Why are mobile phones slippery like soap? Why is there no method of hair elimination? Why doesn't the motor turn off when overheated, like an iron, and a car with automatic transmission moves without a command?

Why are mobile phones slippery like soap? Why is there no method of hair elimination? Why doesn't the motor turn off when overheated, like an iron, and a car with automatic transmission moves without a command?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

The engine of a car worth 50,000 dollars dies when overheating, and an iron worth 5 dollars turns off. (The temperature arrow shows the price of potatoes in Birobizhdan with a pebble-pierced radiator and no antifreeze).

A car with automatic transmission in position "D" (as the plant recommends - do not put on neutral or parking at short stops at a traffic light in order to avoid wear of the box) when the brake is released (which is not a command!), it starts to move spontaneously (especially diesel engines). -for this ... It would be necessary to scribble a large nail on the forehead of auto engineers: "1). Any apparatus should not do anything without a command. 2). The absence of a command (or its termination, as in this case) is not a command. 25- On December 1st, 2017, I supplement the material with a message about the tragedy in Moscow, when, because of such idiocy with a working automatic transmission, a bus killed five people.

Why on a household cast-iron radiator (baht Ree) there is a Mayevsky faucet (cost $ 0.5) to release air from the system, and in the car's engine there is no faucet in the cooling system that releases air jams.?

Why is the plane not covered with DVRs (price $ 20 , weight 100g.)?

Why are there no chemical or other methods of complete lifelong elimination of hair follicles on the body - for example, under the armpits, or on the legs? Is the global razor mafia interfering?

Why does the kitchen knife have the shape of a combat bayonet-knife? Why does he need this edge? Eyes and potatoes pick out? So a "pick" 3 cm long is suitable for this. (Very convenient). For other kitchen operations, a knife with a rounded end such as a narrow chopper is quite suitable. It is not for nothing that the operatives call the kitchen knife the Weapon of Mass Destruction, it commits up to 80 percent of murders (!). There are also many cases when, falling on a slippery tile, a person (especially a drunk) stumbles upon this knife, or on a train, when braking, a person with a knife in his hand hits his counterpart.

Why in oil heaters. the flammable oil is not replaced with a non-flammable (silicone?) fluid? After 4-5 years of operation, the temperature controller is the FIRST to die (and the heating element is not), and the device turns into a bomb. But we leave it (the bomb) in the bedroom with the kids.

Why does the shape of the front doors of a modern car resemble a rhombus with an acute angle of 40 and up to 30 degrees, directed towards the person sitting down? Everything seems to be arranged so that a person getting into a car stumbles an eyeball into this corner, with all the ensuing (literally) consequences.

Why is the neck of the gas tank located perpendicular to the body? Because of this, the gas station pistol jams when the forgetful driver moves and the hose breaks (sometimes with a fire.). If you make the neck at an angle (back), then the pistol will just pop out.

Why, finally, phones are slippery as soap (especially insweaty hands)?

Please share your observations about the idiocies around us.

Answer 2
July, 2021

I protest! my car with automatic transmission moves on command! and stalls in case of motor overheating! and in my world, they invented not only razors, but also laser and other types of hair removal!

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