Why Pavel Durov can never be found by the paparazzi with a girl? Who has he met before?

Why Pavel Durov can never be found by the paparazzi with a girl? Who has he met before?

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Answer 1
July, 2021

The one who created the largest Russian social network still understands something about big data, privacy and confidentiality.

There is nothing extraordinary in not advertising your personal life in terms of complexity .

You just need to carefully manage social networks.

Do not enable geolocation on gadgets unless absolutely necessary and use geotagging to a minimum.

Filter the environment, minimizing contacts with by random people. It so happens that the higher your income, the more well-wishers and well-wishers hover around you.

Think with your head, not your penis. Women - “scouts” of the invisible front have always existed. The more famous and influential you are, the more your enemies and spiteful critics have a desire to dig dirt on you.

Surely Pavel Durov knows more about this than we do.

Answer 2
July, 2021

In general, there is practically no reliable information about Pavel Durov's personal life. He himself did not make any official statements and, in general, is sure that marriage is a "clerical-feudal instrument of personal suppression." In one interview, Durov admitted that he loves beautiful girls and considers them an important part of the business. "We need to focus on beautiful girls, because if they come, the guys will immediately gather to show how smart they are." He was seen more than once in the company of Russian models.

The main version is that Pavel Durov is in a relationship with model Alina Shishkova, who had an affair with Timati. In November 2017, the public VPS! said that a source from Shishkova's inner circle claims that the model and the founder of the VKontakte social network are dating.

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Pavel Durov and Alina Shishkova were also walking by the hand near the Eiffel Tower.

There is even less information about Durov's past relationship. There are rumors that Daria Bondarenko, a journalist, graduate, was his" common-law wife "for a long time History Faculty of St. Petersburg State University The book "Durov's Code" says that the couple met when Daria interviewed Durov for the student newspaper "Studen".

Daria Bondarenko is even called the mother of two children from Pavel Durov. In 2014, Lifen ews reported that he allegedly sent a request to the registry office of St. Petersburg and received a document in which it was written that Daria and Pavel have children in common.

Answer 3
July, 2021

Of course I don’t want to get into this dirty topic, and I don’t like it either. But I'm a little sorry for the naive fools who fall for Durov (and in fact, on their wet fantasies on his theme) - therefore I will tell you a sad story about love, or more precisely: about anger and vanity. That is, I will slaughter the truth about the "bride" of Pavel Durov.

And he has a bride. More precisely, the "bride". Believe it or not, this is Margarita Durova. Yes, yes, this abnormal, crazy Margarita is posting all sorts of nonsense on her VKontakte, and this despite the fact that she is not even a friend of that very Durov VKontakte. However, they communicate. And it all started like this: somewhere about three years ago, they began an affair, did not last long, as rumors began to spread that Margarita was cheating on Durova, which of course entailed a violently aggressive reaction from Pavel. By the way, I can’t say anything about the truthfulness of the rumors - I didn’t hold a candle myself, but I’m not used to believing in gossip, I try to base my conclusions on a more substantial basis.

Having looked at Margarita’s page, you’ve probably already convinced yourself that that this is a mentally not very healthy person. But one should not think that she herself, and without any deliberate (!) Influence from Durov's side, has sunk to such a deplorable state. No. Durov actively contributed to the assembly of its roof and contributes to this day.

He has only two motives:

1. Malice (to take revenge on this fool, to make her suffer for making him a cuckold and a laughing stock, it should also be noted that Durov, being by nature, let's say, not an alpha male, has long been aggressive against women, and in general, he is an evil person, albeit reserved).

2. Vanity (look at how the woman flows and goes crazy because of him, and this despite the fact that he does not seem to have anything to do with her - and he carefully hides the fact that they communicate - as already mentioned, she does not even is his friends on VKontakte).

It should also be noted here that Durov studied the psychic technologies of influencing the masses and individual individuals for a long time, and when mixed with non-local hypertrophied vanity, this gives an explosive mixture.

1200w" There are such people who are title = figure = title = about they are still dragged by universal adoration, do not feed them with bread, just give a crowd of hamsters fanning from them. And so that there are more enthusiastic ones (like that of the same Margarita on the wall), and so that the females flow and pray to him. How did he say when he was young when he was asked who he would like to be? Inet-icon? Well, that's what it strives for. At the cost of mental health of such fools, Margaret.

In short, the technology of mental violence is simple there: first tell her how he would like them to have a family and children, and that they are just moving together tomorrow and will live together. But only he does not feel that she loves him, only everyone around him sees only that she does not care about him, and no one sees how she loves him. And the poor woman's roof goes off, and she begins to write on the wall all sorts of nonsense nonsense, hoping, of course) that what he says is true.))) Well, yes, yes, of course))) no matter how it is.

Durov will never live with Margarita, they will never get married, and they will never have children, and Durov knows all this very well. Not even because love in his heart has long been replaced by hatred of her, but simply because his popularity is sacred for him (otherwise he would not have supported all these publics about himself and would not read them almost every day ). Vanity, gentlemen, vanity ... so that everything that he promised her and continues to promise will never come true.

Of course, he just likes to read all the nonsense that she posts on her wall, and just likes to think that other people read it all too and see what a cool alpha male he is. After all, they are so crazy about him, he has a drain of fans, ah ah ah. Therefore, he will continue his dirty game called "make Margarita even more crazy" and will hang her noodles on her ears even more, while carefully making sure that no one knows that they are communicating.

There is only one dirty business in the world - making other people suffer.

(c) ...

Poor Margarita. Or maybe not poor? Maybe she deserved it all? Maybe she really cheated on him? Durov is not a fool, he just won't believe in any nonsense, for sure he has strong evidence. Although, in essence, what difference does it make to him whether she cheated on him or not if, in any case, her reputation is damaged (and this also spoils his reputation)? It makes no difference, it is enough that the reputation is ruined, and after all that nonsense that she posts on the wall, he will definitely never be with her. Otherwise, they will whisper behind your back: "Durov married this abnormal, well, you know about the crazy Margarita?" Of course, he understands it all, everyone understands this, everyone except Margarita ...

This whole story strongly resembles Jofri and Sansa from Game of Thrones. There, the fool also fell for such a wonderful and successful prince. But it all ended with the fact that the prince turned out to be a cruel and vain moral monster, aggressive to women. He also reveled in his power and ability to hurt Sansa.

- Think about it, Sansa. Geoffrey never lets go of his toys so easily ...

(c) Game of Thrones

The only difference is that Sansa had enough brains to understand what Jofri is. But Margarita ... Margarita has moThere is not enough zg. But this, I think, is only a matter of time, he cannot forever hang noodles on her ears and revel in how she flows through him. Sooner or later, the mind must win, sooner or later it has enough brains to understand that it does not need it? .. Will it have enough brains?

Answer 4
July, 2021

Yes, no one cares, you know? Who cares about Pavel Durov's love affairs? And in general, what kind of strange and dibbled manner is this - to climb into someone else's personal life? Stupid and not beautiful. Personally, I am not interested in anyone's personal life, I never talk about mine and I appreciate in people the ability not to pry into someone else's.

Answer 5
July, 2021

I'm not interested in the girls with whom he works / acquaintances / classmates / and so on. I need that girl with whom he had a long affair. But nothing is known about this 😐. No one ever spoke about his adventures, as if he had never had a bride 😁

Answer 6
July, 2021

Why did you decide that? The paparazzi found him with girls, if you look well, you can stumble upon a photo of Pavel with girls, including photos at a table in a restaurant.

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