Why do guys constantly stop communicating without giving a reason?

Why do guys constantly stop communicating without giving a reason?

Why Did He Stop Talking To Me?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Why explain? If I decide for myself, for example, "this person is no longer interesting to me, that's all," if a person has dropped out of the category of those of interest - why should I explain something to him? Especially (!!!!) if his fingers do not rise to write at least "Hey, what's the matter?". He does not ask, so he is not interested either, all the rules. And what kind of thoughts are wandering in this person's head - I'm already purple, the problems of the Indians, as they say, the sheriff does not care about. And at the same time, there is absolutely no difference whether it is a girl or not a girl. I am not obliged to explain anything to anyone, I did not sign the contract. I don't like it - the door is over there, people are easily replaceable, in any situation you can find a new substitute for the old one.

And even in a situation, if I stop communicating, they write to me "why", I answer "I'm not interested, all the best." - there were offenses. And for some reason, when you speak as is, there are more offenses. I understand, it can be offensive to hear "you are not interesting to me", but honestly)

Py.Sy. Why not ask the person who stopped communicating instead of asking questions on the Internet? It is very rare that there will be a total ignore. Afraid to hear that you are not interesting? Then don't whine.

Answer 2
July, 2021

Because it is useless to explain the reasons. This is in all cases. Explaining the reason will not change the decision. Moreover, there are reasons that are inconvenient to voice: farts, grunts while eating, snot flows, stinks from the mouth and from some other place, mustache, well, and most often - vampirism coupled with impenetrable dullness and fraying.

Answer 3
July, 2021

This is the usual behavior of guys and girls at the initial stage of dating.

There is some reason why a person is not interested in further communication. And you are not yet at that stage of the relationship when you can speak frankly about the shortcomings. Therefore, guys just stop communicating so as not to bother themselves with explanations once again.

Answer 4
July, 2021

Because they understand that you don’t want him or he doesn’t "shine" with you, they lose interest, or they find out everything they wanted to know and calm down on this. Whatever one may say, but sex is the connecting thing between the sexes in the adult world. There is no friendship between a man and a woman, do not be fooled.

And where does it say that someone needs something (or someone should) explain? Why such installations?)

Answer 5
July, 2021

Girls do the same. For example, I don’t like something about a guy or the way he behaved, did, said, or, on the contrary, didn’t do something, and I know it’s useless to talk about it. It won't take it anyway. Or he will perceive it not as an opportunity to change the situation for the better, but as negative, claims and an opportunity to quarrel.
Then you want not to communicate at all or to reduce everything to a minimum.

Answer 6
July, 2021
  1. The guy does not feel in any way that you specifically like him. You behave indifferently towards him. There are a lot of girls, there is one who will not treat him indifferently, most likely it will be more comfortable and pleasant for him to communicate with her. The one who will at least sometimes take the initiative herself in relation to him.

  2. Something in communication with you gives him discomfort. For example, you are a terrible bore or you have problems with your sense of humor and you are always too serious. The guys are different. But since I have many male friends, I know for sure that they are often repulsed by eternally aching girls (sometimes whining is normal, but not always), or some "stone" girls who are not able to smile at any joke.

  3. You did some "shit" to the guy and didn't notice it, but he noticed.

Answer 7
July, 2021

Most likely, you are faced with such a phenomenon as “demonstrative indifference” of a partner. If until recently it was a person who embodied all the qualities of a man of dreams: attentive, caring, helpful, always showing signs of attention, wondering how your day went, or who could simply call in the middle of a working day, share news, give a compliment , to say something pleasant, but suddenly suddenly stopped doing it - unfortunately, you are faced with the signs of this phenomenon.

In response to your calls, you hear a certain "dryness" in his voice, the conversation quickly turns off on his initiative, and offers for a joint vacation or a date have long ceased to come. You begin to be tormented by conjectures and assumptions, puzzling over the question: what happened? Psychologist Aleksey Belotserkovets described 4 reasons why a partner may experience such "demonstrative indifference".

  1. Contrast shower . You tend to gently admit a new, unfamiliar man to you and take your time to accelerate the transition to intimate relationships. But have you already stumbled upon a similar problem, faced with an emphasized indifference at the initial stage of the relationship? Be careful, such techniques are often used by modern "casanovas" and pickupers. Such behavior is a kind of contrast shower for the psyche, forcing a woman to make concessions and more actively confirm her sympathy in order to avoid further cooling and keep the man. Often this technique is used for only one purpose - to get into your bed faster.
  2. Punishment. And it also happens that you seem to get along well as a couple, and there is no doubt about his feelings, but the impression is that the partner has gone to a "sharp turn" and demonstrates coldness and inaccessibility. Often, a man's behavior does not change for the better after a quarrel. What is your partner trying to achieve with demonstrative indifference? This is usually a punishment option. Psychologists have long concluded that revealing neglect is a form of psychological abuse. These are manipulative actions aimed at achieving a goal by suppressing the will of a partner. Simply put: submission and punishment aimed at nudging the partner into the behavior that the manipulator needs.
  3. Fear of emotional closeness . There is another life scenario: your partner felt that a very close, warm and trusting relationship began to form between you, which frighten him. It seems to him that he is not ready for deep feelings that make him vulnerable, and he tries to avoid emotional closeness. Often this happens to a person whose life has already had the experience of a relationship based on strong feelings and deep emotional closeness, which ended in a painful separation. Now he is afraid to experience the same heartache again and acts proactively. Rejecting the emotionalclose rapprochement with a partner, such a person creates the illusion of control over your relationship and the situation as a whole.
  4. Provocation. Sometimes it happens that in the relationship between partners there is such an ideal peace and quiet that a man has a desire to provoke a woman to a bright release of emotions, a more active expression of his love. And then demonstrative indifference can also be put into play. The woman begins to think that he has someone appeared, or that the man has stopped loving her, and she uses all her charms. This is also a variant of psychological manipulation.

Council of site psychologists Redsale:

What to do in a situation when in relation to Are you showing deliberate indifference? First, "break the game" - not show the reaction to which you are provoked. Secondly, demonstrative indifference loses all meaning in a situation of frank conversation. Delicately let your partner know that you do not accept manipulation, but you are always ready for constructive dialogue and honest discussion of the problems that have arisen, based on sincerity and mutual respect.

Answer 8
July, 2021

I will try to briefly, do not hit if I repeat myself. During the meeting and further communication with a pretty girl, and guys, the dopamine molecule begins to be produced in large quantities, a kind of motivator and shaper of the guy's behavior. During this period, guys often just try to win the girl with all their might, write, send compliments, call, joke, remind of themselves every God day, and all this until this person is `` amazed '' and makes it clear whether it succeeded or not. And here, dear ladies, the very moment comes when the guys begin to form a question .. Do I need this relationship at all !? Do I love her !? As if waking up from a dream, guys can stop responding to messages, calls and generally forget about a girl who has already fallen in love for no reason. Unfortunately, such a relationship can hurt and cannot get away from it. The only option, if a guy is caring for you and you like him, be more serious in the relationship much earlier .. If he escapes, then he was not interested in this, he only turned on the `` conqueror ''. And if not, then such an attitude on your part will accelerate his falling in love with you at times.

Answer 9
July, 2021

Why did the guy stop communicating Without explaining the reason? If before that they loved each other for almost a year and the girl continues to love and attempts to continue communication?

Answer 10
July, 2021

For some reason, in the answers, no one considered another, more common version in my opinion.
Usually if a girl answers to fuck off, then she simply has no interest, and she will not wonder why he no longer writes to me. And even if there is interest and still answers so, but she will dilute the communication with a manifestation of interest, so to speak, to keep on the hook until the end.
I will consider the version when a girl communicates with a guy, mutual interest is obvious, and everything is going well, and then he disappears somewhere.
In general, imagine you are a guy. You like girls (logical). But there are many different cool girls. You like several at once, but you need to get to know them, communicate, etc. You communicate with several at once, but you communicate as if you were writing only to her (well, for some reason she thinks so). You flirt, throw cute cats and dogs to each other in Direct Insta. And now, you understand that one of those with whom you communicate is closer to you, and communication with her somehow went better (for one reason or another, here everyone decides for himself). Although everything is fine with other girls, but then you choose one (after all, you are not a womanizer, you respect women and we will not break hearts trying to date several at once (it will be a failure). As a result, you decide to concentrate on one, and more part of the attention (that is, all your attention) to pay to her. Of course, everything goes to a relationship, and you no longer want to communicate a lot with other ladies, if at all. It is not uncommon for you to have already promised to take a walk with someone, where then go, and then you start to merge, because you are already very interested in another.Accordingly, since you are in love with one, and she already likes it, there is no point in wasting time on others, and you just stop communicating with them. explain the situation to them and write something like this: "Listen, you probably noticed that at first we had a great conversation, and everything was great, but in the end I liked the other one more than you, and now I am walking with her, sorry." if you communicate wonderfully with a young man, but for some reason he does not call you anywhere, then one of two things, either you are not quite the main option, or he is stupid, and you don’t need any of these options, so don’t try to get upset: *

Answer 11
July, 2021

Once I realized one important thing - you need to be familiar with many people to a certain extent and not try to get to know them better, because in most cases your enthusiastic ideas about a person turn out to be just your rejected ideas. This idea is superimposed on lovely ladies and "muzhigg should dobivatstsa". Strive for what? Going for a phone or socks, I apologize to everyone sooooo for such analogies, I roughly imagine what I can get from them, but with girls? As a person and himself are discovered, it very rarely turns out that this is what he was moving towards (read why he gave up his interests, spent time, mental and financial resources, invested in one word) and it becomes somehow sad and empty. Communication with tinders and badushkas is a separate topic. Write compliments to the photo, try to get out to some kind of communication, see if she answered, but did not answer because it’s not interesting, well, this ... to get "something, you don’t know what" and you may simply not like the person, communication and the format of this communication

Answer 12
July, 2021

Oh, there can be many reasons, I think each case should be analyzed separately.

1) The level of education of one of the parties - there was one girl, often and well communicated, saw a lot, I really liked it. She filled a tattoo in the form of hands from the painting "The Creation of Adam". I say - "wow, I love the culture of the Renaissance", and she "xs, what is it, found a sketch, liked it". Then I noticed just a bunch of such moments - it was simply impossible to talk to a person about art, cinema, books. stopped communicating.

2) Interest in relationships - it's already difficult to say how and why, but if the guy was counting on a relationship, and the girl is freezing, the guy can just forget about communication and start looking for a girl for a relationship.

3) The manner of communication. Here it is already individually, it may happen that it is simply difficult for a guy to communicate with you - or too much chatter, or you constantly send one word in a message, or constant whining. The last two points plus frequent mistakes for me are generally combo - I usually stop communicating stupidly.

4) You started a relationship: it is logical that the guy who was your "friend" was counting on a relationship with you. Why should he now waste time with you, because friendship also takes time, energy, and if it is also feelings, then nerves.

5) Individual problems - anything can be here. Problems with studies, at work, in the family, someone died, parting, drug addiction, went to the army, ended up in a hospital, moving, and so on.

6) Insult - there may already be different things - either direct or indirect. here it is purely individual, because a person can be offended by many different things, each has its own quirks. Discuss the person's hobbies carefully. But it is worth highlighting - do not try to humiliate him - do not make jokes that can belittle his dignity, guys are very suspicious and touchy when it comes to their ego.

7) You are a log. not necessarily a bed (although this can also be). You need to pull words out of you almost with tongs, you answer in monosyllables, at least half of all your reply messages consist of "aha, yes, okay, lol, ok, hmm." Look through your messages and imagine - would you like to communicate with such an interlocutor?

8) Lack of sense of humor. Nobody makes you laugh at Petrosyan's humoresques, quotes from the odious "green elephant" (although this is a classic, you need to know this!))). Some kind of mutual jokes, playing out situations, simple comic comments on the photo. If you do not appreciate humor, then either it is worthwhile to understand the question of why it is funny, or to tell the guy directly is not funny. There is a chance that he will not like it, but better this way than suddenly he later finds out that his memes about JoJo or five carries in mid are complete nonsense for you (although an adequate guy will not joke about jojo and Dota with a girl, but all sorts of There are unique).

Perhaps not everything here, but I have listed the reasons why I stopped communicating. If a person is interesting to you, it is important to try to understand what he wants, and then start from this) it would be kstati is very interested in reading the answer from the girls, although it seems to me that the reasons listed are similar)

Answer 13
July, 2021

Each case is individual, this is understandable. Personally, I also had this, the first guy stopped just writing, because he was afraid to offend me and say that he was bored with the relationship, but he had to say this, because blackmail is also offensive and I could not just throw the person out, not realizing that in general occurred. Another situation was more interesting, we talked with the guy for a year and a half, almost every day the VK correspondence was very entertaining and we saw each other at most once a month, but it was pretty cool, you can say that he was my friend, there were no hints of love. Then I got a boyfriend, I decided to upload a photo to VK and he wrote "all the best and good luck to you !!" and did not write or reply to me again.

Answer 14
July, 2021

In short, to simplify this whole thing, just look at the profile in social. networks. If there is a lot of rubbish, then you may not write even if you like it outwardly, just waste your time.

Answer 15
July, 2021

Vlad Konstantinovsky's answer is very good, but I think this is not exactly the case that the girl who asked the question is interested in. A really frigid girl, all of herself a bomb, will cause annoyance and chagrin, and first of all I feel sorry for her, because she is beautiful and not stupid in fact, but she has driven the fix idea into her tower and suffers from it without realizing it. p>

There can be a lot of reasons and the question is very vague. It is better to give a concrete example and already explain why.

I stopped communicating abruptly with girls for a variety of reasons: resentment, betrayal, frustration - this is when the problem comes from her. It also happened on my part: selfishness, banal uncertainty (when there is a girl, but you still look at others). Well, when you communicate with several girls and you cannot decide which one to communicate / date, etc. and so on, it is clear that it is mean to tell a girl that "I tear with you because she is better." Well, I did this in the past at a not quite mature age, now I have grown wiser, I hope. There is another option: you just realize that the person is not yours, in general.

In general, there is a golden rule: if your absence in a person's life does not change anything in his life, then your presence also does not make sense. (in fact, this is a quote from some famous writer, but I forgot who exactly) - generally speaking, I follow this rule and because of this I stop communicating.

Answer 16
July, 2021

There are girls who are too intrusive and unpleasant to communicate with because of their endless chatter and "interesting", "meaningful" stories about everything that happened to her today, a year ago, what happened to her grandmother ...

Such conversations are tiring, and sometimes you want to run away.

This is one of the reasons.

But more often than not, everything just isn't hooked.

Answer 17
July, 2021

How would you put it this way. In fact, guys don't just stop communicating with this or that girl. There are many reasons for this and this does not mean that guys are just fools. Girls themselves often do not answer messages, etc. expect something from guys. So girls start with yourself. Your David

Answer 18
July, 2021

Mercantile utensils are not able to maintain a conversation with a person orders of magnitude higher in intelligence, therefore, the dialogue on the part of normal boys stops. And rightly so. And here, in general, depends on how the heads converge. Judging from my experience, I'm not on my way with such people at all, they are boring, fucking, useless and disgusting in character. And if you are ready to spend time and money on them (and such people are waiting for this, because they have no other values ​​in their life in essence), then you are most likely the same empty-headed fool.

Answer 19
July, 2021

I'll tell you like a guy who does this a lot. When a girl is "unavailable" it seems that she is interesting, she has a hobby, interests and she does not waste time with anyone. And there is such a challenge to reveal it, to achieve. But in my experience, when you get a girl and she opens up, it turns out that this is not an interesting person at all. And since you sought her and showed yourself in all its glory, she herself is already interested in becoming in you, but alas, it is no longer interesting.

Answer 20
July, 2021

A sense of humor is very important for me in a girl, and not only understanding and evaluating my jokes, but also the initiative from Mademoiselle herself. For almost all of my dating and communication in the network turns into my stand-up for one person.

There are still times when I don’t want to communicate with anyone, not only girls. And it is at such moments that girls show their activity and initiative. To be honest, I don't know why this is happening. From this I even more begin to "extinguish" and interest fades. I'm already starting to think that I am broken in some places. But as they say, SURROUNDED BUT NOT BROKEN.

Answer 21
July, 2021

The reasons can be completely different - here are some of them:

1) Did not agree with the character.

2) Lost interest in the girl.

3 ) Met another girl.

4) Realized that everything was useless, that he had little chance.

5) Or he simply died)))

In general, anything can be.

I, too, often stop communicating without explanation. And the most common reason is the lack of finances, when I run out of money, I stop communicating, because I know that there is nothing to catch with girls without money, they are simply not interested in you, then it makes sense to try to continue communicating and humiliate yourself when you can simply disappear?

Answer 22
July, 2021

In my case, everything is as trite as described above. Only if you look at all this as a sociologist, mm .. or as some kind of psychologist studying the behavior of people in society, you will notice that many people (almost all) think only of themselves and their own good. I will not talk about the essence of commercialism, because it contradicts our desires (we all want stability and stable people who are well coordinated in society). And all our subjective opinions about life and views on the frailty of life are closely tied to material wealth. Writing means showing weakness, and the main task of the message recipient is to break through the sender's armor to the last, to find out his intentions, to find his weakness completely, in order to be sure of the strength of his manipulation, most people on social networks behave this way, and most likely it is from for the distrust of people, they are afraid to let someone into their lives, because basically every second screw up with this, and it is impossible to live without mistakes and all this confusion creates for a person a large list of requirements for a candidate to which there were no corresponding and there are no others.

My principle of acquaintance and communication in the network: It doesn't matter what gender you belong to, you always need to diligently look for a suitable person, completely throwing unreasonable pride out of your bad head. Take your five steps and stop there, if a person hesitates, is not sure, or something like this happens to him, leave him, because being responsive and being able to find just contact with a person does not require skills and work. As the saying goes, the right person will be found, will take five steps in return, will stay and will be with you no matter what.

Answer 23
July, 2021

Honestly, I don't remember where I got my account with a male name from ...

There were such situations. Here you generally need to look at exactly where you are communicating.

  1. Dating sites. Take Tinder. It so happened that I ended up with a lot of pairs (a fan of sorting those who like and those who don't). At first I wanted to answer everyone, but it didn't work out. Banal "hello, how are you, what are you hobbies about" ... quickly tired of all answering the same thing. As a result, just ignore on my part. I'm a girl and I don't answer. Therefore, guys may not answer

  2. The girl is too uninitiated in communication. Already explained in past answers

  3. There was an unpleasant incident with Tinder. We met a guy with whom VK communicated sooo well for about a month, and from the first seconds of our "wonderful" 40-minute walk he immediately made it clear by his behavior that I was not his type. We exchanged photos¡¡¡ I should have known what I am. + He said that he was not looking for a girl, but just a girlfriend. As a result, his daily good-night-wishes for VK stopped. Still, I asked him what was the matter. Answer: "I didn't like it, litter. Bye"

Very unpleasant. But the essence is the same. For some (I believe that for most) personalities, and especially guys when looking for even an ordinary girlfriend (turn it around), appearance is the most important thing. But during my short life I was convinced that for one person you can be a goddess, but for another quite the opposite.

  1. A person may have personal problems and simply have a bad mood. Everyone has moments when the desire to communicate completely (or almost completely) disappears. I want to wrap myself up in a blanket, feel sorry for myself and cry

  2. Found a more suitable person? As bad as it sounds, it can be.

^ misanthrope on ^ human nature is such a thing, okay, why muddy the water there, it's terrible. Most people are more profitable and better off their personal desires than others. In general, why do I need you, I have something better, but what about your feelings? They're not mine.

  1. Or maybe he just didn't like something in communication

I'd rather ask personally guy. WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING TO ME ??? .. why many are afraid to ask in person, and instead, ask here?))

Answer 24
July, 2021

Everything works like this:

A young TP is sitting, a bunch of good men writes to her, she does not show interest, because she does not know how to be interested in people and is used to doing all the work for her. It is the man's job to hook her, talk her out, pull her out and make friends. And this is hard work. People with a limited time resource are not ready to do it.

In life, some generally uninteresting person communicates with her every day, but due to the fact that they communicate, she finds something interesting in him and hop! She is hooked and they are already in bed.

On the Internet, you need to be interested in people and be able to ask questions. And TP cannot do this. And then they all sit and say that only perverts are on "dating sites."

Although, for example, I cannot hook a normal girl on a dating site. It turns out to only catch those who want sex for one night. And a bunch of good men have the same problems. But no, women only notice all kinds of marginal people, but there are no normal people, because (oh horror) you need to communicate with them.

Answer 25
July, 2021

Depending on what this person represents to you.

If a person is boring, indeed, you can just take and stop communicating with him, since he does not represent anything special for you.

If a person is close to you - he could hurt you, he could say what you did not want to hear, everything seems to be quite individual here.

For the most part, I stop communicating for the reasons described above .

Answer 26
July, 2021

When I start chatting with a girl on a social network, I see if it's worth meeting her or not.
If I do not have a desire to continue communication in real life, I stop it.
Or the girl gets cold from the meeting herself - then I also turn off the dialogue.

Answer 27
July, 2021

I'll try to tell from the point of view of the guys, as I did it myself a couple of times. Wait to put cons and listen to common sense. In our society, which has not yet moved away from the stereotypes of the past, it is generally accepted that a man "should" seek a girl. "THE STRENGTHENING MUSHCHINA writes the first". In turn, I heard many times that "if he asks me to take a walk, I will go, but I will not write anything myself." So, if you belong to this category of ladies, then you should know that a normal young man will never run after you, write, call you just because you are so beautiful. Hello 2017, Tinder - you are not the only one here the most beautiful, cute and with honors. The fact that 5 people write to you a day, besides raising your microwave frequency, does not make you the best and does not give you the opportunity to communicate "to waste". If you do not at least answer and maintain a conversation, then do not be surprised that after a while they will lose interest in you. It is objectively useless to communicate with such a person, because we perceive this as a lack of interest, why waste our and other people's time? It's so disgusting to communicate with a girl you don't know, but already as if you owe her something. Why do you think that we will seek you when the circle of your interests is gatherings with friends, and eternal posturing a la "should seek me"? We are still not such stupid males who are drawn in Russian TV shows and we understand perfectly well that appearance is not the most important thing when interests and charisma come to the fore. It is much more pleasant to communicate with a lively interesting girl than with an "inaccessible" fatal woman who does not even want to keep up the conversation. Remain the same "inaccessible" and meager, expect a prince on a white horse. Perhaps he will come, but he will pass by, because besides you, there is a girl who cares.

Answer 28
July, 2021

I faced the same problem more than once, sometimes, however, it can be very insulting. Therefore, I will attach my potential answer to the question and read others :)

In my opinion, the whole point here is that either the person is not interested enough, or communicates when he is bored and has no one, or he is very busy and he has no time for communication. And also the fact that there is no such contact as there would be in life.

As far as it seems to me, while we are online, there is an illusion that the choice is huge, so we do not stop at the person, but continue to look for someone who is better, with whom more points of contact, who is more like someone.

I also have a friend who also ran into this problem, but partly because she thinks that a guy should be fully proactive, even to the level of saying hello and asking how are you. So he sits and waits, and at this moment, perhaps, the guy who liked her, thinks that he is not interesting.

I also think that if a person liked it by communication, it is very important to let him know about it, to invite him to see him in life before he scores :) rarely, but it still happens

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