Why are people still fooled by online casinos like Volcano?

Why are people still fooled by online casinos like Volcano?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

I can say that Poker is an insanely popular game and I myself am a huge fan of it. I already have a lot of experience in games and I can say that the very first thing you need to do is find a great site.

My advice to try https://888play.ru/ as the best option!

Answer 2
July, 2021

I can say that The Rocks is the best place I've ever played. No cheating, everything is fair and transparent. Fast withdrawals and great slots. That's what I call real relaxation, in the evening with a glass of good whiskey. You can get stuck in poker tournaments, you can spin the roulette wheel, or spin the good old machines and withdraw a good amount of money to your card. What could be better.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Oh, great question, I was just dealing with this feature, I even threw in an article, so I think it will be interesting to read both you and others.

I won't be mistaken if I say that it's hard for me to imagine a person , who uses the Internet and has never encountered an advertisement for the Vulcan casino. Everywhere, absolutely everywhere there is this annoying and flashy handicraft. And it's sad that she was, is and will be. I got everyone, including me. Now they've got to Telegram and things are already getting to the point of absurdity.

Advertising of the Vulkan casino in Telegram

Vulcan casino advertising in Telegram

Example of the channel" Let's fool the volcano! "

Haven't laughed like that for a long time

I haven't laughed like that for a long time

Who are these people?

Waste time, pour money into advertising, and even create such channels! For what and why? The answer is simple - money, and money in their understanding does not smell. They are called arbitrageurs, and these people are associated with traffic arbitrage. They are completely satisfied with the CPA model. They receive money for registering on the site, for the deposit made by the user. The affiliate program pays them, and the advertiser himself pays the affiliate program - the online casino. Everyone wins except the players. Who believed in the "creatives" of the affiliates.

Do you understand the scale? 129.550 posts per hashtag!

Do you understand the scale? 129.550 posts by one hashtag!

Their targetaudience?

In general, casino players can be divided into two main groups, each of which has its own goals. So, there are regular players who play constantly and systematically, and there are casual players who occasionally look at gambling portals due to their curiosity.

The first group - addicted people, when they closed the offline casino, they switched to the Internet and continue to suffer from this disease, from which the entire environment suffers.

The casual are just those who "fell for" beautiful advertising. They also wanted easy money and in their plans to beat the casino. The beautiful girl with the video won't lie. This means that it is possible, and after that there is an addiction to gambling and it is already difficult to get a person out of this web. And of course the money runs out, if a person is not initially gambling, then he spits and closes the site.


Broken life; left without money; an affiliate will buy a new car.

In fact, an adequate person will immediately understand that it is impossible to make money in a casino. All software makes money FOR the casino, not the player. There has never been a case in history of a casino going bankrupt due to being beaten.

If there is daily advertising, then there are results. People still believe in beautiful pictures. Not only will the person "lose" all the deposits, but it may happen that later he will sell the apartment. In history, there are such cases and will always be. First of all, it seems absurd that this is impossible and all adequate people, but no. Greed turns off the brain and drives greed to its fullest.

This post forced me to write one subscriber who sent this:

 still doubted ..

He still doubted ..

I myself am engaged in arbitrage and affiliate programs, this is one of my sources of passive income, but on my channels there has never been and will never be advertising for casinos, roulettes and other gambling games. Do business, not fraud!

Learn more about our cyber community at alatartsev.ru , where already more than 1000 materials, or in our telegram bot @cybermastersbot 🤖

And also read us in Yandex.Zen !

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