Why are people trying to colonize unknown Mars if they can land on the studied Moon?

Why are people trying to colonize unknown Mars if they can land on the studied Moon?

Could We Live On Mars?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

The question contains two errors at once. Firstly, no one is now trying to colonize Mars, and secondly, none of the people on the Moon have ever been, and there were only Soviet lunar rovers and other, again, Soviet research vehicles under the general name of the Moon.

Really BEFORE It is not clear why the rapid development of mankind since the century before last, and especially at the beginning of the past, closer to the 80s, began to slow down, then completely stopped, replaced by a very noticeable regression in many areas of development, in particular in culture and science? I will try to explain this, but in a nutshell it will not work.

So, in my opinion, the cessation of human development is directly related to the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the last century, as a certain Mr. Putin called the collapse and destruction of a state called the USSR, twenty years as positioning himself as the leader of a stub of a former superpower called the Russian Federation.

By the way, I would like to invite readers to think about why and why President Putin, calling the destruction and disintegration of the USSR the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the last century, simultaneously awarded the highest awards of the Russian Federation to the main culprits of this catastrophe - political prostitutes and traitors of the Russian Soviet people Gorbachev and Yeltsin? True, he awarded Gorbachev with the hands of his henchman Medvedev, but it doesn't matter. So why did he do it, although with the help of the media they created the image and mask of a “patriot of Russia” for him?

Imagine a surreal picture - you have a very nice house with magnificent interior decoration. It is good and comfortable to live in this house. This house seems to be reliably guarded, but suddenly it turns out to be quickly captured by some scum who establish their own rules and procedures, and along the way rob this house to the bone, taking out all its contents. Have you presented?

And the current owner of this house, positioning himself as the heir to all its previous owners and leaders for some reason, the last two of its owners, who were supposed to guard this house, but instead let the bandits and scum into it and allowed his plundering, and so instead of condemnation and punishment, he awards these Gavrikov orders! It makes sense to ponder over this strange fact.

So the victory in the whole world at the end of the last century of the so-called "democracy and freedom" according to Western patterns cost humanity very dearly.

The assassination of the USSR - it is a clear, well-planned process that began with the seizure of power on June 26, 1953 by Khrushchev and his numerous supporters from the party nomenclature of the Central Committee of the CPSU. I am deeply convinced that the second largest scam of the last century was the lunar one, developed as an integral part of the plan to destroy the USSR, the bloc of socialist countries and an alternative world order.

Extremely dangerous for financial fraudsters who have seized power over the entire world of the West Russian Soviet red global project of building a fair, humane, crisis-freea society in which, according to the plan of its creators, only honest work of everyone was to benefit everyone, it must have been destroyed.

And to destroy this immensely greedy non-humans, swindlers and fraudsters of the project, dangerous for the further prosperity of Western as ancient as the world means - betrayal. Apparently recruited either before the war or in the first year of the war, Nikita Khrushchev and part of the party nomenclature from among the careerists were used as a ram to destroy the USSR.

He came to power as a result of a counterrevolutionary coup d'etat held on June 26, 1953 Khrushchev and his accomplices, having treacherously shot the successor of the previously poisoned comrade Stalin Lavrenty Beria, immediately began their dirty work to destroy the USSR.

One of the first steps of these traitors was the abolition of the Stalinist gold ruble, conceived as a means of fighting the USSR against the swindlers of the West , which began from the middle of the last century to print nothing, neither labor nor gold-backed US dollars. Absolutely everything to discredit the idea of ​​social justice was used by insatiable creatures. The lunar scam was an integral part of the information war against the USSR.

In fact, in terms of the rate of industrial production of the USSR, even after the Khrushchev-Brezhnev "reforms" that were fatal for its economy (the abolition of the MPE in 1955, the Kosygin reforms of the 70s, which replaced socialism with state capitalism) outstripped all Western countries by the beginning of 1985. The artificial shortage and information terror unleashed by the agents of influence of the United States and Britain in the power of the USSR led to a complete loss of orientation of the Soviet people, to the restoration of capitalism in its most disgusting form, when traitors became power and immensely enriched themselves on the sale of national resources and the interests of the Russian Soviet people.

With regard to the doom of the USSR in economic and political confrontation with the Western countries - since the seizure of power by Khrushchev and his accomplices, our country and the entire camp of socialist countries were indeed doomed. The semblance of socialism was still preserved, the people were full of enthusiasm and ready for new achievements. But since July 1953, the hiring of Western swindlers in the highest positions of state and party power in the USSR began their dirty work. It took almost 40 years to prepare our country for rapid destruction with the help of all sorts of ideological and economic sabotage.

This vile murder of the alternative world order was being prepared for quite a long time, but the seizure of power and the destruction of the country went incredibly quickly. When Gorbachev came to power, the country was already prepared for perestroika, because Khrushchev's throwing and voluntarism, Brezhnev's stagnation, and then the rapid flickering of leaders dying one after another perfectly prepared the arrival of Gorbachev, and the worst thing was the willingness of the people to believe him and follow a man who promised different the kind of transformations with which the hopes of the Soviet people for improvinglife. The people themselves have already been morally broken and corrupted by pro-Western propaganda.

This is the alleged defeat of the USSR in the conquest of the moon and the cult of Western rock music and consumer sentiment, with a thirst for something imported. In short, the operation to eliminate the superpower and socialism was carried out extremely elegantly and beautifully.

In the same way, the swindlers in the bazaar snatch shit in a beautiful imported wrapper to the buyer and praise the goods from which you will then spit. True, this resource, for the maintenance of capitalism - parasitism afloat comes to an end, so difficult times await us further, when the people will need to make a choice how to continue to live - with or without parasites around their necks.

The trouble of humanity is in the fact that billions of people on our planet were fooled by conspiracy by the criminals ruling the United States and the same criminals who at that time were the leaders of the only real superpower called the USSR. US astronauts have never actually been to the moon. Precisely because this greatest scam of the last century was so successful and helped the immensely greedy Western scum to seize power over the whole world, the development of mankind stopped.

Now the USA, NASA or Elon Musk with his company can do as much to promote themselves, but if even these handsome men have never flown to the moon, then where can they swing to Mars today? Here is how one of the readers commented on the lunar scam:

"There were no Americans on the Moon. Never. The real Yankees (translated from the language of the North American Indians - scum) flew into space only since April 12, 1981- Then the famous shuttle Columbia took off for the first time, which had a real on-board toilet. Before that they had only separate flights, which they proudly called “suborbital.” Occasionally - 1-2 turns… to demonstrate “power”. Since their famous "Saturn-5" never flew into space, there was no lunar "Apollo" at all. All this is bullshit.

Indeed: how can you carry out the most complex space program being head over heels in multi-day sour urine and rotten shit ... albeit American ... There were no toilets ... Although immediately after splashdown, all their astronomers look surprisingly deafening and cheerful! As for the shuttles, 4 of them were built ( then another one to replace the deceased). And two of them died along with the crews. This is all that the arrogant, arrogant and vain Pindosia managed to achieve.

So the "great" space power had to switch to the "outdated" Russian "Soyuz". All of their "rovers" are actually crawling on the Canadian Arctic island of Devon. Today, fortunately for them, Roscosmos is run by a certain citizen Rogozin, from whom Russia benefits like a goat of milk. He is clearly not Korolev! As for Musk, it's just a rogue. "

I'm sure this commentator is right - what the hell are Mars rovers on Mars? Fuck those geeks who now rule somereal and true data on Mars, Venus and the Moon? For what will the money be spent, even if they print it? To develop real, and not mythical, technology like the Saturn 5 rocket engine, which will really fly to Mars and other planets, be able to work there and transfer data, not fake, but real money is required, for which those who will create and develop all this will be able to buy real houses, cars, etc.

Is it really possible to believe that scammers and swindlers ruling the world need truthful data on the planets of the solar system?

Capitalists and parasites conquering others planets are NOT NECESSARY. All they need is to maintain their power over billions of other people by convincing them. that the current world order is the only correct and good one.

By the way, about the exploration of Mars. Much closer to Earth is another planet called Venus, but it is considered absolutely inaccessible for human development due to the enormous temperature and very high pressure on its surface.

So this inaccessibility of Venus for exploration by earthlings, I personally have a big question. By the way, to fly to Venus is much less expensive both in time and in distance. With its closest proximity to Earth, Venus is located at a distance of 38 million kilometers. To fly to Mars almost 24 million kilometers further - at the moment of the closest approach of this planet to the Earth, the distance to it is 55.76 million km

So about Venus, I have one assumption that may well turn out to be true. The fact is that after the falsification of flights to the moon by the conspiracy of the United States and the USSR, the governments of these countries would find themselves in the deepest hole if the data on Venus indicated that this planet could well be explored and even colonized. Let's imagine for a moment that the data on Venus are in many ways similar to the analogous data on the Earth, and in any case, a person may well land on this planet. Have you imagined?

Now imagine what an insoluble problem it would be for the US government to publish data that would indicate that this planet is quite suitable for exploration and potential human colonization? How could the United States get out of this situation if the American people, and the rest of progressive mankind, would demand the flight of US astronauts to Venus?

If these Gavriks could not send their astronauts to the moon, then in what Would the Americans have turned out to be the deepest ass if the US government were required to send astronauts to conquer Venus?

So personally, I very much doubt the veracity of the data that this planet is a red-hot stone, not of particular interest to humanity. All this may well turn out to be a gigantic lie, organized by conspiracy by traitors and criminals from the Central Committee of the CPSU in the USSR and geeks ruling the United States and the rest of the world.

In short, the creatures who seized power will go to any lengthssteps, that would hold this power to the last. After all, Venus was actually studied by only a few Soviet devices. So it is quite reasonable to assume that those nits that led the USSR and on whose order the most powerful Soviet rocket N-1 was destroyed and all developments on it could falsify data on Venus, so as not to put their masters in the United States in an awkward position if would the American people, and all the rest of progressive humanity begin to demand that the government of this country, which has already "conquered the moon", send US astronauts to Venus.

Who could explore this planet as well as the USSR - no one in those years ... And now ALL science works for those who pay and will never say anything higher than what is permitted. The whole world was convinced that the parasitic geeks in power benefit other people and that progress and prosperity are possible under capitalism. Wake up arguing?

I'm not just guessing it. The question is about trust in official science under the bourgeois world order, in which science will ALWAYS defend the interests of big business. If all the media are under the control of criminals, then why the hell can you trust scientists? I do not believe in independent science in the current world order, but given that really free science existed only in the USSR and then only until 1953, and then began to get sick and eventually began to serve criminals is it worth taking the word of those who stand on protection of the current society?

Humanity and the United States in particular now have much more pressing problems associated with the inevitable destruction of the world's financial system, which has been pumped up by unsecured banknotes since the middle of the last century, behind which there is no work , not even gold.

All fantastic films about the future show only the darkness and death of humanity. Nothing light, kind and warming the soul has not been removed for a long time, and this is not accidental. This will be so until mankind throws off the yoke of power of NON-HUMANS who now rule the world.

This world is already doomed. He was doomed from the moment when betrayal triumphed, when an alternative world order was destroyed - the Russian Soviet red global project of building a humane, crisis-free society of the future, in which only honest work of everyone for the good of all should be in demand and appreciated.

Now the world of jubilant and triumphant parasites reigns, maddened by permissiveness and not yet feeling any resistance or opposition, as it was when there were two superpowers and two alternative world orders on the planet.

A lot will become available with uniting the efforts of all mankind and directing all its resources and the best minds to solve vital problems. But this is impossible under capitalism, private property and the current world order, and it is not necessary for the brainless parasites that rule humanity.

Creatures living in the concepts of profit, profit, profit are not eager to conquer the universe, they needyou only need to maintain your unlimited power over other people. The fact is that people have deliberately weaned off dreaming and strive for new knowledge and achievements. For the sake of short-term prosperity, a handful of immensely greedy scammers raised generations of stupid consumers who dream only of a new model of another gadget and want to invest money somewhere so that they can live well and not work ...

Now Russia, and the whole world is under the occupation of non-humans and the end of this world is imminently approaching. The mythical coronavirus pandemic, the shutdown of the world economy, muzzles - masks on people's faces, pogroms and riots in the United States and other countries - all this indicates serious problems and the approaching end of the world of parasitism. But so that the people do not wake up, to delay the inevitable end, the work of the criminal media is used, which are under the control of maniacs.

Answer 2
July, 2021

We landed on the moon. And more than once. The question is, what to do next on it? There is no water, no atmosphere, no way to grow food. The base on the moon will inevitably be dependent on a constant supply of provisions and everything else (except, perhaps, oxygen, which there heaps of) from Earth.

A lunar base will definitely be created, and most likely more than one. For testing technologies, testing systems and simply teaching people to work and live outside of direct contact with Earth. But these bases can only be an intermediate task for the colonization of Mars, on which it is really possible to organize a full-fledged autonomous colony (if you overcome the problems with radiation on the way there and on the spot, which, however, also exist with the lunar base).

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