Why do girls post photos of their butts on social networks?

Why do girls post photos of their butts on social networks?

10 Things Guys Do On Social Media That Women Hate

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Answer 1
August, 2021

First of all, in order to attract attention to yourself in the most effective and affordable way, according to Uncle Freud. It's not bad, it's just cheap and true, the audience will always be there because you want it or not, but we are all people, even a little animals, therefore, no matter what intellectual works you are a master - a bare ass in any practical case libido) will stop looking at itself. Secondly, it is an excellent satisfaction of the self-esteem of the young lady who owns this very part of the body.

Answer 2
August, 2021

Well, they want to? lay out and lay out vanity and nothing more than, by the way, I recently saw "prison" photos)) damn everyone who starred and continues to appear are just fearful people in comparison with them, many a la ladies have a complex who is cooler than Merlin Monroe or ....... thousands of women filmed in the style of nude before her 3 million after, but everyone remembers and loves Merlin and the rest simply do not know and do not want to know?

Answer 3
August, 2021

I think that there is a separate room for such girls in paradise, where they all immediately begin to caress their charms, pouring oil on them for massage, then several boys with wings join them ...

-khe, I didn't want to offend the feelings of believers, if anything.

Answer 4
August, 2021

That, most likely, they are sure that they have a beautiful body or good skills in processing photos. Perhaps they have nothing more to share, but this is rather a stereotyped opinion

Answer 5
August, 2021

I think of these girls as individuals whose values ​​are greatly simplified and who identify themselves on the "lower scale" and "not on the upper". Not titties alone ...

  • Tell us about yourself?

  • Bench press 120 kg, squat - 150 kg.

Answer 6
August, 2021

What do I think? "Yes, baby, yes!" but sometimes there are those that bleed from the eyes. On the other hand, this cannot be condemned either, because we are all created in the image and likeness, which means that all are beautiful, but some are terribly.

Answer 7
August, 2021

Because this place is attractive to men and is the envy of "flat-boos". A sort of self-promotion. In the animal kingdom, this is also accepted. Do you want to know my opinion on all this? So, I would blow!

Answer 8
August, 2021

The only and universal meaning of any person's life is to enjoy life. Every minute lived without pleasure is an irretrievably lost time. Man is controlled by hormones and very few people are able to at least recognize them. Usually people prefer to listen to the call of their body. This is a whole beautiful bouquet given to us by Nature itself. Estrogen is the "hormone of femininity and beauty", vasopressin is the "hormone of one's own attractiveness", DHA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is the "hormone of harmony", acetylcholine is the "hormone of creativity and enlightenment of the mind." Dopamine is the "hormone of joy and happiness." And a dozen more who participate in (Why do girls post photos of their butts on social networks?) Psychophysical processes related to the issue. I will not list them any more. No need to go into psychology. There are a lot of answers to the question "why". To understand "why", you need to read about releasers, instincts, emotions and emotional intelligence, about sexual fantasies, sexual desire, arousal, as well as about sexual and sexual behavior. And non-verbal communication can also be added here. If you want to understand "why", it is difficult to write in a nutshell. Start with hormone and exhibitionism. You will eventually come to the book Runner with the Wolves.

“We all yearn for the pristine. Culture does not offer too many antidotes to this melancholy. We have been taught to be ashamed of such attractions. We have let go of long hair and are used to hiding our feelings under it. But day and night, the shadow of the Primordial Wild Woman lurks behind our back. Wherever we step, this shadow creeps behind and - definitely - rests on four legs. " Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

All women are exhibitionists by their hormonal nature. We wanted democracy? We got it. Now that we have more freedom, we seize the moment. Condemning a girl for taking a picture of her butt and posting a photo on a social network is tantamount to condemning the desire of men to be warriors or hunters. Why don't they want to live in peace? Because they are testosterone and adrenaline extremes.

DAN SUBBOTKIN do not consume a lot of food and drinks containing estrogen, otherwise you will not have time to reread all the information to which I referred, as you yourself will understand and feel everything.

Answer 9
August, 2021

In the book by Elena Mikhalkova, I read a very interesting statement about such girls "Such girls are afraid of death. They are afraid of being unnoticed. They do not save anyone, they do not invent something new, do not paint pictures. But they try to perpetuate themselves, to capture yourself in this way, filling the void with likes ...

Answer 10
August, 2021

Because this is a rite of temptation, some girls sing, some dance, some show off their body parts, all of this comes from animals, look how birds dance to females, or how lions fight, we don't realize this, but every day we do various animal rituals that are familiar to us, for example, when someone is pushed in the subway, the victim screams and swears, but not because of rage, basically, roughly speaking, his insults can be interpreted as “attention! ", thereby transmitting a warning about danger to his relatives.

A person is not quite human yet.

Answer 11
August, 2021

Purely to attract attention and increase self-esteem. All other conjectures are excuses. Usually they throw in the l / s, but when this is not enough, the mess in social networks begins.

Answer 12
August, 2021

Ummm. In general, a significant part of my feed consists of such photos, and all the models and at the same time the authors of these photos are trainers or fitness models. This is advertising, this is from earnings and, apparently, very good.

Answer 13
August, 2021

Oh, what a buhurt about morality began ...

In general, everything is much simpler.

First, no, this is not done for the sake of the attention of men, it is done for the sake of the attention of women. This "phenomenon" is absolutely tantamount to bragging about any material value.

  1. The girl has a figure she is working on. This requires training, nutrition and other waste of time. Of course, I want to share the result, get feedback for my work. And believe me, a comment from the category "ooo yabbdul" will only be annoying, while the comment "how cool" how did you do it, how did you train? "Will give the girl exactly what it was all about - the feeling that everything was not in vain, and her purchase is appreciated.

  2. The really popular bloggers who specialize in ass have an active audience - mostly women. This is very easy to understand because advertising in their accounts is targeted at women, and advertisers are not fools and know their audience.

  3. Not everyone perceives the body as something sacred. It's just a body: arms, legs, ass, nothing to be ashamed of. The human body is aesthetically pleasing. And not everyone has cockroaches in their heads, urging this body to actively hide.

And you need to be ashamed of narrow-mindedness and stereotypes.

So, no matter how much men would like to think that this is done for the sake of their royal attention, no. Mironova and Grinuli (popular Russian instabloggers) have constant partners, Green even has every third photo with him. I have almost every shoot about the body, and I'm married and I don't really care about someone's sexual attention. On Instagram, I periodically arrange a massive ban of male accounts when one of them pisses me off with an obscene comment.

Come back to earth and do not indulge yourself with unnecessary hopes.

Answer 14
August, 2021


And not so much as a backside, as advertising on the page itself.

Most of the girls who post real photos of their butts on the network, and even with a bunch of subscribers, make money on this, next to them is a post with a volcano casino / acne remedy / bouquet / and Viagra + (Who suggested what)

So that men who come in on the ass would grab unobtrusive advertising brochures along the way.

Answer 15
August, 2021

As in the saying "the vat is bottomless where a woman puts her attention to herself." The sexual revolution and low moral standards untied the hands of the female half of humanity, and for men they raised the bar for evaluating the fair half. So we are going to desperate measures within our moral ceiling.

Answer 16
August, 2021

Young and beautiful, it is too selfish to hide your beautiful ass!) (within reason, respectively)

No need to look for a deep meaning, and rack your brains "why do girls take pictures of their fifths?" This is not an appeal, and certainly not a search for a potential partner. It's just Instagram time, and it will pass ..)

I will say, at the very stigma of the gun. There is a guy, compliments, hmm, perhaps no more, because it is always flattering and pleasant.

Oh, and yes, Masha, with a sense of humor, face, intelligence, self-esteem - everything is in order, prejudice, labeling, and stereotypical thinking, not an indicator of high intelligence either)

Answer 17
August, 2021
  1. As mentioned above, girls often post such photos in order to attract guys in the simplest way - on the meat)
  2. Just as often, girls who cannot show off their intelligence, beautiful face, sense of humor, etc., shine with only one thing - their half-naked photographs. Likes and comments are immediately poured in, self-esteem grows, there is no limit to joy.
Answer 18
August, 2021

Sometimes you sit in the same bodice and somehow pulls to take a picture of such beauty. And then for some reason you post it on the network, but as soon as compliments and all sorts of cuteness burst out, it gets boring))

Answer 19
August, 2021

Advertising goods, cheap and effective. First, they post their ass on the instu, and then they demand money in public for the treatment of the disabled son's son, conceived from another frivolous unpromising hakhalya. Shame and disgrace! Shame on the nation!

Answer 20
August, 2021

Herd feeling. Everyone around is doing this, but why am I worse? Is it fashionable to go out and drink? We go and drink. Is it fashionable to suffer and think about death? We suffer. Is it fashionable to do ass like Kardashians? Do.

Answer 21
August, 2021

Observing more than one year for a large number of people in social networks, I confirmed for myself the most simple and not interesting, but correct explanation for the publication of sexy photos.
when a man-girl has no pair and he-she is bored (remember this word) then photos appear. As soon as a lover or friend is found, the photos disappear and social life comes to the fore - as soon as the lover friend disappears, the photos begin to appear again.
Seasonality is also present - in the spring, in general, everyone uploads at least one photo of their body attractiveness even if they don’t do it all year in principle, perhaps after a month they will delete it

the conclusion is very simple) there are no conspiracy theories and quantum physics
if a girl uploads a photo of her beautiful ass, then everyone knows that she does it in order for someone to pay close attention to it.

there are certainly exceptions and variations, but this is no more than 20 percent
and all these exceptions in one way or another converge to the same conclusion

Answer 22
August, 2021

Likes !! LAAAIKI !!!! But seriously, this is a desire to hear pleasant words, compliments, to raise your self-esteem. there are girls who run a fitness blog, and laying out their buttocks, they firstly show their result, and secondly, they increase the rating.

Answer 23
August, 2021

For the same reason that men post photos of their biceps or press on social networks, although the former is much more common. Because now there is a fashion for fitness culture, from that everyone wants to look better. Now the main indicators of the "beauty" of a woman's figure are inflated buttocks - round, smooth and without cellulite, while in men it is biceps, back and abs.

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