Who is Glad Valakas?

Who is Glad Valakas?

Глад Валакас Играет в Симулятор Glad Valakas

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Glad Valakas is a streamer under his real name Denis Sukhachev. Initially, he broadcast on Twitch, then, having received a ban there, he switched to Youtube. Now its audience there is more than 600 thousand people. Here you can read about him in more detail - https://twitchgid.ru/glad-valakas/

Answer 2
July, 2021

Tse Lieutenant Colonel ZhmyshenKO Voleriy Olbertych 228 Motorized Rifle Separate Motorized Tank Brigade of the Airborne Forces. Cerebral palsy, Paatau, dodik, honored hero of Donbass, test pilot, cybarg, dumb old hog. SHO ?!

Answer 3
July, 2021

I may be wrong, but glad-valakas This is still from the game Linage2, a certain gladiator character (with two swords), and Valakas is the most powerful raid boss in the game. So, a player with this nickname performed at the Olympics (in the game) and became famous for wearing ridiculous clothes and still winning, while he recorded everything on video and thereby became popular.

Answer 4
July, 2021


Zhmyshenko Valeriy Albertovich - General Director of the “Zhmykh AIlains” airline, millionaire, playboy, elderly turtle, veteran of Donbus, retired airborne colonel.

Ksta pit bull yay.

Shaw? Yes yes I am.

Shut up!

Answer 5
July, 2021

Balcony fool, Valery Albertovich Zhmyshenko, cyborg, warrior of light, rabbit, elderly chichivara, mask-bearer or simply Penis Detrov, 28-year-old puppy from Samara. This bastard also stopped making rofl calls and right now he is frankly suffering from crap. Wears an NT-200 voice mask (not really)

upd. already makes rofl calls

upd. the old chichvara does not do again

Answer 6
July, 2021

Yes, you young people. This is the omnipresent, all * future Glad Valakas. I found out about him when I was playing Lineage II. Back then, he was known for "combo sets", ways to activate them, and other gimmicks in the game world. Check out old YouTube videos.

Answer 7
July, 2021

Popular streamer on all known resource. Declares that he is allegedly a 54-year-old grandfather. But according to reliable information, he is Sukhachev Denis Vladimirovich. A refugee from Donbass (currently lives in Samara).

Answer 8
July, 2021

As far as I know, Glad Valakas is also engaged in streaming on the game Lineage II, he is often invited to grand server openings to stream for money, because many of his viewers will also want to play with him and enter the game - thereby raising an online project.

Answer 9
July, 2021

** Hey girls and highs baby bon baby boon. Yes **

Any more or less experienced user understands the trek. that Glad Valakas, aka Zhmyshenko Valery Albertovich, is just an image. Under it is Denis's cinder block.

Earlier in Denis's social network "VK" there was a page Denis Sukhachev (Vladimirovich), with his photographs. So the oldfugs know that his real name is Sukhachev. Petrov is a stupid fack. A certain anon has hurt him for a long time. Oilcake was born on September 13, 1989, lives in Samara (he was born in Rovenki). He is married to Alinka (you can find the leaked photos from the wedding), who also plays the role of Valery Albertovich's granddaughter. Alinka was born on October 7, 1993. Bblock>
KPG / blockquote>

Our voice Denis changes without any programs. Naturally, straining your vocal cords. Doc - Alinka enters his room and speaks in a normal voice (I don’t think that grandfather turns the program on and off when she enters. Keep in mind that when Alinka enters, a very bright and quick dialogue starts. incredibly difficult, I would say impossible) Another proof that he makes his voice "natural" is live vidos on YouTube (I think it will take a long time to change it there). Sometimes a real voice skips or "the mask flies"

Was spotted in the Nagolevsky Bit group:

Old group in VK


Glack was withmy studio called GVS

Also collaborated with a certain rapper Maxim ememci and he spotted it giving interviews. There is also a video where Maxim interviews Denis.


Clips that he made with Denis:

www.youtube.com/embed /6FKtKqLCrpQ?wmode=opaque



A randomly recorded conversation of Denchik on Skype:


Cinder block flashing on Alinka's stream (a1most_over), which proves living together:


Alinka also sings often after After moving to the streaming garage, her grandfather began to raid her track channel.

UPDATE : Finally buried the image.

www.youtube.com/embed/IYOCwsy-hus ? wmode = opaque

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