want babosiks, do as I do!

Look: you will come back empty, like an asshole.

So, out of grief and longing, you will go to the tavern,

A tavern keeper is waiting for you there, a rascal Jew -

And you will mortgage your horses to him!

And when you get enough, they will wrap you up,

They will take everything, without tinkering, strip them naked.

Everyone will profit from you - and I I will not step.

I will slap my share of you, little man:

While you are drunk, lie in oblivion,

I will scribble rhymes about your suffering ,

Yes, I will embroider the middle of junk in the magazine.

And the reader will blow me some money!

The man nods -

"Whoa, whoa" - got up, took out an ax,
- pok the master's head!
Master - slippers to the sides, and that's it.

A man licks an ax. A happy smile on her face.
The filly neighs approvingly.

Answer 2
July, 2021

Around 2007, on Upyachka, during the rapid growth in popularity of the STEAL @ KILL meme, someone posted an image of a goose with the caption "I'm a goose, I'm a good fuck." After that, all usernames decided that calls for sexual assault against geese are perfectly combined with calls for theft and murder. Since then, these two memes have gone side by side. Steal, kill, fuck geese,% username%!

Answer 3
July, 2021

Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_Protocol

In Russia, the role-playing game Alpha Protocol aroused increased interest after the trailer, which showed a shootout in Moscow. Russian players were attracted in the trailer not so much by the fact that one of the characters is being thrown from the roof of the Rossiya hotel against the background of the Kremlin, as by a small, inconspicuous detail - a plaque on the wall. It reads the following: "In case of fire, steal, kill, fuck the geese, wait for the return beep." This phrase had become an Internet meme long before that.

Answer 4
July, 2021

In the computer game 'Alpha Protocol' in one of the missions that takes place in Russia, a close-up of a sign in Russian hanging on the wall is shown: "In case of fire, steal, kill, fuck the geese, wait for a whistle back.

Answer 5
July, 2021

I first saw this phrase in a comic about Captain America. And of course it was pretty funny. I'll add some more text for that wacky 140 characters.

Answer 6
July, 2021

I remember that this phrase can be found in the trailer for the video game "Alpha Protocol". The trailer is set in Moscow, and as the protagonist runs down the back stairs of the building, a warning sign can be seen that reads "In case of fire, steal, kill, fuck geese, wait for a whistle." This moment caused a resonance on the Internet and, possibly, became the reason for the popularity of the expression "Fuck the geese".

The inscription can be seen at 0:50 youtube.com

Answer 7
July, 2021

There are several versions of the origin of this meme. If you do not take into account the history of distribution on all sorts of Lepra and Upyachki, then here they are:

  1. From anecdotes, for example, from this:

"Caucasian, recently who came to Moscow from aul, glues to a beautiful girl in a bar:

- Come on, I will uvezu tebya to the sebe in the mountains! It is very beautiful there, very fresh mountain air, and men are really real men!

- And I heard that you are fucking pigs, goats, cows, geese there ... Caucasian, eyes bulging:

- Why geese? "

  1. From books, for example - from Weller:

" - Indeed, if the bra is behind, then investing properly is not very convenient, - the professor agreed. Three shots of spirits were his norm, and he felt he was on fire. - It remains for us to find out how the cook used a goose instead of a bra and what he put into it. - How? Male genital reproductive penis, - explained the mechanic in medical terms. - Where?! The mechanic's anatomical vocabulary was exhausted. “Fuck a goose,” he said, trying to compensate for the unscientific expressions with an intelligent tone. ”

  1. Incorrect translation of“ fuck a duck ”.

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