Which VK groups post music with taste, and not everything?

Which VK groups post music with taste, and not everything?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Here the music is tasteful. Carefully selected by public moderators. I recommend !!!!!!!

Music written for you personally. https://vk.com/soundsofpuretrance

Love and harmony in every sound. https://vk.com/club_natasha77

Answer 2
July, 2021

There are a lot of them in VK, but it is difficult to find suitable ones, as you say, laconic, simple and with good quality music. It's worth spending time on this, because the playlist is replenished regularly afterwards :) you can try https://vk.com/spec_spirit this one, for example, unpopular music is published, the design is laconic, they post something delicious every day

Answer 3
July, 2021

everyone has very different tastes. I really like laconic communities, where there is no overload of ads, discussions and other fuss. and of course the most important factor is the music offered, I love different genres of unpopular music. if you have a similar taste, then I can recommend the public VK Special Spirit, it quite satisfies these requests

Answer 4
July, 2021

https://vk.com/club DeepTechTechnoHouzer here is a whole list of genres 7 unique content and post design

Answer 5
July, 2021

Personally, I like the VK group "Gold Rush" https://vk.com/music8000 , good music from 1960 to 2010. No unnecessary discussions, etc. I recommend.

Answer 6
July, 2021

Do you really still believe in the existence of musical taste? Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do not understand music and listen to what:

  1. Fashionable. When a song sounds from each iron, it involuntarily sticks in my head.

  2. Accepted in their social group. I don't think you've ever seen a biker listening to Baskov or a teenage girl who is crazy about Eastern European ethno music.

  3. Not trendy. There are also people who just don't like everyone else.

  4. As usual. People rarely change genres of music, and even individual performers, listening to what they liked about being young. It is an association with the best time in their life.

People, for the most part, do not understand music and have no musical taste. This is confirmed by the social experiment of the U2 group. When people, to whom it is impossible to get to the concert because of the queue, changed their clothes and played in the passage, no one noticed them and did not approach them.

And the modern music industry is a cross between money and marketing, behind which hard to see talent

Answer 7
July, 2021

https://vk.com/artzdivision is a great group for those who like new things.
The group contains different directions in music from jazz to techno. Plus a lot of cool illustrations that you can sleep on with nice music.)

Answer 8
July, 2021

https://vk.com/public89567786 Great group. Every day the best modern and high quality music. A good mood is guaranteed !!! Subscribe. Updating several times a week

Answer 9
July, 2021


Light, melodic, atmospheric music for the soul online.

Here you will find both old tracks and new 2019.

The most beautiful:
Chillout | Lounge | Ambient | Jazz
Drum and bass | Dubstep | Trance

Fresh posts every day.

Subscribe not to miss.

Answer 10
July, 2021

https://vk.com/mestonamesto a group with few subscribers, but with a sense of the editors' style and creativity. Selected electronic music, which sometimes fascinates.

Free-form rhymes in the description of posts, colorful pictures. Non-standard polls.

Probably, the guys do for the soul and do not engage in advertising, hence the number of subscribers, but I am sure that each of them enjoys high-quality sound with pleasure.

Answer 11
July, 2021

Go to the group VK "Four walls" it is at the development stage, but there is already something to see). Music and video with taste and tells about interesting directors and clipmaker who shot the clips

Answer 12
July, 2021

Try the public vk.com/musicselector. Electronic sound predominates, but the repertoire is very eclectic and quite uncommon. Even if you are an avid audiophile and music lover, you will definitely find something to your liking here

Answer 13
July, 2021

Hello everyone, I was looking for similar groups, I came across this article. I want to share my group in VK. Each post is the kind of music that is worth listening to more than a dozen times)

Looking for editors with a sense of taste!


Answer 14
July, 2021

For fans of deep house and house in different branches, I would recommend this particular group, the content is of high quality.

Deep house music - Listen free at VK.com: https://vk.com/club161650696

Answer 15
July, 2021


New growing public with good music and pictures, different genres, stylish, for true connoisseurs of art and splendor.

Answer 16
July, 2021

Music with taste in the public "LAMBO.RF" of course there are not many subscribers and likes, but this is not the main thing, but the main thing is music !!! I will leave a link https://vk.com/lambo_rf

We will be very glad to every subscriber and like!)

Answer 17
July, 2021

The group is dedicated to electronic and dance music. There you can find a large number of musical selections of famous genres, as well as get acquainted with the work of foreign and domestic DJs. The group has a convenient menu for searching by genre and artist https://vk.com/jelektronnaja_muzyka

Answer 18
July, 2021

Hello. I advise you to listen to a very interesting genre. Synthwave, a genre of popular electronic music with its own stylistic characteristics. Music of this genre can be heard on the VK public - Synthwave Club

Since the early 1980s, new trends in synth-pop have appeared - first New_Romantic, Minimal_Synth and SynthPunk, followed by Electro (Electropop, Electrofunk), Hi_Nrg and Darkwave. Italo_Disco, SpaceDisco, SpaceSynth, Freestyle, EBM and #Industrial have had a huge impact on the genre. In the 1990s, Futurepop, SynthGoth appeared, and in the 2000s, Electroclash, the new Electropop and Nu_Electro appeared. In the 2010s, Electropop's popularity skyrocketed and the Synthwave (Retrowave) style emerged. At the moment there is a convergence of synthpop, acoustic / academic and rock music, this style can be called Modern_Synthpop. At the same time, live and acoustic instruments are not used for their intended purpose, but replace, supplement or imitate synthesizer parts.

Answer 19
July, 2021

The best foreign music STRIKE of MUSIC https://vk.com/strike_of_music_club, in my opinion, this is exactly what differs in: BASS, Drum and Bass, RAP, HIP - HOP, TRAP, EDM, CLUB, Minus, Instrumental, in auto

Answer 20
July, 2021

Hello to all lovers of classical music. We all love legendary classical performers such as Glinka, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky and others. For those who have always dreamed of feeling like a real professional performer and enjoying the sound of masterpiece music. I would like to recommend my VK public (https://vk.com/pianista_superb) and the classical music app. www.youtube.com

Answer 21
July, 2021

Rhythms in the style of: vk.com

Deep house | Rap | Hip-hop | Club Dance | Dancehall | Reggaeton | Pop music and more.

Stylish and quite tube public, no ads.

Music and videos.

Answer 22
July, 2021

There is a wonderful group TimeStamp with an interesting feature: they publish the lyrics of the song and leave a mark where this text sounds in the audio track attached to the post. We are currently working on a browser extension that will play music immediately from this tag.

Answer 23
July, 2021


Bunny Squad. The group is small and cozy. No pop. The group is focused not only on music, its main goal is festivals and parties. Show and cover the past parties in the Russian Federation and the world, and hold their own. Music there, respectively, only EDM, EBM, IDM

Answer 24
July, 2021

Ensomhet - vk.com

A public we keep with a friend. The atmosphere of melancholy, silence and tranquility of nature.

Genre orientation - atmospheric black, post-black, post-rock, post-metal, shoegaze, ambient.


Answer 25
July, 2021

Perhaps the best) vk.com

Music inspires the whole world, provides the soul with wings, promotes the flight of imagination ...


Beautiful music! You forget about all the problems and worries and plunge into a completely different world, where peace and harmony.

No comments!

Answer 26
July, 2021

A sea of ​​cool music and pictures, for every taste!)
Unique content, activity at the level, the admin is trying very hard!
We value our subscribers)

Answer 27
July, 2021

this public: https://vk.com/fmgmclub. But whether this repertoire is right for you is another question. But if you like at least one post from there, chances are high that you will find a lot of new and interesting things there.

Answer 28
July, 2021

vk.com minimal, electro, ethnic, india, house, techno, grunge, post punk, syntpop, psychedelic and something else - about the same set of styles and pictures, of course: 3

Answer 29
July, 2021


This is the only way I can listen to music, there is no public / no better band, really. Wonderful pictures, beautiful songs, kind and helpful people :)

Answer 30
July, 2021

Add, glad to meet new people, music connected us)

https://vk.com/interesting_music Music is not for everyone, and that says it all

https: // vk .com / moisture Amazing with its variety of music

https://vk.com/fashionsound Trendy sound, great mixes and tracks, respect to admins

https://vk.com/jazzvemusic Super Pablitos)

https://vk.com/club30989255 British Music

https://vk.com/burialfan Burial For deep sound lovers

https : //vk.com/exrel Fresh releases of electronic music

https://vk.com/another_muz Other music

https://vk.com/rodzvuk Native sound

https://vk.com/yoodjs Mixes, tracks

https://vk.com/pmpage Very good public, nice music, different directions

https : //vk.com/clevermusic For lovers of beautiful electronics

https://vk.com/jazzcalendar Jazz Archivist

https://vk.com/hotbutteredsoul Soul

https://vk.com/badwaves WAVES, waves of music

https://vk.com/composerss Classical music

https://vk.com/1luvhiphop HIP-HOP ONE LOVE

https://vk.com/hiphoprapjazz Hip-Hop / Rap / Jazz, soulful public

https://vk.com/music_of_history Music History

https://vk.com/newalbums New Albums

Answer 31
July, 2021

Taste is a subjective concept.

vk.com Compilations and playlists of music with an emphasis on the time of day and the correspondence of this time to the mood of the tracks. The group is not promoted, which means that there is no intrusive advertising.

Answer 32
July, 2021

I highly recommend this group. She still has few people, but they have what they need music. Each song they have "fire". Be sure to stop by and listen to these songs, they will delight you. And most importantly, these songs are what you were looking for, this group has a taste.

Answer 33
July, 2021

It seems to me that those groups that have a lot of subscribers now do not really "care" about the choice of musical selections thrown into their public. But beginner groups ... yes. They have no room for error, so to speak. Personally, I like this one


It is updated frequently. Genres are presented for every taste and color, as they say. I will recommend it)

Answer 34
July, 2021

Here are the publics without which I personally would not have learned a lot of things:


https://vk.com/ newalbums


The first one is good for those who love rap, hip-hop, etc. especially, but you will also get into other genres there too. I like the descriptions there, they are informative.

The second public lives up to its name: all the most interesting and worthwhile new albums.

Although the third public has "indie" in its name, there you can find anything from the new products that you will find in few places or you will search in different publics - everything is there.

Answer 35
July, 2021

Drugs & Booze always, Musical Anchovies (potential hit music pubs), Jazz Archivist, Music History [Music History], Dusty Vinyl, and all kinds of music blues / retrowave / dub etc

Answer 36
July, 2021


Here's a pretty good public with music. The guys post both domestic and foreign interesting performers, popular and not so popular. In the description, the guys share their impressions and create a picture of the performance before listening. Come on in, I think many will like it.

Answer 37
July, 2021

vk.com Here is a good group specializing in indie music, not very numerous, but they post regularly, thoughtfully and tastefully, make selections of famous groups and introduce not the most famous, but worthwhile

Answer 38
July, 2021

Everyone has different musical preferences, so the concept of "tasteful", especially in music, is individual.
For me, Russian rap is "not everything".
So keep it up


Answer 39
July, 2021

https://vk.com/drake_care - public for listeners of modern American hip-hop. new songs and videos are published frequently. community administrators try and don't publish anything.

if you listen to rap, you will definitely like this group.

Answer 40
July, 2021

Public baseland - https://vk.com/thebassland
All styles of electronic music are collected, a lot of posts, everyone will find their own genre of music for themselves.
Here are genres and subgenres

# Dubstep @ thebassland - dubstep + its subgenres:

  • # MelodicDubstep @ thebassland

  • # ChillStep @ thebassland

  • # DeepDubstep @ thebassland

  • # Riddim @ thebassland

  • # DeathStep @ thebassland

# DrumandBass @ thebassland - drum and bass + its subgenres:

  • # Neurofunk @ thebassland

  • # Liquid @ thebassland

  • # JumpUp @ thebassland

  • # TechStep @ thebassland

  • # Jungle @ thebassland

  • # Crossbreed @ thebassland

# Trap @ thebassland - trap + its subgenres:

  • # ChillTrap @ thebassland

  • # Neurotrap @ thebassland

# Drumstep @ thebassland - drumstep

# GlitchHop @ thebassland - glitch hop + its subgenre:

  • # Neurohop @ thebassland - glitch hop with neuro sounding

# BassHouse @ thebassland - bassline, jackin, future, fidget house

# ElectroHouse @ thebassland - electro house

# FutureBass @ thebassland - future base

# Breaks @ thebassland - breaks + its subgenre:

  • # Breakcore @ thebassland

# Midtempo @ thebassland - midtempo

# Moombahton @ thebassland - mumbaton

# Carnivalbass @ thebassland - now known as Jungle Terror

# Garage @ thebassland - garage

# Carnival @ thebassland - carnival

# Hardstyle @ thebassland - hardstyle

# JerseyClub @ thebassland - jersey club

# Juke @ thebassland - aka Footwork

# Hardcore @ thebassland

Answer 41
July, 2021

sovbak uyebak radio

Together with a friend, we created a public for our party (that's why such a strange name), but it seems that it was not only them that became interested. We keep the direction towards the best of what is respected by serious music publications of the level of The Wire, targeting an audience that is rather poorly represented on the Russian Internet. We also post not very famous, but important records of the past. In principle, there are no genre restrictions, but I think you will feel a certain taste shift. Hope you find things you like here

Answer 42
July, 2021

vk.comVery good public with music of different genres. There is no specific topic. Also, newcomers from suitable groups are always exhibited, I think many will like it.

vk.com There is both good music and beautiful pictures. The style of posts is consistent, there is no confusion of songs as such, so I advise.

Answer 43
July, 2021

Open music vision http://vk.com/omvision

Although tastefully controversial. For me, that's with taste, but for someone and AK-47 - aerobatics. But atmospheric

Answer 44
July, 2021

Although I am an adherent of all kinds of metal, sometimes it does not hurt to dilute the screaming uncles with a pleasant dip. Here they post a good dip vk.com/s.k.deep_dive

Answer 45
July, 2021

Hip-hop and near-hip-hop. We share both by ear performers and nuggets from the most musical depths. Join, everyone will find something to their liking)


Answer 46
July, 2021

Oddly enough, it's not the first year that I've been adding to my playlist after watching https://vk.com/coub_vk. Perhaps the combination of video and music influences this. Anyway, poking at 30+ pictures one way or another you find yourself a couple of good soundtracks. You also get pleasure from the process.

Answer 47
July, 2021


Lite sound session is a non-commercial project of connoisseurs of chillout, lounge and music styles close to them. They have a website with radio stations of different directions from where you can listen to high-quality and proven music for years. Nice design and user-friendly interface. I've been using it for about 5 years.

Answer 48
July, 2021

Since such a question, I will allow myself to promote my public. I hope you don't blame me. https://vk.com/hiddenfields - in fact, music does not appear very often (2-3 times a month), but I always carefully select compositions so that I feel the musical integrity of each post, I try to provide each recording with a picture that conveys the spirit of music. There are not many subscribers at all, but, as they appear, posts will be more frequent. I post only what I really like - it's nice to share music with other people, so I will be glad to new subscribers.

Answer 49
July, 2021

Take a closer look at Musical Shuttle! Author's blog about contemporary music. Reviews of new albums, interviews with musicians, interesting performers from around the world, new songs, clips and live videos.

Answer 50
July, 2021

I am always annoyed by this phrase "with taste". How can we advise groups if taste is the personification of subjectivity? You can provide links by genre and so on, but certainly not "tasteful".

Answer 51
July, 2021

Not the first year I prefer http://vk.com/themusicend to the rest of the popular publics. Sufficiently suitable selections, publication of new products, interactive for subscribers. Every day you can find something to your liking :)

Answer 52
July, 2021

Musical blog of Syrnik and Pavlov! They not only post great music, but - as a rule - accompany it with good lyrics: it can be either personal reflections of administrators, interesting stories and facts, or stories about the origin of certain compositions, the lives of musicians and groups.

There are several (~ 20) admins in the public, each has its own style, its own specifics, characteristic features, and after a while you can even start to blindly distinguish between the authors of posts :) But the main thing, of course, is the music - and it's super ... And often records of not very popular performers, or even very little-known ones, are posted there.

And they are just sincere.

Answer 53
July, 2021

Great music appears on Vkontakte by the # radio tape tag.

The admins choose the best from the thread in the Lentach public, but if you listen to everything there, you can click on the tag and listen to everything that people offer. This is how I discovered Bloodhound Gang and electronic music that I hadn't listened to before.

Answer 54
July, 2021

I would also recommend a group with a self-explanatory name, I am suitable. The community has no genre focus, but there is a good and varied taste among admins and subscribers (the proposal is actively used). Sometimes whole releases appear in a group, sometimes - selections of one artist, sometimes thematic compilations. Very good group.

Answer 55
July, 2021

I often go to the E: \ Music community, this is a network of publics that are divided according to the genre of music. Tracks are selected directly by administrators, and deserve attention.

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