Why do many believe that Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one people (triune)?

Why do many believe that Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are one people (triune)?

Andras Racz: Russia´s Hybrid War in Ukraine Part 1

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Since the time of Kievan Rus, one people, Now they have dispersed into the direct heirs of Rus actually!) the former Rus --- by the Rus who are now associated with the Litvins in and 2) the Russians proper- More Outskirts --- Little Russians are the Rus of Kievan Rus, assimilated in the forest-steppe regions of the southern part of Kievan Rus after the defeat of Kiev by the Turkic tribes that were part of the Golden Horde and who remained there --- so there are three peoples with different historical fates and languages-

Answer 2
July, 2021

Stop lying. Facts: 1. Belarus was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or the Commonwealth from the XIII century to 1815. Then western Belarus as part of Poland from 1921 to 1939. 2. Ukraine as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or the Commonwealth from the XIV century to 1815. The only exception is the left bank, which previously passed to Russia in 1654. Parts of Ukraine as part of Austria-Hungary until 1918, as part of Poland, Hungary and Romania until 1939-1945. 4. Conclusion: Ukraine and Belarus did not participate in the formation and development of the Russian state, these were "joined" by our Ancestors in different periods from the 17th century to the 20th century. These are other peoples, unlike the Russians in their blood and mentality. The language of these peoples differs from Russian by more than 60%. The last of the Bolsheviks and the idiots or the baptist of penguins, your number 16 (sixteenth), there are no more freebies for you at the expense of the Russians, go out.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Only Russian Nazis who want to destroy Belarusians and Ukrainians think so.

A normal person hates Nazism and respects other peoples and citizens of neighboring states.

He understands that Crimea is Ukraine, and the fact that Ukrainians and Belarusians have the right to live as they like without looking back at Moscow.

Answer 4
July, 2021

Because these many have become victims of propaganda and schooling, which paints a Moscow-centric picture of history. School textbooks described the events of the Kiev period, which featured Novgorod, Kiev, Chernigov, Korsun, Pereyaslavl, Polotsk, Ryazan, etc. But after describing the Mongol invasion, all of Western Russia miraculously falls out of sight of the authors of Russian history textbooks. How much does the average Russian know about the history of Western Russia in the 13-17 centuries? Practically nothing. The average Russian is sure that the Russians first defeated the Horde on the Kulikovo field in 1380. In fact, the Russians won a victory over the Horde for the first time back in the 13th century, when the troops of Danil Galitsky (Galicians and Volynians) defeated the army of the Horde commander Kuremsa. And then the Russians, as part of Gedimin's troops, defeated the Tatars near Irpen, annexing Kiev to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Russia and Zhamoit, and then utterly defeated the Tatars in the Blue Waters.

Does the Battle of Grunwald mean a lot to Russians? It doesn't mean anything, because it doesn't affect Moscow. Although both Smolensk and Novgorod banners fought there. But for Belarusians and Ukrainians, this battle means a lot. Because their ancestors fought there - as part of the banners of Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, Vladimir-Volynsk, Kiev, Novgorod-Severskaya, Lutsk, Czartoryskaya, Kremenets, etc.

Do the names of Yuri Drohobych say a lot to Russians -Kothermak - scientist, astronomer, physician, rector of the University of Bologna, poet Pavel Rusin, publicist and historian Stanislav Orekhovsky (Roksolan)? Nothing. But these are Russian thinkers, scientists and poets of the 15-16th centuries, at that time. when there was neither science nor secular literature in Muscovy.

If Russians consider Ukrainians and Belarusians to be one people with them, it is reasonable that they would have the same historical memory? But no, Russians do not have a historical memory of the participation of Western Russia in European development, for them Lomonosov is the first Russian scientist, and Pushkin is the first Russian poet.

For Ukrainians and Belarusians, Europe is their natural home, the source of their mentality ... For Russians, it is an eternal enemy, which is still treated with distrust.

And the myth of the triune people is used by Russian propaganda to fuel chauvinistic and revanchist sentiments among Russians, to redraw the post-Soviet borders and justify its own aggression in the post-Soviet space .

Answer 5
July, 2021

Once upon a time such a "triune people" may have existed. Or did not exist. Now it does not matter. Because now it definitely does not exist. Alien peoples and alien states. And the fact that some in Russia believe in the tale of the "Slavic brotherhood" and other bullshit about the trinity - well, it's like phantom pain after amputation. It will pass.

Answer 6
July, 2021

Due to the objectively large initial proximity of folk dialects and local variants of the folk culture of the Eastern Slavs, the overwhelming majority of whom were peasants before the twentieth century, and even in combination with the absence of sharp cultural and linguistic boundaries between neighboring territories of the East Slavic area, the question about whether they are different peoples (Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians) or one people with internal cultural and linguistic subdivisions, does not have an unambiguous decision.

So, for nationalists-Ukrainians or nationalists-Belarusians, their peoples are definitely different from Russians, but millions of ethnic Ukrainians or Belarusians practically do not have a sense of serious differences with Russians, which is manifested in their active migrations and resettlement among Russians, the transition to Russian, the absence of restrictions on marriages with Russians, etc.

In fact, since the inception and beginning of the spread of anti-Russian ukran nationalism in the 19th century with its main idea of ​​Ukrainians as a completely different people, different from the Great Russians (actually Russians), in Ukraine, millions of people are essentially torn between their views and values, relatively speaking, N. Gogol (Ukrainians = Little Russians are part of a single Russian people, along with Great Russians and Belarusians) and T. Shevchenko (Ukrainians are a separate independent people who fell under the rule of Russians = Great Russians and assimilated by them). So this will continue.

In such a situation, the more successfully Russia develops economically and politically and the better the Russian people live in the bulk, the more the "Gogol" moods will manifest themselves in Ukraine and weaker - "Shevchenko's".

By the way, do not forget that N.V. Gogol was very proud of his origin, deeply loved Ukraine and always liked to speak with his fellow countrymen in the Ukrainian dialect. Apparently, at the same time, he considered the Ukrainians to be the best part of the single Russian people, including the Great Russians, Malorosians and Belarusians. This point of view exists today, and will not disappear anywhere in the future. what millions of Ukrainians prove by their behavior both in Russia and in Ukraine (for example, in the Donbass).

Answer 7
July, 2021

Because the root of these peoples is the same - the unification of the East Slavic tribes and clans, which are ethnically homogeneous with the Finno-Ugric, Baltic and other tribes. We have one history and one cultural and linguistic identity.
In the course of history we were divided politically, hence the linguistic differences, there were different sources of borrowings and influences.
Look at the census of 1897, there are Russians. And further: including the Great, Maloros and Belarusians. Great Russia (big), small and white are territorial, not ethnic communities. We are not saying that the people of Voronezh, Tula and Smolensk are different ethnic groups, although there are dialectal differences in the language.
The current Ukrainian people have been influenced by the Commonwealth and Austria-Hungary. Belarusians are Lithuanians of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which was a Russian state and entered into the Union with Poland. At the same time, both Ukrainians and Belarusians were called Russians everywhere. And the active division and rejection of the Great Russians began by the Europeans, corny acting on the principle of divide and rule.
Read Olesya Buzina, a real patriot of Ukraine killed by the Nazis.

Answer 8
July, 2021

I am surprised as if there are no other problems. I will say one thing, the State of Ukraine, as a state, arose thanks to Ulyanov (Lenin), who by his decree gave the status of a republic. And the east was annexed by the DPR, LPR, to establish sovetskoy power, tk. there, in the Kuban, she was already fully. Crimea is generally a gift from Khrushchev, but even in tsarist times Russia was divided into three parts, Great, Small, and White! And to those who want to divide us and embroil us with bikot and anathema, as they said under the Soviet regime!

Answer 9
July, 2021

In fact, these are just fictional ideas of imperialism, well, like with Hitler about the Aryans. This is simply the ideology of imperial colonial policy, it is an instrument of influencing people in the information space. It is very profitable to have several million stupefied people (geopolitically identical) who will prove with foam at the mouth that this is a single people, that neither Ukrainians nor Belarusians existed, the language is just a modified polonized, which was invented and artificially made in the ussr and that kind of nonsense.

Answer 10
July, 2021

Specifically, residents of the Central Russian plain, residents of Belarus, residents of Ukraine, residents of Poland, Serbs and Lithuanians are all part of the same people-RUSSIAN, which is proved by the research of American geneticists, who were tasked to create genetic weapons against the Russian people. The inhabitants of Poland are Russians. The Republic of Belarus and Ukraine did not exist until 1918, they were created by the decree of Lenin, who followed the instructions of his masters from Britain and the United States to dismember the Russian people into several parts. The Lithuanians are Russians who were Catholicized even before the Poles The Ukrainian language is completely artificial and was invented by one person by the name of Kuleshov, and the language he invented until 1916 was called Kuleshovka. On the basis of Kuleshov's developments, the Jews came up with their own language and called it Hebrew, rubbing everyone along the way that it was a dead language that they revived. Today, the Belarusian language is actively composing, for this they mix Lithuanian with the Latvian and Polish dialects. The Ukrainian language, -Kuleshovka, was created using the dialect of the Galician Rusyns (one of the tribes of the Russian people). Among the Russian people, a pattern of perception, invented back in Britain, that the Russian people, residents of Ukraine and residents of Belarus, and Poland, and Lithuanians, and Serbs are all different peoples is actively spreading. idiots from the Russian people are actively pecking at this British nonsense. All who preach British nonsense are free or involuntary enemies of the Russian people and the Russian world. The goal of Britain and the United States is to destroy Russians by the hands of Russians.

Answer 11
July, 2021

Because Great Russians, Little Russians and Belarusians have similar historical memory, language, culture and what is most important for the historical understanding of Russianness is one faith)

Answer 12
July, 2021

I was born in Minsk, my grandmother is Ukrainian, mother is Belarusian, father is Russian. It is not hard to guess that due to my international origin I am inclined (only inclined, but I do not assert, more about this below) to consider these three peoples as one. By the way, in my class, a third of the children were from the same mixed families as me. Someone from Lithuania, someone from Ukraine, someone from some Tambov. If we are to define our peoples somehow, then not three, but only one. However, I do not call to abolish the Ukrainian / Belarusian languages ​​/ cultures and put a fat end to all this. These are all integral parts of our culture and, on the contrary, must be preserved. I also do not call to unite our states into one, at least today it is impossible and even dangerous for ourselves. That moment has not yet ripened, perhaps it will never ripen, but we have not yet fully reflected. Ukrainians and Belarusians now suffer from fierce local nationalism, Russians inflate their egocentrism, forgetting where in fact that ancient Russia was (uniting the historical factor, Belarusians and Ukrainians (and that is not all, Lviv \ Lemberg (by the way, this is also part of Russia ) became part of Austria-Hungary) they spent more than a century in the Russian Empire - this is a negligible time).

The idea of ​​"trinity" is familiar to me, but for me it's nonsense. Pulling an owl onto a globe. Neither one nor the other! Weak juggling in the style of "and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe." Either claim that we are three different peoples, although we have common roots, or consider us one and only. The idea of ​​trinity was created by a really weak-willed person. Neither a commander who sniffed gunpowder, nor a prince with seniority, but, excuse me, some bishop who was a former Uniate in five minutes (remark: in the Commonwealth, Uniate was not only a religious expansion into a confession identical to Russians, i.e. Orthodoxy, but and linguistic expansion, Cyrillic printing houses were closed, services were conducted either in Polish or in Latin), that is, Feofan Prokopovich. Instead of saying "We are one people!" began to twist with three shit and crumple like a freshman in the exam, trying to please Peter the Great and the Polish-Lithuanian gentry not to offend, and play along with the Sich army, in general ATAS. By the way, for me, as a theologian and part-time believing Orthodox Christian, it is simply unacceptable to sew theological arguments to exclusively earthly issues of a national character, besides, I have every right to consider this even as blasphemy against the Holy Trinity, in order to compare with Her "God's chosen "the people of Russians \ Belarusians \ Ukrainians. Too many peoples in history have raised the laurels of "God's chosenness" and where are they now? 250 - 300 years have passed, and this idea of ​​the Trinity is still attractive for many, especially for "Russians" - "monarchists" (I am taking both words in quotation marks for a reason, guess for yourself). She was periodically revived by the same White Guards, accomplices of the ROA (tobishNazis) and Russian emigration. In all cases, this reanimation is juggling with historical facts, pulling out the private from the general, and other anti-historical and anti-scientific heresy, full of cliches and cognitive distortions, which is dangerous for us.

The ideas of Ukrainianism and Belarusianism can be easily criticized and point out their inconsistency. If Russians are essentially a titular nation recognizable throughout the world, which they have known since the Middle Ages (this was even before the rise of Moscow's role), then Ukrainians and Belarusians emerged just yesterday, thanks to the Bolshevik policy for their "right of national self-determination of each people." There are good reasons to assert that they have arisen artificially (more precisely, they have arisen). Hence all the troubles, starting with language and literature, ending with issues of religion (Uniate / Greek Catholicism, autocephaly, etc.) and their historical statehood (ON, RP, attitude to the Golden Horde, etc.). If you go into details on each item, then there will be a long answer, which naturally will not be liked by either my fellow citizens (there is a Belarusian proverb "Prauda vachy kolits"), and even more so to Ukrainians, who have already been raging for 4 years in a civil war, which is the same national the question is fueled.

As a gross artist, I will offer an artistic image. If you glue a broken vessel, it will still not be as good as before, and neither will our peoples.
It so happened that we are now three different peoples, who are from a common "Russian" (used to write with one "s") a mash of various dialects and individual lands formed as we are. I haven’t finally decided for myself whether to consider myself a Russian or a Belarusian. And in general, I do not want to decide this and I will not allow others to decide for myself, I am both Belarusian and Russian at the same time, and I even have full rights to call myself Ukrainian. Understand how you want.

Answer 13
July, 2021

Greater nonsense than trinity (Brotherhood) I have never heard. All this yukhnia actively began to impose the communists atsky contraceptives and continues to bleat putler servant. For the larger the territory, the more milk yield. There were joint moments in history, this is a fact, but after all, living all your life on the same staircase with your neighbors, you do not become a relative to them, in fact, like they do to you. It's interesting to know what it means (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian)? How to define it: by the name of the territory where you were born and raised and continue to live, by family roots, or as you like?

Answer 14
July, 2021

Specifically, residents of the Central Russian plain, residents of Belarus, residents of Ukraine, residents of Poland, Serbs and Lithuanians are all part of the same people-RUSSIAN, which is proved by the research of American geneticists, who were tasked to create genetic weapons against the Russian people. The inhabitants of Poland are Russians. The Republic of Belarus and Ukraine did not exist until 1918, they were created by the decree of Lenin, who followed the instructions of his masters from Britain and the United States to dismember the Russian people into several parts. The Lithuanians are Russians who were Catholicized even before the Poles The Ukrainian language is completely artificial and was invented by one person by the name of Kuleshov, and the language he invented until 1916 was called Kuleshovka. On the basis of Kuleshov's developments, the Jews came up with their own language and called it Hebrew, rubbing everyone along the way that it was a dead language that they revived. Today, the Belarusian language is actively composing, for this they mix Lithuanian with the Latvian and Polish dialects. The Ukrainian language, -Kuleshovka, was created using the dialect of the Galician Rusyns (one of the tribes of the Russian people). Among the Russian people, a pattern of perception, invented back in Britain, that the Russian people, residents of Ukraine and residents of Belarus, and Poland, and Lithuanians, and Serbs are all different peoples is actively spreading. idiots from the Russian people are actively pecking at this British nonsense. All who preach British nonsense are free or involuntary enemies of the Russian people and the Russian world. The goal of Britain and the United States is to destroy Russians by the hands of Russians.

Answer 15
July, 2021

Genetically, Russians and Ukrainians are indistinguishable, except for separate regions (Vologda, Arkhangelsk, Volyn, Polesie ...). As for the Belarusians, they have genes that differ from the two above-mentioned communities - they are closer to the Poles. How to count whether it is one people or not, to each his own. Personally, an Uzbek is closer to me than the current Svidomo "brother" in genetics.

Answer 16
July, 2021

because there are no Belarusians and Ukrainians as nationalities, there is one nation, Russians, and Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians are citizenship, the Ukrainian language was singled out as a separate language in the middle of the 19th century, and Belarusian even later, before that these languages were considered dialects of the Russian language, the ancestors of half of the Belarusians and Ukrainians came to the USSR from Siberia, Altai, etc., tales about the Commonwealth and the Principality of Lithuania are generally nonsense, neither the Ukrainians nor the Belarusians have anything to do with them, they then, as it were not invented, Russian Catholics were called Ukrainians, and the Belarusians came from the name of white Russians. The fact that Lenin singled out some absurd republics of the Ukrainian SSR and BelSSR, which had never existed before and Russians lived on them, did not make the inhabitants of these territories a separate nation.

Answer 17
July, 2021

Because Ukraine did not exist as a state.

Nationality was given to them only in the 17th year of the last century.

This is why it is called Ukraine - these were our border lands.

Answer 18
July, 2021

The consequences of the policy of Pan-Slavism deployed during the Balkan Wars and other European conflicts. Genetically, yes, "odnokrovki", but that means nothing. Poles and Bulgarians are also Slavs, but you will not find big enemies. I talked a lot with Ukrainians - absolutely alien mentality! The issue of blood is secondary in the political arena. For me personally, the Tatars are much closer! How long have we lived with them? And not a single serious conflict.

Answer 19
July, 2021

My dear Belarus, Ukraine is golden, our happiness is young

We will fence off with steel bayonets!

Didn't you sing as a child? My parents are from Rostov, I was born in Kamensk Shakhtinsky. The border with Ukraine can be reached on foot. Half of the words in the language, especially in the countryside, especially among the Cossacks, are in common with the Ukrainians. Who wants to divide us and why? And the Belarusians? BelAZ, BelOMO, MTZ - these are our factories! Their products - and ours too ...

Answer 20
July, 2021

The schizophrenic idea of ​​the trinity of the Russian people was invented by the Ukrainians in the early 18th century.

Specifically, it was Feofan (Prokopovich). Instead of directly saying that we are all one Russian people, churchmen began to draw parallels with the Holy Trinity. Maybe they were very flattered by the idea of ​​a God-bearing people, or maybe it was a form of Ukrainian separatism.
Who knows, the main thing is that the idea of ​​a trinity was very harmful.
There are even more regional differences between the Germans and Italians than among the Eastern Slavs, but why then they are careful about their unity, but in our country, on the contrary, they were constantly looking for delusional justifications for the difference. Trinity is almost a divine substantiation of the difference between Russian Maloros and Belarusians.

Answer 21
July, 2021

The ruling elites, having felt the sweetness of power at any cost, held on to it. The enemies of Russia also came up with their own projects to seize territory. Therefore, peoples with the land belonging to them were artificially created, the words of one language changed, which was also declared to be ancient and most correct. Then the ancient history of the invented people was concocted, which was hammered in their heads and always with an element of injustice that can be eliminated only by abandoning the alleged common roots and becoming the defender of the interests of such an oppressed people rallying around the ruling core. This gave an impetus to the national consciousness, which in fact was nationalism. Further, the question of technique is how to bring it to a boil. Who is the winner? One who wants to rule and plunder. In our history, this can be seen in the example of those who called themselves ancient ukram, and now raise ukraine-rus higher. (And where did the ukry go). Maybe the "ukry" realized that they are Russians and they don't have to fight against the open gate. But then those who muddy the waters will lose power. Therefore, it is better to divide and rule. (now it is also fueled by UWB and Brits). And those who were called dew - Rus (white, small, large) did not doubt the unity.

Answer 22
July, 2021

I served in Germany in Soviet times. Now these places are called the land of Thuringia. So, I was struck by how the local dialect of the Germans differs from the German language spoken by the German radio, which we are taught at school! The local language resembles Polish with an abundance of hissing sounds. And many words differ from literary German. For example, I have never heard "nin" or "nicht" as the Germans say in the movies. Aborigines say only "nothing" for negation. I wonder why these "Thuringians" do not say that they are a separate people? I think that during normal economic relations they came to understand that it is more profitable to live in a big strong state, to take care of the existing economic ties as the basis of their life.

Answer 23
July, 2021

For your information: in nature, as well as in the entire Universe, until 1905 from Christmas
there was not a single Ukrainian or Ukrainian. You can see the population census and other documents. Now, when we have taken the extraneous
constant outside the brackets, the Russian Belarusians and the Little Russians are left in the brackets. Residents of today's European part of Russia without national republics and districts were considered Great Russians by the name of the territory (and cultural aspect). There were Little Russia, White Russia, Great Russia. What people do you think that inhabited these territories? The answer is simple: Great Russians, Little Russians and Belorussians. In the rich Russian language, there is an alternation of
vowels and paired / single consonants rus / russ / ros / ross. Hence, Belarus and Belarus and Russia are one-root. Now, in order to remove extraneous factors outside the brackets, we have to go back to ancient times, when the Russian principalities nailed a shield to the gates of Constantinople. Then the state was called "Rus", but in Greek documents and records, it is designated as "Ρωσία", which reads as
Russia. Enter queries for "Rus" and "Russia" in the google translator and you yourself will understand everything. But you ask: "This is the name of the people and the state on the part of foreigners, and more specifically the Greeks (Byzantium is a period in the history of Greece, in fact, one and the same state), how did it become
self-name? "And everything is simple, St. Vladimir and Ivan 3 were connected by marriage with the Byzantine princesses (the whole history of Russia is closely intertwined with Byzantium, and the Greeks had a very strong civilizational influence on the Russians), and his wife Ivana 3, Sophia Palaeologus, conveyed the symbolism of
(two-headed eagle), thus Russia and Russia are the name of 1 and the same country, just "Russia" is the Byzantine spelling of Russia, and these are cognate words.
In fact, from a linguistic and linguistic point of view, Little Russian and Belorussian languages ​​are dialects of Russian (there are many who disagree, however, the difference in them is so small that even in dialects of German the difference is many times greater ).
We sorted out history, etymology, linguistics and culture. On the basis of even these data, it can be confidently asserted that we are 1 people, however, for some people this is very difficult and these people very much do not want a complete reunification of peoples into a single whole, because ... there is an example of twigs and a broom.

Answer 24
July, 2021

... will you accept the answer? but it may not be worth "throwing beads."

Yes, triune. But the essence of the answer will amaze you (and others).

All three nationalities are in one fleshly body called "Russian" - do you accept this answer?

Answer 25
July, 2021

After the collapse of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia had to somehow substantiate for the Belarusians and Ukrainians the reasons why now they should dance to someone else's tune. The USSR pursued the same goal. Who Needed Riots? It is easier to hammer the necessary attitudes into people's heads than to suppress uprisings, and the Russian government was well aware of this.

Not united.

I speak from the point of view of a Belarusian, without having anything negative towards the eastern neighbors.

Small, seemingly imperceptible differences in mentality make us different. In Belarus, this can be clearly seen: both Russians and Belarusians live side by side, and in comparison, all the small details together make a huge difference.

The same with Ukrainians :)

Answer 26
July, 2021

For the same reason why many consider the Bavarians, Prussians and Hanoverians to be one people - the Germans.

The cultural and mental differences between Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians are scanty. And many "well-wishers" from neighboring countries do not like it.

Answer 27
July, 2021

Russian or - Rus?


author = Vyacheslav Komogorov
Russian is not a nationality, during WWII all the Russians went into battle. This is “Spirit”. How many nationalities are there in the Volga region? are they Russian or not? The word "Roman" had no nationality. There is no nationality division in the "empire". Division by nat. Lenin suggested the sign, turning "Empire" into "Union". “Russian Spirit” is what is inside you. This is the presence of "Conscience", which is not translated into any language of the world. In this sense, the most Russian Jew in Russia is Zhirinovsky.

Yes, Zhirinovsky is a Russian-speaking Jew! And, not just, but - TERRY! And, point out, at least one historical example, so that a JEW would defend the interests of a SLAVE? I believe that for a slave he could allocate only 0.01 percent of his profit, for the reproduction of his own kind. And he himself, satisfying his boorish lust, participated in this physical-biological process. This is where the ILLEGAL BORN went to Russia and Russia ...

That's right, - RUSSIAN is not a nationality! In general, from the point of view of dialectics, identification of the species Homo Sapiens, in NATURE there is none other than RACE. And even more so from the position of the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE Rusov - Russians - ADDITIONAL! - WHAT that does not identify racial and ethnicity! Only the RUSS, and besides - RA, as the Sun worshipers - the ENERGY OF THE SUN, which saved after the Cold snap the KIND of the Rus of the White race, which made it possible to return - the Reverse Exodus from the warm lands of the RA-Rus under the Pole Star of their Ancestor Hyperborea. And he himself, impudently, participated in this process physically and biologically ...

Empire is a medieval, not so old, form of designation, first of all - SPACE - the territory conquered during the flourishing of the imperial form of possession, and the internal the state structure of such an imperial entity may be different, you yourself understand: from unitary-tribal to historically princely, but they all correspond to the view and position on the power of the tribal historical-unitary consciousness, and later the prevailing religious CORE, the paradigm implanted in the consciousness of slaves - "subjects" ...

Lenin - Blank, who, after the February revolution, for the first time, seized power in the geographical space of the progressive Empire of Russia-Russia, with the transition through the genocide of the population, a priori 50 * 50, to a certain UNION, the unknown form of a new statehood, with the subsequent federalization of the structure of the state structure, by the power of one's own innate and augmented intellect, and, with the money of a deputy the Sanhedrin, who was still hidden then. Without them, he was powerless, even with his paradigm "Land - to the peasantry", "End of the war!" - flirting with the population of the SLAVES of the Empire.

The union, as a kind of forcibly gathering of tribal unitary families into a certain structure, could never become the ALL-UNIVERSAL ENERGY of the population of Eurasia, a priori of the initial insoluble contradictions - GENETICS, and therefore generic INTERESTS ! NOT - RUSSIAN SPIRIT, from under the stick! The spirit of the RACE OF THE KIND RA-Rus -The original one, which, by the population of the fallen empire, was never lost, since it has the Racial Origin of Borea!

Even inveterate religious people of the Empire, influencing CONSCIOUSNESS, at moments of catastrophic danger, including for them, always turned to the space-forming population of Eurasia, the former Empire, - Brothers and Sisters - in RUSSIAN LANGUAGE, - SAVE! And this appeal - of energy-informational content - influenced the LOGIC CENTER OF SUBCONSCIOUSNESS already a state-forming majority of the population of a huge geographic space through energy-informational and psychological impact on it - FEAR. And - all, without exception (with the rare exception of the tribal tribal tribal leaders and confidants - allegedly traitors to your UNION), became in the ranks of the ONE WALL OF DEFENDERS OF THE FATHERLAND the state-forming majority of the population of the “UNION”! Therefore, the tribal minority perfectly understands (by silence) that if the enemy went to the state-forming majority of the territory by WAR, it will be destroyed unconditionally.

In time, the enemies of the "union", a priori occupied by it 1/6 of the earth's land Eurasia is a space with colossal natural resources, investing in the MINORITY of tribal cattle means, which were first given TEMPORARY relative freedom within the “union”, coveting the GREENS of the Sanhedrin, betrayed and destroyed your Leninist “UNION”, which can only be signed from the position “ The Entente ”- ENEMIES-destroyers, who even now, by silence, are already destroying the historical territory of the fucking FEDERATION, spitting on the DREAM of the majority of the racial-ethnic population of the Rus-Slavs-Russians, a priori removing the STATUS - PEOPLE from the Constitution of the Russian Federation and Passports of the Russian Federation>

Why did I write everything? In order to briefly describe in a few words the historical DANGER for the population of the former Russian Empire RA-Rus - the space-forming majority, so THINK! Specify and designate, Slava, - where on the map of Eurasia, or on the political-economic map of the World - Rusov-Slavic-Russian Republic?

Well, if it is short and popular for people like you dunce, Slava ...


Consciousness determines being!

Answer 28
July, 2021

This is a rudiment of an imperial myth that lost its relevance at the end of the 19th century, again unearthed by Russian propagandists to justify armed intervention in Ukrainian affairs and colonial policy towards Belarus.

Ideas like "one people" and "mice brothers" appeared at the end of the 18th century with the filing of the clergy and some of the Ukrainian elites who wanted to maintain influence in the Russian Empire. Then they were raised several times: in the middle of the 19th century, ultra-right organizations, later becoming the so-called. black hundred, under Stalin, and here again recently. All these were attempts to construct the civil nation mentioned by Eugenia from above on the foundation of a common religion and power. For this, languages ​​and culture were brought to a common denominator or even banned altogether, as was the case with Ukrainian.

Of course, these three peoples are close to each other, but not to such an extent.

Answer 29
July, 2021

Well, I think so. Because I do not see the difference between Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian - the languages ​​are almost the same (vocabulary, grammar, etc.), appearance is the same (I will never distinguish Russian from Ukrainian until I talk), customs and faith are the same, etc. And there is no desire and time to go into the intricacies of ethnogenesis. And why? I have not needed this knowledge until now and will hardly need it in the future.

Answer 30
July, 2021

Because not everyone is interested in ethnogenesis. And in general, in this matter - who is the people and who is not the people - these are essentially just words, just terms that a certain scientific community has agreed to call certain human communities.

At the moment, the scientific community , dealing with the issues of ethnic groups agreed that a separate ethnic group has certain characteristics. And if these signs are present, a community can be considered an ethnos. And according to this concept, both Ukrainians and Belarusians are quite separate, albeit closely related, ethnic groups. But someone may well think something like this "I don't give a damn about what a bunch of scientists agreed on there, I don't consider these communities to be ethnic groups and you will force me to hell." Ignorance and stubbornness, of course, but in the end, don't you care? What is the fundamental joy in knowing that you are exactly a Ukrainian, and not some kind of Belarusian and vice versa?

Ethnic nationalism is no longer relevant. Relevant is a civic identity, which everyone can clearly show along with a passport and no one will say that Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are all one state.

Answer 31
July, 2021

Because all these are Eastern Slavs, who had the same language and culture, so, roughly speaking, they were one people, although they considered themselves to be different tribes.

And to be honest, I am not I understand why, because of this, such srachs, if the division by nations is a scientific tool for historians, culturologists and other related professions, who use it to simplify the understanding of the influence of cultures on each other, understanding, some kind of historical processes. Why it turns on ordinary people, I absolutely do not understand. It’s as if a carpenter made a hammer out of improvised tools and began to use it, and a bunch of people who do not understand carpentry immediately came running to explain that he was making a hammer wrong for himself, that he didn’t know how to use it and in general it would be uncomfortable for him why not hammer in the nails with a screwdriver.

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