Why are supporters of alternative history so worried about the events of the 17-18 centuries? Nuclear war in Siberia, the Little Ice Age, houses that have gone underground - truth or fairy tales for fools?

Why are supporters of alternative history so worried about the events of the 17-18 centuries? Nuclear war in Siberia, the Little Ice Age, houses that have gone underground - truth or fairy tales for fools?

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Answer 1
August, 2021

This is complete nonsense and of course there cannot be any truth. My advice to you is to briefly study what scientific history is and why it is based on facts, that is, source studies, archeology (it is important to learn the methods of archeology) and a whole series of auxiliary disciplines, such as anthropology, in general, look, and then on the Internet it will be easy for you to find sources 17th century and see how many of them, read about archaeological finds about the 17th century. As for "alternative history", this is pseudoscience, almost all gurus of this insanity use falsifications of facts, often deny source studies and archeology and generally write what they want with the sole purpose of doing it with the help of their invented "sensation" of money.

Answer 2
August, 2021

First, what are the events of the 17-18 centuries?) There are two groups of people, not very large, but floating exclusively on top.

One of these groups suffers from debility (Debility. "A relatively easy, multivariate stage of oligophrenia (see). Characterized by concrete-figurative thinking, inability to develop complex concepts, generalizations, to abstraction. Behavior is often imitative. Attempting to learn, a patient with oligophrenia in the stage of debility assimilates factual material with great difficulty, mainly due to mechanical memory. Can navigate in everyday situations, perform simple tasks, to some extent practical. Easy to suggest. ")

The second group is closer to the paranoid (Paranoia. naturally occurs as a result of an attempt to resist too strong homosexual impulses. "

And then black thoughts arise ...))) Who is who?)) Who, those associate professors with kandy dates that, after learning a textbook written on the basis of a previous textbook written on the basis of ... etc., write a textbook about ancient Greece, for example? Well, who are they?)) And the second thought (there are no more thoughts in principle)))): who are those "alternative historians" who, having seen the house partly settled, partly covered with rotten seeds, raise a squeak about the worldwide flood that occurred the day before yesterday, while they were away.)))


Answer 3
August, 2021

Definitely a fairy tale. There is no alternative history. It is not even classical. Everything is written for someone. Everything that was allegedly written by the ancient Greeks was divided by 50. With ancient Rome the same thing, etc. according to the list of to-bisch according to the Scaligerian chronology. Right now, the Istria of the 2nd world is insolently rewritten. Historians for the most part are liars (or present the picture as they like and want) worse than them only the deputies and lawyers. Even at school I was hooked that ancient people hunted mammoths. Even now, hunting an elephant using a magnum is still a problem. In addition, elephant meat is inedible, but a mammoth it will be bigger than an elephant and a thicker skin. By hand, using stone tools, and the whole tribe cannot be removed. And how and what to make? So much for the history of the ancient world. Doesn't even fit into elementary logic. As for the alternative, I graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, PSPI im. Belinsky. For six years he taught mathematics and computer science at a secondary school. As a former mathematician, I can fit any number to any (roughly speaking). This is also the case with Fomenko and others like him. with dates. And the factor of expression and degeneration is to blame for all this, which is steeper and steeper with each generation, and the cockroaches in the head are more and more diverse. The law of Malthus is in effect in society as well, so the devil will bring people where.

Answer 4
August, 2021

The 17th-18th centuries are the time of reforms. The Moscow kingdom, represented by the ruling elite, adopts the European style of life, the Russian Empire appears. The calendar reform is taking place. The biblical chronology from the creation of the world is becoming a thing of the past, they begin to count from the Nativity of Christ. Europeans visit Russia, settle here, but rarely appear beyond its center. As a result, in their presentation, there are many conjectures and legends. Including
maps of Tartary, Siberia, Lapland. Europeans "find" psoglavtsy, giants, one-legged and Similar historical sources attract amateur researchers. And the difference in the dating of the new and old chronology feeds bright hypotheses. The sources must be treated critically, not to take everything on faith. A mathematician-historian is like a historian-mathematician.

Answer 5
August, 2021

For the most part, commentators saw this question for the first time and give an exhaustive answer that does not tolerate any objections. After three words, I skip them. It's a pity they take up space and time. The author slyly posed the question, as if not knowing the answer, but practically answered it in the text. I enjoyed reading clever comments. They are easy to distinguish from others, at least simply in terms of volume, sequence, details ....

Old Cossack Pepeliaev

Answer 6
August, 2021

Simply because during this period the largest amount of paper with information available to the general public. Personally, I think that there is a true chronicle in some archives. Let it be incomplete and partly full of holes, but reflecting the true state of affairs in these preserved pieces.

And this information and the arguments with which traditional science tries to substantiate this information are contradictory. The alternatives are trying to put forward versions where the points they touched on do not contradict each other, as is the case with the traditional approach.

Mathematics is an exact and beautiful science if its laws are consistent with the laws of nature, and not with the postulates of authorities. It becomes generally gorgeous if true data are used for calculations, and not figures from fantastic literature for the masses.

The same Fomenko has a lot of all sorts of interesting conclusions and arguments, but who can argue that the data that he used for his calculations genuine, and not invented by someone and written down on paper?

As for me - history and digging into it is a thankless and ignoble occupation. Forget and live in the present ... and maybe the future. But I also understand that without knowing history, we will walk in a circle full of rakes ... And this is at best, if we do not take into account the ambitions of people for superiority and other parameters. After all, had it not been for history, as such, every new day we would have been forced to invent a light bulb, learn to make fire, and finally walk. After all, history is just a MEMORY.

What difference does it make who, and what nationality he was, invented a light bulb or a steam engine - this is the property of civilization and should not be someone else's property, except for the creator ... But miserable little people think differently ...

Answer 7
August, 2021

First, obviously, this does not mean "alternative history", that is, the reasoning about "what would happen if ..." (The axis won the Second World War, the Prophet Muhammad died in infancy, etc.) , but a cryptohistory (in fact, America was discovered by the ancient Egyptians, the Americans were not on the Moon, "Constantine's gift" is a fake ...).

Secondly, theories are mixed in one heap, a little too hardy and for E. von Deniken, and through and through the real Little Ice Age, which followed the equally real Medieval climatic optimum, the return to the temperature norm of which is taking place now.

In general, the question is phrased very strangely.

Answer 8
August, 2021

For every person, history is the starting point for comprehending life (specifically for himself) and there is no guarantee of truth for everyone because there is truth and there is a space of options in which action and reaction takes place and will occur

Answer 9
August, 2021

Fomenko is right. History has been deliberately distorted for centuries. Even now, Putin obseraet the Union, and adults are silent and children will think that this is true. The flat-earth generation is growing.

Answer 10
August, 2021

Fairy tales for fools, of course, one should not forget about monetizing YouTube channels, this is both a way of earning money and advertising. A simple example. Varvarka street in Moscow. To make it clear - this is from the Kremlin to the Old Square, that is, earlier to the building of the Central Committee of the CPSU, and now to the Presidential Administration. Asphalt was laid there regularly, every year, as a result, you have to go into old houses now ... right under the roof. The "cultural" layer is ten meters. It is interesting that on the other hand (there used to be the Rossiya hotel, now there is a park) this cultural layer does not exist - the houses, as they stood in three floors, are still standing. Another example is Geroev Khasan street, 10, Perm (photos can be found on Yandex maps). It is remarkable for two things - I spent my childhood there, so all the events unfolded before my eyes. Second, it completely falls under the definition of "mysterious red brick houses", which, as they say on some canals, were built by someone unknown, or rather "pro-civilization" that existed before the nuclear war of the 19th century. The house is built of red bricks. And, what is most interesting, in the house, in the basement, there are full-size windows, just like in apartments. The difference is that these houses were built in 1956, and our family (grandfather, grandmother, mother, aunt) moved there immediately after construction. The evolution of these basement windows is interesting - they were located in niches. Then the niches were covered with bars. Niches turned into trash cans - rubbish, gobies, leaves. Then the windows ... were painted over, that is, they ceased to play at all the role for which they were intended - lighting. There was a driving school under us, it was somehow robbed. What was there to steal - I don't know. But after that, the windows in the driving school ... were bricked up, and the frames were left. All my childhood, asphalt was laid on top of the old one. The windows went away, went underground. And then. Then they were generally poured with cement, and from above these niches were rolled up with asphalt. Here is a house for you, one floor underground.

Churches without heating. Like, well, architects could not have known that there are winters in Russia. The question is - do architects (European, specifically Italian) now know that there are winters in Russia? The war with Napoleon, the war with Hitler, by the way, the Italians in Russia were also well frozen during World War II, like - they don't just have to, they must know. And now the Italian is designing a house, especially for Russia, and not just a house, but worth almost 4 billion (!) Rubles (more than 50 million dollars). And in this house in winter, when the outside temperature is minus 10, in the house is barely plus ten. But at 30 degrees of heat it is cool there. But 30 degrees of heat in Russia happens one day a year, and even not every year, but minus 10 (I'm not talking about more) for 3-4 months. Well, their mentality is absolutely different, from time immemorial they have been accustomed to defend themselves from the heat, not from the cold. He knows that there is frost in Russia, but he never felt them on his own skin, and he does not have technological solutions to protect himself from frost. He makes a marble floor in the hall and a door to the garden, without a sill, that opens outward. And after a snowfall, it cannot be opened, and the marble is simply icy. ANDthey talk about churches of the 18th century without heating. Yes, it was simply not designed there. We took an Italian project and tied it to the area. But the stoves were only then cut through, when the master turned his jaw with his fist, because the service was frozen.

But, in fact, these are not at all harmless fantasies. Their task is to deprive the people of the real past, to deprive the people of history, historical heroes, to sow uncertainty, to make people believe in the theory of conspiracy, global betrayal. So, by the way, they did with Ukraine - "the Sumerians, the descendants of the Great Ukry. Ukry dug the Black Sea with digging sticks. Ukry are the builders of the Egyptian pyramids and the Taj Mahal." Repeat this a thousand times and they will believe. Now they are coming up with the same thing for Belarus. And this state generally began to exist only within the USSR, before that there was not even a hint of some kind of Belarusian statehood. Changing history is dangerous. Before unleashing World War II, Hitler instilled in German sausage beer-brewers that they were the highest race, "true Aryans." He also rewrote history. You shouldn't do this.

Answer 11
August, 2021

The simplest and most understandable are our own observations:
- the age of trees in Siberia does not exceed 200 years.
- a huge number of stone outliers, melted from above, destroyed.
Friends, the truth is around us and we are all We know her, we just want to look more important.

Answer 12
August, 2021

There are facts that cannot be avoided and let the Scaligerian historians be malicious, they can also be understood, thousands of candidates and doctorates have been proven and money is obtained for this, someone has a whole life put on it. a new episode, a fact. I think it's time not to huddle in the corners of the Internet, but to gather in a crowd and not only historians, but also mathematicians, physicists, chemists, etc., to organize a forum and systematize all the collected knowledge and only then give battle to the old history. on a voluntary basis, the state is silent, although the new history of our antiquity is exactly what can unite our people. These are our roots and roots, real, correct, which are seen and understood by true patriots of our Motherland, for which the soul hurts. will triumph and our grandchildren will learn from the right story.

Answer 13
August, 2021

Fomenko is a gut-mathematician, but he is not a pooping historian. From the word in general. The "empire" described by him, of this size, in that place and at that time (16c, if I am not mistaken, or even 14) could not appear at all. And to discuss the geographical terms of Europeans is as stupid as if the inhabitants of the country Deutschland would start looking for the disappeared people "Germans". Well, the English wrote "tartaria" so what? We write "England", but there is no such country. Where is the money of the great empire? Where are state documents, works of culture and art? There are a lot of white spots in history, but why, like this, hiding behind the exact science to sculpt crap ?!

Answer 14
August, 2021

Hello! At one time I also read to Fomenko. They are not historians. I understood it. But mathematics, in my opinion, is an exact science, and does not tolerate options, such as: let's write it this way ... or: these events should not be reflected in this text. Mathematics reflects only facts and it is difficult to argue with them. Old cards - I also don't see how you can challenge them. Star fortresses, Tatar ramparts, and other ramparts all over Russia, littered with earth, cities (already almost dug out, by the way), pictures with atomic bombs and "ancient" animals, descriptions (Biblical) of the actions of nerve-paralytic and combat tear gases, those same atomic bombs (tactical), as well as other high-tech weapons. Abandoned old cities, masonry and monoliths of technologies unthinkable to us. Many other artifacts. Dinosaur skeletons that stink of corpse when excavated. Skeletons of HUGE people. ... ... ... These and a LOT, a great variety of other facts, facts, and not conjectures of certain communities and groups of people. They cannot fail to attract the attention of reasonable people. For their multitude leaves no doubt about .... (don't think what I want to say in their reliability! Nooo!) ... the need to pay attention to them and study them. Dot. I don’t know if I need to add what? )))

Answer 15
August, 2021

I will first answer briefly the first question. The supporters of the alternative history are so worried about the events of the 17-18 centuries because, according to their beliefs, this is an extremely important period in the modern history of mankind, in which global changes have taken place both in society and in general throughout the Earth. A lot of people died. At the beginning of the 19th century, perhaps the largest power in the entire history of history, Great Tar (x) taria, disappeared. Etc. Secondly, it is up to you to decide whether this is true or not, preferably if you are sufficiently familiar with what you are asking about. If not, then there is nothing to talk about. It is precisely ignorance and ignorance in questions about the "alternative story" that causes numerous and endless disputes among people, because if each side knew at least about the essence, then disputes would no longer arise. And since there are many opinions, and these opinions on the Internet now differ on a variety of stupid and clever issues, including the official (orthodox) and the so-called. "alternative" story, then to say whether this is true or not is stupid, incompetent and subjective in the sense that it is incorrect in this case. In general, it will only cause another srach. For me personally, yes, this is the purest truth, and this is precisely because I am well informed and know what our real Legacy is. But that's just me.

Answer 16
August, 2021

So ... a day and a half has passed, and only one answered. Well, firstly, supporters of alternative history are many-Fomenkovites, Levashovites, Klyosovites, Muldashevers. To a lesser extent, the deceased Yuri Petukhov (undeservedly hunted during his lifetime, IMHO ) and Mikhail Zadornov. And this is not only because of the maps, but also because of various details and inconsistencies in the annals and other sources. For example, when Christ was born, a bright star shone in the sky, and when he was crucified, there was a total solar eclipse, coupled with an earthquake And since the same Fomenko is not a historian, but a mathematician, then based on these details, he already checks these data along his line and gets the following: so, the appearance of a bright star in the sky was in 1054, but when the eclipse coincided with an earthquake - in 1086, and not in Jerusalem, but in Constantinople. 1086-1054 = 32, and Christ was executed at the 33rd year of his life. Everything came together! Even the fact that the first crusade took place ten years later, in 1096, also turns in favor of this hypothesis. Another question is the lack of intelligible original truths. It is believed that the original document was kept in the Alexandria Library, which burned down in a fire, or else one that also burned down in a fire, was destroyed by an earthquake, an eruption, or invading barbarian nomads. various finds that, well, do not fit into the official history or even paleontology. Well, for example, gold items found in Peru depicting dinosaurs or something very similar to an airplane. And history is often written by order of either individual individuals or certain groups endowed with great power and (or) influence. Well, something like this. Maybe other commentators will come along, then the conversation or discussion can be continued.

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