Why does everyone hate TikTok, Likee and the like?

Why does everyone hate TikTok, Likee and the like?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

Yes, I would not say that they hate, rather they do not understand.

I myself had an attitude, as if in the same Laiki there are only fragile teenagers, but the other day they opened my eyes. The daughter of an acquaintance said that the popular blogger in Laiki is 29 years old and this is far from puberty.

The creations of these social networks seem meaningless to me. My mom thinks such obscurantism, so draw your own conclusions.

Answer 2
July, 2021

Public opinion. YouTube was also not liked when it first appeared. Do you remember how it was considered shameful to sit on Instagram? That there is only "TP without brains." And now they have somehow forgotten, they are sitting and very active. I myself do not visit TikTok or Instagram, since there is no need.

People do not want to accept new things, they think that rejecting it is smart and prestigious. Old people do this. However, the world is moving on.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Personally, I also hated Tik Tok. Then I downloaded it just to see what they were doing there. Bottom line: I got stuck there.

But !!!

I only have Tik Tok, I'll tell you about Likee later.

  • tick tock:

1. You can learn to dance. Yes, you can really improve your dancing skills

2. Make money. No comments here.

3. Find cognitive channels. There are a lot of channels where you can improve your knowledge of school subjects.

And now about Likee.

This is an analogue of Tiktok. A terrible analogue.

Basically, children of 5-10 years old sit there and degrade. Well, teenagers (apparently do the same thing as children).

There they just open their mouths to the music and do terrible things.

Unfortunately I sat there, but thank God everything passed.

I admit that they do it in Tik Tok too. BUT such a person will never be in trend.

This is my personal opinion

Answer 4
July, 2021

In the replies, they write that because of shkolota and stupid dances ... But who prevents you from setting up the tape so as to watch animals, art, real dances? TikTok, Likee, and the like are not only made up of stupid schoolchildren and questionable challenges. You can also find what you like.

Answer 5
July, 2021

All people who went there a couple of times (or did not go at all) say that all this is repulsed social networks with youngsters.

I'll start with tiktok - basically, there is an adequate audience, but there are all sorts of houses, stars who want to be on the same wavelength with young people, and so on.

The target audience of the likes is children who do not understand what they are doing on camera.

Answer 6
July, 2021

In fact, many people do not like the fact that there are too many children in similar applications who simply do not have original ideas, so they simply plagiarize from less popular ones. Well, and, probably, because children think that

Everyone should have "Likee / TikTok"!

Otherwise, I just can't explain that any passing child to whom I simply told that his shoelaces were untied will tell me

Do you have "Likee / TikTok"?

Personally, I don't like TikTok as well because of the design of its ads on YouTube. Somehow

There is advertising, but there is "TikTok"

I don't really like it.

I don't like both "Likee" and "TikTok" just because of its community

Answer 7
July, 2021

They hate him at all. It’s just that parents do not want the children to know mats, and much more. My parent, on the other hand, does not mind that I am sitting in a tik tok and in a footman, my father is sitting in a tik tok himself. But my friend is not allowed to sit in these applications because she does not want other people to see her face. Sorry for mistakes, if any

Answer 8
July, 2021

Some people simply do not understand why to shoot there, and express their emotions by bullying. And yet this is their opinion, although they express it very rudely.

Answer 9
July, 2021

I also thought at first that tik tok is such a place for itself. Then I decided to download and make sure of it. But when I liked a couple of videos I liked, I saw how the feed adjusted to me and began to show only the content that I like (for example, the same memes).


So the content there depends only on you. If you like antics to songs that cause a gag reflex, it's up to you for a few seconds and a couple of like videos like this in anonymous mode. And, of course, writing angry comments every time someone mentions this platform.

P.S. and yes, all these "postironnye" publics in VK, posting video tricks, which are then sent to friends - are taken from TT. Therefore, you are going against yourself :)

Answer 10
July, 2021

Because the content is nowhere lower. I thought Twith was the bottom, but they knocked from the bottom).

And if stupid schoolchildren are watching Twith, then I have no idea who is watching Tik - Tok.

Answer 11
July, 2021

Probably because the content in them is primitive, uninteresting, secondary ... The horror of today's Internet space is that mediocrity is beginning to produce even greater mediocrity!

Answer 12
July, 2021

Everyone hates Tiktok and Likee because ...
1. Applies only to the like. There are people who crave power (sorry if you wrote it wrong) and will see popular people. And the Toy Mouse (Nastya Kosh) "sits" in the husky.
2. Already like and TT. The trend is uploaded with videos of children 4-6 years old who joke about alcohol and violence, sing about sex and drugs. (Well this is an example)

Answer 13
July, 2021

In such applications, at some point in time, there is so much content that it becomes difficult to find something useful and entertaining among meaningless videos of dancing or humorous miniatures. But here TikTok should be given its due, because the recommendation algorithms are configured in a special way and over time only what you like appears in the feed.

Answer 14
July, 2021

Because all those who hate tik tok do not even know what content can "inhabit" there. For them, there is one logic: "I saw that they are hating, I will too. And what is there and how I will not figure it out. Why? Nobody needs an objective opinion, better silly, stupid unreasonable aggression." So, personally, in tick tok, I found channels for myself according to my interests: airsoft, cars, games, bloggers whom I watch on YouTube, the channel of the girl - astronomer, and, attention, the NASA channel. I also periodically come across clips in the rivers where a person says how to cope with certain life-threatening or alarming situations (for example, how to free his hands from reinforced tape). Agree, no one is immune from kidnapping. I will continue the original thought. Everything described (children, bad content, etc.) is at the turn of 0-150 likes, and EVERYTHING. Above is high quality, diverse content. To make sure, in all seriousness I suggest you set the tick current. All you have to do is like the clips that match your preferences a couple of times, or you can type in the hashtag yourself. Don't touch the like and the musicals, I don't know what it is, it is quite possible that there is 100% bad lip-sync and bad dances to bad music, it is possible. Unlike, again, the same from the tick current. Advice for the future. Do not trust anyone fully and check the information yourself. Good luck and cookies

Answer 15
July, 2021

Because in these, if I may say so, "social networks" there is neither informational content nor humor (excluding some unpopular, but really talented figures).

Answer 16
July, 2021

Everyone often scrapes these applications due to the fact that there are youngsters who shoot porn, 18+, etc. And they think it's a dating site. 5 years old little child, sitting in a tik tok or husky, making a video showing his fucking faces, writing on this video "Isyu shiba feld for sex" and something like that. I understand that the child wants to be friends, but why put on the Internet what you want to fuck, go out into the street, undress and everyone runs to you! Is this ok people?

Answer 17
July, 2021

Nobody said they hate. Likee and tiktok are quite popular youth social networks for users on average 10 to 16 years old (likee) and 12 to 20 years old (tiktok )

Likee - a creative platform for disclosing and realizing your goals and dreams (well and the like) This is what the organization of the like says.

TikTok - about the same platform as likee, but for an older audience. Often in tiktok there are various trends and pranks, but notice that there are much more of them than in likes.

People who downloaded such platforms and liked to develop on them and earn subscribers respond very well. Adults who look at these platforms as a bunch of gifted youngsters and golden youth may speak negatively about these children's social networks. Your opinion, you like these platforms, because everyone has their own opinion! :)

Answer 18
July, 2021

My kids love, their friends are filming too. I did it myself a little, everything was done quite interestingly. I don't know where you got the information that everyone does not like these platforms.

Answer 19
July, 2021

I think many are critical of everything new. Approximately the same attitude was towards Instagram 5 years ago. As soon as advertisers come to social networks, and tick-tokers receive large fees for advertising, the situation for these social networks will change

Answer 20
July, 2021

Advertising. This is all the fault of the advertisement that comes out every time. I already miss the ads for other apps. + My classmates and classmates are sitting there. Girls like, boys like TikTok.

Answer 21
July, 2021

Taki Tik Toki current for such and do. An easy way to get popular. You shoot any filth, after a few hours you get a lot of likes mainly from bots, you glow from your popularity. Further, two weeks later, you leave a link to other social services. networks (and by that time you have even more "viewers"), for example, Instagram. And with a calm soul you enjoy life without even realizing where you have driven yourself.

In some unknown way, they raised their rating to 2.7, although quite recently, I still remember, the Play Market was listed as 1.5. Something tells me that this is not entirely fair (I could be wrong).

Answer 22
July, 2021

I personally hate TikTok because ...
1. There are a lot of inadequate people, transgender people and "mentally retarded" who have thoughts in their heads only about money, dancing, the rich and cool life of a teenager.
2. TikTok dancing. Enraged by these senseless, useless, stupid and idiotic movements, to the same music, this music has already raped my ears with its own meaning: love, money, the life of a teenager's e-learning, relationships, etc. And also these houses, love stories, my sisters go crazy when they find out that Someone started dating someone 😱😱😱. They also try to imitate them, thinking that with these dances you can achieve something, I agree, but it is possible but unlikely and annoyingly, every time they hear some music from tiktok they begin to bend their bodies abruptly, moving their hands, head, butt, along this the reason they have no desire to develop, learn, read something useful or do something useful, degrades their brain and often become mentally retarded.
3. They are enraged by their antics, stupid memes, unfunny jokes, fake stories and false facts. They also annoy shkolota, with their diarrhea, senseless antics, brawl stars, free fire, etc. Although tiktok contains useful and informative facts, life hacks and just videos with meaning, but they are very deep under shit, they do not gain popularity, schoolboys and teenagers do not appreciate their work, a special work for them is editing their short videos or dancing on camera , even getting off the couch is a fucking feat for them.
This is all negative about tiktok that I managed to remember. Sorry for spelling mistakes.

Answer 23
July, 2021

I can't answer for everyone, but personally I hate it for several reasons:

  1. It's everywhere. When something is spinning everywhere and buzzing like a mosquito over the ear, it always infuriates

  2. The reason arising from the first is that it is intrusive. Advertising strives for you to download this heresy, young morons everywhere shout about it that they are TEKTOKERS. Simply put, one cannot hide from this. If I never want, for example, to hear at least something about cars or some kind of game, movies, magazines, I can bypass it because every second person does not impose it.

  3. People are sitting there ... not of a high mind, let's put it this way. Well, there are probably people who watch it purely out of interest, but the content is still done by some backward people. And what content is there? Dances to moronic songs and laughter * yochki. Well, would an adequate person be able to shoot how he twitches to pop music?

Answer 24
July, 2021

Due to the fact that this social network of Chinese origin (a specialized social network) is gaining undeserved mass character (the quality of most of the material does not deserve attention), partly due to advertising.

Answer 25
July, 2021

Very simple - audience and sometimes content. The fact is that children interested in this go to shoot their videos. And they can shoot both good and disgusting videos. Although disgusting vidosiki meet WHERE it is easier. Memes in TikTok, by the way, are NOT funny at all, and sometimes even incomprehensible.
* Example *. My 14-year-old sister is sending me a meme from TikTok. Funny, he says. I look, I don't understand. She looks and neighs like a horse.

Answer 26
July, 2021

Because they put all kinds of game there. This is inappropriate behavior. There are, of course, normal videos there, the type of life stories are useful, but still there are more inadequate ones. So people have such an opinion. Therefore, tiktok and others are treated as slag, for there are many inadequate and all kinds of game too. If they were posting normal things, then everything would be different

Answer 27
July, 2021

Well, firstly, many, but not all. I believe this happens because an ordinary Russian person, seeing what is there, takes it very strangely, if not for some kind of illness, this creates dislike and hatred for those who shoot like that, and in short, "degradation", that's why many people don't like TikTok and similar "social networks".

Answer 28
July, 2021

I don't like it because of the very dumb and weird videos and because it has video time limits! It also has a very strange video editing.

Answer 29
July, 2021

These applications are for the mentally retarded, normal people can not sit there! Especially TikTok (appendix 10 of the stage of backwardness), they are ready to carry people of non-traditional orientation in their arms, often staged "life hacks" are filmed there

I hope to disassemble nothing else

Answer 30
July, 2021

TikTok and Likee launched a very aggressive advertising campaign at the time. Perhaps this left everyone with an unpleasant aftertaste ... + in this most aggressive advertising campaign there were very specific videos, from which everyone drew conclusions about these services.

Answer 31
July, 2021

I, as a shkolota, hate Tik Tok, Likee, etc., because classmates hate him. So I hate it. Collective mind? Most likely: D

I don't know how to explain it)

Answer 32
July, 2021

To answer, I'll just compare it to Minecraft. This is a wonderful sandbox, but due to its community the game has negative reviews.

The same with TikTok: it seems that the idea of ​​the application is good, but the community ruined it at the start.

Answer 33
July, 2021

Many people hate TikTok, Likee and Kwai just because of its audience. In these three applications, the audience consists of Schoolchildren 8-14 years old. Okay, there are still normal people on TikTok making really good videos, but likee and Kwai simply don't have them.

Answer 34
July, 2021

Probably because there are NON-PROFESSIONAL schoolgirls who shoot as IN THEIR OPINION "THE BEST CONTENT IN THE WORLD" and this very best content is sometimes just so downright! I don’t want to offend anyone I don’t mind like and tick tock they sometimes have small guides a little humor, but most of what is there is "THE BEST HANDMOVEMENT UNDER ANY ORDINARY SONG THAT NO ONE LISTENS" and I honestly do not understand those people who I like watching these dances.

I have it.

Answer 35
July, 2021

Interesting question.

  1. this network is a bunch of youngsters who spoil applications and pour all kinds of game there.

  2. all popular songs end up in this trash heap and they become trash heaps themselves.

3. from YouTube, they upload other people's videos here without permission by the author and without fear of being banned.

Answer 36
July, 2021

Yes, they hate him because there is a large part of schoolchildren, and other bad guys who repeat the actions in Under-trends. To put it simply, they are like Buzova, who sings to the soundtrack and steals images of other singers and repeats all the movements that the original singers do.

Answer 37
July, 2021

The very idea of ​​"Tiktok" and others like it is not bad, but schoolchildren came to "Tiktok" who made the so-called "content", and this content consisted of the following points: shake your head, wave your hands, dance easily, favorite songs. This is why many people don't like "Tiktok" very much, although there is quality content, but this content is lost under this mountain of "content".

Answer 38
July, 2021

So I hate Tik Tok, because I love music. My reason sounds strange, but this is what I mean: In tik tok, people usually perform short, catchy dances to the same music, and there are a lot of children. I have to see how a dicky, ugly, pimply schoolboy makes terrible movements, which I am ashamed to call dancing , under a badly done cover of my favorite songs, which is actually a mockery of these most beloved songs, and most often they do not have a license for use in social networks, for which the songwriter can sue, if he wishes.

Imagine that what is almost sacred for you is distorted by fuckers, and there is a whole social network of such personalities. the net has gathered, from this even the usually restrained me begins agony, hatred. That is why on YouTube, under music videos, there are always comments like "Let's pray that tik tok idiots don't find this song" (both Russian and English-speaking users write this way), etc.

Yes , of course, there are people well-managed by this social. network, and there is probably quite a lot of good, high-quality content, if you dig deeper, but I never got there.

(Sorry for mistakes in the text, Russian is not my native language)

Answer 39
July, 2021

It seems to me because they put all sorts of nonsense there. Few people like to watch other people grimace to the music. For example, I don't understand at all what is the point in these strange dances.

Answer 40
July, 2021

The most common reason is that people there create complete game, not only teenagers, but also adults. For example, a recent challenge - to make a "letter-letter" in your pants. The second reason is that at first tik tok or likee was conceived as a tool for creating clips, but in the end everyone either shakes their limbs there, as if they are convulsing, or shoot challenges and life hacks.

Answer 41
July, 2021

Quite an interesting question.

  1. The inhabitants of these networks are mainly teenagers and children. Sometimes, they create all kinds of game, thereby discourage adequate people to go there.

  2. Initially formed opinions about such places. The first such networks were like and musical (I can't answer for sure, because I'm not fond of this). And then - more. Moreover, all these networks have been so advertised that everywhere you look - everywhere advertising of these networks. And those who just hate ads hate these places.

  3. Indulge in society. Such people are not endowed with the average intelligence to form their own worldview, and not to indulge the masses.

: s

Answer 42
July, 2021

Good afternoon, I would not say that they hate. They just look at this bunch of alternatively gifted juveniles as brown and they're right because it's cancer.

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